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Cheat Code Creation

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Posted 02 April 2013 - 05:44 AM

The label SVLABIG is used to identify the "LA Big House", an unused savehouse interior, which presumably was originally planned for the hills of Los Santons. It has a wardrobe, and unlike burglary interiors, pickups will not be deleted when CJ leaves the house so it's a great place to use for an armory with lots of weapons with decent ammo supply.

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Posted 02 April 2013 - 06:06 AM

Okay, so what are the code values to replace the interior of the safe house adjacent to Madd Doggs mansion with this unused interior?

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 04:19 AM Edited by OrionSR, 03 April 2013 - 07:07 AM.

The format for changing the destination of an enex is 20ssssss 00ddddd, where ssssss is the source address, and dddddd is the destination address.

Start of enex data is 0xC986B0.
Each record is 60 bytes long.
Mulholland safehouse index is 47.
Big House index is 350.
Offset to destination record is 56 bytes.

ssssss = 47 * 60 + 0xC986B0 + 56
dddddd = 350 * 60 + 0xC986B0

Enex documentation is available at http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=331835

It looks like my strategy for the existing codes was to connect several doors to the Queens interior, and then link the Queens wardrobe to the Big House interior. This would avoid having to move a save disk to the Big House to be able to save, and the Big House wardrobe could still be used for changing clothes.

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 09:52 PM

Another question: How do I create my own pickups? Say for example; I want grenades to spawn near the Rock shore West safe house.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 02:09 AM

Creating new pickups with a cheat device code is problematic. The pickup pool is a very full and dynamic place with pickups coming and going all the time. Without the ability to examine your pickup pool for a safe place to edit creating a brand new pickup just isn't practical. Instead of making new pickups I altered some of the less used pickups (some hidden inside of buildings or in unused interiors) to create the extra pickups I wanted.

See my Pickup Changes post for examples of how I altered pickups.

GTA:SA Save Game Editor v1.0 by Ryosuke can be used to find the index of the pickup you want. It can also provide weapon model numbers and pickup Type if you can't find better reference. You can use a PC save. The initial pickups are the same, and the 2 player pickups are added last. It would help a lot to have an unaltered beginning save that hasn't been scrambled by use. You'll also need to determine if the save you intend to edit is a fresh start save (has fire extinguishers in two of the three fast food interiors) or was created after loading a previous save (frequently has the girlfriend bonus glitch).

The start and size of the pickup structure for PS2 is listed in the first post of this topic.

Pickup Pool Format (this one creates an asset in the Four Dragons Casino)
Asset Value
Ammo/Asset Max
Ycoord*8, Xcoord*8
Asset Rate, Zcoord*8
Unknown, Model
Type and Flags
1017.776, 1946.968
25000, 993.0
0, 1274
4 bytes
word, word
word, word
word, word
4 bytes
20807690 00000000
20807694 00000000
20807698 000061A8
2080769C 00000000
208076A0 1FCE3CD7
208076A4 61A81F08
108076A8 000004FA
008076AC 00000010

More details on the pickup format in the save and memory can be found in the SA Save Wiki
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Posted 04 April 2013 - 06:25 AM

I am having difficulty deciphering how to swap the Tec9 on Sweets rooftop with an M4. My expertise in this is still rookie level.

Just to clarify, I seek PS2 (NTSC V1) data.

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 03:50 AM Edited by OrionSR, 05 April 2013 - 03:56 AM.

Super Fresh In The Beginning Save

Above is a link to the "super fresh" beginning PS2v1 save (v1 on NTSC or PAL) that I used as a template for patching up my Chain Game saves for PS2. I modified the location of the door for the Jefferson safehouse so CJ could enter the interior directly from the alley where the game starts and avoided any chance of dropped weapons or money from dealers, cops, gangsters, etc. The only pickup modified from the original configuration is the one save disk pickup that was "used" to save the game.

When I load this save in the Japanese editor linked in the previous post and click on the pickups near the Johnson house I eventually find a Tec-9 pickup with ID (index) 408, model 372. Then I clicked on the blip of the M4 in the LS airport to get the model number for the M4 (or search for a weapon model ID list for SA). This value will need to be converted to hex for the code to work correctly.

Restart Tweak: At the top of the pickup pool is a sniper rifle and 3 fire extinguishers. These pickups are only present in a save when they are created without first loading another save -- so on PS2 using a memory card with no saves, or no memory card inserted when the game is first started. If you don't have an extinguisher in the pizza and burger interiors then you have a restart save and need to tweak the pickup index accordingly. The "restart tweak" will be -4 if the extinguishers are missing, or 0 if present.

(FYI, the 3rd extinguisher is in the unused donut shop interior, the chicken joint doesn't have one, and the sniper rifle is near the SF cropduster. These are type 2 pickups, so they respawn in about 45 seconds if CJ isn't too close or looking right at it. This is a fun mod for most pickups but don't use it for uzi, shotguns, or assault weapons because there's a good chance you'll pickup the ammo and leave a respawning weapon with no ammo in it.)

Pickup structure:
0x00 float current asset value
0x04 dword pointer to CObject
0x08 dword ammo (or max asset value)
0x0C dword timer
0x10 word[3] x,y,z, all multiplied by 8
0x16 word asset rate
0x18 word model
0x1A word index
0x1C byte type
0x1D byte flags
0x1E byte[2] (Align?)

You only want to change the 2 bytes for the model's word so the code will start with 10 instead of 20 like the other codes that write 4 bytes. The model word is located at offset 0x18.

The code format will be 10aaaaaa 0000dddd where aaaaaa is the address for the model field of the desired pickup and dddd is the data (weapon model) in hex. Add leading zeros as required. See the first page for the start of the pickup pool address and record length.

0xaaaaaa = (index + restart tweak) * record size + start of pickup pool + model offset

Are you having any success with creating your own codes? I keep providing explanations for how to calculate the codes you have asked about but have not received any feedback on your progress. Am I wasting my time on these replies?

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 06:13 AM

After several minutes of trying to understand everything, I formulated a test code to generate Desert Eagles in wardrobes, but to no avail.


LV PD Night stick to wardrobe Desert Eagle
E00500DE 006B4FB8
20805E78 000001F4
20805760 DC1848D0
20805544 00001F50
10805548 000004DA
0080554C 00000002

Here is how I structured it:

E00500DE 006B4FB8 = Night stick that spawns in LV PD address

20805E78 000001F4 = Desert Eagle generator

20805760 DC1848D0 = 1,000 ammo rounds generator

20805544 00001F50 = spawning clock

10805548 000004DA = index "model" thing

0080554C 00000002 = index "flag" thing

My test code was a failure and I do not comprehend what I did wrong. Just to point out, my save is a "restart" save seeing as no extinguishers exist in any interior. Can you analyze my test code and tell me where I blundered? No, I don't think you're "wasting" your time, but I don't know if you agree.

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 09:06 AM Edited by OrionSR, 05 April 2013 - 10:17 AM.

I suspect that you feel like you are exploring a dark cave without a lamp. Are you interested in viewing what the data looks like with a hex editor? A save file would provide fairly accurate information on the pickup pool, but to get data that aligns directly with the in-game memory addresses would require me to find a place I can host a 44MB memory dump. Some people are really good at exploring dark caves using a map (ric-013, skills), but I found it very helpful to see what is going on.

