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Posted 23 December 2008 - 11:29 AM Edited by -TRASE-, 23 December 2008 - 01:53 PM.

ok, unless someone post a tutorial, i will update this post when i find somthing useful!

Finally got somthing working!
Press TAB and your wanted level is clear.

Solving problems
Ok, i found some sort of a tutorial, i will post it here, ile try to figure it out! [HEhe, ROckstar, i dont need your DLC smile.gif we will have somthing cooler, and for FREE]

  GTA IV has many script functions called "Native API" or "natives".
  Alice lua script can call any of this functions from itself.
  Everyone who knows something about assembler and function call
  concept will understand all this native-sh1t what i wrote below
  without any problems :
  [!!! its recomended to look at examples and read this at one time]
  ----- General functions -----
   To push integer/float parameter into the calling native func use
     PushInt(Value) / PushFloat(Value)
   To push script pointer use
     PushVarPtr() -- no params, if native changes pushed value
    -- u must use this function and after native
                  -- calling read the value of this variable
   To get integer/float param from stack after native call use
     Value = GetIntParam(ParamNumber) /
     Value = GetFloatParam(ParamNumber)
   To get the integer/float result of function (if exists) use
     Val = GetIntResult() / Val = GetFloatResult() 
   At least, to call native function use
     CallNative("NATIVE_FUNCTION_NAME") -- names are declared in
     -- other files
     (WARNING : You can't use functions which operate with models,
                and now i don't know what is the reason of this .)
   ----- Other needed functions (not for natives) -----
   Game must be started to use native functions, so we need a check:
     bool IsPlayerPoolCreated() -- if player pool is ok then we can
    -- use some native functions
     bool IsKeyPressed(AnsiKeyNum) -- checking any ansi key state
     Wait(Milliseconds) -- stops script for a needed time
     PrintFloatToLog(Value) / PrintStrToLog("STRING") -- prints
            -- to log
   ----- Call example -----
      --  GET_PLAYER_CHAR(0, &Var)
      --  declarations of functions u will see soon ,
      --  and now look at additional files 
      PushInt(0) -- 0 param
      PushVarPtr() -- 1 param (this is our &Var)
      CallNative("GET_PLAYER_CHAR") -- making a call
      PLAYER_CHAR = GetIntParam(1) -- reading the value
       -- from 1 parameter

   ----- Player structure organization -----
      int GET_PLAYER_ID() -- get player id , using only for getting
                          -- results of next functions
                          --  (always 0 in single player mode);
      int CONVERT_INT_TO_PLAYERINDEX( GET_PLAYER_ID() ) -- get player
             -- index from id , this is player definition variable
             -- (in SA was $PLAYER_CHAR) (always 0 in single player mode);
             -- get player char from player index , this is "player as ped/actor"
             -- definition variable (in SA was $PLAYER_ACTOR);

" I wasted 2 days to fill free with lua coding , it's not so hard as you thought ." - says the author.

Dont forget to say Thanks to these guys!
4. About :
    Authors : Alexander /Alexander Blade / Alexander Koryakin ,
   THX 2 :    GooD, Listener, Seemann, Sacky, Lua developers ...

wait... GooD? i know this guy!

edit: i dont know how, but i have a pool cue now

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Posted 23 December 2008 - 11:49 AM

Don't call native functions without first looking at how to use them. Pushing a single argument to a native that takes two is a bit iffy you know. anuj_cop.gif

In the case of DONT_DISPATCH_COPS_FOR_PLAYER, it takes two arguments.



And this isn't a lua tutorial.

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Posted 23 December 2008 - 11:59 AM

I know nothing about the LUA coding, but im a fast learner smile.gif

i need a script, when you press a button, a selected native function activates, can you help me?

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Posted 23 December 2008 - 12:05 PM

The examples provided should suffice.

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 12:30 AM

I installed afew lua and asi script things but now its telling me just after the loading screen something about 'Lua-native player id' and then gta just closes.
Wat the hell is goin on?

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