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WS10 Error Code (Need a solution)

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Posted 03 January 2009 - 08:40 AM

After Reading some material on the forums about this WS10 Error code : Which it says reboot/re-install game
did that did not work ... >> wtf??

On the forums alot of people are having same issue, and some are saying to update .Net Framework v3.5, Video Drivers bla bla bla etc ...

Ok well I did that in this order >>

1. Removed all Games For Windows LIVE
2. Restart System
3. Installed Update for Intel Chipset Drivers.
4. Restart System
5. Run the CCleaner - Cleaned all Junk/Registry
6. Restart System
7. Run CCleaner again - Junk/Registry
8. No Restart was needed
9. Installed .Net Framework v3.5 - Full ( may need to restart after the .Net Framework Installation(s).
10 Installed .Net Framework v3.5 with/SP1 Be sure you installed the .Net Fixes http://www.microsoft.com/ (KB959209)
11. MS Visual C++ 2005 with/SP1 --- already had MS Visual C++ 2005 Installed.
12. MS Visual C++ 2008
13. MS Visual C++ 2008 with/SP!
14. Flash Player v10.0.12.36 (IE)
15. Games For Windows v2.0.675.0 filename: > gfwlivesetupmin
16. Nvidia Driver v180.84 (beta3) But had to un-install because when going to the Display properties REBOOTS System??
17. Re-installed Nvidia Driver v178.24 Driver works ok no reboot.
18. DirectX Nov2008 - Installation
19. During the process Restarted System as needed.
20 All Installs ok reboot final system restart.

Ok now after all this the Damn Game still will not load.
Still gives the Error Code WS10 - restart system/re-install game - I have re-installed game still nothing.???
I have done everything the forums were suggesting by others, it was working for some but not others??
There is alot of users on forums with this issue. IS THERE A FIX ???
But none of the above works for me. So I have a $60.00 game that I cannot play??
Some seem to lean near LIVE as the issue (WAS10) hmmm imagine that. My opinion is that they could have left out MS LIVE all together. Just the Game/Social CLub is all that I would have needed Bla Shout #$@%#%# MS LIVE (crap).
If a consumer buys a game he should be able to play it right out of box as long as requirements are met ( not a problem).
But you will have to be a software engineer to figure out what the hell is exactly WS10 error code. Never seen this one before ever in all my gaming years.

Well hopefully someone can help me out?
pass this along it may work for some and some it may not

rockstargames needs to find a solution

icon13.gif Oh I called 2kgames support and all support says is he wants my dxdiag/msinfo well that is not the issue I can assure you
he did not even know what the error code was, I told support its posted most everywhere in the forums (the error codes)
So needless to say he could not provide me with any advice, patch, link, to any thing that would help in getting GTA4 up running.

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  • MaxVK

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Posted 03 January 2009 - 09:13 AM

Hi. Sorry to hear you have this problem.

I only have one idea for you - The problem may lie with securom, which means that IT might not have been properly removed when you un-installed the game. Have a look at the links in my post here:

Its for a little program that will remove securom properly, and maybe, just maybe help you to get going.

No promises of course, but it has to be worth a try after all you have done and to be honest, short of a complete system re-install, this seems to be one of the few things you haven't yet done.

Good luck


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 09:35 AM

Ok this is ridicules I have got the game running but damn is it messed up why would they release this?

See Previous Post at the steps I took at that time it still would not run so today I fire up rig
and and slip the DVD in tray and start up game of course I get same error code
WS10 Dammit.........

