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BUYG: Build Up Your Gang IV

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 11:22 AM

I wish to join the pegorino family, please add me [SIZE=7]

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 11:47 AM Edited by vinnygorgeous, 03 June 2009 - 07:14 PM.

Can I have the grenades as my tenth story freebie under $150.

I wasn't very proud of chapter 9, the last one, but I hope 10 is a return to form.

Pavano Crime Family
Leisure Center Crew

10: The Rules That Hold Us Together

The last couple of days had been very profitable indeed. My crew had taken down a big score in Alderney. A narcotics distributor was making a large cash drop to his accountant. Ten crew members surrounded the two men who naively conducted business without bodyguards. They said that they were under the protection of the Pegorinos and had no need for their own muscle, it must have been a rude awakening.

Vittorio ‘Vito’ Vallo had also given me three lucrative no show jobs at the Frankfort Avenue road works. In part as a thank you for handling the whistle blower on site, who had met an untimely end, and also to sure up my loyalty. It was in my interest to be loyal to Vito because he stood a good chance of becoming capofamiglia. Under Valvona’s rule the lucrative rackets have been kept within a small ruling clique; Corrola has narcotics and control of the docks, Squillante has gasoline bootlegging and Valvona has kept the political and industrial kickbacks to herself. Vito had managed to hold onto construction mainly because there wasn’t anyone else with his experience and contacts.

One area still open to an ambitious capo like myself was stock fraud. The initial outlay was steep and it all came out of my pocket. I had purchased five hundred thousand shares in a blue chip company called Zenith Tec. The shares only cost a few cents each as they were hardly worth the paper they were printed on. The expensive part was setting up a boiler room operation with a dozen telesales operatives. And a separate brokerage firm which works out of the same office as the boiler room but the employees earned more. I also had to bribe financial journalists to produce flattering reports and enthusiastic recommendations to their readers. All of this is designed to artificially increase the share price of Zenith Tec, enabling us to sell at a massive mark up.

It was a sunny Monday morning and I felt the sun was shining just for me. I got into the center unusually early at about ten in the morning. One of the perks of mob life is the hours, most of our business is conducted in the middle of the night, so early morning starts are rare. I was surprised to see that I was not the only early starter, Vincent Manotti was my predecessor Nicky Glasses younger brother. Nicky had wanted his brother to look after his crew while he was inside but Valvona overrode him and upped me instead. Fortunately I had always been close to Vincent so there was no animosity and we continued to have a good working relationship. Nicky had given his brother the crews biggest bookie ring to manage, stretching from Castle Gardens to Northwood, it brought in about a million per annum. I had let him keep the prized position probably in part to keep him from making moves against me.

Manotti had come in early to look over the books for a fledgling partnership with another mobster. “That mother f*cker!” Manotti threw the notebook against the wall, I looked at him as if to say, what the f*ck. “You remember that thing I went in to with Marko Cucinotta?” I did as I had anticipated getting a reasonable payday from the venture, “yeah from Rizzuto’s crew.” “Yeah, well that c*cksucker has been cooking the books since the start. He must have cheated me out of a hundred grand by now. I saw the DVD in the porno best sellers list, and he’s trying to tell me that it hasn’t been selling, well f*ck him. I believed him until my thirteen year old nephew showed me it on-line. Its in the XXX chart for f*cks sake. He is taking me for a cun*.”

Usually a situation like this would be resolved with violence but the rules of our thing were clear, you can’t touch another made man. Instead you had to sit down with the other party and a senior mafioso who would make a ruling. That ruling was then gospel, failure to abide by it was punishable by death. It was what separated us from the cities other gangs, who piled up bodies over small disputes.

The second order of business was as unexpected as it was welcome. Joey Derneglia could hardly disguise his pleasure in telling me, “someone whacked Ray Buccino, word on the street is, it was the Peg.” I was stunned. “Marron! What’s with this guy, killing his own people, whose next Phil Bell.” I jokingly said with a hint of wishful thinking. “It’s embarrassing, and it brings heat on all of us. He’s a lose cannon, the sooner we plug him the better.” Joey’s voice was strained as if the words weighed him down. I pointed to a portrait of Joseph Pavano, the first family father. “We’ll get our house in order first. Then he‘ll be taken care of.”

Later that day I headed over to Colony Island with Tommy Amato for a meet with Vito, it was at his Pizza restaurant so it was doubling up as my lunch. The purpose of the meet was to iron out the details for the Frankfort Avenue no show jobs. “You’ll get the money monthly, in three separate bank accounts, I’ve got your paperwork here.” Vito handed me a bundle of paperwork, I immediately thumbed through it but I couldn‘t find the magic number. “Thanks Vito, I really appreciate this, how much did you say it would be?” Vito grinned, his smile bordered on looking smug, “About sixty, that’s for each, pretty good huh?” I nodded, I had predicted less and was pleasantly surprised. “Actually I need your help with something else.” Vito paused while the waitress brought out our food. “The commission is getting impatient with us, they think it should have happened already.” I couldn’t help but think that if they wanted it so bad they should do it themselves. “C’mon, they think its easy whacking a boss. Forget about it.” Vito nodded in agreement then asked me, “what was that sh*t at the wake?”

I explained about my friendship with Jimmy the Gent and the delicate situation in being given the contract to kill him. I then went on to explain our need for a sit down. “What’s the sit down for?”
“Royalties to a porno flick.” “I’ll talk to Joe Corrola, he still has her ear, get him to talk up its significance to the family.”

The last thing I had to take care of today was Pete Venturella, he was leaving for Peru tomorrow and was having a send off tonight. He was at a Bar in Broker with his brother Mario and a young Pavano associate called Luciano Carducci. Luciano would sell out his grandmother if he thought it would earn him his button. So we appealed to his ambition and insinuated that if he set up Pete, I would sponsor him for membership. All he had to do was to separate the two brothers at the end of night and then when Mario has gone his own way, he brings Pete out to the car park, and we whack him.

