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Build Your Own GTA

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Posted 12 July 2008 - 03:30 PM

Hopefully be able to update my story by tomorow. being having trouble doing the map. didnt realise the county of Philadelpia was so busy!! lol. does anyone know of any free image software i can download which is better than paint?
thanks all and loving the work guys biggrin.gif

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Posted 12 July 2008 - 05:22 PM

Try Paint.NET or GIMP. They work equally well. icon14.gif

Updated GTA: Franklin Islands.

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Posted 12 July 2008 - 05:54 PM

I have updated my first post. GTA Paradise Islands

I have only decided on the name so far. I'm working on the plot.

Please add CCPD's name alongside mine. We'll be working together.

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Posted 12 July 2008 - 06:02 PM

@~PhusioN~: Can you please add me to on GTA IV: Back in Vice?

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 01:09 AM

Tables done, again.

Theres probably some mistakes but I'll fix that next update.

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 05:23 AM

QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 13 2008, 06:39)
Theres probably some mistakes but I'll fix that next update.

GTAIVTriads = GTA: San Cruviano
girishb & CCPD = GTA: Paradise Islands


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Posted 13 July 2008 - 08:22 AM

Mm, I'm glad someones keeping tabs on what I'm f*cking up here, haha.

Okay guys, deadline is up.

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 07:44 PM Edited by DJBillyB, 13 July 2008 - 08:01 PM.

Map one has been added, Working on Full map and Transit maps will follow soon biggrin.gif


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Posted 14 July 2008 - 08:43 AM

Excellent, incase I didn't point it out deadline is out, and also I'll be refusing new entrants soon.

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 02:06 AM

I just fixed my map and boxart and I have added a mission to Bridgeton.

Tony Mozzarelli 80
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Posted 15 July 2008 - 02:09 AM

So after the deadline is everyone supposed to vote for the best?

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 02:56 AM

Everyone votes for their favourite.

If theres an issue with the deadline I might bump it back a bit, people can still sign up for it, so come on in and join.

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 08:51 AM

I'm guessing you can't vote for yourselves.

Also, please add gta_talk's name alongside mine for my project. We're going to be working together on this one.

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 11:59 AM

Hey, I didn't know this competition was going on but I have my own topic so can I please join too? smile.gif

user posted image
Click HERE to go to my topic but keep in mind it's not complete yet. wink.gif

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 08:24 PM

how do you vote?

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 08:46 PM

Hmmh... Is it too late to sign up? I haven't been on the forums for a while, and when I came back, I saw rhis. I have billions of ideas going through my head right now... But everyone has quite a big head start now, and I suck at photo editing so my odds are quite slim...

But if it is possible to sign up, I'll do it!

bmx rule
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Posted 16 July 2008 - 12:53 AM

what about GTA in hell rampage_ani.gif
with something or someone for eg GTA in hell with nikko or in hell with bitches

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Posted 16 July 2008 - 03:20 AM

user posted image

GTA: Rivertwon

Although it is called Rivertown, it is only the nickname given to the historical city of

New Valois (VAh-low-EEz)

Based on the city of New Orleans, this city has all the culture, climate and even crime rate of The Big Easy.


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Posted 16 July 2008 - 07:24 AM

I'm still accepting entries, I'll update the tables tomorrow afternoon.

Are you guys all happy with the deadline or do you want me to bump it back abit? Also please keep in mind that voting isn't up yet, as no one has finished their work and the deadline hasn't come yet. Voting will explained when its all due time.


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Posted 16 July 2008 - 03:11 PM Edited by GrandtheftAwesome, 20 July 2008 - 05:50 PM.

<snip> take it off the tables. I'm leaving GTAforums.

I am new to the forums, but can I make one? I really like all the other ones. My favorite is Franklin Islands. Also you maybe wondering how I know how to do all this stuff. My brother has an account showed me how to this stuff like getting IMGs from photobucket, and stuff like that.

Well I guess I'll just post my idea, and if Phusion says I can't, I'll snip it.

My idea is called:

Grand Theft Auto: Baronville

user posted image

The story is about an Irish bartender, who discovers his father, who is an extremely influential crime lord, has been murdered. He now has to return to his hometown of Baronville, find the killer and bring back power to his father's crime dynasty.

Baronville is based on nothing so I will take multiple real maps and make them all one big fictional map.


Josh O'Riley- the protagonist of the epic.

Henry O'Riley- Josh's incarcerated half-brother. Henry is Irish/British.

Detective Bill Garcia- a corrupt detective who uses Josh as his mule.

Ron Jenkins- Josh's father's right hand man. He is not Irish at all. And now runs a trailer park called the ANGEL FISH GRAND PARK.

Suzanne Forelli- Josh's old friend and now lover. But it is forbidden because her father is leader of a rival organization.

Franchesco Forelli- the leader of the Forelli.


user posted image

Silenced pistol
Desert Eagle
Golf club
Hockey stick
Sledge Hammer
Micro SMG
Pump-action Shotgun
Lever-action Shotgun

O'Riley- Irish mob
Forellis -Italian mafia
Triads- Chinese gang


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Posted 17 July 2008 - 07:36 AM

Its fine to keep entering everyone.

Also, please just check the front page about the deadline date instead of pm'ing me. Its up top in bold red.

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 07:41 AM

QUOTE (~PhusioN~ @ Jul 17 2008, 15:36)
Its fine to keep entering everyone.

Also, please just check the front page about the deadline date instead of pm'ing me. Its up top in bold red.

Will you be updating the tables?

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 07:51 AM

Very soon, if its not done by Sunday then you can punch me in the face.

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 11:57 AM

so when is the deadline?

  • radicell

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 12:00 PM

QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 19:57)
so when is the deadline?

For f*cks sake, he already said CHECK THE FIRST PAGE to see the deadline.

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 02:22 PM

QUOTE (radicell @ Jul 17 2008, 12:00)
QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 19:57)
so when is the deadline?

For f*cks sake, he already said CHECK THE FIRST PAGE to see the deadline.

last time i checked it wasnt there

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 02:37 PM Edited by mike752, 17 July 2008 - 02:41 PM.

QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 09:22)
QUOTE (radicell @ Jul 17 2008, 12:00)
QUOTE (macorules94 @ Jul 17 2008, 19:57)
so when is the deadline?

For f*cks sake, he already said CHECK THE FIRST PAGE to see the deadline.

last time i checked it wasnt there

Oh yeah?

QUOTE (F*cking First Post!!!)
Deadline: 31st of August

How could you not see that?

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 03:03 PM


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 04:26 AM Edited by KevinR1990, 16 November 2008 - 03:44 AM.

Grand Theft Auto: Cheyenne

user posted image

user posted image


On September 14, 2013, Hurricane Marlene, a Category 5 superstorm, made direct landfall on Vice City. Winds of over two hundred miles per hour and a storm surge over forty feet high ravaged this low-lying Florida city for two days. When it was all over, the toll was absolutely catastrophic. Vice City, once the fifth largest metropolis in the country, had been turned into a desolate ruin. Low-rise neighborhoods like Starfish Island and Little Havana had been erased from the map. Supertankers and freighters that had been docked in Viceport when Marlene hit were found in the Everglades. The only things that suggested that this wasteland had once been a major city were the battered high-rises in downtown and on Vice Beach, and the few points that had been high enough above sea level to escape the devastation, such as the North Point Mall and the Hymen Memorial Stadium. The body count was over 50,000, and the damage bill was over $250 billion, making Hurricane Marlene by far the worst natural disaster in U.S. history by any measure.