Ok So I start looking at the GTA4, Live, RSSC, etc ... could not really find much help doing this.
Checked all versions of files that I could tell that was up to date. Ok so after messing around with files
I thought this has to be a live issue are? maybe all the above GTA4, Live, RSSC.?
I looked over the files of GFW-Live and really could not find much except a file called XLive.dll
which is in c:\windows\system32\xlive.dll ---- this file has something to do with launch of game
because what I did was rename it to ex: xlive._dl_ and I restarted game. after system back up
I tried to run game, all I got was a Dos (black) like screen as if it was going to launch? But this time no error
code WS10. I thought it was going to run, but no such luck it completely closed out so I went back to
c:\windows\system32\xlive.dl_ ---- I renamed it back to xlive.dll restart system. Launch game WS10 error code pops back up hmmm wtf!!??? So after doing all the stuff updates/patches for system as stated in previous post, Damn game still does not run. So after doing all this I patched game to latest patch I thought I did but I ran the gtapatch1 again
and you would not believe that the damn game ran. I Thought cool so when RSSC launched added to task tray dos box pops up loading i suppose and whola menu with popsicle girl on menu and and a play button I clicked PLAY and off it goes
wait wait wait loaded as the opening goes by etc ... I'm at dock in car says go to Roman house. But now I have another
problem is that the damn Video/Textures is all messed up inside of game. Everything looks as if textures etc ... missing from buildings and others surroundings every where I looked plus it was a bit dark and really could not play could not see where
I was going as if sh*t was floating all around everywhere. I tried all kinds of combinations of video setings etc ... and Auto configure for the game did not work either ... No matter what settings I tried as for as the videos settings would take me in the menus. So now I have game running I still cannot play at all with the graphics all torn up and somewhat dark. As far as moving and driving I can do that but its not palyable because of graphics settings. (NO MATTER WHAT I SET IT TO)??
My system plays other games fine with the specs I have a Intel 2.8 HT with 1.5gigRam 250gigHDWD Nvidia Geforce 7600GS
512video ram but system is not online sad.gif but really should not matter if I have created offline profile. Games I paly UT3 full settings no problems GOW no problems Alone in the dark no problems Graphics are great in these games as well as others
that play well sometimes a little slow but hey I can deal with that but not with GTA4 graphics video is bad and slow chopping in areas and is un-acceptable. This game should have got more attention before release for PC and could have left GFW-Live OUT and also RSSC could have been left out as well just the game and no bullsh*t logging on to play game ridiclues I think.
GFW-Live - sucks-crap I think it is wrong. I payed good money for this game out of box does not play --- excuse me maybe for some but there are a lot of PEOPLE with alot of issues. Rockstars Games needs to wakeup and read the forums a fix it.
So is there someway this can be fixed ??

But since my in game graphics/video is at 800x600 56hz default auto-configure texture detail/ render are set at 1 damn even
the default settings game /graphics/video is still crap. UN-PLAYABLE why? and yes this is all retail copy. I dunno know?
well at least the WS10 error is gone whoppie still CANNOT play. Maybe I ran the patch twice can't remember if I did r not
so maybe I should just un-install game completely and re-install game for the third time everthing will be done except patching game and GW-Live, and RSSC update. maybe the textures/graphics/video in game messed up if I patched it more than once ? Any Ideas? let me know sorry for the long post. Just sharing my thoughts and ideas and hopefully we all can fix this issue . Shout out to Rockstargames. FIX-IT

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peace ...


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Posted 04 January 2009 - 11:26 AM

I have also tried the 180 (beta3) drivers and they do not work well the install did ok but when I go to the desktop or property settings of Nvidia system reboots bad driver had to install the 178 driver back on hmmm

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 12:10 PM

My brother has the same problem (tried everything).
His computer is 2x better than mine but we must play the game on mine.

Just wait for a patch!!!
R* rules!!!

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Posted 05 January 2009 - 07:56 AM

Hello again

Was wondering if any one has tried the Drivers from http://downloads.Guru3d.com ver. 185.20 32-bit
I d/l'ed last night from work but have not tried them yet? the drivers 180.48-beta3 has some problems
when trying to access the settings for the video card causes a reboot of system (not good sad.gif ). Oh well
I do have game running but only @ 800x600x32 56Hz (sucks) running driver Nvidia (whql) v178.24 these drivers
work well for me on other games, but not GTA4? Well I will be off for one day this week and will try some things
over the day off, And will post anything I find out .... right here stay tuned smile.gif Most of the games I play run at 1280x1024x32
72hz to 75hz depends how things are set, But for the most part always runs fine. My system is not the state of art but can \
run most games out there. Heck I ran Crysis and it worked fine for me (great game) - sometimes bit slow but hey I could
deal with that. smile.gif Does anybody know of a patch from Rockstargames for GTA4 coming ?? I have not seen or read anything
on http://www.planetgrandtheftauto.com there are 189 votes in that people are having lots lots of issues/problems with game? - thats alot in my book. icon13.gif
I had read somewhere on around the GTA4 seen that was stated that they wanted the game to run on most all systems
out there well not so sure of that. Rockstar patch the game - read the forums and you will see all the problems that us gamers are having with said game (GTA4) ............ ???

P.S. Can you post screenshots here I do not see an attachment link for that ... would like to post some error shots of the game if I'm able to get some.

peace .......

System Specs: >

Abit AI7 MB
Memory DDR Dual Channels 1.5 gig of system ram 800mhz frontside
Nvidia Geforce 7600GS-512MbytesRam
Viewsonic Optiquest Q9 19" Flatscreen (LCD)
Intel Hyperthreading 2.8Mhz
(x2) - Western Digitial 250gig 7200rpm
Creative Audigy Gamer Sound Card with 7.1 Surround Sound (very nice)
Western Digital 500gig External Drive
USB Sticks x 3 @ 1gig each
Plextor DVD Drives both or Burners
Floppy Drive - rarely use
GTA4 - Game that does not work?
I think these specs should work fine?

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