This was an important piece of work so I decided to go along myself, we headed over to Broker in two cars, myself and Tommy Amato in one and Carlo Cantolopo and Louie LeRocca in the other. The bar was in Hove Beach, it was next to a large empty lot which doubled as a car park. We parked up and waited, “I hope this guy isn’t going to be all night.” “Forget about it.”

We waited five hours for Mario to leave, “shouldn’t be long now.” A few minutes later Luciano and Pete appeared, looking worse for wear, he was about to make the mostly costly public urination of his life. Pete had stumbled his way into the empty lot and stood behind a dumpster facing the wall. Leaning on a dumpster, pissing up the wall of Comrades, he was in a world of his own, completely oblivious to the approaching Carlo, “hey Pete Maria don’t want you in Mario’s life no more.” Pete began to turn but not before Carlo squeezed off the first round from his Glock19 pistol. Pete fell forward onto the wall, blood was oozing from the wound in the back of his head. Carlo placed the barrel of his gun behind Pete’s ear and fired once more to be absolutely sure.

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 11:48 AM

GT4Rocks: You need to supply where you want to be located. Right now you can choose between Drusilla's or the Recycling Plant, for the Pegorino's.

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 11:57 AM Edited by vinnygorgeous, 03 June 2009 - 12:02 PM.

Recycling plant should have had Aragond added and Drusilla's Osric added so neither are really available, even though it says they are, but the Ancelotti's are being added soon

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 01:39 PM

QUOTE (vinnygorgeous @ Jun 3 2009, 11:43)
QUOTE (Masterkraft @ Jun 2 2009, 16:17)
Besides, by the looks of things it looks to be full anyway, so apologies for that.

The newly added Hardware store looks to be vacant, according to the first page table anyway

According to my browser, Oblivionz has that particular location, unless I'm missing something?

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 01:42 PM

It's been awhile since last time I posted a story. I just finished chapter 4 and beofre I post it I'll fresh up your memory by linking to my previous chapters for the Spanish Lords, plus some extra info about the characters.

Chapter 1: Boosting in America

Chapter 2: Albanian Crackdown

Chapter 3: Get introduced at the Introduction

The characters:

Ramón Rojas
Ramón is the 30 year old main character. He was born in San Juan in Puerto Rico and together with his kid brother Andy and close frineds Roberto and Tony they robbed and were dealing drugs. However, a guy they worked with named Pepe Molina ratted them out. Together with his brother and two friends he left Puerto Rico for Liberty City to avoid jail. A man named Hector Valdez promised them greencards in exchange for joining the gang he was a member of, The Spanish Lords.
Ramón is a reasonable man, he prefers business before violence which create problems when he has to fallow orders from Santos Morales, the leader of the Spanish Lords.

Andy Rojas
Andy is the 28 year old kid brother of Ramón. Andy loves money but was always to lazy to get a real job. Instead he joined his brother and his friends and robbed small bodega and shops back in Puerto Rico. Even though Andy is a bit lazy he is very smart, at least very street smart. Ramón loves Andy and do always look after him. Andy gets very cocky while under protection from his older borther. On his own he is much more insecure.

Roberto Santiago
Roberto is 30 years old and a close friend of Ramón since childhood. He was a part of the small time crew that used to rob and deal drugs back in Puerto Rico. He hopes to get a better life in Liberty City, parhaps living the American dream. Just like Andy he is dreaming about money. He enjoy watching his favorite TV-show, "I'm Rich." However Roberto understands that the American dream is far away unless he don't enforce some drastical changes.

Antonio "Tony" Lopez
Tony is 29 years old and a close friend of both Ramón and Andy. Just like Roberto he was a part of the robbing crew back in Puerto Rico. Tony loves to punch people, which is why the crew used him as an enforcer back in the old country. Tony is very short and also suffers from napoleon complex because of this. Despite this Tony is remains as one of Ramón's most trusted allies even in Liberty City.

Alfonso Flores
Alfonso came to Liberty City five years ago, looking for the American Dream like many others. After he couldn't get a job he joined the Spanish Lords and worked under gang lieutenant Hector Valdez. When Ramón, Andy, Roberto and Tony first arrive in Liberty City, Alfonso picks them up in his Chavos car. He later drives them to their safehouse.

Hector Valdez
Hector is a lieutenant in the Spanish Lords and serve directly under leader Santos Morales. The Spanish Lords has lost many members recently because of the turf war with the Albanians. Hector offers greencards to four police wanted guys from Puerto Rico in exchange that they join the Spansih Lords. Hector hates the Albanians and does everything to defeat them.

Santos Morales
Santos is the leader of the Spanish Lords street gang. He came to Liberty City six years ago and quickly became the leader after a power struggle. As the leader of the Spanish Lords Santos could finally afford everything he wanted, including the best coke. However Santos later became addicted of the coke, which also made him very paranoid. Santos have a plan to wipe out his enemies; gain trust. Santos also have a kid brother named Jesús, whom he love kust like Ramón loves Andy.

Jesús Morales
Jesús is the younger borther of Santos and second in command in the Spanish Lords. He is one of the few people Santos really trust. Because of this Santos let him take care of the drug dealing business, a business where he needs Ramón's help.
Jesús like to dress nice and have a great style when it comes to clothes.

José Torres
José is the cousin of the now imprisoned Elizabeta Torres. He takes over as leader over her drug business and manage to get it back on it's feet. Because his calm nature he has more friend than enemies. He don't trust Santos Morales of the Spanish Lords and tries to convince Ramón that Santos is not a good man. Ramón have symphtaic feelings for José because of his "business over violence" concept.

Tommy Bagello
Tommy is the older brother of the so called Bagello brothers. The Bagello brothers are members of the Lupisella Crime Family which is based in Bohan. Tommy is what many would describe as the strong, silent type. He gets things done without any complains. Just like José Torres, the Bagello brothers are targets in Santos Morales' plan to wipe out his enemies.

