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Posted 19 September 2009 - 10:41 AM

Could I join the Gambetti Family at the Gravelli mansion please?


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 03:26 AM

QUOTE (Slingaa @ Sep 19 2009, 20:41)
Could I join the Gambetti Family at the Gravelli mansion please?

It's an available spot, so start writing your first story. First person to write a story that's clearly centred around that location, wins that location.

And can a staff please, please, please write something to that effect on the front page? So many posts I've made saying the same thing repetitively. I mean, I don't mind welcoming new participants, but... no need to be wasting electrons. smile.gif

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 11:04 AM

@ Big_Mitch_Baker, I hate to be the one to point this out after you've obviously put in so much effort but the AoD are full and you're not really supposed to invent new locations, try PM'ing Jackie Fiend he seems to be the one with the power plus I don't know how to do table coding.

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:57 PM Edited by Big_Mitch_Baker, 20 September 2009 - 06:45 PM.

QUOTE (vinnygorgeous @ Sep 20 2009, 11:04)
@ Big_Mitch_Baker, I hate to be the one to point this out after you've obviously put in so much effort but the AoD are full and you're not really supposed to invent new locations, try PM'ing Jackie Fiend he seems to be the one with the power plus I don't know how to do table coding.

Right on, thx for the advice...Figured they might make an exception for someone willing to write on a regular basis...Pegorino, Petrovic, and M.O.B. each have 5 locations, so an international motorcycle club should have just as many tounge.gif

And the Rusty Schit scrap yard is a known AoD location from TLAD, so I figured nobody would complain if I used such a modest spot...Thanks in advance to staff if they do happen to grant me a place icon14.gif

P.S. Can I buy a Pool Cue for the AoD? I'll need it in a later story

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Posted 22 September 2009 - 05:36 PM

Gambetti Crime Family
Come Clean, chapter4

Christmas Special

Christmas in Liberty City, heavy snowfall had blanketed the streets and rooftops with a thick layer of crispy white snow. A Santa Claus had appeared on every street corner and the high end shopping areas were even more crowded than usual. Beneath all the seasonal good cheer and camaraderie and even the materialism and phoney sentiments lay a much darker side to Liberty as the ever beating heart of the city’s underworld, carried on as normal.

At the East Hook docks Carmine Faicco huddled himself inside a heavy winter coat, a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. By his side Judson Bozeat the dockworkers union president, “You see the yellow one, with the blue writing?” Judson asked.
“Yeah.” Carmine replied.
“The ones that look like that, are your ones, the ones with the green writing are the legitimate ones with the tax paid.”
“So how long till they are all unloaded?”
“By eleven, that whole ship will be turned around by then, you wanna go home? I can look after things here.”
“Nah, anything goes wrong its my head on the chopping block.”
“f*ckin’ Christmas and we’re freezing our balls off out here.” Judson quipped.
“I know, all the capos are at the Gravelli mansion, big Christmas party, not me though, just an acting capo, all the headaches without the glory.”
“Hey listen, I got some sh*t in my office, Hydro-Skunk 420, the f*ckin best smoke you can get! We’ll have our own little celebration.”
“Alright, sure, lets go.”

At the Gravelli mansion the leading figures in the Gambetti family were all gathered in one place, along with their families and bodyguards. Roy Zito sat in Gravelli’s office as one by one the capos delivered their Christmas tribute for the don. First was Dominic Caitano, arguably the most important member of the family outside of the administration. Dominic is a construction magnate, with seventeen companies ranging from concrete suppliers to drywall fitters, if it goes up in Algonquin the chances are Dominic is making something from it.
“Roy, merry Christmas, here’s a little something for you and here’s something for the boss,” Dominic handed over two substantial parcels, in one was seventy thousand dollars and in the other two hundred thousand dollars, “I didn’t know what to do about Sammy, I thought maybe you could get this to him.” Dominic reached inside his Armani suit and pulled out a bulging envelope, it contained a much more modest five thousand dollars.
“Dominic as ever you’re a shining star, I know Jon thinks so.”
“Thanks Roy, I’ll let you get on, I know you’ve got a lot to get through.

The same thing happened another twenty odd times until nearly two million had been stacked up in tribute. One of the last capos to pay his respects had been Vincenzo ‘Vinny Black’ Leccese, another rising star in the family who had made his fortune running dingy gay night clubs in the meat quarter. He also ran a trucking company that had a monopoly on trucking services for the Minster Meat Market. A recent Liberty City guide described the Meat Quarter as the most trendy district in the city, no doubt in part due to the many gay clubs run by Vincenzo. Vincenzo was an unusual capo in that he is still an active hit man, a role usually filled by lower ranking members or associates but he possesses extraordinary killing skills that can be relied on to do seemingly impossible jobs. Making him more valuable in his role as a killer than in his role as middle management. Roy planned to keep him very busy in the coming months.

After all the capos had paid their respect everyone gathered in the dinning room where a great banquet had been prepared by one of the finest catering companies in the city. They toasted to absent friends and there were a few, maybe a dozen or so in jail but the two most missed were Jon Gravelli and Sammy Botino. Jon’s wife was also absent, spending the day with her husband instead.

After the meal some of the families left, the rest mingled around the ground floor of the mansion. Phil Leonardo, Vinny Gambetti and Roy Zito sat outside smoking cigars.
“So what do we know for sure?” asked Roy.
“It was the Russians, that’s a hundred percent certainty. More specifically Yuri Bulat, I spoke to our boy Bosko and he confirmed it; plus the police said the dead trigger men were with Petrovic so there’s no doubt.” Vinny said emphatically.

Bosko Bulat was the youngest of the three Bulat brothers but unlike Yuri and Andrei who were both Vory V Zakone he was strictly freelance. His services were very much in demand. He was considered one of the city’s best hit men. If he wasn’t so fiercely independent Roy would have taken him into the family as an associate but as it was, he was kept busy by crime syndicates all over the Tristate area.

“Its payback for whacking Marco Noltisanti! After he finished with the Pavanos he went over with the Russians, they were making a lot of money off him.” Phil speculated.
“Gene was a made man, we can’t just sit idly by and do nothing, but a war with Petrovic; that’s unthinkable. Yuri is a captain he’s too senior, if we whack his bother Andrei, Bosko might turn on us. It has to be someone else or something else, a sanction to hit them in their wallets. This is still our city, they’re big but they don’t have our power and influence, no one does.” Roy surmised.

