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YouTube videos (no links btw)

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  • HairyWookieBalls


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Posted 11 April 2008 - 11:07 AM

There seems to be a flurry of posts regarding people making videos to post on YouTube of them playing GTA4. Just to clear this up once and for all, will anyone actually watch such a video?

I was under the impression that being a GTA4 forum, the vast majority of people here will actually buy the game, and play it themselves rather than watching someone else do it.

Now, if we get some comedy moments into a youtube vid, fair enough, but just watching someone play the same game as you've already got would have to be pretty dull.

Any thoughts?

  • Slamman

    Player Hater

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Posted 11 April 2008 - 11:11 AM

This did get asked before, but just as people don't want to spoil the game, there will be those who refrain from YouTube vids, so be careful where I'm at, I plan to show some unusual stuff, like trying to coax events in the virtual world

  • JonnyVercetti

    Li'l G Loc

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Posted 11 April 2008 - 11:13 AM

I will be watching just gameplay not story-plot videos.

I like to watch people play the same game, see what they do in the video.

  • Slamman

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Posted 14 April 2008 - 02:23 AM

I'll be making them versus watching them, of course <G> wink.gif

  • thor1to3for5


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Posted 14 April 2008 - 02:39 AM

Are we talking post release?

If so I will probably watch to get ideas for things to do. I will watch multiplayer tactic videos also.

  • Gog


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Posted 14 April 2008 - 02:43 AM

I like the stunt videos, even though I don't believe most of them are done without cheats.

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