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Finally! a good handheld version of gta coming?

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  • fastone

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Posted 25 September 2008 - 12:28 AM

Lol you guys have some kind of problems trying to understand posts. So I'll rephrase.

I didn't play it, of course. I'm giving my opinion judging by what the screenshots are showing. Quickly put together I meant that there wasnt so much intensivity to the production of the game.

  • Coolyfett


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Posted 25 September 2008 - 01:10 AM

QUOTE (zeppelincheetah @ Sep 24 2008, 22:03)
QUOTE (nbond99 @ Sep 23 2008, 13:06)
QUOTE (Coolyfett @ Sep 23 2008, 19:02)
QUOTE (fastone @ Sep 23 2008, 16:19)
LCS and VCS are five hundred thousand times better than this quickly put together handheld.

You played Chinatown Wars already? wow.gif wow.gif

QFT and QFE. icon14.gif

yeah really, how in the hell is this "quickly thrown together"? for all we know Leeds could've started working on this soon after they finished porting VCS to the PS2 back in 2007.

anyways back on topic: imo Liberty City Stories was a fantastic GTA experience. GTA Advance and VCS... not so much. this game looks to be better than Advance and VCS but better than LCS? I doubt it.

Yea a lot of people are making that type of prediction.




looks like CTW may be in the middle of both as far as ranking goes.

So which is actually better LCS or VCS?

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