Carmine had finished at the docks, he was meant to go to the Christmas party but he was too stoned to face his employers, instead he went with Judson who unbeknownst to the family hierarchy was a rampant drug user and the pair saw in a white Christmas of a very different kind. At Judson’s converted loft apartment in BOABO the pair worked their way through nearly every conceivable drug, missing out of course the dirty cheap drugs like speed and ecstasy but everything else and all of primo quality.

And as the night drew in a merry Christmas was had by all in the Gambetti family, apart from one exception, Sammy. His crew were busy trying to find a way for him to return to the fold but perverting a federal case is no easy feat, especially when the de facto Gambetti boss had an interest in seeing Sammy permanently ostracised. Nevertheless the boys from Little Italy had made an important contact, one of the prosecutors it seemed had a price, so far it had just been leaking information so Sammy’s lawyers could prepare a strong defence around the prosecutions planned strategy but hopes were high that she held the key to Sammy’s return.

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 08:48 AM

I'm interested in doing some stories for the Angels Of Death at the Angels Of Death Clubhouse,

If i'm assigned to this gang for the first 5 stories, I will give you a small portion of what i can come up with.
Angels Of Death - The Angels Of Death Clubhouse.

Story introduction - "Good Mornin' Sunshine"

11:43 am - Daybreak
"Good morning", Groaned Ogre as he rose, And lifted his dim Ak-47 into the light.
"What makes you say that", Replies Denton
"None of these winter morn's are any good."
"I've just got a feeling about this one boy.", Yawned Ogre, with an awkard smirk on his face, Vaguely seen in the
Dim light of the shed in which they sat.

Ogre began loading his gun, without listening to a word denton said,
"Dammit man, These shoes won't shine emself' Haha.."

All that was heard was a small grunt, As he sat there with his thoughts.
"Ughh.. Ptew", Was the sound of his morning spit, That in some occasions, Woke the whole crowd,
Even those passed out from the nights before.

"Ya' know what son?" Ogre said.
"What's that big man?" Said Denton

"I Can hear em' comin' from a mile away"..
"Umm.. Huh?" -Replies Denton

"Get up boy"
"Get The f*ck up!"
Yells Ogre as he snaps out of his daydream to grab his Ak-47 from his bed,
The Sounds of several Hellfury motorcycles blackening the mornings bliss
Seemed to echo through the clubhouse.

The Fearless few of the Angels Of Death were already outside, With the sunshine pulling open Ogres eyes,
He Aimed his Ak to the ring of the bikes, As he saw his own colours streaking across his eyes.
Confusion Overwhelmed denton.
"Relax boys, It's only Nemo."
"Awww, sh*t!" - Replied Coma, One of the few leaders of the crew.
He rose from behind the concrete pillar That he lay, In preperation for a cold-blooded kill.

"How are ya' kid", He was relieved as Nemo rolled down the pathway, Cigarette leaning along his bottom lip.
"Not too bad, And what did i say about calling me kid, ya old prick Haha.." Replied Nemo
"That charm's gonna get you killed boy.." Said Coma, With a slight grin.

As the crew began stumbling back through the thin doorway, Into a dull, drunken mess of the clubhouse.
An Apocalyptic Torrent of bullets hit the side of the clubhouse, Almost piercing the eardrums.
Ogre pulled nemo aside,

"Were you followed?" Said Ogre
"I..I Dunno man." Stuttured nemo, With fear in his eyes.
"Son ov' a bitch!" Yelled Ogre as he began Unloading clips into the few Lost bikers who stood their ground on the road infront of the clubhouse.
A Voice was heard above the gunfire,
"You want me Ogre?, Come out and fight me yourself!"
Is what was made out of all the surrounding carnage.
Ogre empties his Remaining clip into the younger biker, As he dropped to the road with a thud, And moved behind
the posted fire hydrant.
"That's it boys.. Leave em' be".
The gunfire suddenly dimmed, As Ogre stepped up to the sidewalk, Staring down the opposing biker as he lowered his gun.
"It's a fight boys, Back off ehm'"
"Ahh, Gormez, You worthless pile of sh*t" - Yells Ogre across the road.
"Enough talk, That coke made no profit"
"You expect me to let that sorta sh*t slide"
"Well your wrong.. Your f*ckin' wrong!" Screamed Gormez, As he grabbed a steel baseball bat previously
Resting against the headlight of his car, Clearly hidden from the other crew.
He began sprinting at Big Ogre, as he lifted the bat, Ogre grabs it in the hype of it's swing, and strikes Gormez with
An intense collision from his forehead to gormez's nose.
With Gor' in daze, Ogre pulled the bat from his grip, Threw him a good metre and a half onto the hood of his car.
As he backed away, Sliding over the hood, He gave in, as the first blood was shown, flowing from his nostril.
He realized he f*cked with the wrong gang.

As the Angels Of Death watched in anticipation, Oges destroyed Gor's facial features with a final blow to his face with
the bloodied bat, as he dropped it, Gor slid off the hood, behind the car, with an instant, pop of his neck as it hit the pavement below.

With the bodies of the Lost laying as a crippled waste in the gutter, He was finally pleased, And spat in an almost amazing shot, Right across the 'Lost' logo, Bared on the motorcycle parked infront of the bodies.

As he turned, The younger biker rose, And lifted a 9mm to the back of ogre's head, But
Before it could be completely angled to his head, The instant crack of Denton's Vice 9 crippled the face of the opposer.
With a final drop, the blood began to pour, as the Angels of death watched.

Another Victim..
Another Good Morning'..

In addition to this story, There are plenty more i could come up with to help BUYG IV.
If not for me to join a current gang,
Would it be possible for me to come up with another gang surrounding the Grand Theft Auto IV Saga.

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 11:35 AM Edited by Gorecauser, 24 September 2009 - 11:15 AM.

The Gang i wish to join, Is
-The Hillside Posse at theHomebrew Cafe'
And rule the streets of Liberty City wink.gif.

But i had a good story in mind for the north holland hustlers, But yeah..
This is just an example of what i can come up with.

Stories From North Holland Part 1.
The Streets Of North Holland: The Francis International Connection.

The Dim-tinted windows of the Patriot, Patrolling the streets of Broker, Out of the hood,
But Still on the move, Intimidating all who passed them, Or so they thought.
Playboy-X, Blackest of shades cover all feeling in his face, Which was already covered
in the shade of the train lines we were parked under.
No one spoke..

