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Build Your Own GTA

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 02:01 PM Edited by andysniper, 06 November 2008 - 08:12 PM.


Setting: set in San Fierro Bay in 2010

user posted image

Story (work in progress): A former hit man named Ryan Sain has been retired for 5 years. Now working in Liberty City as the owner of a small restaurant he believes he has left his previous life behind. However after being contacted by former colleague, Max Ward, about the son of a Vice City mafia boss hunting down the assassins who took part in his father’s death, he flees to San Fierro with Max. Once there he searches for possible allies and protectors. This leads him to a second life of crime doing the dirty work for several gangs, the mafia, Russian mafia, triads and the yakuza. Eventually he gains the trust of a few of these organizations and he thinks he is safe. But for how long when the vengeance seeking son is hunting him and Max down?

Major Characters:

Ryan Sain: (protagonist) Former hitman, born in Liberty City, however spent time in London Tokyo, and most of his career in Vice City
Max Ward: Assassin, friend of Ryan’s, moves to San Fierro with Ryan.
Jonny Capriocci: Son of Damon Capriocci. Hunting down Ryan’s assassin clan after they killed his father.
Alex Chueng: Triad boss, lived in San Fierro for 24 years. Has connections with Ryan from his assassin life.
Yerik Borisova: head of San Fierro Russian mafia. Cheungs arch rival.
Guido Valentino: ageing boss of Valentino crime syndicate. Jonny Capriocci’s uncle.
Amy Ward: Max’s sister, owner of the first safe house. Main love interest.
Han Tokato: Ryan’s friend from Japan, occupies high place in the San Fierro Yakuza.
Ross : garage owner and car modder. Organises races for you and gives you discounts when modding.

Minor Characters:

Juan Fernandez
Nikolai Drascov
Rocky ‘Quick hands’ DeTori
Congressman Dylans
Deputy Commissioner Simmons
Charlie Tucker


Amy Ward: 25, main love interest. Sister of Max Ward
Lucy Cheung: 27 year olddaughter of triad boss Alex Cheung, introduced to you by her father
Miranda Fox: 25 year old part time model. Found on Love-meet.com
Sophie Kimber: 28 year old Police women. Found on Love-meet.com
Keiko Mash*tori: 23 year Japanese student. Found on Love-meet.com


Return of offline multiplayer and introducing online co-op in story mode, (all missions in co-op will feature Max as the secondary character)
Real time news: events in free roam, such as shootouts and police chases, will be mentioned in news reports on TV, internet and radio, with reference to appearance and location.
Expanded customisation: more clothing options and car modifying, basic house customisation.
Return of buyable safe houses: 10 new buyable safe houses. 5 extra houses given to you from missions or high friendship with characters.
Businesses: 3 businesses including strip club, restaurant and car garage
Improved physics and animations: adds fluidity to actions, such as jumping into a car from sprinting, sliding across car hoods and taking cover.
Dynamic Seasons: seasons based on an in game year of 365 days. Weather will change according to seasons as well as peoples clothes.
Random events: semi-scripted random events by NPC’s such as- robberies, car crashes, muggings, car jackings, gang wars and police chases (in car)
Character development: depending on your in game decisions, such as live or die, Ryan’s style with change
CD player: when in a car you can select between several radio stations and a CD player that plays the music stored ion your hard drive.

1. Welcome to your new life: Driving from the airport to your new safe house, with Max and Amy
31. Underworld: A group of the Dark Angles have ambushed you on a small shop heist. Chase them down as they escape through the sewers.
58. Nice to meet you: kidnapping Congressman Dylans for the Chinese triads.
76. The San Fierran Job: The Russian mafia is moving a large amount of money from San Fierro to Bayland. Ambush the convoy, and take the money. Make your escape by any means necessary.
109. (Mercy chain)End of your world: After Capriocci discovers you’re in San Fierro he organises an attempt on your life. He sends his henchman form his uncle to block off the Gant Bridge trapping you in the centre. You call Max, who hijacks a helicopter to collect you. You must fight your way to Max’s helicopter, and hunt down Jonny, ending it all.
109. (Vengeance chain) It’s over: Capriocci has kidnapped you and taken you to mount Hector, to finally get revenge. Seconds before your death, your triad allies show up. A gun fight ensues and Capriocci escapes in a van. You chase him down but he manages to find a helicopter. Find a boat and chase to Manotrax (Alcatraz) island. Finish it!


Melee: Brass knuckles, Knife, Baseball bat
Pistol: P22, Glock 17 (available with silencer), Desert Eagle
SMG: Uzi, MP5, XM8 CC
Machine guns: AK47, M16, XM8
Sniper rifle: Heckler and Koch PSG1, Barret M82
Shotguns: Sawn-off, UHC 870, Benelli M4
Explosives and projectiles:RPG, Molotov cocktails, Tear gas, Grenades, Remote mines

New and redesigned vehicles
Infernus now based on Lamborghini Revonton
Roadfire- Lamborghini Gallardo
Turismo now based on Ferrari 599
Vigero G2 based on 2008 Dodge Challenger (not replacing current Vigero)
Blista- 4 door version of blista compact
Shark- Audi RS4
Tiger Shark- Audi R8
Whale Shark- Audi Q7
Spirit-Lotus Exige/Elise
Trojan- 2009 Ford Mustang GT
Sea Horse Jet ski
Several bicycles including bmx’s and mountain bikes
Snofox snowmobile.
Hydra based on F-35B lightning II

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 02:13 PM

QUOTE (mike752 @ Jul 17 2008, 14:37)
QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 09:22)
QUOTE (radicell @ Jul 17 2008, 12:00)
QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 19:57)
so when is the deadline?