One of the survivors of Marlene was a young woman named Amanda Allenby. Before the storm, Amanda had just started her junior year at Florida University-Vice City as a biology major. She had top grades, she headed the science club, she was a member of the debate team, and she had a steady boyfriend and a small, yet loyal, circle of friends. Amanda had called Vice City her home all her life. Marlene destroyed all of that. Her friends, her family, her education, her home, her city - all gone, drowned under forty feet of sea water.

Yet Amanda's nightmare had only just begun.

While at the FEMA camp north of Vice City, Amanda was approached by a strange man dressed in a sharp Perseus suit. He claimed that his "employers" had sent him down to Vice City to "retrieve" her, and that they would provide for her continuing education at Cheyenne State University-Rockfall. In return, Amanda would have to perform jobs for the man and his employers. Before Amanda could ask for his name, she was already on a jet to an unfamiliar city two thousand miles away, all because of some creepy guy in a fancy suit. It is on board this jet that the game begins.

The beginning of the game focuses on Amanda's efforts to rebuild her life in her new home, while doing work for the strange man. Her roommate, the always-cheerful Lucy, helps her to pick up the pieces, and she becomes Amanda's best friend in short order. Within a couple of weeks, Amanda's life is finally starting to look normal again. She has a steady source of income, she's back in college, and she has a wonderful new friend.

However, one day, Amanda receives a call from a man calling himself Darkel. He tells Amanda that she has been doing work for the Zaibatsu Corporation, a multinational conglomerate with interests in pharmaceuticals, news, entertainment, energy, and dog food. He also tells her that most of Zaibatsu's income comes from a number of.....less-publicized activities, including the manufacture of military weaponry, the maintenance of a private army to extend its influence worldwide, and research into a number of shady areas, such as bio-weaponry, cybernetics, and mind control devices. At least, that was what Amanda was able to make out in his rantings before he hung up. She dismisses him as a loon, as he sounded incredibly paranoid, almost like a parody of survivalist stereotypes. However, before long, Amanda's jobs start to take on a more disturbing and sinister tone. Why won't they tell her what she's transporting in those weird boxes, or who she's delivering them to? Why was she being tailed by those scary-looking dudes on that one job? Who is this weird Gretchen chick that she keeps hearing about from some of the people she meets with? And most importantly, why was she kidnapped? She remembers Darkel's call, and tries to find out as much information about her boss and his "employers" as possible, particularly why they had felt she was important enough so as to kidnap her and paid for her education. Amanda is soon dragged into a corporate conspiracy that shatters her perception of the world around her. At the same time, Amanda's search for the truth brings her into the modern criminal underworld, which has used the meth epidemic to bring big-city crime straight into the heart of small-town America.

Setting: The State of Cheyenne

Landscape: GTA: Cheyenne is set in the fictional state of Cheyenne. It is based primarily on Colorado, and it is over six times the size of GTA IV's Liberty City, with a great deal of geographic diversity within its boundaries. Western Cheyenne is dominated by the Rocky Mountains, with forested valleys located between the mountain peaks. The Santa Ana Canyon, created by the Cheyenne River, is also located out here, running down the middle of the region. The northern third of the canyon is filled by Lake Weaver, an artificial reservoir created by the Holliday Dam, which supplies water and power to the state. In eastern Cheyenne, one will find the High Plains, the state's main agricultural area. The landscape here resembles the flat terrain of Kansas more than the rugged mountains in the west, although there are a couple of forested patches dating back to the New Deal soil conservation projects of the 1930s. The mountains and the plains meet at the Cheyenne Front Range, which stretches down the center of the state and is home to Cheyenne's major cities. Finally, in the southwestern area of the state, one will find the Cheyenne Plateau, a high, arid region. The Treaty Valley Indian Reservation is located in this area.

Cities: All four of Cheyenne's major cities are located on the Front Range. The state capital, and the largest city in the state, is Fremont, which is based upon Denver. It is about the size of Broker, Dukes and Bohan put together. A north-south divide exists in the city - the northern neighborhoods, such as the Five Corners, are slums and industrial parks, while the southern neighborhoods, like Brookdale and Columbine, are rich suburbs. Fremont International Airport is located in the northeastern corner of the city, and the downtown sector and the state capitol building are located in the central part of the city.

North-northwest of Fremont is the city of Rockfall, which is based on Boulder and is about the size of Bohan. CSU-Rockfall, which takes up the southern third of the city, is the main economic driver here, along with a number of research centers. As one would expect from a college town, Rockfall has a very liberal, neo-hippie culture.

South of Fremont is the city of Cheyenne Rapids. It is based on Colorado Springs, and is about the size of Algonquin south of Topaz Street. It is the second-largest city in the state, and is more suburban in character than Fremont. Cheyenne Rapids has a substantial military presence - the Air Force Academy is located in the northern part of the city, and Navajo Mountain, the headquarters of the North American Air Defense System (NAADS), is located in the southwest. In addition, a large number of evangelical Christian groups are based in this city, and the population as a whole is fairly right-wing. Cheyenne Rapids Municipal Airport is located in the southeastern part of the city. To the west of the city is Mt. Zebulon, the highest peak in the state.

At the southern edge of the Front Range is Anasazi City. This city is based on Pueblo, Colorado, and is slightly larger than Rockfall. It is one of the largest industrial centers in the Mountain West, and is the site of a great number of factories and steel mills. In addition, Anasazi City has a very substantial Latino population.

Towns: The largest town in western Cheyenne is Smith's Crossing, which is based on Grand Junction and covers an area about the size of Charge and Colony Islands. It is located near the Utah border, and has a large Mormon influence as a result. The town's main draw is an arena that hosts monster truck rallies and the like. Another major town in this area is Snowdance, which is based on Aspen and located on the western side of Mt. Zebulon. This little town has two claims to fame: first, the Snowdance Resort, one of the largest ski resorts in the world, is located here, and secondly, it is the site of the Snowdance Film Festival, an annual extravaganza in which aspiring independent filmmakers showcase their films in front of Vinewood's biggest stars. In southwestern Cheyenne, the town of Treaty Valley is the site of a power plant and an Indian casino, and is the main source of economic activity for the reservation. Other towns in western Cheyenne include Huntington, a mining and logging town, Holliday City, a town built around the Holliday Dam, the New Age commune of MacLaine, and an assortment of Old West ghost towns, among others.

In eastern Cheyenne, there are three major towns: Jeremiah and Eagle City are located in the northeastern part of the state, while the town of Plainview is located in the southeast. All three of these towns have economies that are heavily reliant on agriculture. However, the region has been hit hard by drought over the last few years, sending it into an economic tailspin. Meth use has skyrocketed, and the gangs that deal in meth, particularly the biker gangs, have started to take over these once-sleepy towns. Recently, oil has been discovered near the town of Plainview, and the residents hope that this discovery will turn around their stagnant economy. The Zaibatsu Corporation has also taken a particular interest in the oil here, more than they have for other, larger finds, which has struck many people as being quite bizarre.