Giorgio Bagello
Giorgio is the younger brother of the Bagello brothers. Unlike his brother he is a real hothead, which is most likely a result of the steroids he's using. He use to workout at a gym called Rick's Golden Gym. The owner, Rick owes him protection money and he needs Ramón's help to get it.

Fernando Salinas
Fernando is the newest member of the Spanish Lords. He is very young but still manage to earn respect from both new and old members.

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 01:46 PM Edited by Rucke, 03 June 2009 - 06:46 PM.

Spanish Lords
Chapter 4: White Flats

Me and my brother Andy stopped the car outside an apartment block in one of the very few upper middleclass neighbourhoods in Bohan. Living in the lavish penthouse at the top of the apartment was Santos Morales. After being the leader of the Spanish Lords in six years he could finally afford to buy all the thing he had ever dreamed of. Beside the penthouse he also owned a luxury Super GT sport car, a fast speedboat, expensive suits, and the best coke in Liberty City. Apparently he was snorting too much these days. Hector once told me that Santos had five guys killed only because he feared that they would steal his coke. Andy and me got in the elevator and pressed the penthouse button.

"Alright bro, whatever you do, don't mention anything about any coke." I told my brother Andy while the elevator headed for the penthouse floor.
"Santos deals with coke all the time. How can I not mention it hermano?" Andy asked.
"Look, you can talk business, but don't mention anything about his personal drug problems." I told him right before the doors the Santos's penthouse floor opened.

The penthouse suit was very luxury. Expensive furnitures and an exclusive interior. Sitting on a big black couch in leather in front of a big plasma TV was Santos Morales and his kid brother Jesús. Santos was snorting a line of coke while Jesús was smoking water. Today Santos was dressed in a white tank top and blue jeans, he also wore a lot of gold chains. The tight white tank top really brought out all the tattoo's on both his right and left arm. Jesús was dressed in a white shirt and grey pants. They both looked up by the time we got out from the elevator.

"Hey boys, how you doing? Ramón, Andy, you alright amigos?" Santos greeted us.
"We're good, thanks. You said you might have a job for us?" I said.
"Indeed I do. First I just need to ask something, did you help the Bagello brothers with their problem?" Santos asked.
"It's all taken care off." I said.
"Good. The more we help our enemies, the more they will trust us. Then we can all wipe them all of the floor. Now I want you to help José Torres. José has taking over his cousin Elizabeta's drug business. He operates from her old apartment." Santos said and handed over the address. "When you're done, call my brother here. He got a business opportunity for you to consider." Santos said.

Andy and me got back in to the Primo car and headed for José's apartment in lower South Bohan. He was living in the big projects that were overlooking the bridge connecting Bohan to Dukes and Algonquin. The projects were full of Spanish talking people. Actually was Spanish the only language we could hear on our way up through the stairs leading to the apartment. Graffiti was everywhere on the grey concrete walls. Tags like, Spanish Lords Rule, Gangster 4 Life, Elizabeta is da queen and Bless us all were very common. We knocked on José Torres' door. A guy with red bandana around his head opened. He showed us inside the apartment. Inside was a man with a black ponytail. The man was dressed in a white and red Liberty City Rangers hockey shirt. I recognized him from the club last week; it was José Torres himself.

"Boss, the guys from the Spanish Lords are here." The guy who opened the door said.
José looked up and said "Ah, the Rojas brothers. You guys are starting to make a name for yourselves; I've heard a lot of good things about you."
"Yeah, that's why Santos wanted us to see you. He said you might need some help from good guys like us." I said.
"Santos?" José exclaimed. "You guys trust Santos? I don't have to tell you that he is getting paranoid from all that coke he's snorting." José said.
"He got some problems with the coke, we all know that. But yeah, we trust him. After all he is the leader of the Spanish Lords." Andy said.
"Oh yeah? You trust his brother Jesús, or that Hector Valdez? I know a lot about them that you don't amigos." José said.
"Yeah anyway, you said you might have a job for us." I said.
"Sure. The Dominicans in Northwood are sitting on a big shipment of coke. The coke has been loaded onto three different trucks. All you need to do is to steal the trucks and bring them back here. They are parked up at the waterfront warehouse. You might need a couple of more guys though." José said.
"That's no problem man." I said and left the apartment with Andy.

Outside the apartment we called Roberto and Tony. I told them to bring some guys and meet us near the warehouse. While me and Andy were driving to the warehouse we planned the getaway. We figured it would be best to just steal the trucks and head for the Northwood Heights Bridge. We parked up the car at a parking lot near the warehouse. Roberto, Tony Alfonso and a new guy named Fernando Salinas were already there. Fernando was in his mid twenties but was already a respected member of the gang. Alfonso had loaded his trunk full of guns, mostly pistols though. He got them cheap from some Jamaican gun dealer down in Broker.

"Alright here's the plan..." I said while I gathered everyone together. "We just drive in, kill everybody in our way and steal the trucks. Andy and Tony you take the first truck, Alfonso and Fernando the second, and me and Roberto the last. Then we all move out in peace and head for the Northwood Heights Bridge." I explained.
"I got a question. What if they don't let us move out in peace?" Tony asked.
"Then we pop them even more!" Alfonso said while he grabbed a gun from his trunk.

We got back in to the cars and smashed the gate to the warehouse that was located just down the hill from the parking lot. About ten armed Dominicans started to shoot at us. We all took cover behind the cars and tried to shoot back. The Dominicans didn't have anything to take cover behind so they were all easy targets. After only a couple of minutes they were all lying on the ground. We kept on as planned and got in the three different trucks that contained the coke. Then we all moved out from the warehouse area. As soon we reached the bridge we got some problems. The Dominicans had followed us in cars and now they tried to push us of the road. I could see how Andy and Tony started to lose control. Before I was able to pull up my phone and call Andy, one of the cars smashed into the trucks right side. I felt how the truck became harder to steer. Roberto pulled up his gun and started to shoot at the car. By the time we got of the bridge he managed to kill the driver of the car. The two other trucks in front of us still had a hard time trying to shake them. However we managed to get to José lockup near his apartment. The Dominican guys in the cars were all shot dead by José's boys. After the coke was safely stashed inside the lockup I called José. He sounded very pleased when I told him about the success. I knew he started to trust me. However I knew that Santos wanted him dead and that we only helped him to get close to him. I just couldn't understand why we had to kill him instead of doing business with him, same with the Bagello brothers. Then I remembered that I had to call Santos' brother, Jesús.