For f*cks sake, he already said CHECK THE FIRST PAGE to see the deadline.

last time i checked it wasnt there

Oh yeah?

QUOTE (F*cking First Post!!!)
Deadline: 31st of August

How could you not see that?

i checked as soon as Phusion said 'the deadline is up'

and it wasnt there

everyone that joined after march 2008 are really getting annoying

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 02:21 PM

QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 19 2008, 22:13)
QUOTE (mike752 @ Jul 17 2008, 14:37)
QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 09:22)
QUOTE (radicell @ Jul 17 2008, 12:00)
QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 19:57)
so when is the deadline?

For f*cks sake, he already said CHECK THE FIRST PAGE to see the deadline.

last time i checked it wasnt there

Oh yeah?

QUOTE (F*cking First Post!!!)
Deadline: 31st of August

How could you not see that?

i checked as soon as Phusion said 'the deadline is up'
and it wasnt there
everyone that joined after march 2008 are really getting annoying

Whoa. First of all, large 7-line gaps are unnecessary in your posts. Secondly, you know the deadline now, and it's up there, and no one really cares about how it wasn't there first then it was then it wasn't, so please, stop spamming up the topic with useless spammy posts full of provocative spam.

Once Phusion gets the tables updated, I'll add the new banner/map that gta_talk and I've been working on. icon14.gif

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 08:32 AM

Tables updated.

I definately know I've missed some things, so you guys just need to post here and tell me.

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 09:44 AM Edited by Ret-RAT, 24 August 2008 - 12:50 AM.

Grand theft Auto Bayview and Emerald

Set in both parody cities of Melbourne Australia called Bayview and Sydney called Emerald set in contemerary times


Alex Tran-Nguyen is a Vietnamese Australian Blue Collar worker in Emerald, he had 5 years in the australian defence force and was kicked out for bad behavior, and became a crane operator in the port of sydney. he one day by curiosity came on board one of the trade ships from China and wanted to see what was on board as his boss said it was special cargo. he opens a crate and he finds guns illigally smuggled into australia (australia has tough gun laws). as he closes the crate some mysterious men of asian apperance knocked him out.

He wakes up to find he is taken to a place unknown in suburban Sydney and he see two men in front of him telling him he has to work for them.

The Mysterious gang of men take him to the airport and he flys to Bayview a Set Parody of Melbourne. Alex knows that his brother lives in Glenelg (a parody of Geelong) and he rings him up, suprised by the phone call his brother Shane picks him up and asks him questions why he came to Bayview without notice. Alex because shane was the only person he knows tells him about the mysterious men.

After settling in Glenelg Alex recieves phonecalls from the men to work at the port of Bayview to secure smuggled weapons to some of the contacts who are messengers of various Asian street crime syndicates throughout Bayview.

after these mild jobs Alex is asked to do more unsavoury jobs for the mysterous men, and Alex grows anxious and wants to find out who they are and what they do.

Alex must run in with the mafia, bikie gangs, Youth rabble to find who these people are even if he has to go through nasty measures.


Alex Tran-Nguyen is a 30 to 40 year old man with Vietnamese decent, at heart he is naturally Australian (strong Accent and Western POV). he has a strong build as he was once in the australian defence force and he is skilled with guns, armour and hand to hand combat. he has long hair and has a stubble.


Shane Tran-Nguyen, Alex's younger brother, lives in upper Glenelg, comical character and is willing to help out Alex from his situation, becomes a mate like Roman in GTA 4, his specialty is dispositing and giving you cash

Mysterious men, Reveal themselves later in the game

TON BOYS: Adrian Sullavin
GYPSY DEMONS: Sean Forges, becomes a mate as you do jobs for his Bikie Gang, his specialty is backup in Emerald
ISLIAH: Muhammad Austral Awwad
VAGNARELLI MOB: Don Vince Vagnarelli
DA NANG: Gabriel Huynh
BROWN SNAKES: Johnny Lam Dong
LOWLAND MATES: Shane Chong Fatt
SOUTH YELLA CREW: Shamus Gillard
GIS: Eric Banacavich
MAFIYA: Grandpa Bo Solkalov
O'CONNEL MOB: Meshell O'Connel
JENKINS: Samuel Jenkins becomes a mate, special ability is Backup in Bayview
SONATRA MOB: Don Henry Sonatra
BLOODSNAKES: Ben Thanh Tran becomes a mate his specialty is importing blackmarket weapons for Alex


Set in both Sydney and Melbourne with also parodies of the sorrounding towns like Newcastle, Geelong, Wollengong, Wagga Wagga, Threadbo, Torquey, Barwon Heads, Ballarat, Warnabool.

