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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:03 AM

QUOTE (Build Up Your Gang @ Apr 7 2008, 00:59)
Who? - 1st story
$142 + $12 = $154

Sorry for the low rating but it was a bit too short. You might wanna check GTA III series timeline.

Tommy Vercetti is sent to prison in 1971 and released in 1986 where he is sent to Vice City by Sonnny Forelli. Your character said Tommy left when he was 11 to start his own gang (the Vercetti gang seen in VC?) but surely Tommy started the gang in 1986 - two years after your story. I think you've jumbled things up.

Add a bit more length and check your GTA facts for better ratings.

Keep writing icon14.gif

Sorry, I haven't played VC in a long time. Well, I edited my story so it goes along with the GTA Storyline.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:04 AM

The Leones
Cipriani's Ristorante

Chapter Fourteen: Retribution - Part One

“Hey Carlo,” it was the day after me, Joey, Toni and Alberto had agreed to kill Luca and his crew, and I was setting the plan into motion with this phone call to my best friend. “I’ll meet you at Greasy Joe’s; we need to talk about this thing with Luca.”
“Ah, you on board Johnny?” he said, I grunted as if to agree. “Awesome man! I’ll be there in five minutes.”

I hung up, feeling a bit guilty about betraying my friend and hearing his excitement in believing I was going to help him. I got showered and headed along to Greasy Joe’s. I pulled up and saw Carlo’s car already there, he must have rushed along. I walked in the cramped diner, a ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll song blared out from the jukebox as the waitresses busied themselves precariously balancing cups of coffee on trays to the scum of Liberty. I sat myself amongst this scum, drug dealers, hookers, pimps, corrupt cops. Carlo beamed at me when he saw me.

“Hey pal,” I said as I took a seat. “How ya been keepin’?
“Yeah, good,” he said, eager to get to the point straight away. “So, what’s the news with this thing, you up for clipping Joey?”
“Of course I am,” I lied well, having practiced it for years. “Joey actually asked to meet me yesterday.” Carlo looked at me suspiciously.
“What did he want?”
“Oh, he just wants to hang out with Luca tonight, he said me and you could tag along. We’re meeting at seven at the jetty just across from here. A fishing trip,” I told Carlo, who looked more and more questioning of me. “The stupid f*ck must want to try patch things up between him and Luca, huh?”
“Haha, yeah! Dumb f*cker!” Carlo laughed, now believing me.
“But look,” I began. “He’s gonna be a bit wary about you two, him and Luca never got on. So don’t bring guns.”
“What, why!?” exclaimed Carlo.
“Well, he’ll be on his guard and you’ll never get a clean shot off without him noticing,” I explained, hoping Carlo would run with it. “I’ll bring a gun and shoot him; it’ll help prove to Luca that I’m on your side.”
“Oh yeah, good idea Johnny,” Carlo was always a bit thick in the head, no-one else would believe the lies I’d just told him.

After a while we got up and left, I drove back to my apartment and called Joey after getting there to tell him all was going to plan. I then quickly change my clothes to meet Jules and Vinnie Gillo at the warehouse. I pulled up alongside the warehouse which was a silhouette in the dusk. Inside was a small room where Jules was sitting at a desk reading a paper and sipping some coffee.

“Hey Johnny, how are you?” he asked, looking up as I walked in. “Vinnie is just in there having some ‘fun’.” He added with a grin.

I pushed open the door to the larger room where, had it been a functioning warehouse; there would be the vans and stock. Instead of that there was two bloody pulps tied to a pillar in the middle of the floor. They were two of Luca’s most trusted soldiers and so they were gonna are killed tonight.

“Hey Vinnie,” I said to the man standing over one of the guys.
“Johnny, good to see you,” Vinnie replied as he delivered another blow to the temple of the man, whose cheek bone gave way and blood poured from the cut.
“You want to finish this now or shall I let you toy with them for a while longer?” I asked with a malicious chuckle.
“Ah, let’s waste these f*cks,” he spat on one of them and walked towards me.

