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  • wse_jack

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 09:32 AM

How does one edit the actual fire rate of each weapon???

In the case of the pistol the slow ass rate of fire is PISSING me off and if I can I will do something about it to extream measures if extream is requiered.

F*cking glocks (of that pistol configuration) are allmost all capable of fully automatic fire at a blistering fire rate and nico cant even pull the trigger to double tap...

basicly it seems that weapon rate of fire is something other than the weapon info text, which makes sense given the time to next shot thingy was the same on guns which clearly were different.

I heard somewear that its possible but its somewhere else and no one seems to know where it is or rather they never tell you after saying that its not there.

If this is allready been posted so sorry, I missed it, and as Ill explain below* I can barely see a thing, cant even compitantly read what Im writing right now and my eyes are about to either pop or stretch apart out of my skull just making the attempt its so out of focus...

Any help to this regard would be very much apreciated as it seems to be something people arent all that concerned about or whatnot.

Seems kinda f*ckin dumb to keep that or other factors away from the ohter weapon pereamerter scripts... but I dont care as long as its possible to access and edit it.

THanks in advance for any help any one might have on this!

*I looked around a bit but on this site unfortunetly my monitor died and Im using a crappy tv to have any screen projection at all and its a f*cking merical that Ive been able to refine the s-video signal and limit rf interfearence as good as I have... that being said I cant increase the text size of anything on this site so hunting through the posts has become a nightmare aive done in for over an hour and havent found anything.

  • chngdman


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Posted 19 January 2009 - 09:44 AM Edited by chngdman, 19 January 2009 - 09:47 AM.

I don't have your firing rate answer, but isn't the pistol semi automatic? Faster you click, the faster it shoots... Click faster! Or go buy an uzi or something tounge.gif

To help you navigate the site, please hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel - it will change the text size smile.gif

If you do not have a wheel, CTRL + (key, not "and") and - will do the trick smile.gif and for you to be able to read this, I will make it big blush.gif

  • rebel_36

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 12:52 PM

okay i wont tell you to search since your halfway blind

<anim group="[email protected]">
<rates firerate="1.2" blindfirerate="1.2"/>

the anim can be what you want

  • GammaRaptor

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 01:02 PM

Whats with the sudden use of caps in this thread :S.

  • rebel_36

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 04:30 PM

sudden? the title is caps, thats about it

  • sgtsimmons

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 06:47 PM

actually if u change its ROF, and try it ingame you won't notice any difference...HOWEVER...if you get knocked down by a car, or ure falling and you are able to use your guns, try firing, itll fire like an uzi, but when you try to fire normally itll revert to its original ROF

<weapon type="DEAGLE">
† <data slot="HANDGUN" firetype="INSTANT_HIT" damagetype="BULLET" group="PISTOL_LARGE" targetrange="45.0" weaponrange="50.0" clipsize="75" ammomax="1500" timebetweenshots="33">

That will fire like the miniguns..

  • wse_jack

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 08:44 PM

[SIZE=7] Right I found that blind fire/fire thingy on the MP5 about 20 min before I checked back here, I was editing the file and decided I might see if there was any confermation on anything, so I suppose we shall see if that does anything, that is unless you know for sure that its the peramerter, wasent sure if that was a suggestion or whatnot but thanks anywho.

Also thanks for the big lettering smile.gif (and I never do f*cking smilies so that means something there mate)

As far as the trigger time peramerters, if thats what sed individual was talking abnout when he mentioned getting hit by a car or some such, I am not even bothering on the peramerters for most, save the glock which I dont know if there is a link or not so I changed it comparitivly with the incriment that I am using in the blind fire/fire rate thing Ive copied in.


As for the Glock being Semi-Auto, no, no weapon in this game save mabey the RPG is semi-auto. Holding down the fire key will repetitiously fire the weapon till you run out of ammo or stoop in which case if your in a car you magicly reload it instantainiously which is f*cking retarded.

In tha game the weapon has a very slow rate of fire, if it were semi-auto like in most games, for example just because it had so many and adressed the peramerters and animated with accuracy for the time... Rainbow Six 3 Raven-Shield* :

When you tapped the mouse, the weapon would fire and each time you clicked you would fire, the limit there of was part of the weapon peramerters, most can be fired faster than you could humanly possibly pull the trigger, as its the nature of the design of most modern slide action pistols (infact its the nature of allmost all spring and clip based box magaxine fed fire arms, shooting off the round happens in the case of most rifles has happened before you could even hear the sound, cycling is incorperated in the process and thus you have things like the glock series 17-20 (dunno about anything beyond that for sure but I bet if its the same base design its the same way) which while most are not designed for this SPECIFICLY as again most pistols are not, the glock 18 fires about 1100-1200 rounds/min. mind you thats faster than the FAMAS G2 at something like 1100 max which is supposed to be the fastest assault rifle on the market (granted its easier to spit 9x19mm Parabellum or anythng under 2 inches than a full 5.56mm or 7.62mm nato standard round, but still the design is in itself made to be as quick as possinle... something I allways found a bit odd given how light they are but since most arent designed to be used in automatic fire and are weighted in the best regard possible to control the barel rise... well it works out, f*ck you can even use the glock 17 under water thanks to the polymer (with an adaption kit, and in very low pressure depths, and it sucks, but F*CK MAN UNDER WATER who dosent wana go fishing with a handgun...)

