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Windows appears to have mislaid 50GB of my HDD

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 07:11 PM

So, I decided I wanted to try out a proper non-virtualised install of Mandriva One 2009, I got my copy ready, slow burned it and tested the CD in a virtual machine just to be sure; no problems there.
I popped into Windows disk management to shrink 50GB of space off my E:\ drive whith all my personal stuff on, and I got this message:

user posted image

Windows must have realised I was about to install Linux, heh. So in the Disk Management I was left with this:
user posted image

As you can see, it says my E:\ partition is untouched, it's original size of 298.09GB. diskpart also gives me the same result:

user posted image

Now my problem is:
user posted image

My Computer tells me that it's only 250GB, it's acting like that 50GB was actually shrunk off, only the unpartitioned space is nowhere to be found. So what's the crack? Have I got 50GB of unpartitioned space or my original 300 gig partition, and either way, how can I make disk management/My Computer show the proper size? I've ran CHKDSK on the disk by the way, came up with nothing, and both disks are indentical Samsung 320GB HDDs, previously used in a RAID0 setup before I formatted them both seperately.

Now, my second problem is possibly related, but I suspect not. When I try to boot the Mandriva Live CD, I get the the graphic GRUB menu no worries, hit enter to boot Mandrive Live 2009 like the option says, then once I reach the graphical progress bar with the Mandriva background it just sits there, for about 10 minutes, until it eventually gives me a console error about a missing file. But I'm pretty certain it's something to do with the DVD drive saying as as soon it has to start loading files, the disc stops spinning completely, and I had the same problem back when this drive was in a Dell XPS system. I also should note that while I can install Windows fine, it literally takes 10 minutes between each of the clickthrough screens. Would I be right in suspecting the DVD drive, and is there a solution? As I remember from the Dell, using a text based Linux installer doesn't work either.

Oh and I'm using Vista Home Prem x64, if it matters.

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