Jules came out with a box, which he set down on the floor and opened. I peeked inside and saw three gleaming M4s, brand new and ready to kill. We each picked one up and loosely aimed it at the two bloody messes opposite us. One of them looked up and their eyes widened as they looked down the barrel of the guns. He let out a scream for help, which was muffled by the gag over his mouth. His friend next to him was saggy-eyed and nearly unconscious, he barely reacted to the sight of the M4s being trained on him other than to let out a pathetic whimper.

We squeezed the triggers simultaneously and riddled the two bodies with bullets. They twitched as they were hit, eventually slumped over covered in even more blood.

“Alright, I’ll leave you two to clean up,” I said as I walked out of the door, grabbing the Desert Eagle that was left for me on the desk. I had a boat ride to catch and a much bigger challenge to face aboard that boat.


Part two coming soon.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:30 AM

Could I get the M4 for the Russian Mafia?

Also I declared war on GSF, I'm interested to see how this whole war thing works out, smile.gif


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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:43 AM

As far as I know (regarding gang wars)...

You'll have to get one GSF writer to agree to the war with you and then you'll each have to draw up a list of characters and assets which can't be killed/destroyed in the war. A list of five for both of you would do.

You then have a story (maybe two or three?) to write about the gang war and what happens in your version of events. You must show clearly in your stories how and why your gang won. After your gang war stories, the staff will rate them and declare the winner.

The winner gets a prize (money? one of the losers properties? (if empty that is)) and the loser just sucks! lol.gif

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 03:12 AM Edited by VinnieLeone, 07 April 2008 - 03:52 AM.

Chapter 3:The Beginning

b]The Visage Las Venturas[/b]

Man 1: Hey, how's your woman?

Man 2: She's a ball buster. Ever since we moved to Venturas, all she wants to do... Spend, spend, spend. For Christ sakes, I got better luck on the

Man 1: Yeah, I hear you. Hey, give me a hand with this guy, will you?

Man 2: Yeah.

The digging stops, Man 1 walks over to a body on
the ground

Man 2: I mean, why'd we whack Mickey anyhow?

He was a standup guy.

Man 1: I dunno, something about money.

Man 2: Oh man.

Getting out of the hole

Man 2: What, he was on the take?

Man 1: Nah, he was kosher. A little too kosher.

They pick up the body

Man 1: That's why he had to go.

Man 2: Oh, I get it.

Man 1: Yeah, he was declaring too much money, so we gotta get a new guy in. You know, I hear the Leones are lending the bosses some money.
Man 2: The Leones?

They put down the body on the ground

Man 1: Yeah.
Man 2: Get the f*ck outta here. We hate the Leones.
Man 1: I know. That's what I said to Johnny, but he said they needed the money.

They kick the body into the hole

Man 2: Buona notte,dirtball.
Man 1: So, Mickey gets capped, so we get a new guy in, who everybody bullies. Then, when he misbehaves...
Man 2: We dig another hole.

Goes to get the shovel

Man 1: Exactly. Hey, you hear about Bobby back east?
Man 2: No, what?
Man 1: He's gone queer. Can you believe that sh*t?
Man 2: Oh Mother of Christ Almighty, I've seen everything!
Man 1: Minchia!

Man 2 starts to cover up the body with dirt

Cut to Joey's office in Las Venturas

Johnny Sindacco walks in

Johnny Sindacco: So, we got a vacancy. We kept our end of the bargain.

Joey Leone: Then I guess we're on. You want something to drink?

Johnny Sindacco: No, no, I'm good, thank you. So who's gonna run this casino for us?

Joey Leone: Hey, we're gonna need a real idiot. A guy we can all push around. There's this lawyer, used to work for the Forelli's down in Florida. I heard he's sniffing around for a job. Just got out of rehab or something.
Johnny Sindacco: Yeah, that'll work.
Joey Leone: I'll make a call.
Johnny Sindacco: Great.
Joey Leone: Hey...

They shake hands

Joey Leone: Don't f*ck this up, kid.

Jackie Riuzzo enters the office...

Jackie: Don Leone i understand you wanted to see me.

Joey:Yes infact i did. Your hotel is loss 30grand this month, your employese are complaing and threating to strike now i want control of this place now.

