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LAND-AIR-SEA-LAND/Stepping Stones Stratgies

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 01:45 PM

Simple, take a place, hold it from the cops until we have 6 stars/out of ammo (whichever comes first) and then break for an escape.
We usually just take Goldbergs and thats it, but since then my friend and I have evolutionized it wink.gif
This is what we like to call the LAND-AIR-SEA-LAND strategy. From what i've recently been told, what my friends and i have been doing has taken up the name of 'Free mode organized crime' but yeah, heres our strategy:

1: LAND)
After the weapon collection period, players head to Goldberg's Office. Usual holdup. Leave after 5/6 stars (back window is
recommended for escaping)

2: AIR)
Then, head to the Helitours. Take a helicopter and proceed to Happiness Island - this is ideal for restocking on ammo and shooting down some helicopters.

3: SEA)
Take a boat from the Happiness Island docks and have a nice little chase to Liberty Ferry Terminal.

4: LAND)
Then get a car, and try to make your way to the Subway at Star Junction. From there you escape the cops.

The stepping stones strategy is the same as L-A-S-L but with a few extra steps at the beginning.

1: PrisonBreak/Run Of Faith
All players are situated in the prison (On the guard wall so they can shoot police). One man is across the road on the roof of the silo, sniping.
Once the players are ready to leave, the Sniper makes his 'run of faith' from across the road to the prison, while his friends cover him from the prison.

2: Oil Rigger:
Once everyone is on the walkway, once they run north there is a large Oil place across the north road alongside the prison. Progress up 2 levels and jump out the north, landing on a rooftop - then proceed to the Highway.

3: Bulitt
Then, take a car to Goldbergs office and repeat those steps.

Hopefully a video will come soon!
Thankyou if you spent your time reading this, and please be sure to let me know if you like the idea

ok. i have never done this myself. i just saw the post bye saintjimmy and said we could use it for ps3. so whos in?

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