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Nico's not a Morning Person!

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Posted 06 August 2008 - 09:58 AM

Nico must have got out of the wrong side of bed today!

Just as he leaves his safe house on Bohan, he walks out of the door and body slams a cop chasing after a criminal. Needless to say the cop decides to go after me. Nico hot foots it to a passing SUV, makes off just as the cop tries holding him at gun point and races off. Just around the corner, up the road an oncoming cop car presents Nico with a challenge - hit it full on and risk catapulting from the window or something else? Well, the something else was a full 360 handbrake spin, which culminated in the driver cop being launched from the car and the other cop glibly saying 'proceeding on foot'. Priceless.

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Posted 06 August 2008 - 10:14 AM

Just last week I walked out of the safehouse in Bohan, and as the door opened into the street it also swung into the face of a guy running from the police! I look around the door and the cop has the gun pointed at the guy's head and directs him to the nearby police car.
I would have loved to see that from the other side of the street - "crim gets pwned by door" or "escape FAIL" sarcasm.gif

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Posted 06 August 2008 - 10:26 AM

Ha... I have seen a crook running from the cops get hit by a car and die, the cop just looks at his body on the ground and walks off. I thought that was hilarious "Oh well, hes dead... doesn't matter now"

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