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Changing System Files of GTA III

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Posted 25 August 2008 - 07:41 PM

I was wonderin if there is any tweak available for Changing the car's weight and its handling.

I installed GTA III(PC) once again(after 3 years) and found that all the cars seems to move like a boat.

1. Hardly any drag while driving. It seems that they are floating on the road rather than moving on one.
2. They handle like a boat. Front of car can easily, very easily change the direction.(snake like motion)
3. Cars go out of control frequently and they flip like they are made of balloons.(2-3 Flips)

For these reasons I'm finding it hard to play the game. Actually I bought GTA III and GTA Vice City Altogether. so I finished GTA Vice City first and started GTA III lateron but I remember I had started feeling sick of it due to the bad handling and bla bla bla ... I proceeded no further than few Ken-Ji's missions. Now after 3 years I really wanna do it again. And this time I wanna finish the game.

But I believe the player who's long time player of GTA SA will obviously find GTA III handling and Character control difficult. And I personally like Liberty City settings rather than that of Vice City. Cityscape of GTA III is better than Vice City (Not picture quality n textures but cityscape only) and are comparable to the GTA SA. Elevated Railways, Subways and Car Tunnels everything is Bravo !

If anyone know the Settings modifications that will give cars some weight then please please tell me.

Thank you !

  • Exfernis

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Posted 25 August 2008 - 07:47 PM

http://projectcerber...ols/cfgstudio2/ (http://projectcerber...ols/cfgstudio2/)

There is a program made by Cerbera that allows you to modify the handling for III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

http://projectcerbera.com/gta/3/tutorials/handling (http://projectcerber...orials/handling)

Another project by Cerbera, this explains what each part of the Handling.cfG means.

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