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Posted 01 September 2015 - 09:00 PM Edited by coach_wargo, 01 September 2015 - 09:02 PM.

I can't believe I forgot to post this here. I got a shout out in the R* Newswire 2 weeks ago. http://www.rockstarg...ames-rallycross

And got to take part in the live livestream of my playlist.

Here's a link to the R* livestream on youtube. Hopefully I did the crew proud. 

TL:DR - It was a fun and surreal experience. My wife jokes that I'm gamer famous, and my kids think I'm father of the year, lol. 

Joining the session was weird. The voice chat is on skype, so we can all talk even if we're nor in a session. So the R* lady asks if I'm ready to join them. I said yes expecting to get an invite from them, instead I just get pulled out of the session that I was in and dumped in the private session. 

Once in the session it's basically like any other pre-event lobby, everyone gathers together in the same place and does dumb things. However it was strange to be with 16 random players and not have mass slaughter. Everyone was cool and pretty respectful. One of the guys was Trey Weatherholtz who was on the Real World on MTV. I kept calling him Road Rules, because I'm a dick. 

I didn't talk much at the beginning. My kids had just gotten home from school and were running around and it was really loud in the house, so I had to mute my mic. I perked up once the kids left the house. 

The first playlist was not my style. Wall climbs are instant fails for me, if it had been random races I would have rage quit, lol. The last job was a cool LTS demo derby. A discussion about my playlist starts at about 42 mins into the video. I tried to plug the crew but forgot to mention the website. 

Jontti from NODO was invited in to join my PL, you'll heaeme talk a little sh*t to him  :) . Then in the first race you'll see him spin me :sneaky: . To be fair it was a bit rough and tumble, which is to be expected racing with randoms. 

I also starting get a bunch of crew invites and friend requests. Clearly I'm not joining any new crews. I wasn't planning on accepting any friend requests, but someone asked if that was the only way to be notified when I publish a new job. Since I'm not a shameless self promoter and really can't think of any way someone I don't know would learn about my jobs. So because of that I decided I would accept any SC FR that I get. 

They specifically told us not to ask about upcoming DLC or upcoming games, and also not to ask about any updates or technical issues. Because of that I never mentioned anything about changes and issues with the creator. 

Over all it was a really cool experience.

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 09:23 PM

Nice job Coach, congrats.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I'm in Cocoa Beach FL, brought my travel baseball team here to play.  All games rain out.  So I'm sitting here having my drink and wondering what to do for the rest of the night.  The kids on the team are 9-10 yrs old.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by ChristopherD, 3 weeks ago.

Damn, Hawk...you were less than 30 miles from me in St. Augustine.  Could have taken them to Ripley's Believe it Or Not which is indoors.  Oh well...lol


@Coach:  Dude, that is very cool!  I was extatic when R* mentioned D12Gaming.com in their feed when Deej get some official tracks saying "If you want to know what a clan website should look like, check out D12Gaming.com."  ...which is funny cuz they couldn't have looked around the site much considering there are broken pieces of it all over the place...lol


Anyway, congrats!  And sorry about the Racing League.

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