Sigh*.. "Do you think they'll show?" - Said Dwayne, Directed to playboy.
"Does it really matter.." - Cuts in Playboy's brother-in-law Marcus

The usual wait for a pick-up isn't normally this efficient.
Call. Meet. Collect, The very three words that were uttered in the midst of the silence.

Playboy doesnt seem too care, Not with his brand new Micro-SMG sitting perfectly in his reach.
The shine almost blinding Him as a graffiti-spangled train passed over our heads.

His eyes immediately shift to the front windshield, with a Cavalcade pulling up to the Burger shot next door.
I See, In the corner of my eyes, His hand suddenly direct themselves to the door handle.

"Hey yo Dwayne, I think them boys are here" - Said Playboy, Still.. No emotion in his words.
"Well.. What do you plan to do about this little problem" - Replied Dwayne with a hint of sarcasm.
"Make some business happen man" - Four african-american men descend from the cavalcade, Supposedly packing big.

"But this aint no normal delivery, We call this one.. The Connection"
Another 20 minutes pass, And they exit the premises.
We proceed to follow the car.

See, The deal here is.. These North Holland thugs think they run the projects.
So marcus did a little indepth research into what they had running.
Turns out they had a protection racket running a while back.
And Dwayne's cousin Jacob "bled" Servarkis went to them in a low point in his life.

See, Jake had alot of enemies, Loan sharks who wanted him dead.
But they had taken advantage of him, His neighbours were spying, The People were talking.
Before we knew it.. They had murdered jake in cold blood in his own home, After a couple
Of mispayments.

As they followed the cavalcade, They hit a few rough corners. They were cruising through hostile territory..
And They knew it.
Dwayne sat there, Eyes on the car the whole time, Cigarette bent on his bottom lip, As he drained it. He let go, Letting
His side of the car overflow with thick smoke.
As it cleared and he caught his breath, He uttered..
"We're coming up to the airport.. This doesnt look good".."
He was interrupted by playboy.

"Well we didn't come all this way not to make the connection...And show these boys who the f*cked with."
Dwayne took another draw of his cigarette as he left silence.
.. "So how's this gonna go down" Mumbles dwayne, With the cigarette smoke still Engorging itself in his throat.
The car filled once more with the gray, thick smoke of his cig..

Off tudor street onto the Broker - Dukes express way shows that this is heading towards the Francis International Airport.

"Ugh, That sh*t's disgusting man. Get that filth out of my car." - Sais playboy in disgust.
"Got your bitchtits strapped on today there playgirl?.." Replies dwayne.
"Yeah, And even with bitchtits, I'll somehow make it outta this with a bitch for my arm, And Some cash for my pocket."
Replies Playboy.
"What and half a clip?" - Replies Dwayne.
"Bitch, I'm rockin' This party with half a clip, You know i dont need a gat to f*ck a nigga up" - Sais Playboy
"Nah man, Thats cos your lucky to find the money for a gat with a full clip, And a free bitch for your arm".
Replies Dwayne Sarcastically.
"Man your unucky that mouth of yours isn't running errands for what you packin' downstairs" Sais playboy
"And what's that supposed to mean" Replies Dwayne
"It means.. You love to talk, But you aint carryin' tha nuts to follow up" Says playboy
"Bitch!.." Replies dwayne before being interrupted by marcus.
"Ay. Chill the f*ck out.. They'll be pulling up any second now.. watch.."
"Don't get involved marcus you ain't.." - Is all playboy could get through before he feels utterly weightless, And an immediate
push, as he is crushed. As is dwayne, With his head bouncing off the dashboard with an immense thud.
Playboy's yellow patriot.. Was destroyed.. As he plowed into the cavalcade, which was parked in front of him..
Luckily.. Marcus escapes through the back, and grabs the 9mm pistol from the toolbox playboy had.

(Notice Marcus is the same Marcus Reed from True Crime: New York City)
As two men exit the vehicle, Marcus Notices one.. The same one that he watched robbing his God father's brother-in-law's business, The Come Clean (dry cleaners) in Broker, Which is part run by The Gambetti Family mob.
He lifts the gun to his face, And.. as the fear overwhelms him, He dives between the two cars. and.. as he lifts his Micro-SMG
from inside his Torn leather jacket, Dwayne kicks open the door on his side, Swinging directly into the face of the killer, as he grabs playboys SMG from the glove compartment.

"Marcus, Over the hood!" - Yells Dwayne as he, Without thinking.. Swings around and takes a lucky shot to meet Dwayne's co-ordinations. He Fires two bullets, which fly straight into the chest of one of the gangsters. drawing blood, As it flows to the foot of dwayne. Who wakes playboy, With a split forehead from the crash.
"No time to waste now kid, Get out" - Sais dwayne convincingly.

Dwayne slides his Colt 45 Pistol across the hood of the car, Sliding into playboy X's hand.. Who, In the corner of his eye, Sees two more Cavalcades, Speeding towards the brutal scene, Within a good distance of playboy, Who decides to take the shot.
The sound of bullets flying off the exterior of the 4WD doesnt sound too convincing.
"Jump in, f*ck this sh*t." Screams Playboy, as he throws his elbow willingly through the window of a nearby Admiral.
The car hits full circle out of the airport, The tires screeching the surface of the runway floor.

Marcus mans the gun, Attempting to take out the other cars, who don't seem to be firing back, But without a doubt, Are picking up more speed towards them, Only just dodging the intersection traffic, there is no sign of the other car, But it isn't bothering them for the time being, They hit the freeway, And plan to take the first effective turn off of it.

Dwayne see's the first exit into Hove beach coming at a good half a mile radius, In 3.5 seconds Playboy is directed to turn,
He makes a sharp turn, Almost spinning out of control, As do the car following you. It ends at Dukes Boulevard, As they pull a 180 degree turn and exit the car, with a thud of three doors, They stand their ground, With guns aimed directly at the car.

It sits in position, With the motor still running.. As the motor switches off, The front left door swings wide open.. And A Gangster steps out, 9mm in hand.

"That.. That's my f*cking cousin.."
"My f*cking Cousin!".. Says the kid, Waving the gun about, Seemingly talking about one of the men they just killed.