"Yeah it's Jesús." He said when he picked up.
"Hey Jesús, its Ramón Rojas. Your brother told me you need help with some business." I said.
"Yeah, meet me outside the Triangle club. Okay holmes?" Jesús asked.
"Sure." I said and hung up.

After living in Liberty City for almost a month I knew the city pretty good, especially Bohan. I had never been at the Triangle club though. All I knew was that it was a strip club in Little Bay, owned by the North Holland Hustlers. When I got to the club I could see Jesús chatting with some black dudes. When I got out from my car Jesús introduced me to them.

"Yo Ramón, this is Steven Johnson and Freddy Scott. They will supply us with 28 grams first class Marijuana.
"So Jesús, you got the money man?" One of the black guys asked.
"Here you go Steven. Tell Dwayne Forge that my brother want us to remain partners." Jesús said and handed over the money.


New chapter coming soon...

Edit: Oh, and I would like to buy a ounce of Marijuana.

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Posted 03 June 2009 - 04:52 PM Edited by Osric, 05 June 2009 - 10:20 PM.

Well, you can have Drusilla's, because I'm joining the Petrovic Bratva instead. My Mafia stories will be reserved for the upcoming Ancelotti Family.

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 02:20 AM

Thanks for letting me post here, im not the best at this so someone else who's in the Albanian Mob, please start a story whenever possible, i will add on to that.

My name will be Angelo Marlokaj, I live in Bohan.

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 05:34 PM Edited by aragond, 09 June 2009 - 03:37 AM.

By my reckoning, the last BUYG ratings were May 28th, but there's been THREE pages since then, which makes this a BIG job for dat staff brave enough ... So, IF it is helpful, I-n-I will post da following, seen?

Please note, I have put links in to make it easier and toned the text colour to highlight these links.
  • Kinko Kabuki Koshi KaPOW~! posted Pavano Auto Eroticar Chapter 3.
  • Ciabatta posted the third chapter of Petrovic Bratva's Comrades (Anton Lutrova).
  • vinnygorgeous posted the 9th and 10th chapters for the Pavano's Leisure Centre
  • vinnygorgeous's Pavano's requested to ACQUIRE grenades as his Tenth story gift (a gift under $150)
  • Scratchcard quit. El Zilcho called him on it. He, after this entry, recanted his quittedness and said El Zilcho told him he was back in.
  • Jam And Butter requested joining the AoD at the High Way Auto Shop. Rucke explained that 'you just post, don't wait' So, Jam And Butter posted the first, second and (below) third stories for the AoD's High Way Auto Shop. He was about to post a third, but worried he might be guilty of clogging up the thread with stories. wink.gif
  • Ciabatta's Petrovic Bratva ordered a "Micro SMG for $200 please"
  • mrpain posted chapter 3 of the Irish Mob's McReary Household
  • Ecc3ntrik posted Part 5 of the Korean Mob's Car Dealership
  • VinnieLeone posted the fifth chapter in the Pegorino's Garbage Disposal Inc
  • Aragond posted his first story for the Pegorino Recycling Plant
  • Osric requested registration in the Irish Mob at Lucky Winkle's bar Petrovic Bratva at 69th Street Diner to set things up for the Ancelottis. Osric requested registration a second time.
  • gt4rocks requested to join the Pegorinos. Tyla asked "what location". Vinny pointed out that only Drusilla's was available
  • Rucke posted a character overview (do those count as stories?) and Chapter 4 of his Spanish Lords' Willard Street Auto-Shop

In OTHER news...
  • zavier asked whether it was okay to use Albert Lawson; Rucke told him it was.
  • A groundswell of interest in the Ancelottis coming into being was publiched with the "waste management plant underneath the Algonquin Bridge on Colony Island", "the building where Ancelotti capo Tony Black meets Albanian muscle in Little Italy", the "plant in Northwood used in 'Actions speak louder than words'" (at the top of Algonquin, it exploded at the end of your mission), "Colosseum Butchers in Little Italy. It's on "Brown Place" in Little Italy" and "Prestamo's Pawn Star Cash Loans - located in Suffolk on Emerald St." all getting mentions as possible Ancelotti sites.
  • Radicell suggested a new Triad location, the "warehouse that Packie takes Niko to rob" in 'Harboring a Grudge' populated by Triad members.
  • It was suggested that a month and a half of absenteeism-sans-explanation was enough to get you booted
  • Aragond explained gang wars, not knowing that the first-post-first-page of BUYG IV actually had a couple of rules there that Jam and Butter ought to also check out.
  • Aragond requested confirmation that the Pegorino Recycling Plant was a "make up the location" asset
  • Colt M14 begged not to be removed because he hadn't posted a story since May 3rd, but he'd posted seven (non-story) times since then. Which introduces a QUESTION FOR STAFF TO ANSWER: Does a month-and-a-half "unexplained absense" mean since your last POST or your last story? CAN YOU merrily post non-story posts and still hold onto your position in a gang? Or is Colt M14 right to be concerned?
  • Osric announced his imminent return and later asked when the Ancelottis would be made available. He later joined the Irish Mob, planning to use them as a prologue for his Ancelotti/Pegorino storyline. However, as noted below, he changed his mind to "Petrovic Bratva at 69th Street Diner to set things up for the Ancelottis"
  • AlbanianMafia asked about joining the Albanian Mob. Masterkraft told him 'just post' and explained that there's no such thing as a 'leader' for gangs since each author's story often lays claim to gang leadership. He also noted the Albanians look "full", though Vinny pointed out that the Hardware store was "vacant". Masterkraft pointed out Oblivionz had it. Aragond pointed out that Oblivionz had only asked to be signed up to the location on April 14 but had posted no stories (for that or any other location) since then.
  • However, though grateful for the location, AlbanianMafia may not understand that he runs his own storyline and doesn't have to wait for someone else to "start a story" for him.
If I've screwed anyone out of anything, my sincere apologies, but you'd better speak up in protest.

