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GTA TriState

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 03:09 PM Edited by meta187, 04 April 2008 - 03:36 PM.

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The Pitch...

The Trilogy is Over but life goes on..

Time lines intersect, everyone connects but why?

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It's all been leading up to this.

So, the series has wound down and the Grand Theft Auto trilogy has drawn to a close with a few supporting stories via PSP to fill in some blank spots in continuity. It seems since the conclusion of GTA III, we've been looking back, looking back at all the crazy bedlam that set things in motion to get us to the point where we were helping Claude Speed escape with Eightball in that opening act.

Now with the announcement of GTA4, it seems the series is going in an entirely new direction, with a storyline and setting that will have little or nothing to do with it's predecessor, save general theme and familiar function.

So the pertinent question left in my mind is,

"What would've happened if we were to look forward in time, instead of back?"

Not far, just a few years... We've been to the 1st half of the 80's, the mid and late 90's, where we haven't been since the initial game is present day.

What has happened to all these peoples lives and what has transpired in the aftermath of a city that more or less had a majority of it's prominent criminals killed? Who's survived and moved on to other things in their lives. GTA fans have invested themselves in this storyline and it's characters, the unique dark humor and feel of the series has often been imitated but never duplicated.

That may sound a bit "in depth" for what some may essentially view as "video game characters" but the backdrop the series has provided is one with many layers of emergent game play and solid storytelling, deserving of a finale' to equate the thousands of hours that have been put into articulating it into a "living, breathing" world in the 1st place and in the time that the rabid fans put in completing the games to 100% just to get a mere fraction more from the content of the game itself.

Now I leave it to the next-gen modders, designers and artists to bring about some of the higher goals graphically and such with more detailed environs to make the GTA "sandbox" feel more authentic, through complex ped interactions and entailed scripting in the next installment and next-gen consoles but for now, there's a story yet to be told. For anyone who's been paying close attention to the continuity and characters thus far there are literally a fist full of loose ends to be tied.

Thus, where GTA4 will be a complete re imagining of the entire series and story, a way for the games creators to effectively hit the reset button, the goal here is to follow the present story to it's likely and or unexpected conclusion, or conclusions , if you will. In that open world of possibilities, there's a lot of fun to be had. True fans who attempted to get a last nostalgic gasp out of the series on their PS2's and XBox's with the lower quality PSP ports, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories probably feel a bit unsatisfied with what they got as a nod farewell to some of their favorite places and characters.

What's The Point?

With anticipation of GTA4 well on it's way, we sincerely just want to have fun and feedback on trying to fill out am alternate retro style storyline (expansion) for GTA4, so we started this little project as something to be on-going and to add to as this imagined game fleshes itself out and the actual game presents itself later this month. We invite all artists, modders, writers or someone who just has a clever idea to throw in their two cents to see if we can fit it in to making this into a fully realized proposal.

Is this going towards anything in particular as far as being presented to or by Rockstar Games?

Not likely, We just really love this game and want to work on writing/developing something we enjoy, so humor us if you will. It would be nice to have their development people look in here and see some very cool and original ideas from seasoned fans of the game but all in all, this presentation is strictly parody for the time being.

In a nutshell, we're just a group of avid GTA fans visualizing the game we'd like to see, assuming you're a fan yourself, maybe take a moment out with us to do the same...

Thanks in Advance.

-The Connection-


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Support Sig with Table



BASE IMAGE: [IMG]http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/685/tristateavyl5.gif[/IMG]

TriState Sections

Section 1: Introduction & Index

Section 2: People to See

Section 3: Places to Go, Things to Do

Section 4: The Spill Canvas

Section 5: The Blueprint

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user posted image

Credit Thus Far...
Artwork: sofa_king, MI7, Fuzzknuckles, meta187
Writing: meta187
Consultation: Fuzzknuckles
Providing a Place to Work: The Connection
Project Coordinator: meta187

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 03:11 PM Edited by meta187, 17 April 2008 - 08:55 PM.

People to See...

Four Paths, One Road

There are 4 selectable characters, each with their own story lines, attributes and agendas. The character who functions outside of all this, is you. You design a custom character at the beginning of the game who has been out of the limelight but finds himself thrown forward into situations where he receives missions and or trades off with these 4 central figures. Certain situations in the story-path require a "personal touch" from these characters and give you the thrill of seeing their different abilities and attributes in an open way or for their intended missions. Most of the games "activity" missions are reserved solely for the main player.

Right Place, Wrong Time

The main character that you play may come off a bit "generic" at 1st glance but in fact has stood unwittingly in the background of major GTA events throughout his life. A vacation with the family as a child to Miami in the early 80's shopping at The North Point Mall while it was under siege by a seemingly crazed maniac. A taxi driving job in the Red Light District picking up a fair whilst a prominant Don was assassinated from an adjacent roof-top. Getting off a plane, while an O.G. bumps into his arm getting on a flight en route to Los Santos. Throughout the storyline you make the transition from the unwitting wallflower, the "common thug" to a key player in the storyline.