Sydney Opera house, Haubour bridge, Luna Park, Yarra, Docklands, Bells Beach Mt Koviosko, Murray River, The Grampians, the Blue Mountains, the MCG, Rialtos, Sydney Tower, Eureka Tower, Bondi Beach are to name a few


Various objects to throw

Melee (you can just pick anything up and use it)
Cricket Bat
Baseball bat
various Swords
bamboo stick
fence post
list goes on

Gun Stores (legal weapons)

(easy to get from gun stores)
Barreled guns smith and wesson type
(harder to get)
semi automatic 9mm
(ranging from different models but don't effect attributes to it)

(easy to get)
rim fire rifles
(ranging from different models)
heavy game rifles
(harder to get)
Mussle fire rifles and semi-automatic rifles
(ranging from different models)

(easy to get)
double barreled hunting Shotguns
(ranging from different models)
(harder to get)
Pump action
(ranging from different models)

Black Market
Buy these weapons from gangs (if they like you enough)
(australians have banned fully automatic guns and explosives thanks to resent tradgedies in the past)
(if a policeman sees you carring a Black Market weapon you will get an instant two star wanted level)

Sub-machine guns
(easy to find)
small slow fire
(different models)
(harder to find)
Rapid firing

Assult rifles
(easy to get)
Older models
AK47 type (and others)
(hard to find)
Newer models
M4 type (and other)

Frag Grenade
Flash Bang
Rocket Launcher

Fighting Style

Dynamic fighting styles learn different types and doesn't replace others

Boxing Punches
Judo Throws
Kick Boxing Kicking and Punching
Krav Maga Disarming
Ju Jitsu Use of Melee combat

retain most of the ones from previous games but add in some based on australian GM (holden) and Ford cars.

Cars will drive on the other side of the road so steering wheels are on the other side.

Includes Trams, Train and Bus systems for Bayview. train, monorail, bus in Emerald.


1 star, stray police occational bike police. try to chase you down, occationly use batons if aggrivated
2 stars stray policemen and a police cruiser. threaten with smith and wesson or Glocks 17c pistols
3 stars police more numerous, helicopter. will shoot at you
4 stars Australian Federal Police, use Rapid Fire submachine guns with the MP5 models
5 stars Riot squad outside, use lots of body armour and use batons and huge shields, hard to fight even with just batons (if inside a building insted they use the SRS and they use MP5's)
6 stars Australian Defence Force, come in camo trucks and huntleys, use assult type model AusSteyr AUG as their weapons

-Weapons are now in classes rather than conforming to one model if you buy a pistol it be generated as different random models like one time you can collect a glock, others you get a beretta 92fs, the gun has exactly the same atributes but to give more varity and more interesting you can buy different models
-Cars drive on the other side of the road
-Ability to Ski down the mountain based on Mt Koziosco
-Ability to fly planes
-Wildlife come into the game you could see random encounters at night on a country road an emu, roo or deer could rush out suddenly and you can damage the car if you hit them
-abilty to order illigal stuff and get it smuggled into the county via the port of both Emerald and Bayview
-some missions are based of some of the events that happened in australia, 5t Heroin trade, Gangland killings ect. There will be a character loosely based of chopper reid but doesn't look anything like him but has his character
-Ability to surf on the beaches
-like Niko in GTA IV, Alex uses phones and a social system emerges, Girlfriends are not going to clash with missions
-dynamic Radio, you can tune in on the turner, some stations can be outsourced
-the radios will include a lot of international music with also australian hits
- Ability to ride public transport and can move about in the train or tram, ability to skip trips
- most gangs are not ethnically segrated. some are though
- gangs and Peds are Aboridginal (less seen in the cities), Anglo (Everywhere), Asian (cities and towns) (Rarely seen in the countryside) (vietnam and China), Lebanese (Cities), African (cities) (Somalii, Sudanese and Ethiopian), Eastern European (towns and Cities)(Serbs, Croation and Czech)
- Base jump
- Eating (no Fatness)
- Shopping malls
- Animal Hunting (real time and minigame)
- Fishing (minigame)
- Footy tipping and Race track gambling
- kick goals with footy (minigame and real time)
- create your own gang



Anglo (Caucasian)

Street Hawkers
(not associated to an acual gang but are just hassles)
Wear any type of Clothing
Usually Drunk as they come out at night

Ton Boys
Surfer Gang
Wear Teeshirts and board shorts
Associated with drug running
Carry Melee and barreled Pistols

Wigga type gang
Wear the clothes of an Afro-American Gangsta
Found Driving Cheaper "pimped" Cars, riding bikes and Breakdancing on sidewalks

Gypsy Demons
Kanes Wrath
Lone Riders
(all Rivals)
Ride Bikes
Usually have huge beards and wear leather clothing
Found throughout Emerald
Carry Pistols, Shotguns and Rifles

Maori (islander)

Tapu Ballas
(Wigga Gang sets) (based on Los Santos Ballas)
Wear purple specific Clothing, wear rags
Carry Cricket Bats.

Toa Orange Families
(Wigga Gang sets) (based on Orange Grove Families in LS)
Green specific clothing, wear rags
Carry Baseball Bats

Lebanese (Caucasian)

Wear Beach Clothing or monocoloured Tracksuits most with the Lebanese Flag on them.
Located in Western Emeraled
Carry Melee weapons, Semi Automatic Pistols, some may carry Shotguns

Ali Avengers
Wear Tracksuits or hoodlum Clothing
Carry Melee weapons and barreled pistols, some may carry illigal modified Full Auto Rifles

Italian (caucasian)

Benvolio Mob
Colosimo Mob
Vagnarelli Mob
Lichiadello Mob
all are dangerous
do not wear specific clothing
carry semi automatic pistols

Vietnamese (asian)

The Circle
Da Nang
Brown Snakes
Dangerous gangs
Do not wear specific clothing
carry illigal weapons like assult rifles and sub-machine guns as well as pistols
these gangs are candidates of where the Mysterious men Came From

Chinese (asian)

Emerald Triad
Hang in the CBD
Wear Suits
Drive Black Cars
Carry Pistols

Lowland Mates Tong
Hang in inner suburbs
wear no specific clothing
carry pistols


Mixed Race

Hang all over Glenelg and Bayview
Not a great deal of a threat
Some carry melee weapons.