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 05:44 PM

QUOTE (AlbanianMafia @ Jun 4 2009, 03:20)
Thanks for letting me post here, im not the best at this so someone else who's in the Albanian Mob, please start a story whenever possible, i will add on to that.

My name will be Angelo Marlokaj, I live in Bohan.

It doesn't quite work like that I'm afraid. If you wish to reside in Bohan, pick a gang and a location and start writing for them. I understand that you want to write for the Albanians but the gang appears to be full, so you can't write on behalf of the Albanians. Sorry about that. You can write for anything at all providing it's on the list. icon14.gif

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Posted 04 June 2009 - 06:26 PM

QUOTE (aragond @ Jun 4 2009, 18:34)
Rucke posted a character overview (do those count as stories?)

No it won't count as a story. It was just something I did so you could get to know my character better.

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 10:20 PM

I changed my mind on the Irish, since that tied into a Pegorino story arc. I'd much rather do an Ancelotti arc and for that, I will join the Petrovic Bratva at 69th Street Diner to set things up for the Ancelottis and to pass time until their release.

So to the poster above, change Irish Mob to Petrovic Bratva. Sorry if I am bothering you.

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 10:32 PM

Ok new one... Will have a couple more parts to this one.

Angels of Death
Title: Consequences
Part 1

"sh*t Jason, why couldnt you get to the clubhouse yesterday? You missed me whoopin' some pigs asses!" Sonny exclaimed as He, Jim, Mike and Jason, The road captain, Vincent the secretary and Jake, the clubs treasurer pulled up outside steinway beer garden.
Jason laughed."Sorry dude, had some other sh*t to take care of!" He replied
"f*cking hell Jason, you can't stop wanking for a few hours to help out your brothers!
"Ha ha ha! f*ck you Sonny!" Jason shouted back, opening the bar door, the group getting the sweet smell of beer and drunken irish men.
Th beers were flowing like ice cream and cake at a toddlers birthday party for just over 3 hours before Mike decided to call it a night.
"Come on brothers! Lets get the f*ck out of here!" He shouted in his druken voice, slamming his last glass of beer on the table.
"Whatever you say Mike.." Vincent replied, climbing off of his barstool.
As the gang left the bar, Mike bumped into an Irish regular at the bar, knocking him and the tray of beers over onto a table, where two of his buddies were sitting.
"Outa my motherf*ckin' way asshole!" Mike shouted, stopping to look at the man climb to his feet.
"Ey ya bastard! You lookin' fer a f*cking fight!?" The irish man replied, squeezing the beer from his dark green shirt.
"Fack youuu..!" Mike shouted back.
Before Mike had a chance to reply, Vincent jumped forward, swinging his knife across the mans through, dropping him instantly, blood pouring all over his clothes and the floor.
"Holy sh*t!!" A pedestrian shouted, getting up from his chair and running out of the bar into the beer garden.
The mans two friends quickly jumped up and went after Mike and Vincent withe knives. One jumped forward toward Vincent before Vincent grabbed the mans forearm, turning, and bringing it over his shoulder with a loud crack, he then turned around and kneed the man in the face 7 times, then pulled out a knive and stabbed the man in the testicles, making him collapse in a pool of his blood, screaming.
Meanwhile, one of the other irish men had jumped toward Mike with a knife and stabbed him multiple times in the gut, before running from the bar.
Mike collapsed into a mixture of his own, and the irish mans blood, his eyes slowly closing.
"sh*t! Mike!!" Sonny yelled, rushing over to his body.
Jim took a deep breath."He's f*cked...Take the body outside and get a car, then we'll head back.."

As Jason and Vincent moved the body, Sonny sprinted into the road and stole a grey Huntley sport, before driving it to the bar.
Jim walked over to Vincent."But the body in the back and head for the clubhouse. I'll ride over to his sisters house and give her the news..."

The next day at the hangout, everybody was told to be at the clubhouse for 1pm.
"How did Mikes sister take the news?" Jake, the secretary asked Jim, sitting down in the clubhouse.
"She wasn't in, i'll head back there another time." Jim replied as the last of the chapter walked in.
"Alright brothers.." Jim began. "As you all probably know by know by now. Mike Johnson, the president of the chapter, was killed by a member of the Irish mob yesterday"
Club members in the room began mumbling to eachother before Jim continued.
"Now we WILL, get the scumbags back for what they have done. For now, lets just deal with the funeral and move on. As for the chapter, I will have to take over as president, Sonny will be our new Vice President, Jason, the Sgt at arms, Vincent, you will be out new Road captain, Jake, you will be moved up to secretary. And Billy, Im promoting you to our new club treasurer.
Member downed their beers and dispersed around the clubhouse. Jim called Sonny over for him to help out arranging Mikes funeral and getting word out to his family.

I don't think its that good, I was tired whenever I got the chance to add to it and I think I got a few ranks screwed around a bit but oh well. sh*t happens. But there is more to come from this chapter, im up to part three at the moment and I will post it when I post it.
Hopefully someone will stop by soon and edit the first page wow.gif
Aragond is awesome. icon14.gif

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 02:45 PM

I would like to join the Albanians again at the Deli Grocery Tobacco Shop, or better said, I would like it if no one would remove me.

I was a asshole when I left and I know I'll probarly will be removed anyway because of that. I apolagize, and I'll understand if you won't let me join again. Oh, and in special: I apolagize to El Zilcho.

