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"Missing" files? (GTA4 for PC)

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Posted 12 January 2009 - 03:42 AM

When I first got GTA4 and saw the mods people were using in multiplayer to grief players, I went online to fight fire-with-fire. I found the program called "magic-iv" that said to "Place in folder and follow steps." Easy as pie. Clicked the three buttons and all went smooth. I checked the common/data folder and saw there was a copy of each file... one .xml.magic that I wasn't supposed to touch, and one .xml that I could edit. I edited the xml and it took effect. Easy.

Due to a problem because of someone telling me to try an "easy mod installing program" (which simply screwed up my game), I had to reinstall. And now... no "mod patch" program works. My pc/data folder doesn't exist... the only thing I have in my pc folder is "stream.ini.magic." I have no filelist.pak anywhere. There are no duplicates of the magic files in data, (no xml's to edit), and while editing the .magic files doesn't crash the game, it doesn't change anything either.

However, the game runs flawlessly. No crashes, no glitches, nothing.

Everywhere I go, their steps involve either "fiddling with the filelist.pak" or a "files.txt" (both of which don't exist for me), or using the auto-patchers (which don't work since it can't find those files.).

And yes, I have tried re-installing to see if perhaps it was a bad install. No change. I am updated to the latest patch.

So am I just missing some obvious mistake that I didn't make the first time, or did something screw up for no reason whatsoever?

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