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So your specs aren't amazing?

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Shadow Kipper
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Posted 02 December 2008 - 06:38 AM

The day is upon is, the release is here.

I am excited, yes, although I already own the game for my Xbox 360, the idea of playing (or so I hoped) on my laptop seemed amazing.

I've yet to get the game as I'm one of the many unlucky people who are waiting for Steam to hurry up and ******* unlock it mad.gif

Anyway, Even when it does get installed, I doubt I'll be having an amazing experience seeing as my laptop's specs are:

user posted image


What has REALLY tempted me about this PC version is the Video Editor. I've always wanted to get into the whol Machinima Video making are abut I've never really read up on capture cards etc and they seemed too fiddly to set up with my PC/360. Having this Video Editor free with GTA IV is like a dream come true and this goes for any other budding video makers out there, even if you're not running it on amazing specs, that wont stop the outcome when you dump the footage onto your hard drive.

So in the first place, it is a downside assuming you've never played the 360/PS3 version but at the same time:
GTA IV + Installed Video Editor = $39.99
Dazzle Platinum Video Capture Card = $67.99

Also the options in the VE seems really nice as well.

This topic isn't that exciting but at least it highlights something for other people stuck in the same boat as me.

Please, share your thoughts smile.gif

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Posted 02 December 2008 - 06:42 AM

I was creating Machinima on GTA San Andreas. Only tools you had to use was FRAPS and SaCamhack, and of course a video editing program.
SaCamhack was totally free, FRAPS and a video editing program costs something tho. And this is why newcomers in the Machinima business probably got scared off alot of times. Now as theres all that build into GTA, many of those people will finally create their own artworks. Im looking forward to watch and share GTA 4 Machinimas smile.gif

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