On the Front Range, the only major town of note is Fort Summers, located northeast of Rockfall. It is an amalgam of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley, and it gets its name from the Army base in the area. Recently, the town has become something of a bedroom community for Fremont and Rockfall.

  • Amanda Allenby: The protagonist of GTA: Cheyenne. She is 20 years old, about 5' 8", and has a slim build, weighing about 130 pounds. Her hair is brown, fairly straight, and very long, although this can be changed during the course of the game. Her starting outfit is a light green T-shirt, a pair of snug tan cargo pants, and brown sneakers. She is known for her intelligence, her sardonic wit, and her analytical mind, and it is quite a challenge to keep secrets from her. People have found her to be incredibly forceful and strong-willed when pushed. She is voiced by, and is modeled after, Zooey Deschanel.
  • The man in the suit: Works for the Zaibatsu Corporation in an unknown capacity. He is the one who brings Amanda to Cheyenne. He is about six feet tall, and has a muscular build. Amanda believes that he has no sense of humor whatsoever.
  • Lucy Horowitz: Amanda's roommate. She is 5' 2", and her build is similar to Amanda's, only slightly more athletic. Her hair is short, curly, and a dark blonde. She is the captain of the swim team, and her personality can best be described as sunny and hyper. She is from Alderney, and chose to go to CSU-Rockfall in order to get far away from her parents - or at least, that's what she claims. She is voiced by Kristen Bell.
  • Darkel: A survivalist who lives in a cabin near the town of Huntington. He is the one who informs Amanda about all of Zaibatsu's shady dealings. He claims to be a former high-ranking executive in the Zaibutsu Corporation. He and Amanda never actually meet until near the end of the game. He is fairly short - when he and Amanda finally meet, the first thing she tells him is that she thought he would be taller. He is voiced by David Duchovny.
  • Scott Breckenridge: The CEO of the Zaibatsu Corporation. He is modeled after Tony Stark, particularly Robert Downey Jr.'s recent portrayal of him, in both appearance and personality. He is voiced by Nathan Fillion.
  • Dr. Eliza Breckenridge: Scott Breckenridge's wife and secretary. She pressured him to give her the secretary job - after all, you can't cheat on your wife with your secretary if they're the same person. She is also the head of Zaibatsu's Secret Weapons division. She is voiced by, and is modeled after, Tina Fey.
  • Colonel Benny Worthington: A Vietnam veteran who is now the leader of the White Knights of the West. Although he is 66 years old, he is still an imposing figure, standing 6' 4" and weighing over 250 pounds in muscle. He is wanted for the murder of four black men in Fremont, and is currently holed up at his compound south of Smith's Crossing, armed to the teeth and accompanied by six bodyguards and a harem of teenage girls. He has been making write-in bids for President in every election since 1996.
  • Salvador Guerrero: The leader of the MS-13 clique in Anasazi City. He got to this position after blowing up the previous leader, along with ten of his bodyguards and an entire truck stop. He is voiced by Freddy Rodriguez.
  • Michael "Big Mick" Cuomo: A major figure in the Lost biker gang, heading the Cheyenne chapter. He stands six feet tall, and is morbidly obese, weighing well over three hundred pounds. He is known for his violent temper, although alcohol seems to temper this a bit. He is voiced by Lee Majors.
  • Travis "Ice-9" Marshall: The leader of the Five Corners Families, an African-American gang in Fremont's gritty Five Corners neighborhood. He didn't want the job, but he was forced into it after his father, the previous leader, was gunned down in a drive-by in 2008. He has been the man responsible for the Families' new turn toward legitimacy, which has caused friction within the gang. He is 33 years old, just under six feet tall, and very thin - a constant subject of jokes among fellow gang members, who always tell him to eat more.
  • Gretchen Ribbinson: A young woman from Minneapolis who, like Amanda, was taken by the Zaibatsu Corporation four years prior. Apparently, she and Amanda have something in common that Zaibatsu wishes to exploit. Some conspiracy theories have sprouted up surrounding her disappearance. The investigation and revelation of the circumstances surrounding what Zaibatsu did to her are the driving force of the second half of the game.
  • Brian Redstone: A retired actor who now runs the Snowdance Film Festival. He is known for his left-wing political views.
  • Adam Huston: The young, charismatic head of Rebirth Ministries, one of the largest evangelical Christian organizations in the United States. He controls a media empire that spans radio, television, and the Internet. Every Sunday, his fiery sermons, in which he spews venom at homosexuality, abortion, evolution, Islam, and whatever issue-of-the-month is currently upsetting the Christian Right, fill his 45,000-seat megachurch in Cheyenne Rapids to capacity, and attract millions of viewers and listeners from across America. On the surface, Adam Huston appears to be the poster boy for Christian living. His private life, however, is not as squeaky-clean as his public persona. He's under investigation by the government for tax evasion and fraud, a good chunk of his income goes toward meth and prostitutes, and his healing practices are dubious at best. He is voiced by Stephen Colbert.
  • Roman and Mallorie Bellic: After the events of GTA IV, Roman and Mallorie decided that Liberty City was not a good place to raise a child. Roman sold his cab company and moved his new family out to Fort Summers, creating a new life for themselves, free of crime. Roman and Mallorie have two children: four-year-old Kate and one-year-old Nicholas. In the time since GTA IV, Roman has become obsessed with horror films, seeing it as a form of catharsis following his experience in Liberty City, and now runs a popular horror website, Gore-anga, which produces most of the Bellic family's income. Roman has also been trying to get his slasher film script into production, but has had little success before meeting Amanda, who uses some of her connections to help him get his film made.
  • Bernie Crane: Left Liberty City soon his affair with Bryce Dawkins was exposed. Being friends with Roman, he followed him to Cheyenne. There, he became a born-again Christian and was supposedly "cured" of his homosexuality. He is now a Republican representative in the state legislature. Despite his claims that he's straight, Roman and Amanda can both easily tell that he is simply back in the closet. The two use this knowledge to blackmail him, getting him to turn a blind eye to some of the behind-the-scenes actions on the set of their film. Their hounding him eventually drives him to the point of suicide - something that causes Amanda no shortage of grief.
  • Zaibatsu Corporation: One of the largest corporations on Earth, with interests in a great many fields, some of which it would rather not be publicized. It maintains a private military company to protect its assets and extend its influence. Its United States headquarters are located in the city of Fremont. Its CEO is the eccentric Scott Breckenridge.
  • The Lost: One of the two major biker gangs in the United States. Its most notorious moment was in 1986, when they were hired to provide security for Love Fist's concert in Vice City. At that concert, two people were killed, and dozens more were badly injured at the hands of the Lost. Although it still does security work at times, its main source of income now comes from the production and distribution of meth. It is the bitter enemy of the Angels of Death. The leader of the Cheyenne chapter of the gang is Michael "Big Mick" Cuomo.
  • Angels of Death: The other major biker gang. Like the Lost, it makes most of its money through the meth industry. It is the bitter enemy of the Lost.
  • White Knights of the West: The largest white supremacist organization in the Mountain West. Although it claims to have renounced violence, many of its members are either in jail or wanted for violent crimes, and it repeatedly calls for the overthrow of the United States government. It is also involved in the meth industry, battling primarily with the MS-13 for their distribution routes and territories. Its leader is Colonel Benny Worthington.
  • MS-13: A notorious gang with its roots in Los Santos' Central American community. Known officially as Mara Salvatrucha, and also referred to as MS and Mara. It is considered by law enforcement to be the most powerful gang in the United States. It is involved in the drug trade, human trafficking, gun running, and contract killing. Salvador Guerrero is the leader of the Anasazi City clique of this gang.
  • Five Corners Families: A predominantly African-American gang based in Fremont's gritty Five Corners neighborhood. It is a relic of the 20th century - its primary industries remain cocaine, heroin, and prostitution. It has refused to get involved in meth, as that industry is already being fought over by several gangs, any of which could easily crush the Families. Realizing that they can no longer compete against the larger, more organized gangs, the Families, under the guidance of Travis "Ice-9" Marshall, have recently been trying to go legit. They have begun to pull back from the drug trade, and have started a record label to promote Fremont's rap scene. This move has not been universally accepted within the gang.
  • Native Liberation Movement: A group of Native American activists who call for the restoration of various parts of the Western United States to native rule. They state that the United States government had already signed treaties to this effect, but that they had violated them all over the course of the last century and a half. The group tries to limit its activities to non-violent protests, although a few of its more extreme members have resorted to violence to achieve their aims, justifying it by claiming that it's no worse than what the white settlers did to their ancestors.

