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Posted 2 weeks ago

There was any errors while work or not?

Nope. Edited and saved without any issue. Discovered this one day I was doing some heavy carcols.ymt and carvariations.ymt editing and find multiple openiv.exe instances showing in the task manager after repeatedly saving and closing OpenIV to test the changes I made.

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Redman'', 2 weeks ago.


5 - number only shows up again, when i start a fresh installed game. just uninstalling asi tool has no effect.

Installing OpenIV or anything from ASI Manager does not affect your game files permanently unless you edit something.


i can't tell you much about it:

my system: windows 10 (german). no steam, cd version (social club), current version (social club, game, openIV).

i think i got this problem since around september 2017

i'm installing asi tool on a fresh untouched gta5 installation (no other mod, tool, script aso is there) + start a new game (so i can be sure it has nothing to do with the savegame). emblems missing ingame as soon as asi tool is installed. + why the emblems, what's so different/special to them?


someone with the same problem:


@red'' i just updates my game to 1.41 and now all emblems are missing can u help me and yeah ur mod was working perfectly on my older version of game since i updated it... the emblems are missing of all three story models... I thought u might be using the latest patch of the game... did u faced the same problem..

using this slot for my mods:

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Posted A week ago Edited by Remix1994PL, 3 days ago.

@OpenIV Team


Is it possible that you will add a bookmark option and the option to save them? Thanks to this, we could save a few fixed tabs / cards at the top in the program bar so that we can move quickly between them without having to close another place.

This can be found in the Clover 3 program:








Btw. Is there a chance that such a procedure would be possible? = http://gtaforums.com...v/?p=1070140018

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