Jackie:Don Leone,im not selling this place to you or your sicilian ass wipes, you can rot in hell joey. You don't even hav your father or Cipriani's power to over run me. I been talking Corroza(of the Alberny Mafia Family)(Capital of Liberty State). What do yous say about that?

Joey pulls out a Desert Eagle and shoots Jackie in his knee then shoulder. Joey tells Mickey to hand him a Buchter knife and a shotgun. He then cuts off jackie's toes and left arm.

Joey:Now leave my office and my casino!
Jackie makes it to the Staircase outside the office. Joey then puts the gun to the back of his head and fires,crushing his face and brains even made it as far to mickey. On the bottom floor they found jackie's left eye.

Joey:Mickey get Mienko Dello up here.

Dello enters the room shocked from the scene,and joey's once white suit.

Joey:Welcome my friend.

Dello: y-Yes joey you wanted me?

Joey: ya clean this mess k?
(Remi's Paradise Casino)

The Commission Meeting
Eddie Macowsky of the Jewish Mob,Nicky Ambrizzo Of The Forelli Family, Carlo Sindacco of the Sindacco Family and Antonio Lucci of Lucci Outfit. All voted on killing Joey since Carlo said that he was mad with power, On that night Joey went to see how Kathy was doing in at the four dragons. Joey has a heads up from Johnny that the hit was gonna be at the venturas strip, Joey has Mickey and Vito to kill them all. To Be Continued....

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 03:34 AM Edited by ~PhusioN~, 07 April 2008 - 05:47 AM.

Well, I guess until someone accepts I'll just keep writing. I remember when I was active here awhile back I tried to start one, but the topic went completely dead. Hopefully it won't happen again, lol.gif
Russian Mafia: Grey Imports: Kidnap!
3 boys, clad in the same sport jackets and track pants I had came to this country in were sitting in the back, silent and clutching the pistols Peter had given them. "You work your way up from there like Derek has." I remember him briefing the 3 boys, telling them that me and Jarker would take care of them but too follow our orders. My brand-new M4 was laying up against the car door. It was wedged in between the passenger console and the seat, so there was no chance that it would fall over. Jarker simply leant his arm out of the window, taking puffs from his cigarette and shooting imaginary enemies with his M4.

"I wonder how Peter managed to get these." I broke the awkward silence, Jarker threw his cigarette out the window,
"Hes got contacts in the military and the navy, he never ceases to amaze me where he gets these weapons, he wanted me to take out a tanker that was importing weapons from Korea. Just opens up his filing cabinet and hands me a rocket launcher as if its been lying around for years." he chuckles, starts patting his pockets and pulls out a packet of mints,
"Breath mints anyone?" he rattles the packet and the click-clack of the breath fresheners echoed through the car,
"Why not?" I said, I took my hand off the wheel and put it out, he gave me two. The boys in the back remained silent.

"Where abouts are you boys from?" I engaged conversation with them,
"Berlin, sir." The one named Jon replied, awkwardly,
"Oh, I'm from a small town just north of there, I use to go into Berlin with my old man when we harvested the crops and tried to sell off our vegetables."
"Ahh, harvest time. Nothing better." Jarker grinned, he was from a small-farming community like I was. The conversation died, we turned into Grove Street, the heart of GSF. Hookers and drug dealers standing on the street corners, screaming, yelling or simply just having sex on a park bench. It was a such a lovely place. We got to the end of the street, the cul-de-sac. I parked the Sentinel into an alley next to a old, rusting house. We got out,

"Put your masks on." Jarker whispered, it was 11 pm. We all pulled them on and jumped some fences, my shoulder started stinging but I ignored the pain. We got to our target, a one story house with a basketball court next to it. No one was around,

"Stick to the plan, I'll kick down the door, you guys run in, blast anyone in our way. Trash the whole place and take any females hostage." I turned to them, I leant up against the wall, signalled 1, 2, 3 and kicked it down. Starring us right back in the face was a Spanish man around his thirties, and a black woman.