[CODE]Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F

00804CF0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 58 01 00 00 ............X...
00804D00 70 4D F0 24 B0 00 00 00 58 01 02 00 0F 00 00 00 pM$...X.......
00804D10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58 01 00 00 ............X...
00804D20 30 59 80 1D 58 00 00 00 52 01 02 00 0F 00 00 00 0Y.X...R.......
00804D30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58 01 00 00 ............X...
00804D40 08 46 C8 4B 58 00 00 00 4E 01 02 00 0F 00 00 00 .FKX...N.......
00804D50 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58 01 00 00 ............X...
00804D60 50 2C B0 56 78 00 00 00 4D 01 02 00 0F 00 00 00 P,Vx...M.......
00804D70 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58 01 00 00 ............X...
00804D80 88 2B F0 43 50 00 00 00 51 01 02 00 0F 00 00 00 +CP...Q.......

Anyway, I like your strategy of modifying codes that have already been tested. Above is basically what I see with a hex editor; the nightstick pickup data is in the center (804D30 to 804D4F). The data is encoded with the least significant bit first - backwards for us and AR-Max. So a word encoded as 51 01 is written as 0x0151. When I put the X and Y coordinates in the same line to shorten the overall code length, Y is written first but encoded second.

Below is the NTSCv1 Restart codes for the LVPD Nightstick.

Clown's Pocket Jetpack #222
LVPD Night Stick to Clown's Pocket Jetpack
Ammo: 0
Normal Respawn
Fresh Index: 226
Index Used: 222

E00500DE 006B4FB8
20804D38 00000000
20804D40 39844819
20804D44 00000083
10804D48 00000172
00804D4C 0000000F

Description for each line:

E00500DE 006B4FB8 - Conditional check (a joker, but doesn't check for a button press). IF the value for the global variable associated with this pickup is the same as the index used to calculate these addresses then run the next 5 lines (if not then do nothing). This is a safety, but the line can be omitted if you are confident the addresses are correct for your save, version, and region.

The first part of these codes that contain the addresses (20804D40) will always be the same for this pickup. Don't mix and match the addresses from other codes. Only alter the data portion, the 2nd set of numbers (39844819).

20804D38 00000000 - Ammo/Asset Max
20804D40 39844819 - Ycoord*8, Xcoord*8
20804D44 00000083 - Asset Rate, Zcoord*8
10804D48 00000172 - Model
00804D4C 0000000F - Type

Ammo = 1000. It should be pretty easy to convert 1000 to hex, but the Big House M4 #303 code has 1000 rounds of ammo so we can borrow the data portion of that code (20805758 000003E8). The adjusted ammo line would be 20804D38 000003E8.

Using the same strategy you can use the coordinates of the Wardrobe Armor #286; grab the 3rd and 4th line, but again, only borrow the data portion.

The data portion of the 5th line of the Big House Desert Eagle #360 codes will supply the model number for the pickup.

You can edit the 6th line manually. Type F (hex) is a normal pickup, type 2 is fast respawn and should work fine with the Desert Eagle.
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Posted 05 April 2013 - 01:10 PM

Taking note of your response, I formulated a functional code:

E00500DE 006B4FB8
20804D38 000003E8
20804D40 39844819
20804D44 00000083
10804D48 0000015C
00804D4C 00000002

A fast re-spawning Desert Eagle with 1,000 rounds spawns atop the Clowns Pocket roof. Thanks to you, I know how to alter pickup codes, but I don't know how to create them from scratch. Regardless, I'm going to have fun modifying these codes. Thanks again! I'll report all other testing.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 05:13 AM Edited by OrionSR, 11 April 2013 - 05:25 AM.

Well done, GTASAddict. I've checked the codes and everything looks correct, but I guess you knew that already when it appeared as expected. It would be tricky for you to write a new conditional check line for a different pickup because you'd need to read a decompliled PS2 script to find the global variable used to create the pickups. But for your personal use that line shouldn't matter. I'll bet you could write a new code if you can get a spreadsheet working to perform all the calculations.

We need to find a way for you to take coordinate readings on PS2.

X,Y,Z Coordinates

Weapon, Fashion, Property Budget Stats = X,Y,Z Coordinates
506FE7EC 0000000C
00802194 00000000

from http://www.cheatdevi...htm#coordinates

^Nevermind, it looks like AR-Max won't do the copy bytes commands so these coordinate codes aren't going to work.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 06:17 AM

I have to say thanks again; I'll be forever grateful. I'm planning to experiment with your code values to unlock the Big House interior through the Vagos gang house, but I wonder if it's worth it. Edison Carter & Skillers interior replacement codes are not permanent and I don't think temporary codes are worth much attention.

If you say it's "tricky" to develop new pickup generators, it must be too complicated, considering your expertise vastly exceeds mine. Ultimately though, I won't know until I try. I have a hunch the code you posted is for me to analyze, right? When I test the code, what am I to look for in terms of effects?

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 07:47 AM Edited by OrionSR, 06 April 2013 - 08:32 AM.

The quoted code above is credited to Edison Carter, I haven't analyzed exactly what it does because it appears to do exactly what I want, so understanding isn't necessary if it constantly writes CJ's current coordinates to the "Weapon, Fashion, Property Budget Stats" where they are easy to look up in the menu, plug into a formula, and turn it into an armax code for pickups and vehicles. It's a matter of multiplying each coordinate by 8 and dropping the remainder. Then convert it to hex for ar-max.

Here's an example using the coordinates of that Desert Eagle on top of Clowns Pocket.

Just your coordinate lines
20804D40 39844819
20804D44 00000083

X = Weapon Budget = 2307.16 * 8 = 18457.28 =int() 18457 =dec2hex() 4819
Y = Fashion Budget = 1840.59 * 8 = 14724.72 =int() 14724 =dec2hex() 3984
Z = Property Budget = 16.45 * 8 = 131.6 =int() 131 =dec2hex() 83

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 07:09 PM

Now I'm understanding what you were conveying; the math is complicated though. Math was always my worst subject. Anyway, I integrated your code that enables the Big house interior via the Queens safe house wardrobe minus the blinking radar. I personally think that aspect was bothersome and unnecessary. I plan to add all Big House pickups; I so far have the Desert Eagle, AK-47, Teargas, Tec9, Micro Uzi and more are to come. It's so time consuming entering these codes, I wish a quicker method was possible. At least the effects are permanent.

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 09:42 PM Edited by OrionSR, 06 April 2013 - 11:29 PM.

Yeah, well... my CLEO codes always included a text message when they activate so I know when they are running. I missed that with AR-Max and the blink radar was the best alternative I could come up with. But yeah, no harm in leaving them out.

There is an easier and faster way to enter lots of long codes. Omniconvert can write code lists which can be read from a USB key by some versions of AR-Max. Then all you need to do is chose which of the already labeled codes to activate before starting the game. I never would have had the patience to enter and test all these codes without using a code list.

Math will not always be your worst subject because your curiosity will motivate you to run a few tests and you'll find the math coordinate codes really aren't all that difficult, which will lead to more codes, more complicated codes, and a fabulous game programming career with opportunities to give motivational speeches about how cheat device codes changed your life. You don't want to miss out on that; see if you can find someone that can show you the basics of how to enter formulas and functions into a spreadsheet and try to put those grenades by the Rockshore safehouse.

Added: Please let me know the results of any tests of those XYZ Coordinate codes. I'd like to know if I need to come up with something else that I understand.

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Posted 07 April 2013 - 09:02 AM

Oh, that makes sense. No offense intended, by the way.

I see two slots that say "USB" on my computer hard-drive and two slots on my PS2 that look compatible with it. However, I have no cord to connect them together. No cords came with my AR-MAX when on bought it, so I'm unsure what sort of cord is suitable.

