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[GTAIV][Q] How to get right IDs from GXT file?

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 08:59 AM Edited by djerk, 09 January 2009 - 09:03 AM.


There is San Andreas GXT editor for string edition which already works with GTA IV GXT files. That's true. We can modify any string from game we want. But all those strings are placed without any order - there's just mess. Every string has HEX (or something very similar to hex) game id like this:

4D17BB79=~z~sh*t, my bad. Yeah, of course. Love that guy. Love him.
4DD47747=~z~You should not worry about Rivas any more.
5171C42D=~z~sh*t no sh*t. What you doing here, man?
570ECE87=~z~Hey yah! Oh! Ah! Oh! Enough, man, enough! Oh! Whoo!

However, in cuts.img file I found files with .cut extensions. There are strings placed in right order like this:

388 1245 B2_CUT1_1
1634 1866 B2_CUT1_2
3501 349 B2_CUT1_3
4954 1667 B2_CUT1_4
6654 2134 B2_CUT1_5
8821 2633 B2_CUT1_6
12221 900 B2_CUT1_7
13154 2967 B2_CUT1_8
16154 1467 B2_CUT1_9
17654 1367 B2_CUT1_10

Is there any way I could recognize those ordered strings from cuts.img and find the right order in GXT file? It's just killing me when I want to translate all dialogues but everything in GXT file is placed without any order.


Here (on gtaforms.com) I found page http://public.sannyb...com/GTA4/blips/ and author of its somehow managed to find GXT IDs of blips. How did he get them? If you could help me out, i'd be really thankfull.

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 11:44 AM

Ok, thanks for pointing on the CUT files. I've reversed hashes of the mission gxt sections using them.


^ Also includes a file containing all gxt entries used by the scripts (~MAIN.txt).

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 06:30 PM Edited by djerk, 09 January 2009 - 06:36 PM.

Your list is awesome.

Anyway, I can see there are some cutscenes dialogues missing. I just converted them to PHP array and here is what I see:


  [PIMAAUD] => Array
          [9689CEC2] => PIM1_CUT2_1
          [844C2A47] => PIM1_CUT2_2
          [B2FD87A9] => PIM1_CUT2_3
          [A0B6E31C] => PIM1_CUT2_4
          [5D825CB4] => PIM1_CUT2_5
          [4B40B831] => PIM1_CUT2_6
          [74668A7C] => PIM1_CUT2_7

You can see IDs named CUT2. But... wait a second. There is no CUT1 at all! Where are they? Strange. In your files I even found some file where only CUT3 appeared, without CUT2 and CUT1. Does that mean there is no way to get IDs of dialogues from "lower level" cutscenes? I couldn't find them also in .cut files.

The same situation is in R1AUD (gxt section). We can find there dialogues from both cutscenes - intro and from mission in which you've got to lift Roman to his home. But in your file (R1AUD.txt) it looks like there is only the dialogue from second cutscene. How to get the rest of dialogues, then?


I guess the missing "lower level" cutscenes are named like PIM1_CUT1_1, PIM1_CUT1_2 etc. Still, don't know how to get gxt ID.

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