Anglo (caucasian)

Neo-Nazi Skinheads
hang in eastern industrial Bayview
Carry Smith and wessons
are seen bashing ethnics
all other ethnic youth gangs hate them

same as the ones in Emerald

South Yella Crew

found in the backstreets
made up of homeless people hassling the rich of South Yella
carry knives and bats
found robbing stores and stealing cars
will attack if you hang around for too long
Slavic (caucasian)

Hrvatski iznad svega
Croatian Above All

Found in Glenelg
No Specific Clothing
Carry Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols
Drive Older Cars

Ruskie Mafya

Found in bayview Specifically in the CBD
Wear Suits or Leatherjackets and Jeans
Carry Pistols and Sub Machine Guns sometime Automatic Rifles
Drive Contempory Vehicles mostly 4 wheeled drive like landstakers and Huntley Sport and Protectors (based on Land Rover Defender Series)

Lebanese (middle Eastern)


Found in Eastern Bayview
Wear Trackies or Beach Clothing

Irish Mob (Caucasian)

O'Connel Family
Found in Western Bayview
Very Dangerous
Wear Typical Mafia Clothing like suits and Leather Jackets
Younger Ones are found wearing bogan clothing like Trackies and Football Gurnseys
Found Carrying Pistols and Submachine Guns and Automatic Shotguns

Jenkins Mob
Found in Southbank Bayview and Various Clubs and Bars
Very Dangerous
Wear Strictly Attired Suits
Drive Black, Silver or White Admirels, XRT (Holden Monaros) and Hawks (Fords)
Carry Specific Berretta 92FS, Remington Pump Action Shotguns and Sometimes Tec-9 Submachine Guns


Taratino Alliance
Found in Northern Bayview and Glenelg and Various Clubs
No Specific Clothing
Carry Combat Pistols
Drive Italian Sports Cars

Sonatra Stake
Found on Bayviews Eastern Penisula
Inconspicuous but may be hostile
Wear Mafia Clothing but specifically Red



Located in Inner and Outer western Bayview
Do Not Like Asian Gangs
Wear Compton gang Clothing
Carry Melee Weapons

Robbers Crew
Consists of Africans and Islanders
Do Not Like Asian Gangs
Wear Hoodlem Clothes
Found Robbing Convinence and Liquor Stores
Carry Melee Weapons


The Warriors
Usually Drunk so they can be Spontanious
Wear Footbal Gurnseys, Caps or Benies and Tacksuits
Found in the Eastern Suburbs
Carry Melee Weapons like Knives, Bats and Spears


Found Burgling in Eastern Suburb
Wear Typical Street Clothing, Football Gurnseys in Particular
Drive Vans and People Carriers or Old Cars
Carry Pistols and Rifles

Nhân Dân
Found Around Eastern bayview
Wear Street Clothing
Hate Skinheads
Drive Contempory Cars
Carry Pistols


Found in Chinatown and CBD
Wear Suits Older people and Youths wear typical Bogan Clothing
carry pistols and Slow Firing Sub-machineguns

Wingka Tong
Found in Chinatown, Bootscray and Cox Hill
Wear specific Green and Yellow Jacket with a red dragon on it
Carry Pistols and sometimes semiautomatic Rifles

not finnished yet more coming soon


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Posted 20 July 2008 - 10:05 AM

QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 20 2008, 16:32)
I definately know I've missed some things, so you guys just need to post here and tell me.

You definitely have. Add gta_talk's name alongside mine for Quentin City.

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 03:38 PM

QUOTE (radicell @ Jul 20 2008, 15:35)
QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 20 2008, 16:32)
I definately know I've missed some things, so you guys just need to post here and tell me.

You definitely have. Add gta_talk's name alongside mine for Quentin City.

And you forgot to add GTA:Paradise Islands alongside my name and GTAIVTriads's name appears twice in the table, once above me and once below me.

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 03:47 PM Edited by hellogtaforums, 20 July 2008 - 04:22 PM.

well i think next gta vice city, but city is very realisty

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 05:46 PM Edited by Packiethethug, 20 July 2008 - 06:49 PM.


The story takes place in GTA3 canon Liberty City, and Las Venturas. It is 2002 and all the families are out their throats. Joey Leone is don and Donald Love now operates in Portland. A new distric attorney is coming to Liberty to crack down on crime. You play as Kevin Costigan, a thug who lives in a apartment in Hepurn Heights and needs cash in order to survive. His best friend Andre has his back, but when everyone is corrupt, who can you trust?

user posted image


Kevin Costigan- a film junkie thug who realizes, without money you're nothing.

Andre "ABC" Barnes- an African-American gangster, and Kevin's best friend.

Officer Christopher "Chubbz" Jones- a corrupt officer informing internal affairs about crime in the city, and Andre's nemesis.

