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Invisionfree YouTube embedding

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  • Kreepman


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Posted 17 July 2008 - 05:44 AM

I'm looking for something similar found on this forum.

or something similar.
I can't find anything though confused.gif

  • Toadyd

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 08:47 AM

You can't add custom BBCODE to invisionfree i'm afraid, so as much as you search you're going to be out of luck.

One option would be to use a different free board, Zetaboards.com is free and i think you can (or could?) convert your invisionfree board to a Zetaboard so you don't lose any members or posts etc...

The other option that i wouldn't recommend is allowing users to use the tag which means you could copy the embed code from youtube paste it between tags and the video would display though.
This is open to abuse though, as users can insert any html they like and easily screw around with you.
If you trust your members, you might consider allowing staff and certain members access, that is up to you.

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Posted 18 July 2008 - 01:07 AM

ubb_tag('Youtube','youtube','youtube','<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/<% INNER %>"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/<% INNER %>" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>  ',0,'Embed a youtube video into the post||Insert The Youtube Video ID For Example nDQnpQqJleE');

Add this to the footers. smile.gif

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 05:17 PM

Can't seem to embed anything here.

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Posted 11 August 2009 - 07:25 PM

Boards Wrappers
under <% BOARD %>
<script src="http://re.jcink.com/filehosting/trinigangsta/yt.js"></script>

example in post:

it should also add a button in the bbcodes area.

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 03:45 AM

[QUOTE=The Grove,Tuesday, Aug 11 2009, 19:25] Boards Wrappers
under <% BOARD %>
<script src="http://re.jcink.com/filehosting/trinigangsta/yt.js"></script>

hm tested it didnt work

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