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Request Mod Thread

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  • nrdani

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 01:41 PM

Can someone make a cleo script for vice city, which puts the golfers in washington beach, and puts the army in ocean beach + vice point, in way like other gangs spawn, in 3 or 4 groups, but without removing any other peds, so its +peds rater than removing an existing one?

  • xxWilsoNxx


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Posted 13 March 2014 - 06:27 PM

Can anyone make a script for san andreas which change the fight style of a certain ped (eg. bmybe) to a either fight_c or fight_b.ifp ?

I MD Pradipta
  • I MD Pradipta

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Can someone make a cleo script to fix the smoke lag problrm?

  • TheThingy

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by TheThingy, 3 weeks ago.

May I please request the Zombie script  to be extracted from GTA Vice City Long Night found at this link:


I just need the script that makes all peds attack you like zombies without using any kind of weapons.

  • weedwar

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by weedwar, 2 weeks ago.

Can anyone make a script for san andreas which change the fight style of a certain ped (eg. bmybe) to a either fight_c or fight_b.ifp ?

no its complicated and bug and crash

Can someone make a cleo script to fix the smoke lag problrm?

yes all you need is change pc...and play black

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  • znera868

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Posted A week ago

I'm interested in adding flowers to a created island. Sunflowers, daisies and other fauna. Any help would be appreciated. Suggestions are also appreciated. Thanks! :)


  • Warrock2472

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Posted 5 days ago

how to create a ACTOR DEAD with cleo?



Ashwin the new boy
  • Ashwin the new boy

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Posted 4 days ago

The answer is on your Topic Man,

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  • Raptomex

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Posted 3 days ago

I asked this in the "III Other" request topic as well. Not sure where it really belongs.


Are there any pedestrian/vehicle density mods (in this case, script mods) for Vice City and GTA 3? I got the "IIITraffic" mod working for GTA 3. When installing "VCTraffic" for Vice City it doesn't seem to work. Instead it just removes pedestrians from the streets. I am playing v1.0. I'm looking for any mods that increase the density of vehicles and pedestrians significantly. CLEO or otherwise is fine. Maybe the draw distance of them as well but that would be a bonus, really.


If I could get "VCTraffic" working correctly that would be great, too. I place both the ".asi" and ".cfg" files in the VC directory but as I stated above that doesn't work.


Thank you.

  • Nuel-Luke

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Posted 2 days ago

can you make some mission script, robe a bank !

sorry for my bad english

  • nWo51289


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Posted A day ago

I want to make a request to anyone who might be interested or got some free time and would like to do this.


I've uploaded the main.scm from TTDSA and would like someone who can do the following:

- Remove/Delete all missions

- Keep side missions like taxis etc.

- Make SA open from the start

- Make everything purchasable, involve in gang wars etc. from the start


Pretty much want someone to do something similar to what ZAZ did with his stripped main.scm with side missions. I'm hopeless in all main.scm things so I'm here in almost desperation hoping someone would be kind enough to do the above.


Thank you & Cheers

  • jason888

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Posted 9 hours ago

watch the video correctly for mobile user. I want to know where to get the telekinesis mod
I mean carefully

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