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Posted 22 October 2008 - 10:08 AM

Wasn't sure if I was gonna do this, but here it is.

You bang your hands against the Plexiglas windows. You smash them as hard as you can, repeatedly. Banging and smashing until they start to turn red. You curl them up into fists and continue your assault hoping to break through. The Plexiglas wobbles from your hits; it bends and flexes causing the crushing sound of thunder to encapsulate the square Plexiglas box you stand in. The noise reverberates all around you growing in intensity until you canít take it anymore. You grab your ears to muffle against the violent assault of sound. Closing your eyes you knee down hoping to be free.

Shivers run up your spine causing you to wake up. The room is dark but with your first movement, a lone light flickers on. Your body casts a shadow onto to the icy ground you find yourself lying on. Another light flickers to life revealing a cot and some ruffled bedding. You reach for the bedding and weakly climb onto the cot. Wrapping yourself up; you start to feel warm and safe. You lay your weary head down against the straw mattress on the cot. The second light fades off as your eyes grow heavy. Through slits in your eyes, you watch as the first light burns out.

The growling of your stomach awakens you from your deep slumber. Heavy headed you sit up on the cot. Sunlight streams in through more Plexiglas windows, however, you lack the energy to try and break them down. You drape your legs over the side of the cot as a hatch in front of you opens. A tray is passed through; you notice it has some juice, toast, eggs, and bacon on it. You apprehensively reach for the food, unsure of what to make of it and who it is from. Hunger overpowers your reasonable thoughts and you dig into this miniature feast. You finish up and gulp down the refreshing juice. You head starts to spin. Everything goes blurry as you try to stand up.

High powered bulbs burn into to your retinas as you become conscious once again. You try to move your hands, but they are strapped down against wooden armrests. You struggle for several minutes, but eventually give up. You are a prisoner here and nothing you can do will change it. The burning in your retinas has subsided as you start to look around this new room you are in. There is a single window on one of the concrete industrial walls. You think you see movement behind the tinted window. Youíre going crazy; you couldnít have seen a bushy tail. Something jabs you in the back of your neck, not this again.

All these constant sedatives are screwing with your head. Your eyes are blurring the images before you. You try to make out a shape, something simple. You close your eyes and reach out with your hands. Tentatively feeling around; you touch what you think is a bunk bed and a wall. You follow the wall until you find another which has a sink and toilet on it. You continue feeling around the room; another wall, and then you feel the cold hard steel. You wrap your fingers around it and realize it is a cage fronting. You are an animal trapped in a cage. You open your eyes and find that the blurriness has gone. You see a single piece of twine swinging lazily in the room. You pull down on it and a light flickers. The light flickers several times before staying on.

It casts your body into a long drawn out shadow. You sit down on the bunk bed and notice the shadow of what looks like long floppy ears against the hard concrete wall. You stare at it intensely for a brief moment. You lie down on the bunk, this next sleep will because you are tired, not because they have drugged you again.

You awaken several hours later; the light has been turned off. You look around your cage, noticing that there are two small rectangular windows. Natural, warm sunlight streams into the cage and you bask in its glory and warmth. You also notice a single air vent, which is letting a most foul smell slither up your nose. Ďf*ck,í you think as your eyes grow heavy once again. Not again you scream to no one and to anyone listening.

Without even opening your eyes, you know where you are. The Plexiglas cube. You donít bother to fight the restraints nor do you bother to shout. You just accept that you are stuck in this dismal place. As you stay reclined in the chair, you hear a scratching sound. You think your mind is playing tricks on you, but the scratching sounds of soft clawed feet walking around outside the Plexiglas cube. 

You feel something shaking you. Your whole body rocks while you are strapped down. You canít see anything falling nor does the light above you seem to be swaying violently above you. You faintly hear noises. People speaking, you wonder.

ĎSo, doctor, will he be okay?í

ĎIím sorry folks. It appears as if he has slipped into a catatonic state, there isnít much I can do at the moment to ease him out of it. We will just continue to look after his needs and make sure he gets the required medications. We will let you know if anything happens, but to be honest we donít think much will, besides him slipping into unconsciousness.í

ĎOkay, thanks Doctor. Guess we will see him again in two weeks time, unless something does happen.í

Only comes in at 935 words but I am happy with it. Enjoy.

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Posted 25 October 2008 - 03:33 AM

That was a good read. It was captivating to see how the character is dealin with loneliness, and how you delve into what he thinks about it. Plus a funny twist at the end. Nonetheless, a great read.

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