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Favourite police chase(s)

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Posted 15 January 2009 - 01:23 PM

What is your favourite plice chase(s)?

I have 2 favourites:

1. I loaded my game and started to shoot some random people. I got a 1 star wanted level. 3 police bikes came after me. I shot one of them off the bike, got on and drove away. I now had a 2 star wanted level. After a minute or so, a police car crashes into me. My bike spins out of controls and I fall off. I get back on quickly and drive to Caligula's casino. I shot one of the mafia guys then killed me people. Killed another mafia, killed some people. I now had a 3 star wanted level. I was about to kill another, but he just froze while he was crouching animation. He moved while crouched, and then he just froze. Another mafia guy came. Killed him. Someone shot me. I looked behind me and the frozen mafia guy was there, except he was no longer frozen, but still crouched. Killed him, then some more people. Kille 2 mafia guys, then went down the steps, then back up the steps. Then I went into the elevator and onto the roof. Killed all of the cops on the roof and went onto the end of it, expecting to see a parachute. No luck. I shoot down the police helicopter and the news chopper. I now had a 4 star wanted level. I shot down some more police choppers. 5 star wanted level. Destroyed some FBI trucks and some more choppers. 6 star wanted level. I shot on a chopper, it went down and exploded next to a car which drove right into it and exploded. Some barracks' came and then dissapeared. Shot down loads more choppers. The FBI trucks and the barracks' and the rhinos. They all just drove around Caligula's casino, expecting me to appear infront of them, or for them to appear right in front of me. Destroyed more choppers, then finally, a police chopper pushed me off and I died.

2. I aimed my gun at a policeman on a bike and got a 1 star wanted level. I started shooting at him. He got off his bike, but he didn't takeany damage until the animation was over. I got on the bike and drove to my safehouse Pirates in Men's pants. I had a 2 star wanted leve. I went inside the safe house then went back out. I put a few satchel charges on the bike then I accidenly went back in the safehouse. I came out again and my bike ws gone! But the satchel charges were still there, floating in the air. There was a cop in the water who had drowned. Someone shot at me so I ran back inside, then back out. There was another cop in the water and a cop was stuck in the hallway of the entrance. There was a cop there who had managed not to get himself killed or stuck. I detonated the satchels but only the guy in the hallway died. So I just killed the cop with my MP5. I ran and killed another cop. 3 star wanted level. A police car came. I killed them and then killed another cop. I got inside the police car and got the hell outta there! Police were chasing me. I made a jump over a ramp at a chapel. I landed on the side of my car and couldn't move, but the police car pushed me on to my front. I drove away and crashed into a fence. I drove past a pool, broke another fence. Then I saw an alleyway with a ramp at the end. I backed up to the pool. A police car drove right past me and into the pool. I drove over the ramp, bounced on 2 houses and landed on my side again. The police helped me onto my front again. I drove into a car park, but it was a dead end, so I drove out. I got out of my car and spawed a hunter, but it was stuck inside a fence. I spawned another, but that was also stuck. I spawned another, then finally I managed to take off. I destroyed the police helicopter and I got a 4 star wanted level. A news chopper and a police heli came. It took me ages to shoot down the police heli and before I cold destroyed the news chopper another police heli came. I destroyed it after a few minutes, then I destroyed the news chopper and got a 5 star wanted level. I shot a rocket at the police heli which was right infront of me, so my hunter got destroyed too.

I also noticed that no-one was in the helicopter flying...

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 01:34 AM

Does it have to be that long??

My favorite one was the one in the mission Verticle Bird. Even though it was jets coming after you, but still, they are Law Enforcers.

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 11:19 AM

Yeah I liked the Vertical Bird mission too, once you get the hang of flying the thing and being able to shoot the chase planes down. (I like the conversations between C.J. and Toreno on this one too.) "...you should be alright, you're not a British tank...."

Landing the Hydra was tricky at first - I couldn't seem to stop it rolling forward.

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 12:37 PM

Maybe I will have to read the first post to know what the topic is for.

The game is not NFS: Most Wanted, but a merit is that you can get out of your vehicle. I don't remember any of the chases since I'm not used to evading them much. My longest time with 5+ stars is just a 13 minutes. I'll edit my post when I make up one myself, though!

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