Many thanks for the motivational words. Before I came to GTAforums, I didn't even know about cheat devices, now I can't imagine playing any game without them. Amazing how cheat devices can make a game seem like a totally different game. Also, I never thought I'd gain the expertise I have now.

What I really like about the pickup codes is I haven't needed a replacement line yet. Most codes (especially your vehicle generators) I need replacement lines with.

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Posted 07 April 2013 - 10:35 AM

Plugging a usb cable between your computer and PS2 isn't going to work for code lists. You need a USB flash drive, or possibly a PSP. I couldn't get my usb cameras or anything else to work as a usb drive with AR-Max. The problem is, generally the smallest usb drives available now are 2GB for about $5. I'm not sure if these new devices will work with AR-Max, mine is only 512MB. However, a lot of people have these sitting around in a drawer somewhere because they're a little small to be useful by today's standards, but they work well for this old software, so ask around.

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 04:50 AM

The spiked strips used (with a Tampa) during Puncture wounds, do you think a code creation enabling their reuse infinitely is applicable? Likewise, the hoist magnet used (with a Leviathan) during Up, Up & Away, do you think a code creation enabling its reuse infinitely is applicable?

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 09:29 AM

I'm a little fuzzy on the details of these because it was something I looked into when I first started investigating save files. What I gathered was that the spike strip and heli magnet are not inherent properties of any vehicle which can be enabled with a flag and saved in a garage. These objects are created and controlled by game scripts so there isn't any hope of getting them to work with save editing, or cheat device codes.

The chafe charges of the Hydra may be controlled by the mission scripts of Vertical Bird as well. I could never get them to work outside of the mission.

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Posted 18 April 2013 - 06:42 PM Edited by skills, 18 April 2013 - 06:44 PM.

OrionSR, after checking one of the replies above I tried to change the mulholland safe house to the LA big house

ntsc v2
R1+up. mulholland safe house to LA big house
E001F7EF 007014C2
20C99D6C 00C9E438

R1+up. mulholland safe house to LA big house

It works but no save disk appears in the house. so you can't save there.

Off topic question
is there a way to move one of the outside save disk: like Catalina's or angel pine save disk to bayside marina. I always liked that area as a save point.
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Posted 18 April 2013 - 07:21 PM

Yes, it is possible. It would be 7 lines of code to move the disk, and another line to enable the outside save disks early. Catalina's is probably the best choice. CJ gets warped to Angel Pine if that disk is enabled when he's not on a mission, but it's a problem that can be managed. Which disk did you want to move? We need to find the globals used to record the coordinates for that disk; from there you can probably calculate the rest.

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Posted 18 April 2013 - 09:38 PM Edited by skills, 30 August 2013 - 10:12 PM.

Note: Its best to use these codes after all 3 cities are open and you own the property the codes are replacing. It's best to only use one code per save file.

Original san andreas
Safe house to burglary interior warp/move safe house interior.
After testing a few of the burglary house addresses from the enex source and destination table I finally found the 3 Los santos burglary interiors I've always wanted access to outside of doing the burglary missions. I connected them to 3 of the safe houses. No save disk are in these interiors: its best not to try moving a save disk in these interiors that being that cops, peds and gangs can spawn in them.

When they are connected to safe houses the burglary exits go on a timer appearing at 23:00 to 5:59, some of the exits appear at all hours. In order to not completely loose the safe house interior/save point. I moved the save interiors to other locations, and you can save at these new locations. cool.gif

Special warning: Being that these codes are replacing safe house interiors and the save disk for those houses, unforeseen problems might happen. Like mixing these with other warp codes, other cheat device codes, playing story missions, burglary and other R3 sub missions, using button cheat codes, etc. After testing all of that I haven't come across any problems so far. As with all saves it's best to copy your saves to another memory card and add save able codes to that copied version, this way if you come across any problems with these or any codes. You'll still have your original saves to go back to. That's what I do with my ntsc v1 saves.
There are a lot of places too move the safe interiors, so I got carried away with this cry.gif


R2+down. white wood is
LA big house,redsands
east 24-7 is white wood
E002FDBF 00700942
20C9AF74 00C9D8B8
20C9AE0C 00C9DD68

R1+left.jefferson is
LAHSB3 greenish house
colonel fuhuberger house
is jefferson house
E002F77F 00700942
20C98B20 00C9C634
20C98DB4 00C9D930


R2+up. hashbury is
LAHSB1, LS betting
shop is hashbury
E002FDEF 00700942
20C99444 00C9C5BC
20C98814 00C9D8F4

R1+up. queens house is
woozie mu house,SF down
town burger shot is queens
E002F7EF 00700942
20C99480 00C9BEF0
20C999A8 00C9D96C


R2+left.calton heights house is
LA big house,calton house is
SF down town cluckin bell
E002FD7F 00700942
20C99840 00C9D8B8
20C99DE0 00C9DD2C

L1+up. prickle pine is
VGHSM3 Beige house
star fish casino
big green 24-7 is
prickle pine house
E002FBEF 00700942
20C9AF38 00C9C97C
20C9A3BC 00C9D840


R1+down. hashbury is
VGHSM3 biege house
juniper hill binco is hashbury
E002F7BF 00700942
20C99444 00C9C97C
20C99E94 00C9D8F4

L2+right.prickle pine is
VGHSB3 light red/purple
old strip crow bar to
prickle pine interior
E002FEDF 00700942
20C9AF38 00C9C508
20C9A68C 00C9D840

ar max v1

ar max

R2+down. white wood is
LA big house.redsands
east 24-7 is white wood

R1+left.jefferson is
LAHSB3 greenish house
colonel fuhuberger house
is jefferson house

ar max

R2+up. hashbury is
LAHSB1, LS betting
shop is hashbury

R1+up. queens house is
woozie mu house,SF
down town burger is queens

ar max

R2+left.calton heights house is
LA big house,calton house is
SF down town cluckin bell

L1+up. prickle pine is
VGHSM3 Beige house
star fish casino big
green 24-7 is prickle pine

ar max

R1+down. hashbury is
VGHSM3 biege house
juniper hill binco is hashbury

L2+right.prickle pine is
VGHSB3 red/purple house
old strip crow bar is
prickle pine interior

these are the same as the above version I only changed where the safe house interior is moved to.

safe house warp

L1+up. prickle pine is
VGHSM3 Beige house
LV strip 24-7 is prickle pine
E002FBEF 00700942
20C9AF38 00C9C97C
20C9A614 00C9D840

L1+up. prickle pine is
VGHSM3 Beige house
LV strip 24-7 is prickle pine

L1+up. prickle pine is

safe house warp

R1+left.jefferson is
LAHSB3 greenish house
star fish casino mall
south cluckin bell
is jefferson house
E002F77F 00700942
20C98B20 00C9C634
20C9AAC4 00C9D930

R1+left.jefferson is
LAHSB3 greenish house
star fish casino mall
south cluckin bell
is jefferson house

R1+left.jefferson is


safe house warp

R2+down. white wood is
LA big house,unused house
Atrium north is white wood
Atrium west is LAHSB2
E003FDBF 00700942
20C9AF74 00C9D8B8
20C98724 00C9DD68
20C98760 00C9C5F8

R2+down. white wood is
LA big house,unused house
Atrium north is white wood
Atrium west is LAHSB2

R2+down. white wood is

this too long for quotes
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Posted 19 April 2013 - 08:44 PM Edited by OrionSR, 20 April 2013 - 02:39 AM.

