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[Q] .wdd / .wdr and 3DS Max

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 11:04 PM

I saw people converting Niko's stuff and cars to San Andreas. I wanna work with some ped models, to get them to SA. From what I've read on these forums, peds mostly are in .wdd format.

I also heard mentioning DX Ripper or something like that (forgot the name). Any way to get ped models out of GTA IV and to get them editable in 3DS Max?

Oh, also, what ARE the ped names in GTA IV? I know SA used codes like bmybar, wfori, etc. . . What about IV?

  • Fabio206

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Posted 03 February 2009 - 11:19 PM

Hello there smile.gif

I've translated my italian tutorial to open .wdr files with 3DSM, but only for view files.. (wait for moderators approving)

anyway we must wait for a 3dsm script for import/export..

You heard about 3D Ripper DX biggrin.gif


Fors peds, you'll find in

\Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\models\cdimages\componentpeds.img

open it with SparkIV and double click in .wdd files for the 3D textured preview smile.gif

usually, a single ped has:

m_x_name.wtd <-- textures (hands, face, clothes, etc)
m_x_name.wdd <-- 3D model (waiting for an editor/script for 3dsm)

m is for male. could be laso f if is female or ig_ if is a storyline character/secondary random ped smile.gif

x could be m, o or y but I don't know what these 3 ones means bored.gif

You'll find also 3d peds models (objects, hats and others) in pedprops.img (in \Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\models\cdimages\) smile.gif

  • Drizz


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Posted 03 February 2009 - 11:27 PM

Thanks much, helped me for finding the peds. smile.gif Although .wdr files aren't exactly what I need. I'll just wait for .wdd support. smile.gif

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