"What the hell ese..." he went to grab his gun from his pocket, but Jon put a bullet through his chest then pistol whipped him, Jarker and I ran in. Jarker grabbed the woman in a stranglehold as she started screaming and crying and dragged her outside as she kicked and tried to bite. Another man came running at us, but I rifle-butted him in the face. We shot up the place then ran back out through the way we came. I ran to get the car as the 3 boys and Jarker duct-tapped the woman and gagged her. I pulled up out front as they threw her in the boot, the three boys got in, as Jarker flicked open his jet lighter and threw it into a Greenwoods gas tank, he ran to the car and jumped in. Some people in the cul-de-sac had woken up, they stumbled out of their houses only to see a maroon Sentinel driving off and a house on fire. Later they would find a man named Cesar Vialpando dead, from blood loss, and a man named Sweet Johnson suffering second-degree burns. We had just kidnapped both of their pride and joy, Kendall Johnson.

We drove back to Grey Imports, and drove into the warehouse. Peter was sitting on a chair, just by himself. We were the first group back, he got up to greet us;

"Did everything go to plan?" he approached us,
"Yes, yes it did." Jarker grinned a sinister grin, he went to boot. "Derek, open it up." I unlocked it. Peter smiled,
"Andreas would be proud of you, if her bastard of a brother didn't kill him." he dragged her out of the boot and slapped her,
"Tie her to the chair." he spat on her and turned his back as Jarker and Jon dragged her over as the muffled cries could be heard. He turned to me and the other 2 boys,
"Your jobs aren't done yet, theres a lock-up I sent one of the groups to take out, apparently they are having some trouble, go help them out." we got in the car, we could see Peter approaching Kendall as she was tied to the chair he cackled loudly;
"Finally, someones going to pay."
Could I buy some molotov cocktails aswell?

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 05:58 AM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 07 April 2008 - 08:18 AM.

Mark-2007: $40 That brings your story count up too 14.

$40 + $640 = $680 for the Leones

VinnieLeone: $25 The story was hard to follow but your dialouge is getting easier to understand, keep at it. That brings your story count too 5.

$25 + $680 = $705.

Phusions story still needs marking and story count needs to be added.

Also added the M4 and Molotov Cocktail to Russian Mafia myself, $200 - $10 for cocktails = $190 - $150 for M4 = $40.

Editing & rating done by Phusion.

EDIT: Phusion, $40. Story count and money updated.

EDIT2: A new feature has been added. You will notice on the gang list, each gang has an extra vehicle, listed in red. This vehicle will become unlocked once the total amount of stories in your gang reaches 20. So, for example, the Leones and the Grove Street Families already have 20+ stories in total, therefore they have unlocked their bonus vehicles for free, the Stretch and Voodoo respectively, and may use them in their stories now.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 12:21 PM


CHAPTER 1: The Wake-Up Call

Monday 1st April 1993
8:03 a.m.

"Ah, crap!"

The cold, hard, tile floor met my face with a bang. I woke up, I smelt around me...what happened last night? Was it a party? Was it a disco? Oh yeah, that's right...a couple of the OG's came around for a game of Poker, and to do a couple of lines. Same old stuff, same old weekend. Is this really how my life is turning?

I walked outside. As usual, it was quiet. A couple of newspapers rolled down the street, some torn, some merely creased. A teenager was riding his bike down the commencement of Grove Street, and a muslce car roared down the road at full speed. The air was chilly; around 15 degrees celcius, with a light wind blowing from the North. A couple of whispy clouds floated high above us, and the cool, Spring sun was subtlely burning my face.

Whilst bending down and picking up the newspaper, I smelt something strange. It smelt like something rotten, something along the lines of defacate. But not quite that, oh no. This was something terrible, I could tell. Had anyone been walking along, they could possibly faint. I need to remove this obstacle as quickly as possible.

So I searced around. My small apartment in Idlewood had two floors, the top one was mainly storage (which was comprised mainly of weed, porn and booze). I walked around the back of the property. I owned and lived in the flat, but there were other housing commision flats on the identical block, and we all conjuncted to make a small courtyard. Out of the 8 flats, we had 4 dumpsters. I looked in mine. I didn't like what I saw.