The weapon system in GTA: Cheyenne is different from the one featured in previous games. Instead of having slots for melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, etc., the player now has only five weapon slots: two for light weapons, two for heavy weapons, and one for thrown weapons. Weapons are now selected by holding a button and cycling through a wheel, a la Saints Row or Bioshock, instead of the old system of using left and right on the D-pad to toggle between weapons. Light weapons include pistols, sub-machine guns, and smaller melee weapons, such as knives. Heavy weapons include shotguns, rifles of all types, and larger melee weapons, such as baseball bats. Thrown weapons include grenades and Molotov cocktails. Light firearms and thrown weapons can be used while driving, except when noted.

Weapons that fire the same type of ammo can now share ammo. For example, the 9mm handgun and the MAC-10 both fire 9mm ammunition, so any ammo taken from a handgun can be used in the MAC-10, and vice versa. Also, ammo limits have been greatly lowered for most weapons - one can now hold only 500 9mm bullets, 400 assault rifle bullets, etc.

The following is a list of the weapons featured in the game. Weapons marked in italics cannot be purchased from AmmuNation, hardware stores, or any other legitimate location; they must be found by taking them from fallen enemies, stealing them from places where one would expect them to be found (police stations, military bases, Zaibatsu labs and armories), or purchasing them from black market weapons dealers (who will only carry MAC-10s, AK-47s, and sawed-off shotguns - nothing more exotic).

Light Melee Weapons:
  • Hammer
  • Knife (can be used for stealth kills)
  • Tire iron
  • Nightstick (carried by all police officers)
  • Meat cleaver
  • Ice pick
  • Crowbar
  • Stun gun
Heavy Melee weapons:
  • Cane
  • Golf club
  • Ski pole
  • Shovel
  • Pool cue
  • Fire extinguisher (can be used for both putting out fires and bashing enemies)
  • Baseball bat
  • Axe
  • Machete
  • Chainsaw
Light Firearms:
  • Paintball gun: Mainly a gag weapon. Does very little damage, but covers targets in a pretty coat of paint. The only real use for it is in multiplayer, for those moments when you really want to humiliate somebody.
  • 9mm handgun: This is the weakest of the handguns, requiring five or six shots to take down a target, but it holds the most ammo - 15 rounds. It is used by police officers. It shares ammo with the silenced handgun and the sub-machine guns.
  • Silenced 9mm handgun: It has a shorter range than the regular handgun, but it doesn't attract enemy attention. Apart from that, the two weapons are identical. It shares ammo with the regular handgun and the sub-machine guns.
  • .45 handgun: It holds 8 rounds, and can take down enemies in two or three shots. It is modeled after the 1911 handgun.
  • .357 revolver: It holds only 6 rounds, but it can take down most enemies in one hit. However, it has a slower fire rate and reload time than the other handguns.
  • Flare gun: It can set targets on fire, but it must be reloaded with each shot.
  • Sawed-off shotgun: A double-barrel shotgun with a shortened barrel and stock. It holds 2 rounds, which can be fired consecutively, and it has a wide spread, limiting its range but making it very effective in close quarters against multiple enemies. It shares ammo with the other shotguns. Due to its high recoil, it cannot be used while driving.
  • MAC-10: This sub-machine gun holds 50 rounds, but is extremely inaccurate. It shares ammo with the 9mm handguns and the other sub-machine guns.
  • MP5: This sub-machine gun holds only 30 rounds, but is far more accurate than the MAC-10. It is used by NOOSE officers. It shares ammo with the 9mm handguns and the other sub-machine guns.
  • TMP: The best sub-machine gun in the game. It combines the 50-round ammo capacity of the MAC-10 with the accuracy of the MP5. It is used by Zaibatsu guards. It shares ammo with the 9mm handguns and the other sub-machine guns.
Heavy Firearms:
  • Pump shotgun: It holds 6 rounds, but has a slower fire rate than the sawed-off shotgun. It shares ammo with the other shotguns, and its spread is intermediate between the sawed-off shotgun and the riot gun. It is used by police officers at higher wanted levels, and can be found in police cars.
  • Riot gun: It holds 8 rounds, and can be fired semi-auto. It has a narrower spread than the other shotguns, which makes it more effective at long range, but less effective in close quarters against multiple enemies. It shares ammo with the other shotguns. It is used by NOOSE officers and Zaibatsu guards.
  • Hunting rifle: This rifle, modeled after the Winchester rifle, has the longest range of any non-sniper weapon in the game, and can kill most enemies in one shot. Its fire rate is comparable to that of the pump shotgun. It holds 6 rounds.
  • Sniper rifle: Kills in one shot, and can hit enemies from far away. However, it has a very slow fire rate. It holds 5 rounds.
  • Semi-auto sniper rifle: Similar in power and accuracy to the sniper rifle, only it holds 10 rounds and has a much faster fire rate.
  • Crossbow: This sniper weapon must be reloaded after each shot, and it has a shorter range than the regular sniper rifles, but it is completely silent, which makes it perfect for missions in which stealth is necessary.
  • Tranquilizer rifle: This sniper weapon, although sporting a slow fire rate and less range than the regular sniper rifles, is completely quiet, and knocks enemies out in one hit. In multiplayer, tranquilizer rounds will instead create an effect similar to the drunkenness in GTA IV. Also, the rifle can be loaded with darts filled with meth, which cause victims to start tweaking and attacking those nearby. Like the paintball gun, this gun goes into the class of weapons designed with multiplayer in mind. It holds 4 rounds.
  • AK-47: This assault rifle holds 30 rounds, and is of medium range and power.
  • M4A2: This assault rifle holds 30 rounds, and has a longer range than the AK-47. It is used by soldiers. It shares ammo with the ZR-112 and the M249.
  • ZR-112: This bullpup assault rifle holds 40 rounds, and is the most accurate and powerful of all the assault rifles. It is a custom design by Zaibatsu, and is thus used by their mercenaries. It shares ammo with the M4A2 and the M249.
  • M249: This light machine gun is very inaccurate, but it can tear crowds to pieces with sustained fire. It holds 200 rounds, and shares ammo with the M4A2 and the ZR-112.
  • Rocket launcher: It makes things go boom. It must be reloaded after each shot.
  • Stinger missile launcher: Similar to the rocket launcher, only it can lock onto vehicles. Excellent for shooting down helicopters.
  • Flamethrower: It sets things on fire. It has a range of about 100 feet.
  • Volt gun: As seen in GTA2: this gun, a product of Zaibatsu's Secret Weapons division, creates a massive field of electricity that can clear crowded streets in less than ten seconds. It has a range of about 300 feet.
Thrown Weapons:
  • Molotov cocktails: These homemade bombs can set large areas on fire. They can be purchased from bars and convenience stores, making them a deadly early-game weapon.
  • Grenades: These timed explosives can slaughter large crowds. They can be "cooked," so that they take less time to explode after being thrown. They can also be used as suicide weapons in case Amanda is arrested or gets stuck. They are used by soldiers and Zaibatsu mercenaries.
  • Tear gas canisters: These weapons choke and blind enemies, making them easier to kill or escape from. If Amanda is arrested, she can drop one of these to get away from the cops. They are used by NOOSE officers, who wear gas masks and are resistant to the effects of the gas.
  • Satchel charges: These explosives are remotely detonated, and can be either thrown or planted.
Radio Stations