This transition will allow the player to appreciate his accomplishments and the part he plays on a higher level than in previous games as he becomes the truly emmergent figure who breaks down the 4th wall, effectively, in the sense that you the player have been taking part in this story as a silent witness since the beginning.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 03:12 PM Edited by meta187, 04 April 2008 - 03:17 PM.

Places to Go, Things to Do...

TriState: Refers to the general areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Much of the rolling country side and rural areas to the Northeast in this game will be represented in the CT regions, in the fairly recreational and scenic area of Cardiobridge. New Garden will be a much more articulated and recognizable play on New Jersey than Portland ever dreamed about being, consequently Portland will have a stronger New York vibe. The main exit to New Garden intersects with the tunnel leading northwest out of Shoreside Vale. Liberty City will represent New York to the fullest and have a much more diverse feeling for the Five Boroughs feel.
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Liberty City '08

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The Old Stomping Grounds

Changes have occurred, new businesses have sprung up in place of familiar areas where old disasters occurred (i.e. the old Triad fish plant is now the site for a questionable Seafood restaurant). Undeveloped areas are now springing forth with new commerce and housing as we would be remiss not to take advantage of the expanded memory and capabilities of next-gen consoles, some areas will be decidedly different and expansive.

The dead end tunnel at the north end area of Shoreside Vale near the Columbian Neighborhood is now the main interstate leading out of the city northwest towards New Garden, New Jersey.

The Forelli's have placed a strong foothold in central Liberty, driving the weakened Columbians into a merge with other ethnic gangs to form the Int.Syndicate. Portland is strictly Leone as far as mafia based gangs go with Toni Cipriani sitting in as unofficial Don. Shoreside Vale has flourished and is now the quietly placed headquarters of Love Media, a towering monolith stands out amongst the warehouses on the west side of Witchita Gardens, very much out of place. The Suits are the corporate thugs who line the sidewalks in this area with their nuevo-riche Carmani business suits, you may be surprised to find a few of them armed.

Eightball & Carl Johnson have recently united the factions in the Shoreside Vale projects and now the South Side Hoodz are simply known as The Hoodz.

On Lock-Down

GTA fans have become accustomed to having an, open environment to run a muck in from the outset of the game with the occasional hindrance of a blocked bridge or a 5 star wanted level blocking them. In this installment freedom is it's own reward as the main character starts out very much incarcerated in the off-shore correctional facility of Syrkers Isle (to the Northeast of Portland).

You learn a lot of the rudimentary mechanics of melee and stealth in the opening stages of the game here. The main protagonist will start out very much incarcerated, with only brief glimpses of the savory outside world and will have to work through various claustrophobia-inducing missions on their way towards escape or parole.

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Nu World Order

Feeling some common ground and being wittled down as the "smaller gangs" in Liberty, The Yakuza, The Triads, the Columbians and The Yardies have since consolidated to form The Int.Syndicate and run everything surrounding the Yakuza based casino but on a much broader scale. Armed to the teeth with an assortment of firepower and vehicles, if you choose to tangle with this gang know that you will be attacked by land, sea and air.

So step lightly this is probably one of the strongest organizations in the game.

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New Garden

user posted image[/b]

Garden State

A small but established crime family lives here, The Sindaccos. The city is heavily polluted but still has a river and some greenery surrounding it in the "Garden State", the city is fairly modern and over-run with highways and neighborhoods. Two Major highways run out of the city, west towards the badlands and much worse industrial cluster f*ck and now near Ghost Town that is Carcer. The East Highway leads to Cardiobridge, CT the polar opposite of Carcer, a beautiful, lush landscape of rolling countryside and contemporary provinces.

BADABING-The Return of the Sindaccos

Following some nasty business in Liberty City. This once proud gang has relocated a revamped version of The Doll House to New Garden and is the chief rival gang of The Forellis, who of course begrudge them a bit despite the "peace-time" arrangement that was made, allowing them to set up shop east of the tunnel.

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The Natural World

Cardiobridge, the outdoor playground for the entire game, lush rolling countryside, mountains, hilly terrain and a massive lake set the stage for the best possible area to utilize all the games new recreational toys. Smaller, quaint towns make for a charming drive and some potential mischief with the local yokels.

The countryside was a new addition to game play in GTA: San Andreas and served as a useful hideout from unwanted attention. It served not only to broaden the map but also supplied missions and added game play in the Badlands strand of missions, in which you were exiled to the rural community of Whetstone.

GTA TriState will not only expand on this game play feature but also improve it by making the countryside more proactive and alive. In San Andreas, there was little incentive to venture into the outback other than to outrun trouble or explore, but in TriState there will be a much more varied array of locations and activities.