You'd think that seeing your best friend for more than 20 years lying dead in a dumpster, with a bullet wound in the head, would make you at least twitch, but I didn't. I had seen a lot worse. Yet, mentally, this was unberable. Who could have done this? The party went alright? What went wrong? I fell asleep because I was drunk, and all the party-goers were OG's like myself. I had to get down to the bottom of this, but first, I needed to think over it.


Pretty shoddy attempt. Half-arsed.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 12:28 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 07 April 2008 - 12:43 PM.

Stefan.: $32. Story count and money done.

An update to the rules and story bonuses will be coming soon.
There are new story count bonuses. See the first post for details.

With the new multiple of 5 rule, the following participants and gangs have retroactively gotten bonus money.
devilrock28: $200
mark-2007: $200
VinnieLeone: $100. Leones total: $500
xNamexTakenx: $100. Forellis total: $100
GhostGlendale: $100
GTASA_passer: $300. GSF total: $400
~PhusioN~: $100. Russians total: $100
radicell: $100
Masterkraft: $100. Da Nang Boys total: $200

Also, with the new 10th story rule, the Leone's may get 2 weapons under $300, and the GSF may get 1. Please announce your choice so that it can be added.

The updates was mark-2007's idea and carried out by radicell.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 01:41 PM

Chapter 1: Nines and AK's
Part III: Go

I couldn't make out their words over the constant rain and occasional thunder, but the deal seemed to be going smoothly. I realized that one of the men who had jumped from the boat didn't have a gun; he was the man who accepted the duffel bag from the Da Nang, and he leaned over it as he peered in, trying to shield what I could only assume were bills from the now torrential downpour.

I wiped rain droplets from my eyebrow as I scanned the enemy's layout. Tim had been right; more Da Nangs had filtered out of the small warehouses around the area, bringing their total number up to around 30, making even forces should the transaction go wrong. All the Da Nangs on the huge ship were now at the railing, overseeing the deal.

Pleased with his payment, the seller turned and waved an arm to his men on the boat, while at the same time the Da Nang who had given the duffel bag signaled up to the crane, whose operator began to swing the large arm over towards the awaiting Reefers. The two "leaders" continued talking in the pouring rain as the ground crews began the actual exchange.

"Alright," whispered Tim, startling me back around the corner. "They're in position. Around ten more minutes, they should have all those crates on the dock."

Fifteen Minutes Later

The crates were off the ships. The "leaders" and their entourage had remained in the rain, not willing to desert their sizable investments, while those not standing guard wrestled with the soaked crates, taking them from the crane and loading them in the waiting Da Nang vans.

Tim hung up the phone for the second time. "Alright, boys," he said, cocking his gun with a surprisingly loud click. "Here we go."

The three of us cocked our guns too, and I thought I saw Cy drawing an invisible cross on his chest-

A faint, far-off screeching drew my attention. I held my breath and listened. What was that? It was quiet...

SLAM! Something had just slammed into a gate. I could hear but not see the chain-link barrier skidding across the wet ground, and that sound was soon accompanied by another, much louder screeching, as well as several startled yells and a few bursts of automatic fire.

"GO!" yelled Tim. Yelling didn't seem to follow his idea of sneaking, but even right next to him I could barely tell who had yelled because of the now incessant chattering of guns. He ran around me and left our relative shelter and I followed, out into battle.

I heard Kevin open up behind me with his uzi, providing cover. I saw Triads pouring from the back of two still-sliding fish vans, opening fire just as soon as their feet found traction on the slick cement. I saw the two entourages who had conducted the exchange of money open fire on one another, thinking the other had set them up. The bodies dropped quickly in that small kill zone. Tim sprinted up to a large red container, and I joined him, though my shoes slid and I crashed into it rather ungracefully. Cy joined us, too, slamming into the crate as I had. Kevin was still back in our initial position, hurling bullets up at the snipers in the crane, hoping only to suppress them. A few bullets ripped into the container, causing me to wince, but whoever had fired them had bigger fish to fry, and I regained my composure.

"We've gotta get across that bridge!" yelled Tim over the sounds of battle. "Cy, cover us!"

Without a word, Cy stepped to the edge of the container, feinted out and back, then leaned out and let off a quick, loud burst. "The money's free!" He yelled before letting off another burst. "I can't see the ships!"