I've run into some confusion about the logic of moving the disk. The tricky part will be moving the save disk radar blip. But there is other information I need to gather as well.


I forgot that Catalina's disk is after the Angel Pine disk so we need to deal with the possibility of CJ getting warped to restricted territory when the cheat code is activated. This can be avoided by setting the $ON_MISSION global to 1. Triggering a mission is also needed to complete the process of moving the after the coordinates have been changed. My suggested strategy would be to ask the player to trigger a mission and then include a joker to make sure $ON_MISSION is equal to 1 before running the rest of the codes.

0x006B1FF0 = address of global variable 0 (PS2v1)
4 bytes = size of each global variable
409 = $On_Mission (PC, PS2v1)


There are 18 total pickups, but these are usually indexed 0 thru 17, so be careful not to get confused on this value. There may be some issues with game flow reducing your total pickups so this code may need to be reused if you want the late game disks to show up again. Angel Pine is the only outdoor disk that won't disappear if enabled early.

885 = $Total_Available_Save_Pickups (PC, PS2v1)
NTSC PS2v1 = 006B2DC4 (from initial post)

The author of the Savegame Editor has good documentation on the save disks. The "House" field indicates the save index. So for Total Pickups add 1 to the index, but use the House index for all address calculations.


886 = $SAVE_PICKUPS_X[0]

The save coordinates are saved in the array described below. The Save_Pickups coordinates are the location of the pickups, the Save_Point coordinates and angle is where CJ is placed after the save screen or when loading. ($SAVE_PICKUPS_Y[0] starts right after $SAVE_PICKUPS_X[17], and so on)


Problems with the total available pickups can be avoided by borrowing indoor save disks instead. I usually borrow the disk from the Queens hideout for my shenanigans and connect Queens to something else, so instead I'd suggest connecting the Hashbury door to the Prickle Pine interior and move the Hashbury disk to Bayside -- which is why I gave you a map for all the coordinates.

The indoor strategy however won't provide a save disk icon in Bayside. The best chance of getting a properly placed save icon in Bayside is to change all the proper coordinate early and let the game place the icon for us. I'll look into how that works. I'm not sure how to move an existing Catalina's save blip to a different location without calculating addresses specifically for that save.

Another tricky part is getting coordinates on PS2. Do you have something that can run copy-byte codes? I can't get AR-Max to run them. If so, there are some Edison Carter codes that will write CJ's XYZ coordinates to the game stats where they are easy to read.

X,Y,Z Coordinates

Weapon, Fashion, Property Budget Stats = X,Y,Z Coordinates
506FE7EC 0000000C
00802194 00000000

Added: Okay, it looks like the save blips are placed by the missions that normally unlock the disk using the $Save_Pickup coordinates. So if you enable Catalina's disk early and move it to Bayside then eventually the save blip will appear, but if it's already been placed then moving it will be difficult.

Move Madd Doggs Disk (NTSC PS2v1)
206B2DCC 44A17999 $SAVE_PICKUPS_X[1]
206B2E14 C4477504 $SAVE_PICKUPS_Y[1]
206B2E5C 44883000 $SAVE_PICKUPS_Z[1]
206B2EA4 44A0D999 $SAVE_POINTS_X[1]
206B2EEC C4476C28 $SAVE_POINTS_Y[1]
206B2F34 44882333 $SAVE_POINTS_Z[1]
206B2F7C 42B40000 $SAVE_POINTS_ANGLE[1]

Format: 20aaaaaa ffffffff
20 = write 4 bytes starting at
aaaaaa = address of the coordinate variable
fffffff = floating point value to write

Hm.... floating point numbers. I'm not sure if we've discussed floats or not. Floats are how the game stores very large, very small, and decimal numbers with pretty good accuracy in only 4 bytes. But I don't know how to convert them without a website. Spreadsheets don't even include a conversion function for floats.

I like this old site because it's the one I learned to use: http://babbage.cs.qc...ld/Decimal.html
New Analyzer: http://babbage.cs.qc...y.edu/IEEE-754/

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 11:59 PM Edited by GTASAddict, 02 May 2013 - 03:28 AM.

Because you were able to connect the Big House with the Queens wardrobe, it would be splendid to connect all safe house interiors with the queens wardrobe (in my opinion). Can you provide a brief lesson to tutor me on my quest? Example: Dillimore safe house to Queens interior code values?

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Posted 02 May 2013 - 09:22 AM Edited by OrionSR, 02 May 2013 - 09:31 AM.

You may want to consider moving the Queens save disk into the Big House interior and saving yourself a step.

ENEX Redirect

Find the source you would like to redirect in the table below and copy the code segment from the 1st column. Dillimore's source address is: 20C9B6B8

Then copy the destination address for where you want the enex to go from the 2nd column. For Queens the destination address is: 00C9D96C

Combine these two addresses and separate them with a space character to make your new enex redirect code: 20C9B6B8 00C9D96C

Note that interior enexes are listed at the end of table.

