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lost common\data\action_table.csv.magic

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 10:02 PM

Hello all,

I just post there as a newbie, not native speaking in english, to have some idea on what happened to me. I hope some hel, not to be obliged to revoke the licence, uninstall the game reinstall, re patch etc...

I enjoyed much mods (my son in fact !) and used them with good pleasure, i am amazed on the imagination and programming talent of some of you guys !

But now may be I did not understand how to use the GTAIV MAGIC PATCHER, and after having applied it and used some mods with success, I tried to get the motorcycles from bikesÁlost&damned mod (I renamed the old cargrp.dat file befor copy (never overwrote a file)

then the software does not load. the first black window open then nope. nothing.
I try to use GTAIV MAGIC PATCHER to have the software back and here is the answer :
common\data\action_table.csv.magic not find.

Is there a backup of this file somewhere? may I find it on one of the CD's, or is it a file which is compiled each time the software il launched ?

Thank you in advance for your help. A few words will suffice if I have no choice !

WHer can I find a basic understanding of all this ? I am not a computer expert bu I can understand a few notions.

Cheers ! long live to your mods ! (and sorry for the poor english) !


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Posted 22 January 2009 - 07:39 PM

alien.gif biggrin.gif

Thanks to VISTA I was able to restore the missing or modified files.

Well I am not so dumb, I took the precaution to allow a survey of the Rockstargame directory, an had all the precedent versions availeable.

To restore the files, I used Total command, it allows to bypass the NTFS protections (or whatever hre to avoid modifictaions).

SO now I am able to sync my "good" repertory with the actual one whenever I need it.

For the one who have Vista, please consider asking an automatic backup of your files !!

Very good feature .

BTW is the tool GTA4 MAGIC patcher to be used each time a new mod is employed, or not ? a tutorial would help.

Have fun !

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