"Was... Your f*cking cousin". Sais playboy.. With a smirk from ear to ear.
And with that.. He Snaps his fingers into the car, While 3 more men jump out, One with a pump action shotgun, Two more with Uzi's.
"Oh sh*t!" - Yells Dwayne, as he pulls his 11mm Pistol from his jacket, And loads clips into the car, Completely missing either of the men.
Playboy-X Stands, And recieves a shot in the shoulder from one of the men, With the second shot only just missing his head. He tells marcus.
"Take this kid, f*ck em up." As he passes the Micro-SMG over the roof into his lap. He loads it, And starts Unloading clip after clip into the windshield, He turns his grip towards the right-side of the windshield, And hears it. The Disgusting sound of a chrome bullet being pushed into the side of a mans head.
He falls, But not before a pool of blood.

Another Cavalcade is dividing the horizon at the end of the road, Speeding down, As marcus' ears are shielded by the sound of gunfire, It is speeding closer and closer, And.. As Dwayne guns down the last remaining gangster with 6 Shots to the heart, He collapses.. But not before one of the assumed dead gangsters uses his last ounce of willpower, To raise his sawn-off, And fire a slug into marcus' face, Before the cavalcade reaches him, And takes him from behind.
With marcus on the windshield of the car, Dead.. Dwayne screams.. And starts emptying his rounds into the car, Busting two side tires, And sending the car flying into a nearby service station... As dwayne unloads his clip into the Gasoline tanks surrounding the station exterior, The Station blows, Leaving nothing but a burnt wreck of the car. As dwayne and playboy recover.. Dwayne reaches marcus.
"Your gonna be fine man, On your feet." - Sais dwayne.
"No.. Leave me man, I Came through for the hood" - Stutters Marcus.
"Man.. You can't f*ckin' leave like this.. You Can't.." - Replies dwayne.
"I Took one for you man, I Wouldn't leave any other way.".. - Replies Marcus with his last breath
Before he breathes out. leaving as a corpse..
"North Holland's finest hustler.. Left us.."
"sh*t happens man.." - Sais playboy.
"He might have gotten f*cked up... But he took enough of em' with him." Sais Playboy.

Oh and by the way, i joined gtaforums just for BUYG. wink.gif
Dedication f*ckah.

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 02:04 PM

Sorry I've been gone for so long you guys, I'll get back into staffing matters tomorrow, might even write a story or two.

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 02:29 PM

Might as well do them now before I go to sleep.


Tycek - $30, I'm not sure if English is your first language so please tell me if it isn't. Some grammatical errors throughout the piece such as;

„Nothing” answered.

Who answered? I'm assuming its Tommy who replied so it should be
"Nothing” answered Tommy.
and also:

„My mother died” said suddenly.

Again, I'm assuming Tommy. Same as above.

There are also some phrases that feel very broken, this is the only reason why I'm assuming English isn't your first language, an example being;

He looked unintentionally into the empty glass. I came to him.

That honestly doesn't make much sense, why did he come (lololol) to him? A much better way too state this rather then force it down the readers throat would be describe the scene.

Tommy stared down into his empty glass too avoid making awkward eye contact with me, I waited until he looked up and gave him a nod and walked over too him, we had business too discuss.

Big_Mitch - $55, a very long piece but still interesting. Some problems, the same as Ty's. I feel in the first paragraph the 'beastly stature...' and 'certainly would...' are the wrong way to write a pause, a comma or a '-' would have a far greater effect. Also, avoid trying too use BBcode unless you need. Italics should only be used when to a character is thinking to himself, an example:

f*ck this, Johnny though too himself, I should just blow this motherf*ckers brains out and keep the money for myself.

aragon hit the nail on the head though, refer to his post if you want any more critique.

Vin - $45, a nice piece but I feel that it lacked any real description. If you'd like me to deconstruct it and point out any areas that need improvement don't feel afraid to PM me.

Gore - $25, please don't double post. I'm extremely confused, you want to join the Hillside Posse but you write a story for the Northside Hustlers? I'll add you into the Hillside Posse at Badmans Complex since the Homebrew Cafe is already taken.

The grammar is extremely confusing and the dialouge is script meets novel and then has a retarded baby, I don't want to sound harsh and put you off but please just stick too writing normal dialouge:

"I'm drunk," Big Smoke said, "so drunk I might fight someone."

Stuff like that, don't go add in random -'s.

Because of you and my past, I'll let this slide and add the spot in for you.

Staff, please note: I will code Mitch's spot in the AoD later.

Ratings and editting done by Lochie.

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 03:55 PM Edited by Tycek, 29 September 2009 - 07:47 PM.

Of course english isn't my first language. I think it's pretty clear, because I have polish flag under the avatar, but I also mentioned it by my first story. In fact english is my third language ( 1. polish, 2. russian 3.english), but that's not an excuse that I made this mistakes. I must say that I used english translator and this made more harm than good. I throwed out this useless program I tried to write in english from the start. I hope my next stories will contain less errors.

Here is my fourth story, wrote from the start in english.

The Lost MC chapter four
"Four bikers and a funeral"

Few days passed from action with Speedo and everything was quiet and peaceful now. Today was the day of Tommy’s mother funeral. Tommy and I were sitting by the bar and talking.

“So, how’s the funeral?” I asked.
“You know Ralph, it’s kinda strange, but my brother is like out of it. I had to look for everything. Hopefully we took the cash from this coke, so I bought her nice coffin and paid for priest. And my brother is acting really strange. He didn’t say a word about her, like she never existed. Like he already erased her from his memory. I don’t know what to think.”
“It kinda strange. Maybe he didn’t realize what he lost. Maybe he will get back to normal soon. I never heard about something like that, but maybe it happens sometimes. I’m glad you do ok Tommy, that you act like a man. I always see you like a little kid that spoiled my and your’s brother plays, but now I see that you’re adult man. Let’s drink for your mother happiness in other world. Two whiskeys” I said to bartender.

We drink our drinks slowly staring at hot girl dancing in cage. I don’t know who or where found her, but I must admit that was good idea. Drinking and watching hot chick. Perfect day, except that funeral.

“What time the funeral will be?” I asked
“3 pm. Be sure you will be there. I must go and look after everything. If you wear a suit it will be fantastic. Se you there Ralph” he said and left the clubhouse.