No GTA game would be complete without a soundtrack evocative of its setting. Vice City's soundtrack was loaded with new wave, hair metal and '80s pop music, San Andreas had gangsta rap and grunge from the early '90s, and GTA IV had decades of New York's musical history rolled into its soundtrack. As Cheyenne is set in the near future, its soundtrack will reflect the musical trends that are likely to catch on in the next five years. Stations that play modern music will contain a mix of licensed tracks and original songs.
  • CSU Pirate Radio: CSU-Rockfall's student-run radio station is a mix of Radio Broker and LCHC, playing indie rock and hardcore. Its name is taken from WSOU - Seton Hall's Pirate Radio, a college radio station in my area with a similar format. The DJ would be a major figure in the underground rock scene.
  • Lilith FM: This station is Cheyenne's version of Vladivostok FM - a station that reflects the identity of the game's main character. Just as Niko had a number of Eastern European hits to listen to, Amanda has a station filled with music by female rockers and singer-songwriters like Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos. Speaking of Alanis, is there a better choice to play the DJ? She has a wicked sense of humor (see Dogma or her parody of My Humps), and she's not afraid of making fun of herself and her image. The station's name comes from Sarah MacLachlan's Lilith Fair music festival in the '90s.
  • Rebirth 98.9: This station, owned by Adam Huston's Rebirth Ministries, plays Christian pop and rock for evangelical teens - or parodies of it, since I doubt Tooth and Nail Records would license its music for a GTA game. (I'd be surprised if Rockstar actually got honest-to-God - no pun intended - Christian music by major artists on this station. Then again, we all know that Rockstar has God on their side, so anything can happen.) The DJ would have to be played by a young actor who is an atheist, agnostic, or other non-Christian - someone like Fairuza Balk (a GTA alum - she voiced Mercedes in Vice City) or Amber Tamblyn would fit this bill perfectly. Also, every Sunday, Adam Huston's church service is aired live on this station.
  • 93.3 The Skunk: What GTA game set in the Rocky Mountains would be complete without its, erm, Rocky Mountain Highs? This station plays what can best be described as stereotypical stoner music - the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Sublime, etc. The DJ? Seth Rogen.
  • C102: Cheyenne's home for classic rock. Since this game is set in 2013, the definition of "classic" would cover most of the '90s, in addition to the '60s, '70s and '80s. Don't laugh - Q104.3, New York's classic rock station, is already starting to play Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and Liberty Rock Radio featured the song "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins, which was released in 1995. In five years, they'll probably have Nickelback and Marilyn Manson on their playlists. As for the DJ, there's only one real choice for the job: Lazlow. By the time of GTA IV, he was a washed-up, sellout DJ who was always reminiscing over his glory days in Vice City and San Andreas while hosting a third-tier talk station in Liberty City. What better way to finish his descent into obscurity than by having him host a classic rock station in flyover country, playing the same songs that he played at V-Rock when he was in his prime? It would also make for an ironic situation, as Vice City, Lazlow's old home, is literally washed up by the time of Cheyenne.
  • The Streets 105: Cheyenne's home for rap and hip-hop of all types - gangsta, crunk, golden age, etc.
  • Abyss FM: The club station, playing electronica, house, and dance music. Mixed in-studio.
  • 101.9 The Mountain: This station plays modern alternative rock, rap-metal, and other music associated with extreme winter sports. Like a Mountain Dew commercial, but aware of how silly it is. The DJ would be a stereotypical "extreme" figure.
  • Head Radio: Cheyenne's hit music station, owned by Zaibatsu. Rockstar's goal for this station would be to try and predict what sort of music will be popular five years from now. I'm betting on boy bands and pop princesses making a comeback (look at the popularity of Radio Disney artists like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers), R&B staying popular, a new trend in rock music coming up to replace emo (if the brief success of Avenged Sevenfold was any indication, I'm betting on metal hitting the big time), and a new rap scene rising up to replace the Dirty South. The DJ would be reminiscent of Andee from Lips 106, played by a young teen actress such as Blake Lively or Kristen Stewart.
  • Mountain Talk 88: Talk radio at its finest. Richard Bastion will return, along with Fizz and Area 53 (Marvin Trill's finally come out of his bunker). Expect a couple of new shows as well.
  • Latin Heat 107.7: Reggaeton and Latin rap dominate this station.
  • K-Love: The station for country music, for those long drives through Cheyenne's backwoods. The DJ would be Natalie Maines.
  • 99.9 The Freeway: Plays hard rock and heavy metal (Pantera, AC/DC, Metallica, etc.). Commonly heard on the radio whenever one is near a large group of bikers. The DJ is Jesse James.