The highest point on the map will be along Montaņa Peaks, located on the shores of Lake Carr northwest of Cardiobridge. The area surrounding Cardiobridge will be the games "outdoor playground" with open meadows, mountains, hills, outcrops, creeks, valleys and pretty much every other natural feature incorporated to enhance the overall environment. On a whim, you will be able to jet ski down open stretches of river, pick up an oxygen tank, diving underwater for prolonged periods of time and hang glide from the highest peak.

Good Times.

Better Living Through Chemistry

In the white picket fenced little postcard province of Cardiobridge Corner lies one dominant industry in the southern business district, the lifeblood and employer of the entire town, Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals. In a town filled with small tourist driven Gift Shops and curio-antique stores, a large compound and manufacturing plant sticks out like a sore-thumb. Amongst this completely manufactured and manicured town, it can be seen from just about any angle within the circumference and outside the area.

Beneath the surface a much broader range of ventures than simple over-the counter pharmaceuticals are going on within the compound but all rumors and leaks to the media have been quickly swept under the rug as many private government contracts have been commissioned to the corporation and the "special interest" investors prefer to retain their anonymity at all costs. Similar to The Suits in Wichita Gardens, The Zaibatsu Research Assistants troll the grounds and sidewalks surrounding the compound in security golf carts vigilantly looking to correct any matter that comprises the pristine image of the town.

user posted image

Carcer City

user posted image

Judgment Night

Driving west out of the city of New Garden, into the desert, a gradual change of terrain and climate occurs. You find yourself on a rolling desolate highway driving into an overcast city on the horizon and immediately feel as though you've made a severely wrong turn. The low-grade police detachments, setting up a make shift, DMZ at the city's outskirts only serve to confirm the sinking feeling growing in your gut.

The Neighboring city of Carcer, far to the Northwest of Liberty City is one of the major locations but not exactly part of the TriState area, it has a more surreal other-worldly feel and closely resembles a post apocalyptic Detroit. However, there will be many recognizable areas from Manhunt but also many new locations as we have only seen glimpses of Carcer through the depraved lens of a megalomaniac.

Carcer City is a burnt out shell of a once massively industrial city. The remaining residents quietly and skittishly make their way up and down the sidewalks in an a poor imitation of what passes for "normal" inner-city life. The debris-strewn landscape exists in perpetual darkness, at night the shadows draw long and bleak. During the day the sky is always doomishly overcast.

You will recognize many of your old Manhunt stomping grounds here and of course what extends beyond them as all previously enclosed areas have been opened up to accommodate a fully realized urban nightmare.

The Outfit- Survivors of His Wrath

Comprised of a mix of Carcer gangs, these are the survivors of James Earl Cash's infamous gauntlet on his passage to the Starkweather Estates. Battle Scarred and aggressive almost immediately, don't say where you won't see them. If you're in Carcer, your subject to a random and vicious attack from these freaks at anytime, so come well armed and a bit crazy, yourself.

user posted image

LOCATION & GANG MEMBER ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS: If we have nothing else in the GTA community we have some insanely talented graphic artists and modders, if you have a pretty cool vision of an area or gang, that's translated to artwork for TriState, simply post it in this thread and we will link it here. Thank you.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 03:13 PM Edited by meta187, 04 April 2008 - 03:17 PM.

The Spill Canvas

Great Innovations in any medium often start with a simple idea or vision.

What is something, really cool or amusing you'd like to see in a GTA game,
that possibly hasn't been done yet or as well as you would like?

This a place where we add ideas and options that would work well in the game you always hoped for
but never quite received.

There's no particular order on this one just toss us your best thoughts and we'll post them here.

It Starts with Respect

The respect system will be expanded to include a broader control of the city and interaction with the inhabitants. Depending upon your behavior you may garner media attention and this of course will effect how people react towards you casually strolling down the sidewalk. If you are a bit notorious they may in fact run for cover in droves screaming about the "maniac coming this way" but also police and rival gang members will be a bit more apprehensive about accosting or attacking you to the point you may be able to beat down the random pedestrian in broad daylight whilst a blind eye is turned.

Now it is not uncommon to see this reactionary script in games (i.e. Fable, The Godfather) but this will also extend to the people who follow you, at the higher levels thugs (or people) you recruit to follow you will take a care to protect you, going as far as pushing you aside to intercept an assassins bullet. Now this could be problematic in a gunfight whilst deciding to target enemies your protectors may catch some "friendly fire" so this protective formation will of course be selectable. The more respect you command the better your people perform and the more complex the directions you'll be able to give.

The Eye in the Sky

Media being previously mentioned is something that is "always watching" in the more populated areas of the city, if a situation gets particularly escalated you will notice News Helicopters amongst the law enforcement ones dotting the sky. In which case you may (if you choose) hit the select key and switch to the media view of the situation which may not be particularly practical but hearing the commentary and seeing the first person view from the camera man when you say "hi" to the people at home with the random rocket launcher blast will be well worth an occasional change of perspective.

user posted image

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Taking a small cue from Mercenaries (ironic), buildings and structures within the game will be fully destructible to accommodate the Colonel Cortez vs Phil Cassidy conflict string as well as many others. All destroyed buildings will re-pop after a time to maintain the games overall look and key locations. Of course certain areas may be permanently leveled if it's conducive to the storyline. While this option is in fact very fun, willful destruction of public property will result in the harshest and most immediate response by armed law enforcement and eventually National Guardsmen.
Icing on the Cake...