Situation with Tommy’s brother was kinda strange to me. He isn’t making the funeral, he acting like there his mother never existed. Maybe he is in some kind of shock after Mike’s betrayal. But he is adult, not some kid. We are in the same age. We’re both 26 years old. I would like to speak with Johnny about that, but he dissapeared somewhere this morning.
I finished my drink, stood from the stool, and left the clubhouse. I thought that I should go to the Perseus and bought me some suit for that funeral. I jumped on the bike and went to the Algogonquin Island. The closest shop was on the Pyrite Street, so I went straight there. I left my bike and entered the building.

“Welcome to Perseus” said shop assistant with his head-voice.
“Hi” I answered and go to the suit. I took one from the hanger and put it on. It was perfect. Black suit, white shirt and black tie.
“You look great” shop assistant said again, like someone was paying attention to what he is saying.

I paid for new clothes and left the shop. I jumped on my bike and went into the Booth Tunnel. That was the shortest way from middle Algoquin to our clubhouse. But not today. Big traffic jam was inside and everything stopped. I was on my Zombie, so I could drive between the cars blocking the tunnel. I was passing the cars when I saw reason of traffic jam. One of our Zombies was laying on the middle of the street. Next to it was black body bag. The cops were trying to clean this mess as soon as possible. Packer with smashed grill covered in bloody splashes was standing nearby blocking the whole traffic coming from Algoquin.

I stopped near one of the cops and asked
“What’s going on officer?”
“Some poor shmuck was splatted by this truck” he said and started looking closer at my jacket. “He’s got the same logo on the back, maybe you knew him?”
“What’s his name?” I asked
“Benny Ernest. Ever heard of him?”
“Nah. I didn’t know him” I said, but I lied.

Of course I knew Benny Ernest. Benny Ernest widely known as “Bear”, because of his enormous size and strengh, was member of Alderney chapter of the Lost MC, and third biker that suppose to be few days ago on the bridge. Now he was lying in pretty big body bag in the middle of the Booth Tunnel. Something strange was happening around me and I didn’t know what. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Revenge? Maybe. I really had to talk with Johnny about this.

“You sure?” policeman asked.
“Yeah, I’m sure. I never met him. Maybe he just worn this jacket. He didn’t have to be member of the club. Or maybe he was ex-member.”
“Ok, maybe he was just a biker then”
“Exactly” I answered “Good day officer”

He said nothing and got back to work. He’s got tunnel full of cars on his neck. I drove to the clubhouse, and entered it. Not many people were inside so I went straight to the room and change clothes from biker outfit to the expensive suit from Perseus. I put my usual clothes in the locker and closed the door. I looked on the clock. It was 12.15 PM, so I have some time. I went to the room with a computer and sat down in a chair. I switched on the computer and looked in Weazel News. “Biker was found dead in Booth Tunnel.” I clicked link and start reading whole article.

“One of the Lost was found dead in the Booth Tunnel on the road leading towards Alderney State. It was just an accident, because Mr. Ernest was killed by Packer truck. Driver of the truck escaped before police showed up and is still missing. LCPD spokeman said “we just want ask him what happened. We aren’t accusing him of anything. I anyone got some information about accident, please call on 555-LCPD-INFO”

I closed this article and found another one. This one was published yesterday. “Body found in the back alley” I opened it and start reading

“Yesterday one of the city streetwalkers found a body lying in back alley on the Algoquin Island. Here is what she said to police officer, but she want to stay anonymous. “I just walking the streets and you know watching the beauty of the city when I found the body. It stunk so much. It must has been here for some time. I called the police and they took it. It was body of some biker.” The victim was Mike Pearson, one of the members of the Lost MC. Police don’t know yet if it was robbery or part of gang war. They’re looking for witnesses. If you saw or heard something call 555-LCPD-INFO.

That was strange, two bikers from the Lost dead. Tommy’s brother said that they took care of Mike, but what happened with Benny? Simple accident? Maybe, but I had to speak with Johnny about it. There was almost 1 P.M., so I got up and left the club. I jumped on my bike and headed towards church in Suffolk where the funeral was suppose to start. Booth Tunnel was passable this time, so police had to clean this mess. There was no trace of last accident, so LCFD must got the job done. After some time I came to the place. I checked the time. 2.40. Twenty minutes to the funeral. Some of the guest were in place. Mostly Tommy’s family and Tommy’s mother friends. I jumped from the bike and stood by the church. I heard heavy sound and I looked in that side. It was Johnny, Jim and some blond haired biker. They jumped from their bikes and came to me.

“What are you doing here guys?”, I asked
“Isn’t the funeral today?” Johnny asked
“Yeah, but I never thought you will come.”
“We didn’t know Tommy’s mother, but he and his brother are our members, so we need to respect them.”

I looked at Johnny’s bike and came to it.
“New bike?” I asked
“Yeah it’s custom made. 2032 cc twin cam engine coupled to a 6 speed transmission with a chain final drive. It’s called Hexer.”
“That’s why left your bike few days ago?”
“Exactly. I knew I’ll be getting new one. With cash from that drugs I can finally buy it.” Johnny give me look like he forgot about something “You remember Angus Martin?”

He was the blondie. Angus Martin one of the best mechanics in the world. And also one of best bikers. But he didn’t like to fight too much. He prefered being in the back and make support.

“Of course I remember” I said “but you don’t show too much in the clubhouse?”
“I like to sit in my garage and repair your bikes, but if you need something don’t be a stranger”
“I don’t Angus. I don’t”
“Don’t stay there. Come inside” Tommy’s voice reverberated after my back “The funeral gonna start any minute. I’m happy you came boys”

We went to the church and sat on the benches. The mass start. Some of the friends and family of Tommy’s mother cried. The priest said nice things about her despite she was a crackhead in last few days. But there’s a principle. Either say good about dead man or don’t say nothing. The mass lasted about 1,5 hour and when it finished we left the church. But one thing came into my mind. I didn’t see Tommy’s brother in the church. I came to Tommy and asked.

“Where’s your brother?”
“If I only knew. I told you he was acting strange recently. But not coming on his own mother funeral is a disgrace. I don’t know what to do Ralph, but maybe I should talk to Billy about this or at least with Johnny.”
“Maybe you should.”

We got to the cars or jumped on bikes and started moving to the Colony Island where cemetery was located. The whole convoy begining from black Romero and ending with bikes was going slowly to the north. I drove near the Johnny and said.