    GTA: Cheyenne's theme songs are It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by R.E.M., and Versions of Violence by Alanis Morissette.
Features and changes
  • Money is more important, and harder to come by: One of the big problems that I, and quite a few others, have had with past games in the series is the fact that, within about five hours of running missions, you had more money than you knew what to do with. This sometimes hurt the suspension of disbelief: for example, Niko was supposed to be a down-on-his-luck immigrant straight off of the boat, yet by the time I got my safehouse in Bohan, I had over fifty thousand dollars, which made me wonder why Niko was still doing these jobs. Also, the fact that I had over half a million dollars by the end of the game made the final decision - whether to cut a deal with Dimitri or kill him - pretty easy. In Cheyenne, this problem will be remedied in a couple of ways. First, missions will pay out far less than they used to. It will be around halfway through the game before you start receiving missions that pay more than a thousand dollars. Most money in the early game will come from side-missions or other sources. Secondly, there will be far more things to spend money on. In addition to purchasing guns and clothes (the only things that money was really good for in GTA IV), you will be able to buy homes, businesses, improvements for your properties, vehicle upgrades, and other things. (I'll go into more detail in the next few parts of this section.) Finally, the number of cash sinks (taxis, hospital bills) will be greatly increased. I liked how, in GTA IV, the police and hospitals took a percentage of your cash rather than just $100. I'd like to see a number of things like that in the game.
  • Owning and upgrading properties: I missed this from the old games. Being able to own homes and businesses made it feel as if you were having an impact on the game world. Also, having to backtrack across a map to get to a safehouse was extremely tedious. Having your pick of places nearby to go made me more inclined to explore. In addition to owning properties, you will be able to upgrade them, which makes them nicer-looking and/or more productive. For example, let's say you own a gas station. You can upgrade it with extra pumps, a mini-mart, and a garage, all of which generate extra money for the station. Owning a garage also allows you to repair and upgrade vehicles for less money than at other places. I know that this sounds like it goes against my point about money, but I'll do two things to the businesses that will rectify this. First businesses will generate far less money than they used to. The fully-upgraded gas station will only pull in about $2000 a week - a far cry from the $12000 a day that the Malibu Club made in Vice City. Secondly, there will only be about six business, give or take, to own. This ensures that you won't have dozens of businesses pumping tens of thousands of dollars into your bank account every day.
  • Saving at hotels: There aren't that many safehouses in Cheyenne, and there will come times when it's 1 AM on a work night and you're nowhere near a safehouse. When this happens, you can stop at a hotel. These places vary in price, from $50 for a night at a cheap truck stop motel to several hundred dollars for a stay at a luxury hotel in Fremont or Snowdance. A wonderful cash sink.
  • Upgrading vehicles: The state of Cheyenne is filled with long, straight stretches of interstate highway, particularly on the High Plains. What better way to take advantage of this than by imitating Vanishing Point with a souped-up Sabre GT? Pay 'n' Sprays will be turned into full-fledged auto shops, where you can repair, repaint, and upgrade your car with cosmetic modifications, armor, and performance upgrades. Just like in real life, this will cost a whole lot of money (ask anybody who's ever been in a fender-bender).
  • Transportation options: Cheyenne is not Liberty City. You can't simply hail down a cab anywhere you go. In Cheyenne, if you want a cab ride, you will have to call the cab company and tell them to send a taxi over to your location. Taxis will not be the only public transportation option available, either. You can go over to one of the state's many bus stops and take a bus to any other stop in the game. (You can also choose to hijack the bus you're on at any point, or skip straight to your destination.) Planes will also be available from airports and small airstrips scattered around the state.
  • Amanda is more vulnerable, putting a greater focus on stealth: Amanda's not an ex-soldier or a professional criminal; she's just an ordinary college girl. Thus, she doesn't have the skills, the stamina, or the durability of somebody like Niko or Tommy. She takes less damage, she gets out of breath more quickly, she's a poor hand-to-hand fighter, and she's only an average shot. With her weaknesses, stealth becomes much more important. The player now has access to weapons like the silenced pistol and the crossbow, which take out enemies without giving away your location. You can also hide in the shadows like in San Andreas or Manhunt to evade enemies, and you can perform stealth kills with a knife. Most of Cheyenne's missions will give the player the option to perform a stealthy approach, and a few will all but require it. Amanda's vulnerability will, however, decrease as one progresses through the game (see below). By the end of the game, she will be a far cry from the little weakling that she was when she first arrived in Cheyenne.
  • Improving abilities (strength, stamina, accuracy, etc.): This will not be done in the same manner as San Andreas (training at the gym or dojo), but with a point system. As one goes through the game, they will earn points for doing various things. For example, completing a major story mission, a side mission, having a six-star wanted level for five minutes, or some other achievement will earn the player a certain number of points that can be used to upgrade their character's stats. This will be done in a manner similar to Achievements on 360 or Trophies on PS3 (and oftentimes, earning points in the game will also earn an Achievement or Trophy).
  • Fire as a weapon: Taking a page from the new Alone in the Dark, Cheyenne will feature fire that spreads realistically. A Molotov cocktail thrown into a room filled with goons can do more damage than three clips from an AK, even if it takes thirty seconds as opposed to ten. New weapons like the flare gun, the flamethrower, and the fire extinguisher take advantage of the new fire physics.
  • Changing seasons: As the game progresses, the weather gets colder as fall turns into winter. Leaves fall from trees, rain turns into snow, and people start dressing in warmer clothing. At the same time, daylight gets shorter, and nighttime gets longer. This would occur as one progresses through the story (a la Bully), rather than according to the passage of in-game time.
  • Expanded Internet and TV: I loved the addition of a functioning Internet and television to GTA IV. They were little things that helped to immerse you into the game world. However, I feel that Rockstar didn't go far enough with either of them. The Internet was hardly interactive - you could find girlfriends on it, you used it for a few missions, and some web pages were regularly updated, but apart from that, it was nothing but static screens that linked to one another. Although I'm pretty sure that an Internet with all of the features that we have come to enjoy would be too much for even the PS4 and Xbox 720 to handle, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for expansion. I'd start with a few more easter eggs, like the Little Lacy Surprise Pageant and the What They Don't Want You To Know site. Also, I felt that the TV was too limited. Only two channels? Seriously? We saw CCC, Weazel News and MeTV advertised throughout the game, but where were they? Some more channels would make it feel like I'm actually watching TV.
  • Expanded cell phone options: The phone was a great addition to GTA IV that brought a number of significant changes to gameplay. It's only natural that the next game will expand on them. First, being able to save photos (and videos - another new addition) that I take on my cell phone camera, and maybe even being able to show them to friends, would make that feature a lot more useful. Also, the cell phone is a great way to integrate a feature that quite a few people have been asking for - the ability to listen to the radio while walking around. How great would it be to listen to Iron Maiden while you're marching up the stairs with an M4? That's right. It would be awesome. To go along with this, the phone can also be used as an MP3 player. There will be two ways to get songs onto Amanda's phone. First, you can acquire them in-game, downloading them from the ringtone website (in exchange for 99 of Amanda's hard-earned dollars). Second, you can upload music files on your hard drive to the MP3 player. Finally, regarding the camera - you can use it in online play, so that all of you who want to save your greatest teabagging moments for posterity can do so.
  • Movies: This is a little thing, but seriously, who wouldn't want to see Dragonbrain? This would be an excellent source of satire - Rockstar could make parodies of just about every film to come out in the last five years. And chances are, they'll all be about a hundred times funnier than anything that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have crapped out.