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 04:31 PM

Wow so many stories needs to be rated. Whats happening?

Colt M14
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Posted 07 June 2009 - 04:36 PM

Okay this is going to be in my normal characters point of view.

user posted image
Chapter 17: Part 2/2

There were many men piled into the bar. They were having a party over their previous win over the Albanians in the gang war. I sighed and took a sip off Whiskey. Johnny was out with Terry and Clay. Stacks, Mike and Joey were in a bike race and I was left at the bar. Nothing to do at all... I looked up suddenly as the back door fell down.

Four or so men busted through the back of the bar. I looked around and saw them start shooting. Diving over the bar I grabbed my shotgun from a new leather holster on my back. The men were shooting around the corner. Many of the Lost tried to shoot them but failed. I looked down as a smoke grenade clinked to my feet. The grenade exploded into plumes of smoke. Waving at it I tried to find my way to the stairs.

I busted open a door and coughed in fresh air. A few or the brothers followed me to the roof. I saw a helicopter with large chain guns lower near the roof. Most of us ducked behind a water tank while the other got shot to pieces. I walked out slowly and started to shoot at the hovering Maverick. It looked like a police model. The men on the sides fell out to the street and died on impact. A hispanic biker walked up behind me and shot a grenade from his large gun.

The grenade clicked into the helicopter. A few seconds later it exploded into flames, pieces of metal clinking on the ground around us. I slowly drifted back to reality. Looking around I saw smoke and fires arising from the buildings around us. There were countless NOOSE vans littering the streets. I turned around and saw a surviving NOOSE officer run up. I swung my arms up to protect myself as he shot me in the forearm. I screamed out in pain as the bullet pierced the skin. I grabbed the small man by the neck and cursed at him. I walked over to the ledge of the building a dropped him off, His bones cracking as he merged with the pavement.

I had a fresh bandage wrapped around my arm. I walking into the bar and was surprised to hear no Heavy metal music. Instead there were people planning. I walked up to a short biker with a black beard and leaned over the map he was holding. "What's this?" I asked impatiently.
"A map showing the sewer systems." He mumbled as he scratched his forehead.
"And why do we need to know about the sewer systems?" I questioned. He placed the map down and turned to me.
"It's how we're going to get our revenge." He explained slowly.

Hours later of planning we had devised a plan. We were to enter the sewers through an old drain pipe in Middle park. We would traverse the pipes until we get under the Zirconium building and enter from below. We would be-siege the building and place charges at the base. Sounds easy right? Boy we were wrong.

I walked through the knee deep sewage grumpily. I could have been on ground patrol. But no. I had to wade through Liberty City's sh*t. I had my Sawed off shotgun slung over one shoulder and my pistol over the other. I had a belt with countless shotgun shells strapped to it. I stuffed the pistol into my beltline and loaded a few shells into the shotgun. My cellphone started to beep and I flipped it open. "Yes?" I said impatiently into the phone.
"You should be under the building now." A Biker I didn't know said and hung up. I flipped the phone closed and stuffed it in my pocket.

I looked up and saw a tunnel leading into the building. I dropped a small charge into the water below. I grabbed onto the greasy ladder and climbed up. I followed the halls, dropping charges at every base. I looked at the map and saw that there was one left. I took out my pistol and screwed a silencer on it. I crawled under some boxes with my gun in hand. I saw some guard talking together. "Hey James, I heard some Bikers were going to attack the building." One said.
"Ah Thats Bullsh*t. Who would want to attack this fortress." The other replied. I tapped the trigger twice and both men had fallen. I lifted myself up and dropped the last charge. I jogged down the hall to the main exit.

I snuck out behind a guard and hopped into the waiting Sultan outside. We drove into a distant alley and parked the car. I grabbed the device and flicked a smalled switch. Silence was heard followed by large explosions. The building started to cave in. The bulking monument once known as the Zirconium Building, fell into the old sewers below. Stacks started up the car and scratched his stubble. "Wait til you how they cover it up." He said to himself and drove out of the alley and past a Firetruck with whirling sirens.

I looked back and saw the smoke settling. Was this the end of them? Hopefully.


Wow I finally got around to it.

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 04:50 PM

Where is Firefly Projects Crack Den located (for the M.O.B.)?

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 04:54 PM

QUOTE (Killertju @ Jun 8 2009, 00:50)
Where is Firefly Projects Crack Den located (for the M.O.B.)?

At Firefly Projects. Duh!

But its just a place that was made up just for the M.O.B.

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 05:38 PM

Lol @ above post xD

I'll post my other part on the 50th page, dont wanna clog the sh*t out of it, I've already finished Part 4. Ill stop writing them up until I have posted all 4 parts.

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 05:48 PM Edited by ScratchCard, 07 June 2009 - 05:57 PM.

Most of the locations don't have a exact location, it's all up to your imagination.

EDIT: El Zilcho said it would be okay for me to stay, so just forget everything I said and forget my last chapter. Don't remove me please. I'll post a new chapter (another chapter one, I'm starting over) soon.

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 09:23 PM

Here I goes.

Angels Of Death
Part 2, Bullsh*tter!
(4 hours after mikes funeral).

"Speak you Irish motherf*cker!!" Vincent shouted, bringing a pool cue down on a member of the Irish mob, who was cowering in the corner of an alleyway, Vincents voice echoeing throughout the area.
"I don't know anything! sh*t! Dont hurt me!!"
As Jerry, the irish man finished the sentance, Vincent blew out his knee caps, making Jerry scream at the top of his voice for help, Before breaking down and crying.
"No ones coming to help you asshole! Just tell me who killed my brother!" Vincent shouted.
"I don't know nothing! I swear!!" Jerry pleaded for his life, one hand on his leg the other covering this face.
Vincent rammed one end of the cue into Jerrys mouth and kept pushing it in.
"Bullsh*tter!! Bullsh*tter!" He yelled.
Jerrys muffled voice screamed for help untill he held his arms over his head, agreeing to talk.
"Wheres the scumbag who killed Mike!?" Vincent asked, raising the cue over his head.
"Ok...Ok...He stay at the mates house down on hooper street, I wouldn't go on my own though, they are crazy bastards!" Jerry exclaimed in agony.
"f*ck 'em." Vincent replied, dropping the cue on Jerrys legs as he walked off before Jerry screamed for help and tryed to crawl away.