“Johnny. We might have a problem.”
“With Tommy’s brother. He didn’t showed up today. And he was acting strangely in last few days.”
“Hmm I don’t know. Maybe he is in some kind of shock after losing mother, but not coming to funeral is definitely strange.”
“Did you hear about Benny?” I asked
“Yeah, he died in some accident in Booth Tunnel.”
“He was splashed by a truck and what’s more the truck driver dissapeared. First Mike, then Benny and Tommy’s brother acting strange”
“Do you think..” Johnny started, but I interupted
“I don’t know Johnny, I don’t know.”

We drove in silence and finally came to the cemetery. Romero stopped and they started to unload the coffin. All people exited their vehicles and went after the coffin. They dropped the shiny brown box to the hole and Tommy came to the grave and throwed red rose on the coffin lid.

“Goodbye mom” he said. Nothing more.

We were standing in a crescent around the grave and praying when we heard car tires screeching on the asphalt. Cars normally didn’t drive so fast on the island, because there where only few residential buildings, ruined hospital and cemetery, so we turned back.
The noise came from three black Reblas which stopped near the parking located in front of the cemetery and some gangsters got off.

“Ето oни (It’s them)” one of them shouted in some strange language. It was a little similar to the language I knew from my house, but I was sure it was some other one.
“You got our drugs” shouted second of them in some strange english with strong accent.
“Who are you?” Johnny shouted. “It’s a peaceful funeral. You must mistook us with someone.”
“Are you Johnny Klebitz from the Lost?”
“Yes and you are?”
“My name is not important right now. I came here because of the drugs you stole from Mr. Petrovic”
“It’s the cops that seized them”
“And you stole them from the cops” russian said “If you gave us the drugs right now we will leave. If not...”, he didn’t finished his sentence.
“Sh*t we’ve got problem boys” Johnny said to us. “Do you have weapons.?”
“As always” I asnwered and took pistol out of trousers’ pocket.
“Of course” Jim showed his gun
“I don’t have” Angus said and Johnny gave him his pistol.
“Tommy, take this people as far as possible” Johnny shouted and hid behind the grave stone. “Hey russian f*cker. If you want this drugs, come and get them”
„Убить их (kill them)” first of the russian gave order and the shootout started.

I was shooting blind fire from behind the gravestone and I hited of the russians in the stomach. Parts of the grave stones and bullets was flying around. There were 10 russians versus four of ours.

“Hey Johnny, you got that pipebombs? I asked
“Sure. Want one?”
“Give me.”

He throwed me one of pipebombs and I lit the fuse. I leaned out from the stone and throwed it in their cars, but unfortunately I got shot in the shoulder.

“Ouch” I moaned, but it was drown out by the explosion. Two of their cars was in fire and only three of them left alive. Johnny took out the next one. Angus killed two of them. We won, but my shoulder hurted as hell.

“Tommy. Everything all right?” Johnny asked
“Yeah. No one is hurt. They little scared, that’s all. What was that about?”
“They wanted their drugs back. We should end the ceremony”

Everything was all right. Friends and family of Tommy’s mother completed ceremony. I ended in room of our doctor, where he took that bullet out of my shoulder. He also gave me so much painkillers that I won’t be feeling anything in next few weeks. We’ve not only got problems with Tommy’s brother, but also with russians. Billy was going to talk with Ray about this. I wonder what will happen next...

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 08:11 PM

Gambetti Mansion, Prologue
13th March, 2010

"I told you not to f*ck with me!" shouted Trigger in his thick cockney accent, as he dealt the final blow on his opponent. He was out cold. Trigger dusted himself off and spat on the body. He was a tall, muscular man with a scar running through his left eye. Trigger was wearing fine blue jeans, a now blood-splattered shirt and large sunglasses. He dragged the body onto the basketball court and hooked it onto the hoop by his hood. A bunch of nearby kids laughed. Suddenly, a black car with tinted windows pulled up by Trigger. The windows rolled down and Trigger bent down to see who it was.
"'Ey kid," said the man in the car. He was dressed in a brown suit and looked shady.
"I ain't no kid, mate. Who the f*ck are you anyway?" replied Trigger.
"We're associates of Sammy Botino. Are you lookin' for work?"
"Isn't Botino the Don of the Gambetti Family?" Trigger asked. The men in the car went silent, and he chuckled.
"Well it'd do me good to get out of the drug business... okay." Trigger got into the car, and it drove off.


The car stopped at large mansion. Trigger got out and the men led him inside. The mansion was beautiful, it had a kind of 40's charm to it.
"Mr. Bonito is waiting for you," the men told Trigger, and he nodded in acknowledgement. Trigger stepped inside the office and a middle-aged man was waiting for him.
"Ahhh, you must be Trigger, I am Sammy Botino, don of the Gambetti Family," boomed Botino, as he rushed forward to shake Trigger's hand.
"I knew it!" murmured Trigger, accepting the handshake, "I thought you were in hiding?"
"Oh no, luckily I was cleared of all charges in Vice. Los Santos really isn't what its cracked up to be..."
"Your lads said something about work?" asked Trigger, while he took the glass of scotch Botino was offering him.
"Yes. After the tragic death of Don Gravelli, the family was messed up. I returned as soon as my charges were dropped, which was a week ago, and we are now recruiting. The two men you were just with are Johnny Simpson and Alfie Harris. Those two men are the only ones who stayed faithful to the family. Oh, and this is my underboss, Roy Zito." A plump man entered the room and stared at Trigger.
"This the new guy, Sammy?" he breathed, still staring at Trigger.
"Yeah. Well Trigger, that's it. You wanna join us?"
"Alright then."
"Great, we'll give you a call when we need you, thanks."

Just a short one to start with. xD

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 10:56 PM

Spanish Lords, 2nd story

Just Another day in the hood

Its 9am here in Liberty City, I opened my eyes gently and stood up, I’ve put on my long, white shirt on, then my blue jeans and made my way to the kitchen. Opened the fridge and all I found there was some sushi from last week. I approached the door, grabbed my black and yellow jacket and made my way outside. I got out of the building and got in my red primo. The pain in my stomach is killing me, I have to eat but what to do if there are no money. After a while I decided to get my gun and rob a restaurant or something. So I made my way down to clucking bell in The Triangle, Algonquin. After 30 minutes of driving across the city, finally I arrived, got my knife from the backseat and the gun, put it in my wise and went inside. As I enter I see the place is empty, no customers which was great for me, I then walked near the cashier and approached her:

‘Hello sir, what would you like?’ she said, looking at me in a strange way.