Tim leaned around the opposite corner but was forced to duck back as bullets whizzed off the pavement just by his feet. "One's going for the dough!" He yelled. "Take him out!"

Cy leaned way around the corner and opened up on the guy running for the money. I watched him shoot in bursts; with every trigger pull, a few bullets flew out, and the gun shook in his hands. Beyond him, I could see his brother Kevin, still where we'd started, take cover and eject his uzi's magazine.

I saw the bullet's impact before I heard it. One of the snipers, who Kevin was no longer suppressing, had taken a shot at Cy. I saw a thick spray of red erupt from his back onto the slick ground. His body was forcibly knocked down on top of his own bloody spray, and his corpse actually slid a few feet back from the force of the bullet. I was frozen.

"Nooo!" yelled Kevin. He let his gun and the fresh magazine he had drawn from his coat fall clanging on the ground before he took the first step towards his dead brother.

"Kevin, stop!" I yelled, galvanized by his foolishness. But his first step was the first one before his last, and I saw his body rocked by a sniper's bullet as well. He toppled over to his left, dead before his body slid to a halt.

"Grab his gun!" said Tim, shaking my arm. "Those snipers are gonna f*ck our backup!"

I turned to look at him for a moment, and he grabbed my face and spun it towards the gun. He gave me a shove, and I snapped out of it. The gun had fallen next to Cy's body. I snapped out my arm like a cobra and retrieved it, hoping the snipers had been too preoccupied to see it. I pressed my shoulder against the rain-covered container, took a deep breath, then just barely leaned out so that my gun and a slice of my face was visible. And I opened up.

My first burst managed to clip a sniper in the arm. He yelled and fell into cover, and his companion ducked behind the machine's driver's housing. I couldn't see them anymore, but I kept shooting, short bursts. There wasn't as much shooting as before. Between bursts, when my hearing returned a little, I could hear the Reefers engines. I took a second to look to the backup. Several were dead or dying, but more were alive, shooting from behind crates or barrels or even the bullet-riddled fish vans. When my uzi started clicking, I threw it on the ground and pulled my Colt .45. By the time I'd unloaded that, the only sounds I heard were screaming, the fading whirrs of the Reefers, and the rain, which fell in just the same way as before the sh*t had hit the fan.


We ended up losing the money, as the sellers had managed to recover the duffel bag before splitting, but we did get the crates in the Da Nang's vans and get them to storage. We blew up our own vans after removing the plates and destroying the VIN's (and after tying those Da Nang snipers up in the back.) We left all the dead there; our boys' families wouldn't say anything except "Thank you for telling me about my boy, officer, no I had no idea what he was doing, sorry I don't speak English." We paid a price, and we didn't get all we wanted, but those of us still living considered the night profitable.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 06:10 PM