ANNNNNNY WHO youl find that say in like tha case of beretta who have the 92fs and the 93r, the initial design of the 93r is allmost exactly the same with adjustments and sligtly difrent cycling methods (ie the automatic varient would lhave added pieces to hold the round inplace, and what lets the 93r change selectivitiy from semi-3round-full.

In the case of the say your suggestion Get a Micro-Uzi, I have a micro-uzi, infact I have some sort of dismembered kinda f*ck ugly without the stock AT ALL (lol not even a hole or screw port where it might attach), thinking about tradeing it for the mico-uzi again given the character holds it far more realisticly for some reason (closer in, the mp5 thingy is held like its a f*cking cz67, would make sense if it were an mp5k, but its not, I first thought it was till I picked ut up from the way it was held.)

That dosent solv the issue of the pistol fireing f*CK OFF SLOw, and it also because of dumb ass consolitus crappy cover system (MAN they did it PERFECT in manhunt, why break the f*ck out of something that is perfect... if its less broke and still does a f*Ck lot more and is far more fluid and userfireindly, DONT UN DO EVERY THING IN THAT LINE TO BE THE GODDAMN OPOSITE... lol agitating,,, anywho you have to hold the fire key down to fire multiple shots, thus a very slow rate of fire that your forced with... oh yhea and that rate of fire is kept even if you click the living f*ck out of your mouse... dont realy mind the cover system limitations, rather, not enough to write this much in their regard, but given that its easier to be in cover, avoiud flanks, menuver and shoot from simply crouched rather than in cover mode, itjust feels so wrong.

Its not as bad as vegas where every pistol had like allmost a half a seccond delay between shots, but rs still has a fair way to go before they sink that far.

*(pc version not the dumbass beefy T and bandana kiddie console crap they raped out a few years later and thus started the decent of the last clancy franchise with any self respect to the opposite therr of in any way

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 08:57 PM

Sorry for the rant up there,,, anywho just to tack this on to my list of quearies; How do I force the full relaod animation EVERY time I reload a weapon, that dumbass round chamber thing is got to be so incredibly disengaging expecialy cause they have decent animations, I just cant getthem unless im crouched and not in free aim mode with both assault rifles.

FIgure that shouldent be to hard I just dont know what animation or what pereamerter leads to what animation. I can crouch, then stand up right away and it finishes reloading, thus I assume its not something like the only full animation is for when your crouching or some crap like that, but if you all have fixed this allready that would be awsome too if you could shed some light my way on that.

Thanks for all the help thus far!! Realy hope this gets resolved, as it seems to now that ive been looking for animation things, well I seem to have found a handfull of topics with regard to speed, Ive seen it doen on a video, but it was like a show off thing didnt explain or list any way to get them.

And for the animation thing I figure its not a big deal to fix thus not something people post expecialy since most seem to be like super jesus plus 2 times 4 badass brutality mods like god mode and pistols shooting rockets...

But anywho i dont want to mess with it unless i know something of what it might change or what to change.

  • flyingpants

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 10:04 PM Edited by flyingpants, 19 January 2009 - 10:10 PM.

For the AK, M4 and MP5 SMG, the value to change is "firerate". I set all six of them (two each) to 1.9 and it works fine.

Micro-uzi is different. There is no firerate parameter. Adding one does not help. Lowering the timebetweenshots does not help.

The current ROF for the micro-uzi is about 600rpm. I want to up it to ~1100.


  • rebel_36

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 03:44 AM

<assets model="w_uzi">
<anim group="[email protected]" meleegroup1="firearm_core">
<rates firerate="2.5" blindfirerate="2.5"/>


  • UncleCrank

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 07:26 PM

And how do I make a Sniper shoot like an M4 or even faster?

  • wse_jack

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Posted 26 January 2009 - 11:41 AM

I couldent get this to work on others without crashing the game on the first shot, the other weapons didnt allow me to shoot without a signifigant pause unless in shoulder free aim, though I presume that mabey I had the rates backwards, eitherway without being able to increase the pistol rate of fire this is all pretty much usless, its just f*cking bullsh*t to have a standard class pistol not fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Another thing I would like to do, dunno if I mentioned it, lol now that i have a monitor and all (AAH F*CK its nice to be able to... oh yyhea see anything on the f*cking screen without going crosseyed trying to make out the blure)---->

I would like to enable the cover system as a toggle so you can fire shots without having to hold down the key, or at least make it so that fireing would retract a split seccond after your last action.. rather than AUTOMATICLY retracting EVERY time you release the fire button.

As it goes now I find I avoid the cover which is a bummer cause a it looks cool, and b the ability to dive into cover, dispite the f*cked up consolitusy fight with you in the dumbest sh*t ways that serve if only as a personal blatent and constant f*ck you from rs to you, well its very usefull if you can work out the bullsh*t of limited movment functionality outside of free aim.

SO thus moving into cover then having to stand the f*ck up or crouch slowly and without any regard for anything going on, to get into a mimic of the cover that takes a bit of skill expecialy on the left side given how you ahve to fight for perspective on that side... well its a sure way to get shot even though once your in your position regardless of not using the cover system your far less likely to take fire and given that you can have controll over the peramerters of your fire angles, are going to eliminate the oncoming fire exponentialy quicker, and on top of that usualy from a far more concealed position than the pop out and even the blind fire.

... SO if the cover were something worth using by comparison, as well a way to gain proper controll over the camera so that you can merge the two... well it would be much apreciated.

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