‘ Yeah, I’ll have two number 10’s, 3 number 9’s and 3 big sprunk bottles’

‘Ok, wait here’ the cashier said in a rude voice.

‘That bitch thinks she cool, I’ll show that chicka who the boss here’ I was thinking.

After a few minutes of waiting, the order finally came.

‘There you go sir, enjoy’ she said in a sarcastic

‘That will be 30$ ‘ the girl continued

‘Sorry baby, but I aint paying you nothing’ I shouted and run to my car.

A few minutes later I heard the police sirens all over The Triangle, I had to get out of the area fast. I started to speed up and after 20 minutes I got back to Bohan, it was safe now. Parked my car outside the sprunk factory and got in. Called my homie Pablo to come down.

‘Yo P come down to the sprunk factory, I got some nice food here holmes’ I said in a excited voice.

‘ Yo men be there in five minutes vato’ He said and hangs up.

In about six minutes Pablo showed up.

‘What’s up holmes’ P greeted me

‘Yo men, look at that men, so much food’ I showed him

‘Dang dawg, where did you get that men, you rich now or some sh*t?’ He asked me surprised

‘Nah men, robbed clucking bell earlier, haha should have seen that stupid bitches face men’ I laughed

‘ Men you cold baby, haha, nice one holmes I own you one men, so f*cking hungry lets eat already’ he said and we started to eat.

After we finished all the food we went out of the factory and crossed the road, there was Roberto and Vincent hanging around the corner.

‘Yo men what up dawg’ Roberto shouted

‘What up men’ Pablo shouted back.

So we started to talk as usual.

‘Yo what the f*ck’ Vincent suddenly said

‘What holmes?’ I asked and all looked at him

‘Say isn’t that Julio running away from that cop there?’ He asked

We all looked back.

‘f*ck yeah it is him, we need to help him men’ Roberto said

‘What we going to do men, we cant do sh*t’ I stated

‘f*ck it men, he our boss vato’ Pablo said and got into his car.

Julio tripped over and fell down; the cop was approaching him while aiming with the pistol at him.

‘Got you now you f*cking moron’ the cop shouted

Pablo got the car and in full speed hit the cop and killed him.

‘Get in!’ he shouted

‘Yo you four go, I’ll catch up with you later’ I said as I run into my apartment.

Julio and Vincent got the body in the car and left.

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Posted 28 September 2009 - 02:11 AM Edited by Scifen, 28 September 2009 - 02:15 AM.

I'm looking to start writting for BUYG once again. Glad to see that it's been passed down once again. Seeing as how BOGT is club based I'd like to write for the Triangle Club for the North Holland Hustlers.

Much appreciated.

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Posted 28 September 2009 - 06:02 PM

Hey I wanna start writting in here too. And can i be North Holland Hustlers , Dwaynes Apartment please cool.gif

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Posted 28 September 2009 - 10:10 PM

Ok, after a month I finally got a new computer after the last piece of junk fried during a power outage. I'll have a story up soon.

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Posted 29 September 2009 - 07:11 AM

So can I write for the NHH or not? confused.gif

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Posted 29 September 2009 - 09:34 AM

QUOTE (latinking @ Sep 29 2009, 09:11)
So can I write for the NHH or not? confused.gif

I had the same problem so time ago and I was waiting for somebody from BUYG to answer. Well you don't have to wait. As long as place you want to write about is unoccupied you can start writing. You can check this on the first page. Dwayne's apartament is free so start writing.

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Posted 29 September 2009 - 03:43 PM

QUOTE (Tycek @ Sep 29 2009, 09:34)
QUOTE (latinking @ Sep 29 2009, 09:11)
So can I write for the NHH or not? confused.gif

I had the same problem so time ago and I was waiting for somebody from BUYG to answer. Well you don't have to wait. As long as place you want to write about is unoccupied you can start writing. You can check this on the first page. Dwayne's apartament is free so start writing.

ohh kk thanks man tounge.gif

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Posted 04 October 2009 - 12:44 AM Edited by vinnygorgeous, 04 October 2009 - 12:53 AM.

I had two chapters that needed rating, there was only one reviewed by Lochie which I'm guessing was four, three had more description

chapter 3

edit: I was owed a hundred bucks from multiple of 5 bonus too

Build Up Your Gang
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Posted 04 October 2009 - 03:23 AM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 04 October 2009 - 03:34 AM.

Sorry, no time to give some criticism. If you want to improve your writing though feel free to PM me.


- Scifen, added to the Triangle Club
- latinking, added to Dwaynes Apartment

Tycek: $40, a really big improvement. I'm very impressed. My only issue is that your stories are too dependant on dialouge.

Slinga: $20, even if it is a prolouge its way too short to garner any real money, hopefully you'll come back with something longer.

Tarnell: $30, way too dependant on dialouge. Also riddled with grammar mistakes.

vinny: $50, very descriptive and you're using less dialouge and more description, only issue is this part:

On the other side of town Phil Leonardo and Gene Molinaro were still laying low after the very public execution of Marko Noltisanti. Cooped up in a small flat the men’s patience with each other was at breaking point. “Gedda f*ck outta here with that smelly ass food, it makes me nauseous, I told you already.”
“Where tha f*ck am I supposed to eat it, in the bathroom!”
“Open the window.”
“It’s cold!”
“I’m goin out.”
“Good f*ck off ya c*nt.”

I'm sure you'll understand why I wasn't impressed by it with a character of your caliber.


An individual who is active, dedicated and can demonstrate a large ability in writing to join us at the BUYG team. Please PM applications to Lochie giving us a little information about yourself, a snippet from some of your writing and anythin else you think will help enhance your chance of being selected.

- Lochie


Activity Check

Please expect PM's from us soon regarding your activeness in BUYG, we're looking to kick out any inactive members to make way for new ones who want to write. What you need to know:

- If you have not replied to the PM within a week, you will be removed from the roster
- Gangs with all members inactive shall be removed and the gang's money, guns and cars shall be returned to default
- After replying to the PM, you are expected to write a story within two weeks from replying. If you have written a story in the past month you are exempt from this.