Ballas - Glen Park

A fusillade of blows rattled my front door. It seemed almost to bulge with the force of the boot that struck it powerfully, then burst open, slamming against the wall, chipping the already flecked and peeling paint. Three Ballas entered, dragging a whimpering Vagos punk, barely out of school, blood pouring from his nose and various nasty looking cuts on his head. I drew myself upright, and strolled across the room to the guy who’d kicked my door in. Before he could blink, I threw three lightning-fast punches at his mid-section, doubling him up, before a boot to the head deposited him in a heap on the floor.
“You ever treat my property like that again, I’ll make that seem like a f*cking picnic, you got it?” I casually intoned, before turning to his two companions, now looking almost as scared as the blubbering spick at their feet. “Who’s this, boys?”
“H-h-he’s Vagos, Hot Rod, we thought he might know somethin’ about the bombs, we thought you could talk to him, we’re sorry!” one of them stuttered. I grinned at him like a shark, and threw him a bundle of cash.
“Get the f*ck out of my house, go get drunk or somethin’” I sneered. I waited until the sound of their fleeing footsteps had faded, then grabbed the Vagos kid and hauled him upright by his shirt.
“This is no place for a kid like you, esse. Motherf*ckers with these colours you’re wearin’ get bust up in Glen Park, you understand me? Now, the only reason you’re here, and not lining a dumpster with holes in you, is because the dudes who brought you here think you got somethin’ to tell me. Speak.”
The kid squirmed in my grip, but I held him firm.
“Those bombs got nothing to do with Vagos, hermano, I don’t know nothing about ‘em. You gotta believe me, I don’t know nothin’, I swear!” he shouted. He’d calmed down a little, and was starting to show that f*cking greaseball arrogance I hate. “Vagos don’t be makin’ bombs, we fight mano a mano, you understand? Honour and courage, not this bomb sh*t.”
I believed him. I’d gotten into a few scrapes with Vagos, and they always rolled deep, but they were no pussies. They fought hard, and to the death; sh*t, I’d seen one Vagos with a bat go through six strapped Ballas like butter before we took him down. Bombs didn’t seem right, that wasn’t the way they did it. I pushed the kid away, thinking hard. I realised that when I’d called my brother, I’d told him straight away it was Vagos work, but I didn’t know why. We spend so much time f*cking with each other, us and the Mexicans, I’d just assumed they’d be responsible. But if it wasn’t them, who could it have been?
“Tre, take the kid outside…” I began.
“No!” screamed the kid, his previously cool exterior replaced by naked terror, “You can’t kill me! I’m just a kid, I don’t know nothin’, please!”
“…put him in a car, and dump him in Las Colinas somewhere. Don’t mess around, things are f*cked up enough as it is.”
The kid slumped in relief, as Tre dragged him outside. I turned to the assembled Ballas.
“OK, y’all listen up. We need to find out who’s messing with us. We need answers, the big dudes are gonna be asking questions, you got it? Keep your ears to the streets, we’ll meet back here tomorrow night.”
They began to shuffle out of the door, filing out one by one till it was just me and Curt.
“C’mon bro, let’s break out some beers and go for a drive,” Curt said. “I wanna find me some action!”
I grinned. My little bro was always a fiend for the ladies. What the hell, I thought, I could use some release after the days events. We jumped into his ride, and cruised off.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 07:11 PM Edited by devilrock28, 07 April 2008 - 07:14 PM.

After the PM you guys sent me, I'd like to buy a MP5 for the Leone Family Mafia. Thanks.

@VinnieLeone: Man, you could write movie scripts. The way you format your stories. They look like movie scripts. It feels like I'm watching some actors on a movie set. lol

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 07:49 PM

The Forelli Crime Family

Ever since Sonny Forelli's death the Forellis have been trying to destroy the Leones.Joey thinks that Sonny may still be alive because is was nerver cleared that he was really killed.

Joey waiting at the La Liberty Inn & Casino, Having flashbacks of his memories.

October 16,1970 Palermo,Sicily
46 Year old Salvatore Leone has two sons
Giuseppe Leone and Carmine Leone. They both loved sicily so much, Athough Salvatore's brother(Local Mafia Cheftain) Alphonso"The Gentle Don" Leone was mad with power. but in 1978 a large war broke out in Sicily. Palermo's version of the Castallamarsee War.(1979-1984) Carmine loss 4 men in his family
Anthony Luciana,Vito Gambaro, Luigi Gambaro, Claudio Rolvera. In 1983 Carmine was murdered by Sicilian-Irish ganster, Busgy Lucchetto who won and became local mafia don. Salvatore filled with revenge shoots and kills Lucchetto his family then moves to Liberty City. He then moves to Broker's Portland Island and buys a summer home in Saint Marks. Salvatore decided to become head of the family. Joey joined the family in 1987, he did a lot for the family in 1988 when the Sindacoo started to walk in the family turf Killing 45 members and blew up the Sindacco mansion. in 1990 Joey became a Capo along with Toni Cipriani and around this time Joey killied Franco Forelli's son for not paying him. 2 months after the forelli hit,The Forelli's Los their influence in St Marks and most of Portland and moved to Algoinquin's Staunton Island. Joey was appointed Underboss.(flashback over)
Knock on the Door**

Joey: Come in!
Mickey Hamfist then enters the room

Mickey:The Vercetti people want to see you.
Joey: Let them in.

Giovanni Ambrozzo Head of the Crime Syndicate in Vice City.