  • Character customization options: Hair can now be customized. And since you're playing as a woman, there's a whole lot of options. Different lengths, colors, styles, etc. - far more than any self-respecting man would have. Basic changes (ponytails, braids) could be made at a safehouse, while you'd have to go to a hairdresser for some of the more complicated ones. The number of clothing options has also been expanded. GTA IV's selection of clothes was realistic, but fairly limited - you had just the cheap Russian import clothes, the country club outfits at Modo, and fancy suits and jackets at Perseus. That list would be expanded with most of San Andreas' clothing selections (Sub-Urban's "hip" clothes, Pro Laps' sportswear, Zip's preppy outfits), in addition to a number of more feminine choices, such as skirts, blouses, and dresses. Also, players will have the ability to layer clothing, a la Saints Row. There will be some sexier selections for all the horny teenagers, frat boys and perverts, but they won't dominate the clothing options. And yes, fingerless gloves will be available.
  • Animals: Vast wilderness areas wouldn't feel realistic without some animals roaming the woods. Yes, you can kill them. In fact, there's a side-mission in which you hunt them (see below). Also, the police will start employing canine units once you reach a three-star wanted level.
  • More side-missions: Some people call them unnecessary or wastes of disc space, but in my opinion, the myriad side-missions in past GTA games (particularly San Andreas) helped to immerse me into the game world. I was sad to see that many of them did not return for GTA IV, and that the ones that did return offered no reward other than money and, in the case of 360 owners, achievement points. GTA: Cheyenne would bring most of those side-missions back, while adding a few new ones, and would reward players with benefits that go beyond extra cash. Here's a list of side missions that I have in mind for Cheyenne:
    • Taxi: This GTA classic has been changed from past entries into the series. Rather than cruising the street looking for fares, you use an in-car computer (not unlike the ones featured in the police cars in GTA IV) to look at a list of people who have called the company, asking for a lift. Each customer's starting location, destination, and estimated fare is listed. You select a customer from the list, take him or her to the destination before time runs out, and collect the fare. After completing 50 taxi missions (they don't have to be in a row), the Borgnine taxi, an armored Checker cab with a red paint job (as seen in GTA III), will spawn at the cab company's garage, and you will get a 50% discount on the company's service.
    • Paramedic: Again, this has been slightly changed. In past games, you had to collect a number of injured people and bring them to a hospital before time ran out. Here, you drive a team of paramedics to a person who has called 911. When you get there, the paramedics will try to help the person on the scene. Oftentimes, they are successful, but if the person's wounds are too severe, he or she must be brought to the hospital. You will be working under a time limit during both sections. After completing 15 paramedic missions in a row, you stamina is doubled.
    • Vigilante: Unchanged from GTA IV. You use the police computer to search for crimes committed in your area, and you bust the people responsible for them. After completing 50 vigilante missions (they don't have to be in a row), your body armor will be improved by 50% and a nightstick will spawn at your safehouses.
    • Most wanted: Unchanged from GTA IV. You use the police computer to track down Cheyenne's most wanted criminals. After completing all of the most wanted missions, body armor will spawn at your safehouses.
    • Firefighter: Returning from San Andreas. You put out fires with your truck's spray before time runs out. After completing 15 firefighter missions in a row, a flamethrower will spawn at your safehouses.
    • Pizza delivery: Returning from Vice City and San Andreas, albeit in modified form. You only deliver one pizza at a time, and you go back to the pizza place for your next order. After completing 50 pizza delivery missions (they don't have to be in a row), your health will be improved by 50%.
    • Street racing: Rather than calling the race organizer, you go to the place where the races are being run from (a car dealership), where you select which one you want to compete in. There will be a total of twenty different races. For every five races you complete, a rare sports car will spawn at the car dealership.
    • Off-road racing: Similar to street racing, only off-road. The events run a gamut ranging from rally-style events to slogs through muddy creeks. There are a total of ten races. After winning the first five, the Sanchez YF, a souped-up dirt bike, spawns at the race organizer's garage. After winning the other five, the Bobcat Baja, a racing truck, spawns at the garage.
    • Arena challenges: An arena in Smith's Crossing hosts monster truck rallies, demolition derbies, ATV stunt challenges, and stock car races. Completing each event will cause that event's vehicle to spawn in the arena parking lot. If you complete all four events, then the almighty Truckasaurus spawns at the event site. Take it and go on a rampage!
    • Car theft: Unchanged from GTA IV. You get a text message with the vehicle the garage owner wants, and you deliver it to him. There are a total of thirty cars to be delivered. For every ten cars you deliver, a vehicle will spawn in front of the garage. These vehicles are made from the parts of the cars you brought in, and are heavily armored.
    • Assassin: Unchanged from GTA IV. You go to the pay phone, receive orders to kill somebody, and you carry out the job. After completing all of the assassin missions, a silenced handgun will spawn at your safehouses.
    • Trucking: Returning from San Andreas. You haul goods from the truck company depot to various locations in the state. After completing all of the trucking missions, the Longhorn, a heavily armored rig, will spawn at the depot.
    • Bus driving: Similar to trucking. You drive a bus to and from various stops scattered across the state. After completing 15 bus driver missions in order, you will get a 50% discount on bus fares, and the Opuliner, a luxurious, heavily armored tour bus/RV, will spawn at the bus depot in Holliday City.
    • Hunting: To go with the inclusion of wildlife in Cheyenne, I've added a hunting side-mission. In each mission, you would be asked to bring down certain animals (deer, bears, birds) within a time limit. After completing all of the hunting missions, a hunting rifle will spawn at your safehouses.
    • AmmuNation shooting challenge: Returning from San Andreas. At AmmuNation, you must prove that you can outshoot everybody else on the gun range with a wide variety of weaponry. After winning the challenge, a .357 revolver and a pump shotgun will spawn at your safehouses.
    • Random encounters: These would serve the same purpose that they served in GTA IV, only there will be more of them. Lots more. They will be Cheyenne's version of hidden packages. Each one of them will have their own rewards, usually money.
    • Base jumping: This will also fill the "hidden package" role. There will be about 20-30 base jumping sites scattered throughout the state.
  • New multiplayer modes: For their first console outing with multiplayer, Rockstar did a pretty good job. For Cheyenne, I'd like to see all of the old multiplayer modes return (although the mission-based ones will have to be changed for the new setting), along with a few modes that I've thought of:
    • Lynch Mob: It's like a game of tag - one person is the target to be "lynched" by the other players (the mob). For every second that the target stays alive, he or she earns $10. Whoever "lynches" the target becomes the new target of everyone else.
    • Knife After Dark: This mode is an inversion of Lynch Mob, based on various slasher flicks. One player, the slasher, is armed with a ton of weapons, is completely invincible, and is dressed like Jason Voorhees. He or she must track down everyone else and kill them. Each kill earns the slasher $250, while each minute of survival earns $250 for each of the remaining victims. The match ends when the only two people left are the slasher and one of the victims. The slasher gets a bonus depending on how quickly he or she dispatched the victims, and the last survivor becomes the new slasher.
    • Zombie Apocalypse: The name speaks for itself. It's all of the players teamed up against a whole ****load of zombies. Why? Because everything's better with zombies. $10 for every zombie that you kill (they rack up quickly), and $50 for every minute you survive. Just remember that zombies can only be killed in one way: destroying the brain. Plus, if you get bitten, you will slowly lose health until you die, in which case you return as a zombie. As a zombie, you can get $250 for biting another player. The match ends when all of the players are either dead or undead. The team gets a bonus depending on how long they held out.
More info (influences, why Cheyenne, etc.)