Joey Leone- don of the Leone Mafia and wants revenge on the Yakuza for telling Claude to kill Salvatore.

Alonzo Reyes- a Hispanic gangster and El Burro's little brother.

Donald Love- a psychotic media mogul, who helps Kevin and later goes to rehab to stop being a cannibal.

El Burro- Finally in GTA you see his face. He only appears in one mission, but his role is extremely important in the storyline.


Leones- Mafia run by Joey Leone and Luigi Goterelli. Toni Cipriani retired to the restaraunt business. They're not as powerful as before. They want revenge on the Yakuza for the death of Salvatore.

Diablos- A Hispanic gang that now operates in Shoreside Vale, since the decline of Purple Nines and Red Jacks.

Yakuza- Japanese Mafia that completely control Stauton Island. No police officers have influence their except Off. Jones.

Triads- Chinese gang that operates in Chinatown and in Trenton. Are stronger than they used to be.

The Tuscany Sydnacate- Sindaccos have returned with help from the Forrellis. Both families have joined forces to make one. They now operate in Harwood and in small portions of Shoreside Vale.

Hepurn Ballas- Since Carl Johnson and the GSFs have thrown the Ballas out of Los Santos, they went north to Hepurn Heights. They constantly fight with the Diablos, because the Diablos want to regain Hepurn Heights. They had lost it in winter of 2001.

Forellis- After doing the last Liberty City mission, the Forellis betray the Sindaccos and become dominant in Liberty and Venturas. They become the main antagonists when you begin Venturas missions.

*ability to jump from rooftop to rooftop
*base jumping
*going to parties/getting invites
*beeper and phone uses
*lock on or free-aim
*better fighting system
*can learn kung-fu or wrestling
*after completing first two missions, a kuruma appears in your safehouse.
*start of with green polo over white sweater, khaki pants and brown/white sneakers.
*Dodo and Military Jet Airplane flying
*use Francis Intl to go to Las Venturas at anytime after doing first 10 missions.

The Hang (clothing)
Taco Hut
Love Media (now in Portland)
Russian Shop
Triad Gun Shop
El Burro Drug Outlet
Burger Shot (Callahan View,Asparia,Cedar Grove,The Strip)
Tool Shop/Ammunation (fused together)

Desert Eagle
Golf Club
Pump-Action Shotgun
Lever-Action Shotgun
Sawed-Off Double-Barelled Shotgun
Grenade Launcher
Flash Bang

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 06:21 PM

QUOTE (girishb @ Jul 20 2008, 16:38)
QUOTE (radicell @ Jul 20 2008, 15:35)
QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 20 2008, 16:32)
I definately know I've missed some things, so you guys just need to post here and tell me.

You definitely have. Add gta_talk's name alongside mine for Quentin City.

And you forgot to add GTA:Paradise Islands alongside my name and GTAIVTriads's name appears twice in the table, once above me and once below me.

I think he's too lazy to do it.

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 11:33 PM

Updated GTA: Quentin City.

For now all we've got is a new banner, plus a bunch of 'coming soon''s, but it's all in the works.

GTA: Quentin City

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Posted 21 July 2008 - 03:35 AM

i updated my map abit.

Ill try to do it again once i find out what program was used for SA and GTA Franklin Islands from the guy that made it

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Posted 21 July 2008 - 09:01 AM

Okay, thanks girish for putting up with that, I've finally got correct.

Guys, do you want me to push the deadline back abit or just keep it as it is? I'm not that fussy. But I'll start refusing entrants soon.


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Posted 21 July 2008 - 02:22 PM

QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 21 2008, 09:01)
Okay, thanks girish for putting up with that, I've finally got correct.

Guys, do you want me to push the deadline back abit or just keep it as it is? I'm not that fussy. But I'll start refusing entrants soon.


I think you should push it back like a week or something.

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Posted 21 July 2008 - 07:18 PM

QUOTE (Rucke @ Jul 21 2008, 14:22)
QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 21 2008, 09:01)
Okay, thanks girish for putting up with that, I've finally got correct.

Guys, do you want me to push the deadline back abit or just keep it as it is? I'm not that fussy. But I'll start refusing entrants soon.


I think you should push it back like a week or something.

yeh i think pushed back a week would be good

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Posted 22 July 2008 - 07:13 AM

Okay, done.



Its now the 7th of September if you are too lazy to check the first post.

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Posted 22 July 2008 - 12:49 PM Edited by N00b4Lyfe, 13 September 2008 - 03:36 AM.

What's the prize for most popular idea?
d'oh, I shoud have thought twice before asking that. Forget about it blush.gif

Sorry for the delay, here's my idea. I originally started working on it as a mod concept for SA, but I'm completely untalented at skinning or modelling, and didn't want to put the idea out without any serious work to back it up.


The Crisps have fallen and the London underworld is in chaos. Jack Parkinson may have seized power, but one man can't control a city.
Meanwhile, Frank O'Hara returns home after 15 years of active service. Things have changed in his absence...

Q&A's to follow (here's some samples, feel free to ask more)

Why this location/era?

Apart from adding some story to the original London 1969 episode, I wanted to explore the shift from the glamorous celebrity criminals of the late 60s to the hard-edged professional outfits of the 70s, as well as the decay of 'Swinging London'.
I tried to avoid messing with the original storyline as much as possible, but anything beyond that was fair game. Also, since it was originally built for SA I kept it to the GTAIII canon. There's a whole new map, too - if images are back online before the closing date I'll add it.

