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Organized 5on5 Matches [PC]

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Posted 01 January 2009 - 03:47 PM

What is this?

I am trying to build a little network for mature and legit players to have some good team wars, you dont need a clan, anyone can join and matches can be played with mixed teams.

NOTE: this is for the PC version only

I can just join any random public TDM game so whats the point?

From what ive seen, team work in public games is pretty much non existant and cheaters are becoming more common by each day.
The difference is that we can control who is cheating and get rid of that person.
Offenders wil be banned from our IRC channel so that they dont have a chance to find out which game to join and at what time.
I also heard that it only takes 5 cheat reports to get a windows LIVE account banned, if that is really true it will be even easier for us to keep things clean.

Attack / Defend:

This type of ruleset used to be played in the good old MP days of gta3 and vice city.
Its an arena type of mode where one team picks a location on the map and then tries to hold that location against the attacking team, after a round is over teams switch roles so that in the end both teams have defended and attacked equal amounts of times.

Let me just tell you that this type of mode can be much more interesting than normal TDM because it focuses more on strategy, teamwork, stealth and proper weapon usage.
Liberty City has many great locations for shootouts as you may have seen while playing through single player, it would be a shame to never have any wars in these locations.

Attack / Defend locations:

anyone can suggest/add locations, i have found quite a few so far and i intend to mark them all on a map.
So far ive only marked 1 location where we can have a test game, if this gets popular i will then do the whole map.

location map:

user posted image


1: user posted image user posted image

this will be the location for the first test game, if we can get 10 players together

Attack / Defend Rules:

game settings:

teams: default is 5on5 but it is open to the person creating the game.

game type: TDM
location: Airport
-why? because theres 4 helis to get all players to any part of the map quickly
duration: unlimited
teams: orange versus green
friendly fire: on
auto aim: off
weapons: all <-needs testing, we will know more after a few test games
pickups: many <-so that it takes less time for everyone to get armed etc
police: off
join in progress: disabled
traffic: parked
pedestrians: off
blips: team
gamertag display: on
reticule health: off
voice chat: team only
respawn distance: far
respawn time: 30 seconds
-why? keeping killed players away from the still running round, or do players only respawn on the airport anyway?
time of day: host decides?
weather: everything but rain due to fps problems

Other Rules:

disallowing armor wouldnt work because we can hardly control if someone has armor or not so when we cant control it we leave it open. Everyone can get armor before the round starts.

Rocket launchers:
can only be used to shoot down helis, in any other scenario they are overpowered.

grenades and molotovs:
need testing, throwing a prefused nade from cover may give the defending team a huge advantage.

Other game types:

Its not everything about attack/defend, everyone is welcome to use our IRC channel to set up any type of games, wether it be TDM "cops n crooks" etc..

How to join:

you NEED to get on IRC in order to participate because there we exchange our windows LIVE account details and kind of "build our little network". Get on irc.gtanet.com and join the channel: #IVwars

incase youre not familiar with this you can use the gtanet irc app here: http://www.gtanet.com/chat/
Enter a nickname (preferable the same as on this forum) and select the "general chat" channel, once youre in that channel you simply type: /j IVwars

my nick on IRC is reb, you can PM me anytime and i will respond when im around


well i hope we can get our irc channel filled up quickly to get this going. If you have any suggestions about the rules or whatever it may be, just drop a line and we can discuss the best settings, nothing is set in stone and a few things need testing until we can make definitive rules.

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 07:15 AM

Sorry for not relating to the topic but what hat or mask is your zombie wearing? I've never seen that before.

  • rebel_36

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 05:34 PM

its the black robber mask as seen in this pic: http://img377.images...pboard01jw8.jpg

i was just testing the zombie skin and forgot to take it off, you can select it under hats, #7 i think

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