Weapons, Women, Fast Cars, Music, Humor and Art Direction. It's all the little things and small attention to detail that make GTA such a worthwhile and expansive playground for all of us.

In this section we discuss and add all the EXTRAS we'd like to see in the final round of a storyline closing out the original post GTA III trilogy, cool stuff you always wished they put in but maybe didn't.

New Toys details, details...
user posted image Dual-Wield Katanas: You can now use two swords at once for added slice and dice action.

Weapon Feature: Drive By Beheadings. Handy with a sword? Handy on a PCJ? Combine the two and drive by an enemy, whilst lopping his head off with a katana.
user posted image Brick: That's right. A simple brick. Don't laugh. When you smash someone directly in the face with this piece of the wall they'll drop like a sack of potatoes. You may only get one use but it tends to be one of the most effective close-quarters methods for subduing an enemy quickly.

Weapon Feature: Surprise, Surprise! The brick can also be thrown!
user posted image AUG//M240 40mm Grenade Launcher: This high velocity assault rifle unleashes and astounding 30 rounds per second with a nice grenade option to mix the carnage up a little.

Weapon Feature: Found yourself in a tight hallway with a lot of enemies closing in on your personal space? Start swinging the butt end of the rifle for a melee attack to clear some room.
user posted image
Nail Gun: A nice little way to get company to stick around, comprehensive ragdoll physics and nine inch nails allow for you to literally nail people into the wall by the less meaty areas (i.e. hands, feet, ears).

Weapon Feature: The Nail gun is the most effective weapon for puncturing tires and has a significantly higher success rate for doing so than conventional pistols.
user posted image
Horror Glove: An internet mail-order B-Movie prop shipped directly from Carcer, don't be fooled it's surprisingly effective in tight hallways. The stuff that dreams are made of kid, mwahaha.

Weapon Feature: This weapon is rather "iconic", expect an immediate reaction from nearby pedestrians. From the first satisfying snap of your outstretched fingers, crowds will disperse and run away screaming in terror.

user posted image

The Future Was Wide Open...

This section is open ended and small to start in hopes that others upon taking in the elements of this storyline, will put their collective talents to use and submit artwork, ideas and extras to flesh out the over all feel of whats going on within the story.

As we add on, we also invite the communities full support in imagining and visualizing a unique and worthwhile perspective from the fans standpoint on the ground floor. All additional style content will be linked here.

Have at it.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 03:15 PM Edited by meta187, 04 April 2008 - 03:18 PM.

The Blueprint

When mapping out the initial idea for TriState it became fast apparent that by combining so many characters and intersecting story lines into one game that the overall story could run the risk of being a bit convoluted, mired in it's own attempt to blend all the best aspects from previous games.

It became a given that some careful mapping was very necessary before we could go forward with the overall vision of what would actually happen in this game.

There's still much to be added but we hope this at least provides a solid base upon which to fill out the rest.

Unlike previous installments multiple choices you make along the way will effect a number of outcomes and the final fashion in which the game plays out, thus lending the game a significant amount of replay value.

user posted image
Chapter 1 (All Paths)

Freedom of Choice has always been a key element in any GTA game prior to this installment, going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, has always been a given from the outset of any game.

In this story all such options are stripped away as you find yourself an inmate at Srykers Isle Correctional Facility, serving time for some unnamed crime. At this stage in the story you learn the rudimentary mechanics of stealth, movement and melee.

At some point an opportunity presents itself and you're presented with your first real choice.

Make your escape from the facility or hold out for the next several months and parole out in the proper fashion. This key decision will effect the people you will meet, the jobs you will take and the places you will be going to for the rest of the story arc, so choose wisely.


If you opt to escape, after a rather clumsy and ridiculously executed prison break, you swim northwest to Shoreside Vale and fall in amongst The Hoodz who are led by Eightball and new co-leader Carl Johnson.


The Hoodz are backed by a silent partner who has a long outstanding grudge with the Columbian Cartel who have since aligned them self with the remnants of many other gangs in the area to form the International Syndicate, a ruthless and far reaching gang who's influence extends well into the central parts of Liberty.


If you decide to behave yourself a bit of a time lapse transpires via a cut scene and you find yourself months later, free and clear on parole in Portland at which point you pick up work under Toni Cipriani and his newly acquired guest the aged and decidedly more arrogant, Tommy Vercetti who seems to be getting attention from all the wrong people for all the right reasons.