Not too long later Vincent was at the clubhouse, loading the stolen Huntley sport full of weapons. Then he jumped into the drivers seat and drove away towards hooper street as fast as the car could go, dodging the traffic and pedestrians crossing.
Vincent soon arrived at the house, climbing out of the car and pulling an M4 and some molotovs from the car. As he began moving towards the house, Sonny pulled up on his motorcycle and shouted out to Vincent.
"Hey! What the f*ck are you doing you crazy bastard!?"
"Ending these Irish f*ckheads that killed mike!" Vincent replied.
"You cant do this sh*t by yourself! I'm coming in with you!!" Sonny exclaimed as he pulled his combat pistol from his bike and grabbed one of Vincents molotovs.
"Lets f*cking do this!!" Vincent shouted, kicking the door down and throwing a molotov in, Before rushing up the stairs spraying whole magazines towards anyone inside.
"Sonny! Take the ground floor!! Suck this ya c*nts!!"
Not long later, The house was clear, and burning down rapidly, Vincent rushed down the burning stairs to meet Sonny in the first room.
Before anyone said anything, one seriously injured Mob member, covered in blood and burns, climbed up and fired a shotgun twice into Vincents torso, sending him flying backwards into the fireplace. The shock made Sonny drop his pistol and dive behind a sofa, rounds from the shotgun spraying all around him, he reached out for a mini Uzi that a corpse was holding, he grabbed the gun and sprayed wildly toward the man, sending him backwards into an armchair that was covered in flames.
"f*ck! Vincent!" Sonny shouted, grabbing Vincents body and taking it out to the car.
"Sonny, theres one room I missed..." Vincent managed to say as Sonny put him in the passanger seat, and handed him the Uzi.
"Alright brother, Ill get it, if im not out in 10, get outa here" Sonny replied, running back into the burning building with the shotgun he picked up from an irish mob member.

Vincent sat outside for just over 5 minutes before he heard a bunch of shots being fired from inside the burning house, not long after that, the whole building collapsed into a pile of burning rubble.
"Oh f*ck...f*ck..." Vincent said under his breath as he climbed over to the drivers seat and speeding off toward the clubhouse, the bleeding calming down now after being around so much fire.

Woot...My other parts were written down on paper and I lost them... So ill rewrite them whenever. biggrin.gif

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 10:36 AM Edited by aragond, 08 June 2009 - 02:46 PM.

QUOTE (Jam And Butter @ Jun 8 2009, 03:38)
I'll post my other part on the 50th page, dont wanna clog the sh*t out of it, I've already finished Part 4. Ill stop writing them up until I have posted all 4 parts.

No, post away.
There's no rule as to how many story posts you can make within a single "page". If the thread slows down, meaning you would end-up posting four complete stories on a single page (and aren't posting every ten minutes), I don't see any reason why you can't "clog" the page. That IS what it's there for.
And there's no rule against eagar enthusiasm.
(The worst consequence I can think of that you might suffer, if your stories are not as good as you could make them, might be staff telling you to slow down and spent more time perfecting your many stories. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Or a Staff could tell me I'm wrong. That'd be bad for me.
turn.gif And they did! And it was ... n't so bad ... )

Addendum: For future readers, ignore this and read two posts down. It apparently IS bad to multi-post, no matter HOW enthusiastic you might be. Save 'em, and post just once per Staff rating.
This does have the effect of making this whole BUYG writing exercise very staff-dependent, which only increases the pressure on them. But, I guess they'd prefer that than having 1900 stories to rate every time they log in to rate them.

On the other hand, the rules do explicitly have something to say about posting "Oh, I won't post yet, I'll wait 'til tomorrow" entries. colgate.gif Just thought you should know. wink.gif

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 11:45 AM Edited by vinnygorgeous, 08 June 2009 - 01:07 PM.

I think I vaguely remember reading that posting many stories between ratings was frowned upon

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 01:49 PM

QUOTE (vinnygorgeous @ Jun 8 2009, 12:45)
I think I vaguely remember reading that posting many stories between ratings was frowned upon

Indeed. I appreciate that staff ratings can be slow and we apologise, but the page looks cluttered when 3 or 4 chapters from the same author appear in a row. There's nothing stopping you writing 5 or even 10 chapters at a time, but then you could post one and save the rest.

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 02:56 PM


Chapter 4: Eoghan's Tragedy

"Eoghan, don't bullsh*t me man!" I said in disbelief. How could Eoghan turned on his friend?

"I'm not bullsh*tting you, Mikey. Packie's in misery and slowing the Irish Mob down. Don't tell anyone about this. I'm coming to the house in a few minutes." Eoghan explained in a rush.

I did not like these. Packie just killed a man he longed for and now Eoghan wanted him dead. I thought hard and came up with a decision, somebody had to die.

Eoghan arrived and said calmly, "Alright, let's make a clean kill."

Eoghan stormed through the house and pointed a gun at a surprised Packie. Packie shouted, "Eoghan, what the f*ck?"

Eoghan shouted back, "You are bringing the Irish Mob down Packie! It's you and your problems that's f*cking us up!"

Packie tried to explain that he was back on the road again, "Eoghan put the gun down, I'm back to my normal self."

I saw the expression on Eoghan's face and it was a look that said 'Oh sh*t, I need an excuse'. I then realized something and I asked Eoghan, "Eoghan, killing Packie is for the mob, isn't it?"

Eoghan dropped his gun and sat down in shame. He then mumbled, "The Pegorinos blackmailed me."

