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Graphics stupidity

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Posted 01 February 2009 - 11:36 AM

Hello, i have had gta iv on the pc for a wile now, and i think the graphics restrictions Rockstar has aplied to the game make no sense what so ever, before hand let me give my pc specs:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX 728mb
4GB ram
lots of hard drive space

Right, as everyone knows GTA IV has restrictions on the graphics settings, the main one im talking about is the limit on your memory mine being 728 due to my graphics card, i have recently discovered this means nothing, and is pointless.
I say this because i have made a shortcut and added "-norestrictions" and now as many of you will know i can change the graphics settings to anything i want without any problems or restrictions. So before i did this most things were on high but textures, and view distance was at 87, this was after the latest patch before that my view distance was at 38 and textures at high but it wouldnt let me have that again. Now without restrictions i have everything at the highest setting including textures, screen resolution at 1680x1050 60hz (the resolution of my monitor) and view distance is at 50 (but i recon i could get it almost 100 without change) and the memory restiction says something stupid like 1500/728, but it runs absolutly fine, i ask two questions, one why make such restrictions if not following them works so well and two, Rockstar recommends PC players to play with medium settings as the higher settings are there for the next generation PCs, well thats absolute BULL!!!! I have everything maxxed out and i recon i could play with 100 view distance and my PC specs arnt even thet good, so what a lie!!!!!!

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