Having Tommy around immediately stirs up a much aged bad blood amongst the locals, especially The Forelli's who have a long memory and haven't forgotten Sonny's demise back in the 80's. The problem is compounded by the fact that this crew now work directly as one of the active strong arms for The Leone Family whom Toni himself is now unofficially heading up.
user posted image
Chapter 2 (Path 1)

After quelling the rabble-rousing and general mayhem caused by the Int. Syndicate you make the acquaintance of a private business man, ex-media mogul, Donald Love who has set up his corporate offices strangely amongst all the industrial plants and factories occupying southern Wichita Falls.

A few mild requests start to take a darker turn once Donald takes a personal hand in missions. However, his business concerns still remain fairly on point and ambitious as he sends you on a cross country trip to Cardio Corner to "acquire" blueprints for a secret prototype currently in the possession of Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals , who shadow themselves as an outstanding and community driven industry in the center of Cardio Corner.


As you make your way across the beautiful Conneticut landscape into the quaint, white picket fenced town of Cardio Corner it becomes fast apparent that the heavy contingent surrounding Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals are not a bunch of nerdy lab rats in white coats but a subtly well armed division of security, who raise an eyebrow at the nearest piece of debris littering their pristine township.

Chapter 2 (Path 2)

Attempts on Tommy Vercetti's life seem to have subsided for the time being, so Toni turns his attentions towards his special interests and business ventures out in New Garden and sends Tommy to go collect on a few outstanding debts.


Things in New Garden seem a bit tense as it's quickly realized that The Sindacco's have a very strong foothold here and have beefed up their once dwindling numbers with soldiers who may or may not be credibly made (or Italian for that matter). Nevertheless, no one does business is this town without showing their boss proper respect and tribute.

user posted image
Chapter 3 (Path 1)

Returning from your errands in Cardio Corner you turn your attentions back to your initial contacts in Shoreside Vale, The Hoodz, in doing so you assist Carl Johnson in trying to determine whether or not there is a traitor amongst the click. Recent "incidents" have placed him very much in harms way and having been betrayed so many times before he can't help but feel his enemy is close. What he discovers is a bit surprising to say the least.

Moving the story forward you finally come in contact with the mysterious Claude Speed for an initial an casual sit down based on all the work you have done for Eightball you finally have an "in" with the much sought after man behind the scenes.


After an initial job or two, a figure from Claude's past, by way of Carcer City shows up at the door very much bloodied and bruised from a very close call with the CPD, he escaped and made his way here to seek refuge and a much needed assist in bringing down a twisted snuff film ring that has networked a broad range of collaborators that connect back directly to a powerful figure right here in Liberty.

Nevertheless, James Earl Cash seeks direct justice on all involved in the cover up.

Chapter 3 (Path 2)

Having settled accounts in New Garden, you return to somewhat less than epic jobs under Luigi Goterelli and Mafia Don (in name only) Joey Leone. You even get into a bit of local mischief at Sex Club Seven. Things have a decidedly lighter and more comedic tone at this point in the story. That is, until Joey comes across some knowledge in regards to the man who carried out the hit on his father.


A corrupt police chief from Carcer darkens The Leone's doorstep looking for some help with his "little problem" that has found it's way to take refuge in some unknown place here in Liberty.

A favor is owed, so a search goes out and the chase is on.
user posted image
Chapter 4 (Path 1)

Claude agrees to aid Cash and throws together a small contingent of well armed Hoodz (and yourself) to travel back with him to Carcer City to retrieve a rather large box of evidence that names, names and sheds direct light on even further incidents that would bring irrefutable proof as to the guilt and out in out participation of individuals facilitating the Snuff Film Ring running out of Carcer.

Chapter 4 (Path 2)

Informants from Donald Love's network of heavies, (The Suits), spot Cash and company leaving en route to Carcer and call it in to Joey Leone, who follows suit with his own group of wise guys (and yourself), in an attempt to head them off at the pass.


Unbeknownst to either party in the current conflict, a unified army of well armed psychopaths have now gathered themselves in great numbers on the outskirts and rough fringes of Carcer. Tired of the local authorities manipulation, a few surviving members scarred from their past experiences being pitted against James Earl Cash and exploited by the Powers That Be, are now out for blood for all involved.
user posted image
Chapter 5 (All Paths)

In the final hellish chapter of the game, all factions and paths are consolidated under a less than subtle undertone of complete and utter desperation.

The grueling and horrific fight with The Outfit was something no one saw coming, as one by one they walked into the maniacs elaborate ambushes, barely escaping with their lives and now all involved are worse for wear, bruised, battered and broken (a few dead).

In light of all this, each group retreats, (tails tucked between their legs) to their respective corners to try and make any sense out of what just happened. During this time, tensions flare and true colors bleed through to expose betrayal, jealousy and greed as the backbone of various players final reach for power, revenge or whatever sick thing it is they desire.

Depending on who you got involved with and what initial choices you made, it now comes time to settle all accounts, morality, fairness or ethics is not what's in question here.

How you see yourself through safely to the conclusion of the story is.