Packie was furious, "Pegorinos? I thought I was done with them!"

Eoghan explained everything while crying, "There is something I have to tell you Packie, the Pegorinos were the ones who hired the Albanians to take you out. Unfortunately, they took out your mom instead. Also, they hired me to take you out, Mikey."

I asked curiously, "So why did you take the offer of killing us?"

Eoghan cleared his throat before he muttered, "They kidnapped my wife. A couple of the Pegorinos will be coming over here to check whether you are dead."

Packie said, "We will help you Eoghan, don't worry. Once the two mobsters arrive, we will jump them alright?"

I loaded my pistol and we waited for the couple of Pegorinos to arrive. We heard the door bell rang and we knew it was go time.

Eoghan greeted them in and said, "The dead bodies are here."

Packie and me played dead with ketchup acting as blood all over our bodies. One of them felt something was fishy. He kicked my balls to check whether I was really dead. I was so f*cking pissed and I just got up with my pistol pointed right in his face. I pulled the trigger and POOF, his face was gone. Packie managed to pin the other guy down. Eoghan slapped that guy's face and asked furiously, "Where the f*ck is my wife?"

The guy laughed, "Why should I tell you? Why don't you ask my friend, oh wait, he's dead! Haha!"

Eoghan slapped his face again and yelled, "My wife's f*cking pregnant for God's sake!" That must really hurt Eoghan's heart.

I pointed the gun at that guy and he finally squeaked, "Don't shoot! She's at a Pegorinos owned ship at the docks! The ship is called Wet Dreams."

I laughed and said, "Thanks for the info." BANG and he was dead. "Let's get to the ship."

We got to my Vincent car and drove to the docks. We saw the ship and saw the Pegorinos unloading goods from the ship into a van.

"There's my wife!" Eoghan exclaimed. I saw Frankie Bell, a man I had history with, struggling to keep a gripped on Eoghan's wife. I got out of the car with my shotgun followed by Packie and Eoghan.

We managed to sneak past the guards in the area and we were hiding behind the van. Then Packie said, "On my go...Go!"

We came out of hiding and shot any mobster of the Pegorinos we saw. Eoghan's wife managed to break free of Frankie Bell's arms and she ran towards Eoghan. Frankie then saw me and he was delighted to see me, "Mikey Willis, it's been a long time. I thought you were dead."

I mocked, "You wished. You, your uncle and your boys almost had me killed in the past," I pointed my shotgun at him, "Your time is up Frankie."

Frankie chuckled, "I don't think so Mikey." He suddenly took out his gun and shot Eoghan's wife.

I watched in horror as Eoghan's wife fell to the ground in Eoghan's own arms. As I turned my back, Frankie was gone like the wind. I rushed to her air but it was too late.

I mumbled in shocked to Eoghan, "Eoghan..I..I'm sorry."

Eoghan yelled in anger, "f*ck this! Not only Betty's gone but my future baby is dead too!" So her name was Betty.

I checked Betty's body and she was shot in the belly, right where the baby was resting inside. Packie was finishing the rest of mobsters who were shooting at us while Eoghan and me carried Betty to my car. We then retreated back to my house.

Packie and me dropped off Eoghan and his dead pregnant wife at his house. Eoghan went on to carried Betty without saying a word.

"Poor lad." Packie said.

"The Pegorinos will pay for these!" I promised myself.

"Hey Mikey, what's the problem between you and the Pegorinos? It seems that you are on their target list." Packie asked.

"Packie, before I went into prison, I f*cked up the Pegorinos real bad. I was their hired gun once and there was a time where I had to make a real hard decision." I explained.

"Hired gun for the Pegorinos? Reminds me of a Serbian guy. Anyway, what decision did you make?" Packie asked again.

"They hired me to kill..." I paused for a moment, "someone close to me. I did not do it however but Chuck Bell, a capo in the Pegorinos last time, killed that person close to me. I did seek revenge on him by killing him and that's why I went to prison. Now the Bell family and the Pegorinos are aiming to gun me down as Chuck Bell was an important man to them." I explained everything.

We arrived at the house and I immediately went to bed. I needed rest as the next day, a Bell had to die.

Wow I just realized I had to much dialouge in this chapter. Will improve next story

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Posted 08 June 2009 - 04:09 PM

One thing that might be an issue though is the rule on each gang being required to post at least one story per week, if we are only allowed one between ratings we may fall foul of that rule, not that I've seen that rule enforced in this one, does seem to in the SA one.

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Posted 10 June 2009 - 12:25 AM

Hate to be annoying, but there's four days worth of stories and some people need to be added. I chose Petrovic Bratva at 69th Street Diner.

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Posted 10 June 2009 - 06:04 AM Edited by aragond, 11 June 2009 - 02:44 AM.

QUOTE (Osric @ Jun 10 2009, 10:25)
Hate to be annoying, but there's four days worth of stories and some people need to be added. I chose Petrovic Bratva at 69th Street Diner.

Actually, it's now been fourTEEN days* since the last ratings, and there are fifteen stories to be rated, two lots of weapons to be acquired and four people to be added.

* 14 days, 10 hours and 59 minutes, to be precise (to my post). (It's been 4 days, 22 hours and 48 minutes since I tried to help out.) That's not the longest gap between ratings: 26 days is (Oct 12 - Nov 7th), but then there was only five outstanding stories. (Fifteen is the most stories outstanding.) But, then, to be fair, BUYG IV hasn't gone a full year yet, so, we've never known what to expect in June. - by: Statragond, the statistical-cyborg version of aragond who's been once or twice around a forum before. colgate.gif

I'm assuming exams are still going.

But, Osric, why not just start posting chapter one? The slot is open. You don't need staff permission to start writing.

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Posted 10 June 2009 - 08:14 AM

Aragond scares me. Hes like a robot...or a really uber nerdy super quick 15 year old with an amazingly quick connection that knows exactly where to look for everything. wow.gif

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