London sucks, the seventies suck, you suck!

Thanks for your input. Now we've got that out of the way, hopefully there'll only be real questions.

What gangs will feature?

The most prominent will be the remains of the Crisp gang, Parkinson's new outfit, several old firms re-establishing themselves, and a raft of new(ish) ethnically-based gangs.
On the other side of the law, Special Branch and the various intelligence services will come sniffing around at times.

So what kind of weapons or vehicles will there be?

Weapons follow the standard outfit of handgun, shotgun, semi-automatic, carbine, sniper etc. The most notable difference will be in melee weapons, which will include golf clubs, cricket bats, lead pipe, knives, hand tools (hammers, wrenches, etc), and the classic Board With A Nail In It.
As for vehicles, there'll be a whole new list, since there'll be all the british and european models to introduce. Some of the previous vehicles will make an appearance, but as earlier models.

Are you going to do a Sweeney-type storyline?

No. The early seventies were very different to the late seventies. So I'm staying to the boundaries of 1970-73. That way, there's room for a follow-up wink.gif

What characters will be appearing? Will any past characters make an appearance?

It's too early for most past characters, and the ones that were active were unlikely to be outside the US at the time.

So far, the cast includes:

Frank O'Hara - Former Royal Marine, returns home after years on service and is drawn back into a life of crime

Arthur (surname?) - Grew up with Frank, part of the old crew. Small-time fence and odd-job man.

"Mad Charlie" Harris - Another member of the old crew. Volatile, unpredictable.

Jack Parkinson - Has designs on being top dog. Young, ruthless, ambitious.

Frankie Smith - One of the top London gangsters in the fifties and early sixties. "Persuaded" to retire by the Crisps. Too old to make a comeback, but still has considerable influence.

Susan Smith - Frankie's daughter. Unusually for a girl, her upbringing gave her a taste for the hard life. Ends up marrying Parkinson, presumably to secure his place in the underworld (there's more to it than this, but there's not enough room here to go into detail).

Joe Atkinson - Part of one of the bigger crews in the south. Midwayman between drug importers and sellers. Runs a sideline in fencing, to maintain respectability among the remaining segments of the London underworld still hostile to narcotics.

Charlie Bristol - Former small-time face south of the river, his embrace of the new drugs trade triggered a meteoric rise to power.

Arthur Kowalski - One of the biggerst vice operators in London. Smut, girls, blackmail... you name it, he's got a finger in it.

But what happened to the protagonist from the original game?

A few months after the Crisps were taken out, he had a falling-out with Parkinson, and ended up taking a dive from a twelfth-floor window.

Your pitch isn't very exciting confused.gif

I know. To be honest, I put more time into developing this concept that presenting it. I have a whole folder of maps, graphics, concept art, and missions but for some reason I shied away from putting them out sad.gif
I'm still working on the idea, but it'll probably end up in the Writers' Discussion forum, if-when it's ever finished.


edit #1 (July 28): Added theme, characters, general information, sample Q&A's.

edit #2 (August 16): Added final Q&A, updated previous content

edit #3 (September 13): Last-minute clean-up

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Mike can use a mobile phone to recieve calls and phone his contacts in order to arrange missions. He can also use it to call taxis and purchase weapons. The options presented on the phone's LCD are Phonebook, Messages, Organizer, and Camera. The phone can also be used to access multiplayer.
Pedestrians perform realistic actions. They smoke cigarettes, read books and newspapers, drop litter, talk on mobile phones, walk in and out of buildings, and generally act like any normal pedestrian in a real city would.
Mobile phones are a big part of Grand Theft Auto CC's gameplay. GTA CC features 120 multiplayer modes, which can be accessed through the mobile phone. Multiplayer supports up to sixteen players, and the game modes include Deathmatch, Mafia Work, Cops n' Crooks and Free Mode.
It is possible to surf the internet in GTA4 via internet cafés. It is available from any computer in the game, and provides a hub for all sorts of interactivity within Cosa City. There are over 10,000 in-game internet websites.
In GTACC, you will gain a police wanted level for any crime that you commit, providing there are witnesses present. The police can only chase you if they know where you are, and they need to see you to know where you are. If you escape the search area marked on the radar without being spotted, your wanted level will disappear.
In terms of scale, GTA CC is about the same size as GTA: San Andreas, but the map size is considerably smaller. This is mainly due to the fact there is no desert or countryside in Cosa City. Cosa City in GTACC is the biggest single city that R* have ever created.
GTACC contains fifteen multiplayer modes, supporting up to 260 players. In GTA CC, the line between on- and off-mission has been blurred, and the story is less linear. It is also possible to do more than one mission at a time. For example, some missions take place over several days and may involve waiting for phonecalls or attending interviews, and you are free to carry out other business during the waiting period.
The story can be told in a number of different ways. Rockstar are trying to give people greater freedom and sense of control over their destiny. You now have a lot more choice in what you want to do.
Niko has the ability to climb and descend telephone poles, and exterior fire escapes.
Every street in Cosa City contains a street sign with a name on it.
Cars feature GPS navigation systems, which identify the best routes to take during missions, and highlight them on the radar.
Developing relationships with characters is an important aspect of the gameplay. Maintaining good relationships will provide different rewards to Mike. Mike can socialise with other characters in order to maintain a good relationship, for example they can go bowling together, they can go to the cabaret, go to comedy clubs, and go drinking together.
Grand Theft Auto Cosa runs on Rockstar's proprietary next generation game engine, R.A.G.E., allowing for an unprecedented level of realism and interactivity.
New sunlight and weather effects which give the city a whole different appearance as the time of day progresses.
New volumetric lighting effects are evident in this screenshot. Volumetric lighting effects allow sunlight to stream realistically into dusty interiors. Police spotlights will likely benefit from this effect as well when helicopters kick up debris.
Normal (bump) maps will provide much more detail in models than the underlying polygons, as well as giving materials more texture and depth.
Road and building textures are more varied than in previous GTAs. On some roads you will find potholes, metal plates (etc) where the road has been dug up.
Modern pixel shaders give water, glass, cars, etc.. more realistic reflections and shininess than the earlier games.
In cars, you can see real reflections on the rear and side-view mirrors.
There are no load times in GTACC, not even during exterior-interior transitions (and vice versa.)
GTACC uses euphoria, a fully procedural animation package created by NaturalMotion. The core technology is the Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS) system.
Characters have the ability to hang on to the back of vehicles. Variations in the terrain are met with realistic changes in the walking animation.
Unique game moments. Animations are created on the fly, so each player's experience will be unique. Gamers are no longer subjected to pre-recorded animations.
Characters will react realisticaly to being hit with gunfire, cars, and melee weapons or fists.
Players will be able to push people out of the way, rather than "floating" past them as in older games.
Falling/thrown characters will react as in real life- They won't simply be limp, lifeless ragdolls. Nor will they use a canned "super hero" animation like before.
Characters (and players?) will be able to hang on to helicopters and trucks, which will swing them around as the vehicle moves.