CHOICE 1-All You Need Is Love

Making his way back to Wichita Falls in hot and maniacal pursuit of Donald Love, James Earl Cash is poised to exact his revenge on the psychopathic narcissist who privately funded (and participated) in many of Lionel Starkweather's private "business ventures" in the last several years, including the disappearance of a few key witnesses in the Trial of corrupt Police Chief, Gary Schaffer (now dead from the ambush in Carcer).

It seems only right that there'd be hell to pay upon the deviant, Media Mogul doesn't it?

However, at one point he was your employer and is now pinned down in his corporate offices, frantically calling you on your cell for an assist, he offers you anything you'd desire if you'd just help him to safety and "dispatch" Mr. Cash while you're at it.

Tough Call.

CHOICE 2-Who's The Boss

The Hoodz are f*cked. As a Unified faction they have never suffered a defeat as humiliating and painful as what they experienced at the hands of The Outfit.

Now a lot of finger pointing and blaming erupts as old rivalries, see these gang-bangers dawning there old faction colors. Purple Nines and Red Jacks emerge from the chaos and Carl Johnson and Eightball find themselves on opposite ends of the battle lines, much due to some underhanded moves from Eightball prior to the defeat in Carcer.

In this conflict, you have no personal feelings, either way. Neither, CJ or Eightball have been a solid allie to you in this but it's come time to claim your set, one way or another.

CHOICE 3-The Price of Loyalty

Family's a funny thing, five minutes with more than a few of your own, spent collectively, leads one to want to blow one's brains out with a .357 all over the nice, plastic covered furniture.

And now you put the reunion of three volatile and powerful Italian familes into one small place and you can just feel the love, like a 2x4 smacking down on a baby seal's cranium.

Toni Cipriani has finally grown tired of Tommy Vercetti's sh*t.

Incessant bragging, irresponsible actions and one too many jokes about his mother being the final pin. The fact that his best and most loyal soldier, Vito Forelli has been practically begging for the chance to avenge his brother Sonny's demise since Tommy arrived hasn't escaped him.

In fact, it's made things rather easy.

Now, the only question you have to answer is, do you feel a nostalgic loyalty towards Tommy or a deep seeded annoyance at the loud mouthed ass he's become.

CHOICE 4-Loose Ends

Now that all the dust has settled, you fall back to the Hills of Shoreside Vale, at the personal invite of The Wheel Man, Claude Speed, himself. He admires you're style, something familiar about it reminds him of himself in earlier years.

Just arriving at his Mansion you spot Joey Leone and a very wounded Luigi Goterelli, with a ragtag group of enforcers walking up the driveway, in a not so subtle fashion, armed for what looks like a modern day Civil War reenactment, on Claude's well manicured front lawn.

It seems, some facts have come to light that long deceased Yakuza leader, Asuka Kasen commissioned the hit on his father, Salvatore Leone by none other than Claude Speed, himself.

Now, like any good son would do, he's here to take it out in blood, literally calling out Claude to come outside and face the music. With the Hoodz in complete disarray, the wheel man has no additional muscle whatsoever to fend them off.

You're choice now is to aid Joey in what he feels is a well deserved revenge for his father's death or to help Claude even the odds a bit, in what is sure to be one of the most grueling close quarter gun fights in the entire game.

Whatever you do, we're sure you'll make the right choice.

CONCLUSION-Passing The Torch

And when all is said and done, how does it end?

We've led you through the entire ordeal, up to this point about how things would play out but now we leave a few things in the air, for you to ponder and imagine.

After aiding Joey or Claude in the final conflict, who do you think would turn around and fork over their power, try to make you just another soldier, or possibly betray you, seeing you as the larger threat?

How would life carry on in the final moments of the game, will you have it all or will you be cut down in your prime. Or possibly, you'll simply return to the peaceful wallflower existence you had prior to coming in direct contact with all this happy horsesh!t.

We'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas on that.

SUBMITTING MISSION OUTLINE & DIALOG SUBMISSIONS: Simply state your simple thoughts or elaborate ideas in this thread and if the submission is viewed as an interesting, constructive or original idea, we'll amend a link to it here, no questions asked. Thank you for your participation.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 03:48 PM

Damn thats a hell of alot of effort. Great job though. Only read about the charcters as im short on time but im defo gonna read the rest.

  • meta187

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 04:02 PM

Thanks, I know the Writers Forum is a bit slow these days but the GTA4 boards post so many new topics a new one tends to roll off the page in an hour and I wanted to give people a chance to read this over a period of time as I know it's a lot to take in at 1st glance.

Thanks again for showing an interest. icon14.gif

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 04:10 PM

Wow, so much effort into this. Great job. I'll be reading this over time. Probably be done by tomorrow. icon14.gif

  • longkissgoodnight

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 04:32 PM

I didn't get the chance to start fully reading this but I will - I just quickly glanced at the pictures. It looks interesting so far. Ill fully read it tonight and write what I think.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 05:35 PM

Holly sh*t. I don not often venture into this forum, but this thread caught my eye. Have only read a fraction of it so far (But will def be back)


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 05:50 PM

That looks f*cking ace.