Thanks again,

- Lochie

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Posted 04 October 2009 - 10:36 AM

ive got one story now, can you please update the gang table

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Posted 04 October 2009 - 12:33 PM

I'm typing a story as we speak Lochie, and I believe I already spoke to you about my inactivity.

Also, I'm still here to help with ratings and what not.

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Posted 04 October 2009 - 06:43 PM

Thanks for the comment, hopefully this is better.

Gambetti Mansion, Rivalry
17th March, 2010

Trigger was woken by the sound of his mobile ringing. He turned round and saw a busty, blonde woman sleeping next to him. He had a banging headache. Trigger took his phone, slid it open and whispered:
"I'll call you back." The woman stirred. Trigger snook out of bed, quickly got dressed, took his belongings and ran from the apartment. He racked his brain trying to remember anything about last night, but found nothing. Trigger stepped outside and saw a signpost. 'Edison Avenue'. He knew he was in Alderney, and his house was all the way across town. Trigger set off for the subway. He whipped out his phone, and found out the person that called earlier was Sammy Botino. He called him back, and Sammy answered straight away.
"Sorry about that, got into a bit of a mess," said Trigger.
"No worries, friend. Hey I got a job for ya' if your interested?" stated Sammy.
"Of course I'm interested, what is it?" Trigger was now at the subway station, he bought a ticked and waited for a train.
"Well, the Liberty City Swingers are playing against the Los Santos Saints, and whoever wins this match will win the trophy. The owner of the Swingers wants one of us to go down to Los Santos and take down a few of the Saint's best players, can you do that?" asked Sammy.
"Sure, sounds good," replied Trigger.
"Great, there'll be a silver Presidente waiting for you outside of the Los Santos Airport, good luck."

Trigger got off the train near Francis International Airport. He walked to the airport and went inside. He had been here before when he came from London when he was 19. Trigger booked the next flight to Los Santos and sat down in the waiting area. He played a few arcade games, and got on the flight when it was time. Trigger had never been to San Andreas. He went on a holiday to Vice City once, Vice is so overrated. The views of Liberty and San Andreas were amazing. Finally, the plane touched down in Los Santos. The game was in a few hours. A silver Presidente was outside the airport, just as Sammy had promised. Trigger walked up to the car and sat in the passenger seat.
"What 'ave ya' got for me?" asked Trigger.
"Those," replied the driver as he nodded to the back seat. There was a knife and a sniper rifle. There was also a note with the Saint's best players scribbled on it. The top five were 'Bell', 'Bennet', 'Arrowsmith', 'Granger' and 'Dulson'. The driver started to drive up to the baseball stadium, meanwhile Trigger pocketed the knife and strapped the sniper under a big coat. After half an hour or so, the car pulled up outside the stadium. Trigger said a word of thanks and headed for the changing rooms. He bought a ticket and met a security guard outside the home changing rooms.

He was taken care of with a quick stab. Trigger dragged the body out back. He dumped the blood-covered body in the bin and headed back to the changing rooms. He peered through the door and saw one man alone getting changed with his back to the door. The name on the back of his shirt read 'Granger'. He was a muscular, black man who was the Saint's big-hitter. Trigger crept up behind the man, put his hand over his mouth and slit his throat with the knife. Trigger put Granger's body and clothes in a locker, and shut it. The door opened, and Trigger darted into the showers.
"Hurry up Marty, all the team's out on the pitch!" shouted the man who just came in. According to his shirt he was Bell. Trigger sprinted out and stabbed Bell in his stomach. Bell stood there and gaped at him, he was obviously not dead. He twisted the knife in his stomach, and spat blood at Trigger. He ripped the blade out and he fell down, dead.
"Two down, three to go," thought Trigger. He hid the body in another locker and went outside. He climbed a few ladders and ended up on top of the stadium. Trigger took out his sniper rifle and took aim. He saw the remaining Saints doing stretches and warming up. 'Arrowsmith' was in Trigger's sights. He fired off the rifle, and the bullet ripped through Arrowsmith's neck. His head came off and blood spurted everywhere. Roughly 40,000 people screamed. Trigger saw Dulson running for the exit, and shot at his torso. He fell down, and attempted to crawl to the exit. Trigger emptied three bullets into Dulson's chest, and saw there was nobody left on the pitch. "Job done," muttered Trigger as he climbed down the ladders.

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Posted 04 October 2009 - 08:59 PM

So when BoGT is Released, are we adding those weapons and vehicles?

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 07:21 AM

We sure will, I'm going to inquire about getting some new BUYG sigs made as well.

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:22 PM

QUOTE (WelcomeToLibertyCity @ Oct 4 2009, 21:59)
So when BoGT is Released, are we adding those weapons and vehicles?

The Golden Uzi will probably sell good. I will definitely get one for the Pegorinos.

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:24 PM

QUOTE (Rucke @ Oct 5 2009, 20:22)
QUOTE (WelcomeToLibertyCity @ Oct 4 2009, 21:59)
So when BoGT is Released, are we adding those weapons and vehicles?

The Golden Uzi will probably sell good. I will definitely get one for the Pegorinos.

not unless it is better than the normal uzi smile.gif

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:25 PM

QUOTE (tarnell @ Oct 5 2009, 21:24)
QUOTE (Rucke @ Oct 5 2009, 20:22)
QUOTE (WelcomeToLibertyCity @ Oct 4 2009, 21:59)
So when BoGT is Released, are we adding those weapons and vehicles?

The Golden Uzi will probably sell good. I will definitely get one for the Pegorinos.

not unless it is better than the normal uzi smile.gif

Well everybody love gold so... biggrin.gif

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:33 PM

QUOTE (Rucke @ Oct 5 2009, 20:25)
QUOTE (tarnell @ Oct 5 2009, 21:24)
QUOTE (Rucke @ Oct 5 2009, 20:22)
QUOTE (WelcomeToLibertyCity @ Oct 4 2009, 21:59)
So when BoGT is Released, are we adding those weapons and vehicles?

The Golden Uzi will probably sell good. I will definitely get one for the Pegorinos.

not unless it is better than the normal uzi smile.gif

Well everybody love gold so... biggrin.gif

biggrin.gif lol well, yeah but you see the thing is you dont actually see the gun only the writing '' golden uzi '' lol nvm it does look great biggrin.gif

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 08:37 PM

Yeah the Gold Uzi wiould be fantastic, also I'd like to get the SAW. Pretty insane stories would start popping up.

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