In Grand Theft Auto CC you take on the role of Michael Henry, an Irish-Italian gangsters with an ominous past. Persuaded by Mother's promises of a fresh start and a better life, Mike relocates to Cosa City, USA -- the Greatest place in America. After making the move to Cosa, however, Niko quickly realizes that his hopes of a Non Violent may never come to pass... and that things here may not be so different after all.

Although Cosa City may not differ greatly from LIberty City, being different and standing out is definitely a major theme with Grand Theft Auto Cosa City. While GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas were considered to be part of the GTA III trilogy (same graphics engine, similar characters, similar mission style, etc.), Grand Theft Auto CC is considered a fresh start for the GTA series, focusing more heavily on realism and storytelling than in previous titles. This is why it's been dubbed GTACC and not GTA7 (as many had originally anticipated), even though it's the seveh major title in the series.

GTA CC follows the release of the hugely successful GTA: San Andreas (which was released for PlayStation 2 in 2004, and then later for PC and Xbox during 2005) With Grand Theft Auto CC being the milestone that it is, Rockstar Games has been working overtime on perfecting the game. According to Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey -- a financial consultant for Take2 Interactive, EA Games. -- approximately 1500 developers are currently working on GTA CC.

Mike Henry creates his own gang opon arrival.

Cosa City is based on two cites,
Tampa, Daytona.

When Mike lands in CC he meets strange people, including his own brother who he kills
Mike wanted no more violence in his life after accidently getting his father killed. Mike was born in Tudor,Alderney Jan 12, 1978. Mike father was a made member of the Gambetti Family. In 2004 he placed a hit on a man wearing a black and white silk suit. Which turned out to be his father. Late 04 his mother calls him and wants him to move to Cosa City.

Once landing in Cosa City the first person he gets in contact is Jonathan Gravelli.
Jon Gravelli Special is to send 10 Gambetti Soldier to help out. 5 armed with Ak and M4's and 5 more with Uzi's.

Jon and Vittore Cipriani finds Dominick Henry who shot his own father.
Finally near the end Mike works for Frank DeAngels, Gambetti Capo and FIB Informant.
Mike later finds out that Frank wants to turn in Jon Gravelli so that the Rico Charges can put Gravelli and Lupisella i prison so that Frank can become boss. With 10 Gambettis(on your side) shoot your way through the Gates and down to the docks where you have 5 choices to choose from.

Accesble buildings
All Building are able to be Acessed.
You can use planes. Barber shop, Mod Cars, Upgrade weopons and have sex with girlfriends.
You can build your own empire at 45% complete, you can recruit your own gang members.

Cars can hold more then 4 people.

Pay N' Spray will not get the heat off you. John Gordon can get 4 stars off you.
You can sell drugs to other gangs



Brookwood Warriors

Glen Avenue Mafia

Cherry Hill Skinheads

Cherryhood Bikers

Henry Mob

Gambetti Family

Lupisella Family

Russian Sydicates

Roslawki Crew

Petrovic Crew

African American Gangs

Liberty Boyz

East Park Hustlers

Hilside Posse

Main Characters

Joseph DeMeo
Killed in No Rats

John Gordon
Can be killed in Everyone is a rat.

Mike Henry
Introduced in: Dirty Sancez.

Dominck Henry
Killed in: Everyone is a Rat.

Frank BeAngels
Killed in Showdown at the docks.