ENEX Source and Destination Table for NTSCv1

Source Destin Index ENEX Name ** NTSCv1 **
20C986E8 00C986B0 0 POLICE1 LSPD_HQ
20C98724 00C986EC 1 ATRIUME Atrium_North
20C98760 00C98728 2 ATRIUMX Atrium_West
20C9879C 00C98764 3 X7_11S Roboi_Food_Mart_24-7
20C987D8 00C987A0 4 CLOTHGP Downtown_LS_Zip
20C98814 00C987DC 5 GENOTB LS_Inside_Track_Betting
20C98850 00C98818 6 AMMUN1 Market_Ammu-nation
20C9888C 00C98854 7 SKYLAN2 LS_Tower_bottom
20C988C8 00C98890 8 SKYLAN2 LS_Tower_top
20C98904 00C988CC 9 X7_11B Unity_69_24-7
20C98940 00C98908 10 SVLAMD El_Corona_Safe_House
20C9897C 00C98944 11 FDCHICK Willowfield_Chicken
20C989B8 00C98980 12 BARBER3 Playa_Del_Seville_Barber
20C989F4 00C989BC 13 AMMUN3 Willowfield_Ammu-nation
20C98A30 00C989F8 14 TATTOO Willowfield_Tattoos
20C98A6C 00C98A34 15 SVLASM Willowfield_Safe_House
20C98AA8 00C98A70 16 MOTEL1 Jefferson_Motel
20C98AE4 00C98AAC 17 LACS1 Jefferson_Sub-Urban
20C98B20 00C98AE8 18 SVLASM Jefferson_Safe_House
20C98B5C 00C98B24 19 BARBERS Idlewood_Barber_Reece's_
20C98B98 00C98B60 20 LACRAK Crack_Den
20C98BD4 00C98B9C 21 FDPIZA Idlewood_Pizza
20C98C10 00C98BD8 22 TATTOO Idlewood_Tattoo
20C98C4C 00C98C14 23 BAR1 Idlewood_Disco
20C98C88 00C98C50 24 BAR2 Ten_Green_Bottles
20C98CC4 00C98C8C 25 LASTRIP Pig_Pen
20C98D00 00C98CC8 26 DINER2 East_Beach_Diner
20C98D3C 00C98D04 27 CSCHP Ganton_Binco
20C98D78 00C98D40 28 CARLS Johnson's_House
20C98DB4 00C98D7C 29 BURHOUS Colonel_Fuhrberger's
20C98DF0 00C98DB8 30 GANG Vagos_Gang_House
20C98E2C 00C98DF4 31 FDCHICK East_Los_Santos_Chicken
20C98E68 00C98E30 32 GYM1 Ganton_Gym
20C98EA4 00C98E6C 33 CARTER Smoke's_Crack_Palace
20C98EE0 00C98EA8 34 BARBER2 Marina_Barber
20C98F1C 00C98EE4 35 FDBURG Marina_Burger_OG_Loc's
20C98F58 00C98F20 36 SVLAMD Verona_Beach_Safe_House
20C98F94 00C98F5C 37 X7_11B Mulholland_East_24-7
20C98FD0 00C98F98 38 FDBURG Mulholland_Burger
20C9900C 00C98FD4 39 X711S2 Mulholland_West_24-7
20C99048 00C99010 40 FDCHICK Market_Chicken
20C99084 00C9904C 41 CSDESGN Rodeo_Victim
20C990C0 00C99088 42 DINER1 Santa_Maria_Diner
20C990FC 00C990C4 43 CSSPRT Rodeo_Pro-Laps
20C99138 00C99100 44 FDREST1 Rodeo_Restaurant
20C99174 00C9913C 45 CSEXL Rodeo_Didier_Sachs
20C991B0 00C99178 46 SVLAMD Santa_Maria_Safe_House
20C991EC 00C991B4 47 SVSFBG Mulholland_Safe_House
20C99228 00C991F0 48 MADDOGS Madd_Dogg_Front
20C99264 00C9922C 49 MDDOGS Madd_Dogg_Back
20C992A0 00C99268 50 SFHSS1 Bayside_Burglary_Side_Door
20C992DC 00C992A4 51 SFHSS2 Bayside_Burglary_North
20C99318 00C992E0 52 SFHSB1 Bayside_Burglary_South
20C99354 00C9931C 53 SFHSM2 Bayside_Burglary_Unrestricted
20C99390 00C99358 54 GYM2 SF_Gym
20C993CC 00C99394 55 AMMUN1 SF_Ammu-nation
20C99408 00C993D0 56 FDCHICK Ocean_Flats_Chicken
20C99444 00C9940C 57 SVSFMD Hashbury_Safe_House
20C99480 00C99448 58 SVHOT1 Queens_Safe_House
20C994BC 00C99484 59 BARBER2 Barber's_Pole_-_Queens
20C994F8 00C994C0 60 FDREST1 Biffin_Bridge_Restaurant
20C99534 00C994FC 61 BAR1 SF_Disco_Bar_Gaydar_Staion
20C99570 00C99538 62 FDBURG Garcia_Burger
20C995AC 00C99574 63 LACS1 Hashbury_Sub_Urban
20C995E8 00C995B0 64 TATTO2 Hashbury_Tattoos_Hemlock
20C99624 00C995EC 65 SFHSS2 Ocean_Flats_N_Burglary
20C99660 00C99628 66 SFHSS1 Ocean_Flats_S_Burglary
20C9969C 00C99664 67 SFHSS1 Hashbury_W_Burglary
20C996D8 00C996A0 68 SFHSS2 Hashbury_N_Burglary
20C99714 00C996DC 69 SFHSS1 Hashbury_E_Burglary
20C99750 00C99718 70 SVSFBG Doherty_Safe_House
20C9978C 00C99754 71 BAR2 Misty's_Bar_Garcia
20C997C8 00C99790 72 CLOTHGP SF_Downtown_Zip
20C99804 00C997CC 73 FDPIZA Financial_Pizza
20C99840 00C99808 74 SVSFBG Calton_Heights_save
20C9987C 00C99844 75 SVSFSM Chinatown_Safe_House
20C998B8 00C99880 76 P69_ENT Pier_69_Top
20C998F4 00C998BC 77 P69_ENT Pier_69_Bottom
20C99930 00C998F8 78 DINER2 Pier_69_Diner
20C9996C 00C99934 79 FDPIZA SF_Downtown_Pizza
20C999A8 00C99970 80 FDBURG SF_Downtown_Burger
20C999E4 00C999AC 81 CSDESGN SF_Downtown_Victim
20C99A20 00C999E8 82 SF_Tower_Oneway_Up
20C99A5C 00C99A24 83 SF_Tower_Oneway_Down
20C99A98 00C99A60 84 SFHSS1 Calton_Heights_N_Burglary
20C99AD4 00C99A9C 85 LAHS2A Calton_Heights_N_Burglary
20C99B10 00C99AD8 86 LAHS2A Calton_Heights_N_Burglary
20C99B4C 00C99B14 87 LAHS2A SF_Downtown_Burglary
20C99B88 00C99B50 88 SFHSS1 SF_Downtown_Burglary
20C99BC4 00C99B8C 89 SFHSS1 Financial_Burglary
20C99C00 00C99BC8 90 SFHSS1 Financial_Burglary
20C99C3C 00C99C04 91 SFHSS1 Calton_Heights_S_Burglary
20C99C78 00C99C40 92 SFHSS1 Calton_Heights_S_Burglary
20C99CB4 00C99C7C 93 SFHSS1 Calton_Heights_S_Burglary
20C99CF0 00C99CB8 94 SFHSS1 Calton_Heights_S_Burglary
20C99D2C 00C99CF4 95 SFHSS1 Chinatown_Burglary
20C99D68 00C99D30 96 LAHS1B Calton_Stairs_Burglary
20C99DA4 00C99D6C 97 SFHSS1 Chinatown_Burglary
20C99DE0 00C99DA8 98 FDCHICK SF_Downtown_Chicken
20C99E1C 00C99DE4 99 REST2 SF_Downtown_Restaurant_Secret_Valley
20C99E58 00C99E20 100 SVSFSM Paradiso_Safe_House
20C99E94 00C99E5C 101 CSCHP Juniper_Hill_Binco
20C99ED0 00C99E98 102 FDBURG Juniper_Hollow_Burger
20C99F0C 00C99ED4 103 DINER2 Juniper_Hollow_Diner
20C99F48 00C99F10 104 SFHSS2 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C99F84 00C99F4C 105 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C99FC0 00C99F88 106 SFHSS2 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C99FFC 00C99FC4 107 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C9A038 00C9A000 108 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C9A074 00C9A03C 109 SFHSM1 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C9A0B0 00C9A078 110 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C9A0EC 00C9A0B4 111 SFHSB3 Paradiso_Burglary
20C9A128 00C9A0F0 112 SFHSB3 Santa_Flora_Burglary
20C9A164 00C9A12C 113 SFHSB1 Paradiso_Burglary