  • gtamodder

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 05:53 PM

This is really good, excellent job

  • Fuzzknuckles

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 07:03 PM

Fantastic stuff.

  • Eminence

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 07:33 PM

Superb presentation, I'll give you that. Imaginative, thoughtful; the attention to detail is excellent.

Just don't put an anticlimax at the end of all of that effort by providing us with a cheesy script. This could be epic, or it could trail away into mediocrity.

I'm extremely interested. smile.gif

  • TubbyJ

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 08:28 PM

My inner GTA fan is bouncing off the motherf*ckin' walls right now.

This is epic, great effort! icon14.gif

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 08:53 PM

That's one cool-ass weapon's list.

  • meta187

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 09:02 PM

QUOTE (Fuzzknuckles @ Apr 4 2008, 19:03)
Fantastic stuff.

Couldn't have done it without ya, mate. inlove.gif

Thanks to everyone who's shown an interest thus far. I'm looking forward to the communities creative side coming out with this so I'm watching for input (hell practically begged for it throughout the presentation blush.gif ), artwork and hoping for discussion on the way things could go in certain areas and fleshing this thing out to a greater effect.

So to all who read this, soak this thing in and let your imagination run wild a bit and get back to us.

  • longkissgoodnight

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 10:15 PM

Hey Meta - a few things I would like to say. You made your story just as colorful as the Vegas lights. One thing that I don't understand about your story is: who is going to be posting the story itself? You or the fans? (You keep on saying "please add stuff if you want to" but like who is going to write it, please explain?) Also you mentioned 3 characters that I never heard of - 1. Vito Forelli 2. James Earl Cash 3. Gary Schaffer. Who are these 3 characters - in which games were they introduced in - please explain.

  • Vercetti21


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 10:21 PM Edited by Vercetti21, 04 April 2008 - 10:25 PM.

It's definitely an impressive introduction and presentation as a whole, and I can tell you've put a lot of time into this. I must ask though - is all that introductory stuff really necessary? You've got five posts full of tedious information that the reader doesn't need to know. Seems kind of, well, useless to me, as it doesn't really contribute to the story as a whole. Such as the radio stations and weapons - do we really need to know this? Don't get me wrong, it's cool stuff, but unnecessary.

I may be out of line on this, and I hate to criticize you as I can tell you've put a lot of time into it. Even Eminence laid back on the criticism, and he usually hates introductory stuff. Oh well.

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 11:11 PM

QUOTE (longkissgoodnight @ Apr 4 2008, 23:15)
1. Vito Forelli 2. James Earl Cash 3. Gary Schaffer. Who are these 3 characters - in which games were they introduced in - please explain.

Forelli is, as far as I know, an entirely new character. Cash was the main character in Manhunt, and Schaffer was the police chief mentioned in that game, and also in GTA III.

  • meta187

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Posted 05 April 2008 - 12:45 AM

QUOTE (Chickstick @ Apr 4 2008, 23:11)
QUOTE (longkissgoodnight @ Apr 4 2008, 23:15)
1. Vito Forelli 2. James Earl Cash 3. Gary Schaffer. Who are these 3 characters - in which games were they introduced in - please explain.

Forelli is, as far as I know, an entirely new character. Cash was the main character in Manhunt, and Schaffer was the police chief mentioned in that game, and also in GTA III.

Absolutely true, Vito Forelli is an original character that does not exist in any previous game, I've been a bit picky about introducing entirely new characters into the storyline but I felt a tie in to Sonny Forelli's demise was important enough to have someone related to him gunning for revenge.

Cash & Schaffer, of course are from Manhunt a game co-existing in the GTA universe and mythos.

As far as the large intro is concerned I'm approaching this as a "project" vs just a simple fan fic or something. It has those roots as I'm approaching it from a writers standpoint but I eventually want to fill in everything this game would be in greater detail. I have original concept art floating in my mind for vehicles and the newer original gangs I introduced that I'd still love to add to it.

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it's a start, eh?

  • DTre


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Posted 05 April 2008 - 06:49 AM

That's great man, I see you put a lot of effort. Unfortunately it's almost 3 AM here and I don't have time to read. I do have to say that the map seems like it needs a lot more. (remember I didn't read much so don't know if that was the final map) I just bookmarked this page and will read it first thing when I get online.

cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 05 April 2008 - 07:14 AM

As I said in a PM to you Meta, simply awesome work! I am having a blast reading through it! biggrin.gif

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Posted 05 April 2008 - 07:56 AM

Oh your God! I love the detail and the weapons list is choice, braddah! You guys have some very crazy imagination coming up with this stuff. Anyways:


The detail
The imagination put into this
Weapons List
Pretty much everything


Can't really point one out.