By now, you're probably thinking, "Hurricanes? A female protagonist? Sci-fi sh*t? Colorado? ZOMBIES? What is this, Resident Evil? The X-Files? This doesn't sound like the GTA that I know and love!" Of course it doesn't. That's the whole point. This game is meant to be a seismic shift for the series, much like GTA III was seven years ago (hard to believe it's been that long). The fact that it features a female protagonist is just an indicator of the bigger changes under the surface. But why should Rockstar change a formula that's worked perfectly for a decade?

That's simple. I feel that, maybe not with the next game, but in several years, the old formula will be getting pretty stale. Rags-to-riches stories have been done to death, and many of America's most famous and recognizable cities have already been used as settings. To keep the focus on traditional criminal activity would cause the series to become increasingly bland with each new installment. Rockstar would have two ways to rectify this. First, they could move the action to a foreign country, where the crime situation is very different. The problem with this is that, apart from London (the exception that proves the rule, and an idea that I enthusiastically support - see the London Dossier (http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=267789) for more information), most foreign settings also have foreign cultures. GTA's famed social satire would fly straight over the heads of American and British gamers if the game were moved to a country where English is not the first language. This is especially true with Asian settings like Tokyo - the only exposure to these cultures that most Western gamers have seen is in the form of caricatures and parodies. This is the reason that Sega's Yakuza flopped in the West, despite being a major hit in Japan. We just don't understand their culture.

The second option is to keep GTA in America, but to change the primary focus to criminal elements that we have never seen before. Judging by Houser's comments (I don't remember if it was Sam or Dan) concerning how American culture is ripe for satire, it's a likely bet that the next few GTA games will be set in the United States. This got me looking for an America-centric plot idea that hasn't really been fleshed out before. After considering a '70s Las Venturas and a modern, Latino-centric Los Santos (directions that I believe the next GTA games are likely to go in), I thought back to the missions with Love Media, Mike Toreno, The Truth, and U. L. Paper, and realized that corporate crime and conspiracies were subjects that had been touched upon in past games, and could make for a great GTA story if expanded further. Also, I came to the conclusion that meth is an extremely interesting subject for a GTA game. Few things say "modern American crime" like meth. Not only is the meth industry different from the types of crime that we have seen before, it would also make a GTA set in rural areas more plausible, as the drug has hit small towns especially hard. How is this? Unlike cocaine or heroin, meth can be made from common household materials, which makes enforcement of anti-drug laws next to impossible. Stamp out one meth lab, another one opens. The tough enforcement of the law in the cities has simply pushed meth producers out into the countryside. The small towns out there lack the resources to fight these gangs, which means that many of them are facing crime problems that had once been unheard of outside of major cities. Which brings me to my next point.....

Why Cheyenne? With so many instantly recognizable locales in the United States, why set the game in Colorado? I chose this state for a number of reasons. First, the state's terrain is incredibly varied. Along with the mountains that it's famous for, Colorado is home to arid plateaus, forests, canyons, and the Great Plains. The only other states that I know of that have such geographic diversity, along with large urban populations, are California and New Jersey - both of which have been recreated in past GTA games. Secondly, Colorado is a microcosm of the United States as a whole. Along with its diverse landscape, it has a diverse population: there are both major cities and small farming communities, liberal college towns and conservative suburbs. Finally (and this is the biggest reason why I chose the state), I want to see a GTA game that focuses on Middle America. A recent trip that I took through upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania made me realize how much humor could be milked from this vast region of the country. Could you imagine Rockstar being unleashed on the stereotypical Midwest? Plus, as stated earlier, it makes it a lot easier to bring meth into the storyline.

Every game in the series has had a number of pop culture influences on its setting and plot. The GTA III version of Liberty City was a composite of various East Coast cities (only becoming New York in the minds of gamers later), and that game's plot was taken from Goodfellas and The Sopranos, with other elements appearing later in the game. Vice City was an homage to Scarface, Carlito's Way, and Miami Vice, and was set in a send-up of 1980s Miami. San Andreas paid tribute to N.W.A. and Boyz n the Hood, with a setting based on California in the early 1990s. Finally, GTA IV was set in a Liberty City that was based heavily upon modern-day New York, and its storyline, rather than being based upon a glamorous, pop culture representation of crime, was grounded in reality, designed to reflect how criminal life has changed and grown more difficult for those involved. GTA: Cheyenne's setting, rather than being a distinctive American city like New York or Miami, is designed to provide a cross-section of the entire country in terms of both geography and demographics (as described in my previous paragraph). Like last generation's GTA titles, Cheyenne's plot is also influenced by movies and television shows. However, unlike other games, the pop culture influences of Cheyenne are more along the lines of science-fiction, survival horror, and popular conspiracy theories than traditional crime dramas.

Yes, I know that this is a very controversial design choice. GTA IV earned a lot of praise, and rightfully so, for its gritty, realistic story. Many gamers will be reluctant to accept a move back to the outlandish plot elements of San Andreas. However, I do believe that it is possible to have a modern, grounded crime drama that incorporates more exotic elements. For an example outside of the crime genre, look at the work of H.P. Lovecraft. The reason that his stories were so scary was not because of monsters like Cthulhu, but because everything else was grounded firmly in the real world. Thus, when the more fantastic parts came into play, they were that much more unsettling, because they were happening in a world that we felt could be real. Thus, the supernatural elements also felt real to the readers. Also, can you really describe any game in the series, apart from IV, as realistic in any way? GTA III featured a total nobody who just broke out of jail rapidly rising through the criminal ranks. Vice City had Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who's just been dumped in an unfamiliar city, taking the place over - and killing his old mob boss in the process - all by himself. CJ's accomplishments in San Andreas are even more incredible: he took over a crumbling street gang and used it as a platform to take over the entire criminal underground in the state of San Andreas. And most incredibly, each of them did this over the course of what amounts to a few months. And an evil megacorporation that's invested in some unsavory research is suddenly pushing your suspension of disbelief? Please. Besides, most of the game's sci-fi and horror elements won't come into play until the second half of the storyline. Throughout the first half, the storyline will focus primarily on meth, with the Zaibatsu Corporation laying in the background. Players will be led to believe that something fishy is going on, but they'll still think that they're playing a normal GTA game. Then, we get an "oh f***" moment that blows away all of our perceptions of everything that is going on, and makes us start thinking, "Man, why did I dismiss Darkel as a nutjob!?!"

Basically, I think that it's time for Rockstar to realize that cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, and things like cocaine, the Mob, and the ghetto, are only part of the American criminal experience. There's literally a whole 'nother world of potential lying right outside of GTA's traditional comfort zone. This isn't new territory for the series - GTA2, if I recall, featured evil scientists, an army of escaped mental patients, and the first appearance of Cheyenne's main villain, the Zaibatsu Corporation. And such subject matter can be treated with a level of plausibility and realism - every great sci-fi and horror movie or book aims to make its viewers believe that what they are seeing can actually happen. So, a GTA set in the near future, in a largely rural setting, with plot elements taken straight from the X-Files and Resident Evil? Why not?

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