20C9A1A0 00C9A168 114 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hollow_Burglary
20C9A1DC 00C9A1A4 115 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hollow_Burglary
20C9A218 00C9A1E0 116 SFHSS1 Juniper_Hill_Burglary
20C9A254 00C9A21C 117 X7_11S
20C9A290 00C9A258 118 FDBURG
20C9A2CC 00C9A294 119 FDCHICK
20C9A308 00C9A2D0 120 X7_11S
20C9A344 00C9A30C 121 FDREST1 Vice_-_Old_Strip_-_World_of_Coq
20C9A380 00C9A348 122 FDBURG
20C9A3BC 00C9A384 123 X7_11B
20C9A3F8 00C9A3C0 124 AMMUN2
20C9A434 00C9A3FC 125 CSSPRT Pro-Laps
20C9A470 00C9A438 126 CSDESGN Victim
20C9A4AC 00C9A474 127 LACS1 Sub_Urban
20C9A4E8 00C9A4B0 128 FDPIZA
20C9A524 00C9A4EC 129 FDCHICK
20C9A560 00C9A528 130 X7_11B
20C9A59C 00C9A564 131 FDPIZA
20C9A5D8 00C9A5A0 132 FDBURG
20C9A614 00C9A5DC 133 X7_11S
20C9A650 00C9A618 134 POLICE3 LVPD_HQ
20C9A68C 00C9A654 135 BAR2 Craw_Bar_-_Old_Strip
20C9A6C8 00C9A690 136 LASTRIP Top_Heavy_Girls_-_Old_Strip
20C9A704 00C9A6CC 137 SVVGHO1 Clown's_Pocket_save
20C9A740 00C9A708 138 SVVGHO2 Old_Venturas_Strip_save
20C9A77C 00C9A744 139 SVSFSM Creek
20C9A7B8 00C9A780 140 POLICE4 LVPD_HQ
20C9A7F4 00C9A7BC 141 DINER2 LV_Steakhouse_-_Old_Strip
20C9A830 00C9A7F8 142 CSCHP Binco
20C9A86C 00C9A834 143 JUMP1 Caligula's_Roof_1_S
20C9A8A8 00C9A870 144 JUMP2 Caligula's_Roof_2_N
20C9A8E4 00C9A8AC 145 MAFCAS Caligulas_Casino
20C9A920 00C9A8E8 146 SVVGHO2 Pirates_in_Men's_Pants_save
20C9A95C 00C9A924 147 TRICAS The_Four_Dragon's
20C9A998 00C9A960 148 SVVGHO1 Camel's_Toe_save
20C9A9D4 00C9A99C 149 PAPER Planning_Department
20C9AA10 00C9A9D8 150 STRIP2 Nude_Stripers_Daily_by_Come-a-lot
20C9AA4C 00C9AA14 151 SVLAMD Rockshore_West_save
20C9AA88 00C9AA50 152 BAR1 Disco_-_Camel's_Toe
20C9AB00 00C9AAC8 154 FDPIZA
20C9AB3C 00C9AB04 155 CLOTHGP Zip
20C9AB78 00C9AB40 156 AMMUN2
20C9ABB4 00C9AB7C 157 FDBURG Redsands_Burgershot_Asset
20C9ABF0 00C9ABB8 158 FDBURG Burgers_Whitewood
20C9AC2C 00C9ABF4 159 DINER1 Diner_Redsands_West_-_by_Ballpark
20C9AC68 00C9AC30 160 TATTO3
20C9ACE0 00C9ACA8 162 X7_11S
20C9AD1C 00C9ACE4 163 CLOTHGP Zip
20C9AD58 00C9AD20 164 FDPIZA
20C9AD94 00C9AD5C 165 FDCHICK
20C9ADD0 00C9AD98 166 CSCHP Binco
20C9AE0C 00C9ADD4 167 X7_11S
20C9AE48 00C9AE10 168 BARBER2
20C9AE84 00C9AE4C 169 GYM3 Below_the_Belt_Gym
20C9AEC0 00C9AE88 170 ABATOIR Sindacco_Abattoir
20C9AEFC 00C9AEC4 171 SVLAMD Redsands_West_save
20C9AF38 00C9AF00 172 SVVGMD Prickle_Pine_save
20C9AF74 00C9AF3C 173 SVLAMD Whitewood_Estates_save
20C9AFB0 00C9AF78 174 CASINO2 Casino_Redsands_West
20C9AFEC 00C9AFB4 175 FDREST1 Streakhouse_World_of_Coq
20C9B028 00C9AFF0 176 SVc*nt El_Quebrados_save
20C9B064 00C9B02C 177 SVc*nt Tierra_Robada
20C9B0A0 00C9B068 178 DINER1 Tierra_Robada_Diner
20C9B0DC 00C9B0A4 179 REST2 Secret_Valley_Smokin_Beef_Grill_-_Las_Barrancas
20C9B118 00C9B0E0 180 BARBER2
20C9B154 00C9B11C 181 AMMUN5
20C9B190 00C9B158 182 FDCHICK
20C9B1CC 00C9B194 183 DAMOUT Top_of_Dam
20C9B208 00C9B1D0 184 UFOBAR Lil'_Probe_Inn
20C9B244 00C9B20C 185 AMMUN3
20C9B280 00C9B248 186 DESHOUS Airstrip_Save
20C9B2BC 00C9B284 187 STUDRAN Big_Spread_Ranch_-_Bone_County
20C9B2F8 00C9B2C0 188 DAMIN Generator_Hall
20C9B334 00C9B2FC 189 UFOBAR Lil'_Probe_Inn
20C9B370 00C9B338 190 DESHOUS Abandoned_AC_tower
20C9B3AC 00C9B374 191 STRIP2 Big_Spread_Ranch_-_Bone_County
20C9B3E8 00C9B3B0 192 DINER2 Fort_Carson
20C9B424 00C9B3EC 193 X7_11S
20C9B460 00C9B428 194 SVc*nt Fort_Carson_save
20C9B49C 00C9B464 195 Big_Ear_Tower
20C9B4D8 00C9B4A0 196 AMMUN3 Fort_Carson_Ammu-nation
20C9B514 00C9B4DC 197 FDCHICK
20C9B550 00C9B518 198 DINER2 Fort_Carson
20C9B58C 00C9B554 199 FDCHICK
20C9B5C8 00C9B590 200 AMMUN3
20C9B604 00C9B5CC 201 X7_11S Whetstone_24-7
20C9B640 00C9B608 202 SVc*nt Angel_Pine_country_save
20C9B67C 00C9B644 203 GENOTB Inside_Track_Betting
20C9B6B8 00C9B680 204 SVc*nt Dillimore_country_save
20C9B6F4 00C9B6BC 205 SVc*nt Palomino_Creek_country_save
20C9B730 00C9B6F8 206 AMMUN2 Blueberry_Ammu-nation
20C9B76C 00C9B734 207 POLICE1 Dillimore_PD_like_LSPD
20C9B7A8 00C9B770 208 BARBER2 Barber_in_Dillimore
20C9B7E4 00C9B7AC 209 DINER2 Diner_in_Blueberry
20C9B820 00C9B7E8 210 SVc*nt Blueberry_country_save
20C9B85C 00C9B824 211 FDPIZA Montgomery_Pizza
20C9B898 00C9B860 212 TSDINER Truck_Stop_in_Dillimore
20C9B8D4 00C9B89C 213 AMMUN2 Palomino_Ammu-nation
20C9B910 00C9B8D8 214 FDPIZA Palomino_Pizza
20C9B94C 00C9B914 215 FDPIZA Palomino_Pizza_duplicate?
20C9B988 00C9B950 216 FDPIZA Montgomery_Pizza_duplicate
20C9B9C4 00C9B98C 217 FDPIZA Blueberry_Pizza
20C9BA00 00C9B9C8 218 SVc*nt Whetstone_Farm
20C9BA3C 00C9BA04 219 CARLS Johnson_House
20C9BA78 00C9BA40 220 BURHOUS Colonel_Fuhrberger's
20C9BAB4 00C9BA7C 221 GANG Burning_Desire
20C9BAF0 00C9BAB8 222 MADDOGS Maddog_Top_int
20C9BB2C 00C9BAF4 223 MDDOGS Maddog_Bottom_int
20C9BB68 00C9BB30 224 JETINT Free_Fall_Interior
20C9BBA4 00C9BB6C 225 SWEETS Sweet's
20C9BBE0 00C9BBA8 226 MOROOM Room_with_Mirror
20C9BC1C 00C9BBE4 227 CHANGER Johnson_House_Changer
20C9BC58 00C9BC20 228 CARTER Smokes_Crack_Palace
20C9BC94 00C9BC5C 229 MOTEL1 Jefferson_Motel
20C9BCD0 00C9BC98 230 DRIVES Driving_School
20C9BD0C 00C9BCD4 231 DRIVES Driving_School
20C9BD48 00C9BD10 232 RCPLAY Zero's_RC_Shop
20C9BD84 00C9BD4C 233 RCPLAY Zero's_RC_Shop
20C9BDC0 00C9BD88 234 DRIVES2 Driving_School
20C9BDFC 00C9BDC4 235 DRIVES2 Driving_School
20C9BE38 00C9BE00 236 PDOMES Top_of_Pleasure_Domes
20C9BE74 00C9BE3C 237 PDOMES2 The_Pleasure_Domes
20C9BEB0 00C9BE78 238 PDOMES2 The_Pleasure_Domes
20C9BEEC 00C9BEB4 239 PDOMES The_Pleasure_Domes
20C9BF28 00C9BEF0 240 WUZIBET Wu_Zi_Mu's
20C9BF64 00C9BF2C 241 MAFCAS Caligula's_Casino
20C9BFA0 00C9BF68 242 MAFCAS2 Penthouse_Suites
20C9BFDC 00C9BFA4 243 MAFCAS2 Penthouse_Suites
20C9C018 00C9BFE0 244 JUMP2 Caligula's_Roof_2
