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Posted 2 days ago

We have to recover boca's sig. ;)

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Posted 3 hours ago

A crazy chaotic playlist was had with the RRR guys last night. Nittydon and myself were there, both of us spammed the autoinvite button, alas no other Dirties joined us. Does anyone else play GTAO on PS4 anymore? i know Barney, Steve, Boca, Scar, Joe and Soggy are sometimes on for freemode shenanigans. Heist hype already gone?

  • barney1610

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Posted 2 hours ago

Heist hype already gone?

Nah, I just can't do anything with stupid ass randoms. There's some absolutely useless GTAO players out there  :rol:


I want to go for the criminal mastermind challenge but trying to rally some of the troops when FIFA is on the cards is pretty tough lol. 

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Posted An hour ago

I only play GTA Online but I rarely play ps4 lately. Well I still want to 100% V on PS4 and get platinum trophy again, I'm at 78% game completion currently.

At the moment I'm trying to do the heists in order, I finished heist 3 the other day and then hopefully I can complete 4 sometime in the next few weeks then of course number 5.

Then I'll be free to join other peoples heist.

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