I'll definitely be following this. icon14.gif

  • longkissgoodnight

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Posted 05 April 2008 - 05:43 PM

Hey Meta - I have a suggestion for you. You are bringing back Tommy - what if you make it that Tommy has a son (not sure of name) and Vito manges to kill Tommy and the son wants revenge on Vito?

Please tell me what you think of this idea?

  • meta187

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Posted 05 April 2008 - 06:35 PM Edited by meta187, 05 April 2008 - 06:46 PM.

That's not a bad idea, the whole "next generation carries on the war" thing.

The current dynamic is a question of loyalties.

Toni Cipriani & Tommy Vercetti are both from the "old school", Liberty City days, ran in the same circles with some of the same people. There's a lot of mutual respect (at least from Toni's side, Tommy kind of gotten more obnoxious with age and really only respects himself).

Prior to Tommy's return, Vito Forelli and his small crew are Toni's clean up crew, the guys you call in, on jobs no one else wants to touch and have been above average soldiers in a pinch, especially in regards to decimating The Diablos and reclaiming the Red Light district under the Leone Banner. So they've put in work and earned they're place.

Toni on a nostalgic whim, after taking a vacation down to The Keys, returns to Liberty, and gets off the plane at Francis International Airport, arm and arm with Tommy, all jokes and laughter, talking about the way things "used to be".

Joey Leone & Luigi Goterelli actually set up the meeting earlier on but left it to Toni to go down to Florida and seal the deal. Surprisingly things went very well and Toni and Tommy, hit it off, like old pals and set up some drug running deals and some counter-muscle against the now revamped Sindacco's (who are sort of a bastard group of wannabe ginny's, very few in the crew are actally italian), which Tommy comes back "Up North" to oversee personally, as he has a lot of money invested.

Upon seeing this, Vito confronts Toni in the Leone Family Mansion but is pretty much strong armed by Toni who he sort of looks up to as a father figure to calm down and bite his toungue.

"Keep your f*cking mouth shut for now and see how this all plays out, ok?"

So Vito is left to simmer in a quiet murderous rage for the 1st half of the story, dropping little innuendos and walking Tommy into situations where he's supposed to die but doesn't.

In the final chapter of the games things are going haywire and tensions are at a breaking point as every one pretty much gets there asses handed to them by The Outfit, in Carcer City. Tommy finally says the wrong thing to Toni, making a poorly placed joke in regards to his deceased mother, which in turn allows Toni to give Vito the nod.

"I don't care anymore, JUST wack this, loud mouthed f*ck!"

And that's pretty much how I see it going.

I think TonyZimmzy has done a lot of great work on the board here in the way in which he writes out his missions and scripts and there's a real need for that kind of thing to be added to this project as this is just the skeleton of the story when you 1st look at it. Everything's in my head and you're only getting the brief descriptions and main plot points of the story vs the whole elaborate story with dialog and execution, so that's probably the next big thing to tackle on this project.

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Posted 06 April 2008 - 12:18 AM

this is awesome, meta. Something truly innovative, expansive and well-crafted...a rare sight in this writer's chat.

I dig it completely, and would gladly help out if you needed anything to be done.

  • meta187

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Posted 06 April 2008 - 12:28 AM Edited by meta187, 06 April 2008 - 12:42 AM.

Be careful what you agreed to. devil.gif

I petitioned my entire gang and a league of contacts for help on this project and only got a few actual collaborators to come forward- which proves I tend to hang out with lethargic slackers for the most part, I suppose.

You agree to work, I put you to work.

Anyone previously on the OTS staff will vouch for my taskmaster ways, so be ready.

(good times)

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Posted 06 April 2008 - 07:32 AM

Let me tell you my friend, you never cease to amaze me. icon14.gif

This is great, you've put a lot of effort in it and I'm sure it's definitely a great piece of material for a new game based on the old characters and stories we've all come to know and love (or hate).

I wish I had the time to help you with this, but it would be really hard for me because I've been extremely busy. I couldn't even finish my story even though I remember I said I would. However, if I can help you with something, anything, don't hesitate to ask and I'll try to help.

I feel weird in this place, so I'll just pop in when necessary, if you don't mind.

Again, this is great. Congratulations!

  • meta187

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Posted 06 April 2008 - 08:12 AM

QUOTE (PresidentKiller @ Apr 6 2008, 07:32)
Let me tell you my friend, you never cease to amaze me. icon14.gif

This is great, you've put a lot of effort in it and I'm sure it's definitely a great piece of material for a new game based on the old characters and stories we've all come to know and love (or hate).

I wish I had the time to help you with this, but it would be really hard for me because I've been extremely busy. I couldn't even finish my story even though I remember I said I would. However, if I can help you with something, anything, don't hesitate to ask and I'll try to help.

I feel weird in this place, so I'll just pop in when necessary, if you don't mind.

Again, this is great. Congratulations!

It's freakin' awesome to see you Christan, I actually do have a few specific needs at the moment that your talents would certainly remedy. I'll shoot a PM your way.

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