20C9C054 00C9C01C 245 JUMP1 Caligula's_Roof_1
20C9C090 00C9C058 246 PAPER Planning_Department
20C9C0CC 00C9C094 247 BIKESCH Bike_School
20C9C108 00C9C0D0 248 ABATOIR Sindacco_Abattoir
20C9C144 00C9C10C 249 TRICAS 4_Dragons
20C9C180 00C9C148 250 In_Water_east_of_Palomino
20C9C1BC 00C9C184 251 TSDINER Truck_Stop_in_Dillimore
20C9C1F8 00C9C1C0 252 TATTOO
20C9C234 00C9C1FC 253 X7_11S
20C9C270 00C9C238 254 X7_11B
20C9C2AC 00C9C274 255 X7_11C unused
20C9C2E8 00C9C2B0 256 X7_11D unused
20C9C324 00C9C2EC 257 X711S2 Mulholland_West_24-7
20C9C360 00C9C328 258 X711S3 unused
20C9C39C 00C9C364 259 SEXSHOP
20C9C3D8 00C9C3A0 260 TATTO2
20C9C414 00C9C3DC 261 TATTO3
20C9C450 00C9C418 262 ATRIUMX
20C9C48C 00C9C454 263 ATRIUME
20C9C4C8 00C9C490 264 VGHSB1 Burglary_Shotgun_no_exit
20C9C504 00C9C4CC 265 LAHSS6 Burglary_Pistol_and_Exit
20C9C540 00C9C508 266 VGHSB3 Burlary_red_Bat_no_Exit
20C9C57C 00C9C544 267 VGSHS2 Burlary_Knife_no_Exit
20C9C5B8 00C9C580 268 LAHSB4 Burlary_orange_Pistol_with_Exit
20C9C5F4 00C9C5BC 269 LAHSB1 Burlary_blue_Bat_no_Exit
20C9C630 00C9C5F8 270 LAHSB2 Burlary_no_Exit
20C9C66C 00C9C634 271 LAHSB3 Burglary_greenish_Bat_Shotgun_no_Exit
20C9C6A8 00C9C670 272 LAHS2B Burlary_no_Exit
20C9C6E4 00C9C6AC 273 LAHS2A Burlary_pink_floral_with_Exit
20C9C720 00C9C6E8 274 VGSHM2 Burlary_Pistol_Knife_no_exit
20C9C75C 00C9C724 275 VGSHM3 Burlary_Pistol_no_exit
20C9C798 00C9C760 276 VGHSS1 Burlary_no_Exit
20C9C7D4 00C9C79C 277 LAHS1A Burlary_with_Exit
20C9C810 00C9C7D8 278 LAHS1B Burlary_with_Exit
20C9C84C 00C9C814 279 OFTEST Middle_of_nowhere
20C9C888 00C9C850 280 S1TEST Middle_of_nowhere
20C9C8C4 00C9C88C 281 LACRAK Crack_Den
20C9C900 00C9C8C8 282 BROTHEL Brothel_no_audio
20C9C93C 00C9C904 283 RYDERS Ryder's_Place
20C9C978 00C9C940 284 VGHSM2 Burlary_with_Exit
20C9C9B4 00C9C97C 285 VGHSM3 Burlary_with_Exit
20C9C9F0 00C9C9B8 286 SFHSB2 Fall
20C9CA2C 00C9C9F4 287 SFHSB3 Burlary_Bat_with_Exit
20C9CA68 00C9CA30 288 SFHSS2 Burlary_with_Exit
20C9CAA4 00C9CA6C 289 SFHSS1 Burlary_with_Exit
20C9CAE0 00C9CAA8 290 SFHSB1 Burlary_Pistol_Bat_with_Exit
20C9CB1C 00C9CAE4 291 SFHSM1 Burlary_nasty_lighting_with_Exit
20C9CB58 00C9CB20 292 SFHSM2 Burlary_wood_with_Exit
20C9CB94 00C9CB5C 293 CASINO2 Small_Green_Rug
20C9CBD0 00C9CB98 294 BROTHL1 Pole_Dancing_Large
20C9CC0C 00C9CBD4 295 GYM1 Ganton_Gym
20C9CC48 00C9CC10 296 CARMOD2 Loco_Low_Co
20C9CC84 00C9CC4C 297 CARMOD3 Wheel_Arch_Angels
20C9CCC0 00C9CC88 298 GENWRHS Warehouse
20C9CCFC 00C9CCC4 299 GENOTB Inside_Track_Betting
20C9CD38 00C9CD00 300 GYM2 Cobra_Martial_Arts
20C9CD74 00C9CD3C 301 GYM3 Below_the_Belt_Gym
20C9CDB0 00C9CD78 302 SMASHTV SmashTV_Warehouse
20C9CDEC 00C9CDB4 303 BDUPS B_Dup's_apartment
20C9CE28 00C9CDF0 304 BDUPS1 B_Dup's_Crack_Palace
20C9CE64 00C9CE2C 305 STRIP2 Neon_White_Hearts
20C9CEA0 00C9CE68 306 STUDIO Studio
20C9CEDC 00C9CEA4 307 BROTHL2 Tiger_Rug_Brothel
20C9CF18 00C9CEE0 308 OGLOCS OG_Loc's
20C9CF54 00C9CF1C 309 CARMOD1 TransFender
20C9CF90 00C9CF58 310 LASTRIP Pig_Pen
20C9D008 00C9CFD0 312 POLICE2 SFPD_HQ
20C9D044 00C9D00C 313 POLICE4 LVPD_HQ
20C9D080 00C9D048 314 GF1 Denise's
20C9D0BC 00C9D084 315 GF2 Katie's
20C9D0F8 00C9D0C0 316 GF3 Helena's
20C9D134 00C9D0FC 317 GF4 Michelle's
20C9D170 00C9D138 318 GF5 Barbara's_Jail
20C9D1AC 00C9D174 319 POLICE3 LVPD_HQ
20C9D1E8 00C9D1B0 320 GF6 Millie's
20C9D224 00C9D1EC 321 LACS1 Sub_Urban
20C9D260 00C9D228 322 CSSPRT Pro-Laps
20C9D29C 00C9D264 323 CSCHP Binco
20C9D2D8 00C9D2A0 324 BARBERS Reeces
20C9D314 00C9D2DC 325 AMMUN1 Ammu-Market_&_SF
20C9D350 00C9D318 326 FDCHICK Cluckin'_Bell
20C9D38C 00C9D354 327 FDBURG Burger_Shot
20C9D3C8 00C9D390 328 FDPIZA Well_Stacked_Pizza
20C9D404 00C9D3CC 329 FDDONUT Rusty_Brown's
20C9D440 00C9D408 330 FDREST1 World_of_Coq
20C9D47C 00C9D444 331 BAR1 Disco_Bar
20C9D4B8 00C9D480 332 BARBER2
20C9D4F4 00C9D4BC 333 BARBER3
20C9D530 00C9D4F8 334 REST2 Secret_Valley
20C9D56C 00C9D534 335 BAR2 10_Green_Bottles?
20C9D5A8 00C9D570 336 CLOTHGP Zip
20C9D5E4 00C9D5AC 337 CSEXL Didier_Sachs
20C9D620 00C9D5E8 338 AMMUN2
20C9D65C 00C9D624 339 AMMUN3
20C9D698 00C9D660 340 AMMUN4 unused
20C9D6D4 00C9D69C 341 AMMUN5
20C9D710 00C9D6D8 342 DINER1
20C9D74C 00C9D714 343 DINER2
20C9D788 00C9D750 344 CSDESGN Victim
20C9D7C4 00C9D78C 345 CHANGER Wardrobe_Int
20C9D800 00C9D7C8 346 DIRBIKE Dirt_Bike
20C9D83C 00C9D804 347 8TRACK 8_Track
20C9D878 00C9D840 348 SVVGMD Prickle_Pine_Int
20C9D8B4 00C9D87C 349 SVSFSM Creek_Int
20C9D8F0 00C9D8B8 350 SVLABIG Removed_Mulholland?
20C9D92C 00C9D8F4 351 SVSFMD Hashbury_Int
20C9D968 00C9D930 352 SVLASM Jefferson_Int
20C9D9A4 00C9D96C 353 SVHOT1 Queens_Int
20C9D9E0 00C9D9A8 354 SVVGHO1 Camel's_Toe_Int
20C9DA1C 00C9D9E4 355 SVVGHO2 Pirates_Int
20C9DA58 00C9DA20 356 SVc*nt Whetstone_Int
20C9DA94 00C9DA5C 357 CHANGER Queens_Int
20C9DAD0 00C9DA98 358 SVGNMT2 Red_Bed_Room_Int
20C9DB0C 00C9DAD4 359 SVGNMT1 Tan_Bed_Room_Int
20C9DB48 00C9DB10 360 CHANGER Camel's_Toe_Changer
20C9DB84 00C9DB4C 361 CHANGER Pirates_Changer
20C9DBC0 00C9DB88 362 CHANGER Whetstone_Changer
20C9DBFC 00C9DBC4 363 CHANGER Jefferson_Int_Changer
20C9DC38 00C9DC00 364 CHANGER Red_Bed_Room_Changer
20C9DC74 00C9DC3C 365 CHANGER Tan_Bed_Room_Changer
20C9DCB0 00C9DC78 366 CHANGER LA_Big_House_Changer
20C9DCEC 00C9DCB4 367 CHANGER Creek_Changer
20C9DD28 00C9DCF0 368 CHANGER Calton_Heights_Changer
20C9DD64 00C9DD2C 369 SVSFBG Calton_Heights_Int
20C9DDA0 00C9DD68 370 SVLAMD Whitewood_Estates__Int
20C9DDDC 00C9DDA4 371 CHANGER Whitewood_Estates__Changer
20C9DE18 00C9DDE0 372 CHANGER Prickle_Pine_Changer
20C9DE54 00C9DE1C 373 CHANGER Hashbury_Changer
20C9DE90 00C9DE58 374 AIRPORT Los_Santos_International_Airport
20C9DECC 00C9DE94 375 AIRPOR2 Francis_Intl._Airport

