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[REL] OpenIV (including openFormats)

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Posted 2 hours ago

Random thoughts.. What about modding GTA5 real time when it is already decrypted?

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Posted 2 hours ago

Has there been any research done on the .*mt (cmt,xmt,etc.) files? I made a rudimentary loader back in 2013 that really only loaded the strings from it, but other than that I didn't get very far. I got stuck on possible hashes that, despite my efforts, could not figure out the hashing method. Jenkins hash? Nope. Tried em all. I think.

.#mt are fully done and will be supported in the upcoming releases of OpenIV.
The are some kind of a binary XML (with DTD). I've found about 50% of hashed strings, so it already quite readable.

Try case-sensitive Jenkins hash - you will be surprised.

The talk of Open Source is one thing but it's more to do with the fact that some members of the team don't want to share information with other people, such as findings, etc, there have been mods in the past which have requested information from some members of the OpenIV team and they have apparently flat out refused. I mean let's be honest here, the ONLY reason Xbox 360 and PS3 support was added to OpenIV for GTAV was because of LibertyV, before that OpenIV team were strictly against allowing us to look at the console files because it was only for .black build holders, but once another team did it and allowed it to be open for the public, suddenly we got a 180 here and then we were graced with the ability to view these files through OpenIV.

Not wanting to be Open Source is cool, but at least be co-operative with the information you guys find out, GTA IV modding kinda dragged along at YOUR pace, it's like others wern't allowed to push things further unless you deemed it ok to do so via OpenIV. The whole "well start your own tools" thing, people actually might if you guys released the documentation on the formats. Instead you guys are sat there on years and years worth of research into these formats that no one else is "allowed" access to even when requested, you can't deny that you don't have like a monopoly over GTA IV and GTAV tools here, this community as a whole is sadly now fully dependent on OpenIV because no one else can do anything because of the lack of available information to build tools.

Of course, you are right. But, I'm afraid, you're forgot something.
People, usually, don't respect anything they got for free. If we're just release all info, no one can't do anything with it.
OpenIV was released 7 years ago. At this moment, SparkIV (open-source) had the same functionality. And what we have now ?

I swear, we don't have any RAGE-related info, which can't be obtained from game code and game resources.
Anyone can just start IDA and developer environment of his choice. And where any results ?

Again, I've released RSC-building code as Open Source in 2009. Since then, OpenIV use this algorithm (with few minor bugfixes).
Why no one more can't do it ? Why they are want the code, if they can't do anything with it ?

And about cooperation.
RAGE is just amazing. Compared to it, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine (and I don't even speak about Unity) looks like something from last centuty.
As result there are some really complicated concepts beyond RAGE internal structures and resources. Without understanding of this concepts, all source code will be almost useless (except, maybe, for cracking locked models and making online trainers).
Back in the 2008, I've tried to explain this concepts. And now, most of the people who understood it, are in the OpenIV team. And we're went too far away, to start explaining it from the beginning...
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Posted An hour ago

The upcoming version of OpenIV will come with ability to view navmesh & collisions models in GTAV PC

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Posted An hour ago

Awesome work team! Making solid progress.

Much appreciated.

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Posted An hour ago

I've found a problem with the latest OpenIV, I can't extract GTA V sound files (.awc) as WAVE files, the Export to WAVE option exports the files as .awc, not .wav.

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Posted An hour ago

That's because Audio on PC is not fully done yet, they said the headers are screwed, which is not what I found, but hey, give them time. :)

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Posted An hour ago

RAGE is just amazing. Compared to it, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine (and I don't even speak about Unity) looks like something from last centuty.


Umm are you serious? It doesn't look even remotely as good as CE and UE4.

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