Supporting Characters

Jon Gravelli Introduced in : My Family

Vincent Lupisella Introduced In: My Family

Phil Lombarizzi
Killed in Last Chances

Jacob Huges

Introduced in: Dirty Sancez

Minor Characters
Nicky DiLeo Introduced in: The Business trip

Tommy Introduced In : My name is Cipriani

Gay Tony Spoleto
Killed in Last Change

Lola Torres Introdunced in my name is Cipriani

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 06:44 AM

Why is everyone assuming theres a prize? Its just for a little fun. Unless everyone wants to chip in some money for the winner.

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 06:46 AM


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user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

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Posted 24 July 2008 - 05:48 PM

is the deadline for the finished final copies or finish voting?

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QUOTE (andysniper @ Jul 25 2008, 01:48)
is the deadline for the finished final copies or finish voting?

Why don't you READ the f*cking first post?

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user posted image

user posted image

user posted image Micheal S. - Maincharacter

user posted image Jimmy S - Micheals brother

user posted image Franky. - Friend you meet at a bar in San Fierro. You can hang out and work for him. He becomes Micheals best and most loyal friend.

user posted image Brandy H. - The girl-of-the-game

user posted image Jason "King" E. - The enemy-of-the-game

There are numerous other characters in GTA San Andreas Stories, but i don't want to write them all.

user posted image

The year is 1987. Micheal and his brother Jimmy who lives in a poor environment with their mother decides together to travel to the big state of San Andreas. They arrive in San Fierro and get themsevles settled in a small apartment. After that Jimmy calls you. He tells you to meet him in the Southern San Fierro. When you arrive Jimmy introduces you to his old friend Ali. Ali is owner of a bus company that drives around in San Fierro. He offers you a job and you accept. Your first job is to drive a bus around in San Fierro. On the way to the last Bus Stop in Angel Pine you meet Franky wich is the last passenger. You talk to eachother and becomes friends. He gives you his number and says that he will call you soon for job. You drive the bus back to the garage and gets Alis number. Now everytime you need money you can call Ali for a job. Some time after Franky calls you and tells you to meet him at the Burger Shot in the Northern San Fierro...

user posted image

San Andreas

user posted image

user posted image
    •Melee - Golf Club
    •Melee - Knife
    •Pistol - Desert Eagle
    •Pistol - Glock
    •SMG - Micro-UZI
    •SMG -MP5
    •Automatic Rifle - AK47SE
    •Automatic Rifle - M16 with GL
    •Shotgun Rifle - Mossberg 500
    •Sniper Rifle - Dragunov
    •Rocket Launcher - RPG-7
    •Smoke Grenades
user posted image

80-90% of the buildings are enterable. Over 50% of the buildings are blocked on first floor, but they are enterable anyways.

Level difficultys. You can choose between Easy, Normal or Hard.

Easy: Your health is 5x stronger than your enemies, radar shows positions of everything (like in previous GTA's), enemy cars will slow down if you are far behind them. Enemies hits on ca. every 5th shot.

Normal: Your health is 3x stronger than your enemies, radar shows positions of everything, Enemies hits on ca. every 5th shot.

Hard: Your health is the same as your enemies, radar only shows destination (no enemies). Enemies hits with the same precision as in reality (ca. on every hit, so look out).

[I know that I have earlier said that GTA:SAS was a bad idea, but if it is for PSP, PS3 & Xbox360 i think it is an okay idea]

What do you think if my idea?

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 01:00 AM

Dear dudes, updates on Monday. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me.


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Wow guys... just wow. These sound amazing! Keep them comming.
I hope R* are paying attention wink.gif

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story : in april 1998, an indonesian was back from venezuela, his name is obet, after he arrived in soekarno-hatta itl. airport, he realized if economy of indonesia was down by financial crisis, and he realized if his hood and gang in west jakarta was destroyed by chaos and enemy gang, now it's time for obet to repair all and starts a new life.

map: see below

user posted image

jakarta: similiar to Las Venturas, a good place to spend you money, full with corruption, gambling, prostitution

bekasi: a place for lucky people to live here.

depok: a place for unlucky people and dumped people

bogor: a good place for holidays after spend most of your time in office.

tangerang: lot of hotels are built here. especially for people who arrived in airport


Obet: main character, was back from venezuela and he realized if economy was down

muhammad: Obet's bestfriends, he has a little casino in little india jakarta

Jerkov: leader of russian mobsters who open a racket business in little nigeria

8-ball: HE'S BACK!!!!!! now he opens a bombshop in urban area, south jakarta

tomy : he's your primary enemy, he's a mossad!!!!! he always want you die, be careful.

minor characters






mas mansur




south jakarta hoods:
a gang who led by joko, controlling all of south jakarta region

bekasi gangster :
most dangerous gang in GTA jakarta, led by vicky.

chinnese gang, controlling central jakarta

Ho Chi Minh comrades
[ a marxist vietnamnese gang ]

bekasi crime organisations

depok county hoods

bogor mobsters

tangerang county family

the golf club


user posted image

sniper rifle, based on magnum sniper rifle
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image[

user posted image

phyton revolver
user posted image


Desert Eagle
user posted image


user posted image

user posted image


air rifle


golf stick


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Alot of these ideas are good, shame alot of them are better then mine smile.gif

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macorules94 when you finish your gta please post a link to download it please

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Posted 27 July 2008 - 05:56 PM

QUOTE (Rock_demon @ Jul 27 2008, 15:04)
macorules94 when you finish your gta please post a link to download it please

These aren't mods. They're simply fan fiction.

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