Source formula: =DEC2HEX(C2*60+13207216+56)
Source format: 20@
Destination formula: =DEC2HEX(C2*60+13207216)
Destination format: 00@
(where C2 is the index of the enex)

13207216 =hex2dec(C986B0)

Start of ENEX data
NTSCv1 = C986B0
NTSCv2 = C99230
PALv1 = C987B0
PALv2 = C99330
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Posted 03 May 2013 - 01:32 AM Edited by GTASAddict, 03 May 2013 - 02:26 AM.

I decided to connect the Queens wardrobe to the Big House interior; next, I connected the Fort Carson, El Quebrados, & Dillimore safe house interiors with the Queens interior, thus enabling access to the Big House through those 3 safe houses.

What inspired me to do this is my love for recruiting GSF members and together slaughtering rivals gangs. Unfortunately, in LS, SF & LV, ambulances & firetrucks show up to revive people & extinguish fires. Fortunately, this doesn't happen in rural areas. Using Rics codes, I added GSF territory to Dillimore, El Quebrados & Fort Caron; Rifas to Blueberry & Gang 9 to Bayside marina. I too like having the Big House pickups handy before embarking on a rampage.

Some codes (NTSC V1 Action Replay Max) to exemplify my progress:

Dillimore is GSF territory

Blueberry is Rifas territory

Queens Wardrobe to Big House interior

Dillimore, El Quebrados & Fort Caron interiors to Queens interior

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:08 AM Edited by OrionSR, 03 May 2013 - 02:13 AM.

Oh, man.... I want a Bug House interior with butterflies and lightning bugs.

Nice work. I'm glad things are working out for you. BTW, another option would be (would have been?) to connect the country house's wardrobe to the Big House. One code would do the trick for all of the rural houses.

20C9DBC0 00C9D96C

There's more than one way to skin a c... Actually, no. Once the cat is skinless the other methods won't work anymore.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:37 AM

Yikes, spelling blunder fixed.

I was just about to formulate more codes for other rural safe houses, but thankfully, you suggested a whole package code.

By the way, I just noticed you added an asset at Pirates In Mens Pants on your Chain Game file. I tried the PC and it isn't working out for me, so how about implementing a similar edition for the PS2 too?

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:06 AM Edited by OrionSR, 03 May 2013 - 03:13 AM.

Sorry, I don't usually bug people on spelling and grammar, and especially typos, but the image that came to mind was... fascinating -- a combination of an early memory of sitting under a sheet on a picnic table and opening the jar of lightning bugs my dad and I had collected, the local science center's butterfly exhibit with hundreds of colorful butterflies of varying sizes, and my brother's old menagerie of stick and leaf bugs.

There are two extra assets in the Chain Game saves. One is in the Four Dragon's Casino, and the other is located on the shipwreck. This pirate booty asset probably won't work out well for PS2 codes. For one thing, it refuses to generate more money unless CJ basically stands there and watches it; we ended up seeding it with a small fortune so it wouldn't be completely useless. But also because it would look weird hovering above the sea floor without the ship object. The Four Dragons asset code can be found at the link below. It's one of those fresh vs restart codes so be sure to grab the right one.


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:50 AM

I tested your 4 Dragons asset on an expendable, test memory card and here are the results: If you implement this code before completing the casino heist missions, the asset will not only refrain from appearing, the game will crash if you stay in the casino for too long. Everything is fine if implemented after completion of those missions.

I have a question: What values to alter to move the 4 Dragons asset to Blackfield Chapel?

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