Joey: Where's Tommy?

Gio:He retired Last year, Sonny Forelli nerver died he says its a 12 year plan.

Joey: He wants his own family to surffer wat the hell is wrong with him.
Gio: i said enough i must go.

Joey: Take care, ok(Gio leaves) follow that bastard now.

Gio and the aged Sonny meet togather along with the Columbian Cartel in Vinewood.

Sonny: yes, ill get my revenge for the deaths of my brothers Mike and Franco.Who is Don of the Leones now?

Gio: its Joey,wat are you going to do about Tommy?

Sonny's Flashback in vice city circa 86

Tommy:Good bye,Sonny you bastard!

Sonny: Are you really gonna kill your best friend? Remeber your pop said we was like family? you kill me tommy you will disapoint your pop.

Tommy:(Crying) FiresTwo shots into sonny's face and that cause him to go into a coma until 1996.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 08:21 PM

Ok i'm now reveal a Series of events that will turn the history of GTA Like Sonny's Death and thefall of the forellis and even Salvatore's death.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 08:37 PM

D Storted: 5th Story
and $100 for a reaching five stories biggrin.gif
$217 + $46 + $100 = $363

Struff Bunstridge: 3rd Story
$251 + $36 = $287

Vinnie Leone: 6th Story
$1205 + $18 = $1223

devilrock28- MP5 for free biggrin.gif
I (mark-2007) will take moltov cocktails for my free weapon

Everything updated.

rated and updated by mark-2007

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 08:45 PM Edited by VinnieLeone, 07 April 2008 - 08:52 PM.

Joey: Time is now when I need your loyalty more than ever,We are out numbered ,but not out gunned. We along with the Sicilian Mafia And the Jewish Mob are going to fight against the
Forellis and Sindaccos, Luccis,Russian Mob.(As Joey talks men are stalking up on Wepons).

Sonny Forelli(Liberty City) Your Godfather is back and it is time for revenge!!(Forellis Get ready making road blocks on their turf.

Carlo Sindacco and Johnny Sindacco get men ready.

The Tide Turns
Following the murder of Aiello, the tide of war rapidly turned in favor of the Castellammarese. On November 5, 2006 Mineo and a key member of Sindacco's gang, Steve Ferrigno, were murdered. At this point, members of Leone's gang began defecting to Forelli, rendering the original battle lines of the conflict (Castellammarese versus non-Castellammarese) meaningless. On February 3, 2007, another important Leone lieutenant, Joseph Catania, was gunned down, dying two days later.

Given the worsened situation, Leone allies Lucci and Luchettsino started communicating with Castellammarese leader Maranzano. The two men agreed to betray Leone if Forelli would end the war. On April 15, 2007,Joey Leone was killed while eating dinner at Nuova Villa Tammaro, a Coney Island restaurant in Broker. The hitters were Albert Anastasino, Joe Adonis, Vito Forelli, and Benjamin "Bugsy" Lucchettsi; Ciro "The Artichoke King" Terranova drove the getaway car, but legend has it that he was too shaken up to drive away and had to be shoved out of the driver's seat by Siegel.

The New Mafia Structure
With the So Called death of Joey, the war was over. The winners, at least on paper, were Forelli and the traditional Castellammarese faction. Now Forelli took some significant actions to avoid more bloody and self-destructive gang wars. Many of these changes are still in effect today.

Except for Liberty City, the major urban areas in the Northeast and Midwest were organized into one family per city; due to the sheer size of organized crime in New York, it was organized into five separate families. The bosses of the Five Families of Liberty City were to be Forelli, Leone, Vercetti, Lucci And Vincenzo Chilli . All however would owe allegance and tribute to Forelli. The Castellammarese, such as Sindacco and Lucci, were divided among the New York crime families and ceased to exist as a separate faction. Forelli set himself above, and apart from, all the U.S. crime families by creating an additional position for himself--capo di tutti capi or "boss of all bosses."

Each crime family unit was to be headed by a boss, who was assisted by an underboss (the third-ranking position of consigliere, was added somewhat later). Below the underboss, the family was divided into crews, each headed by a caporegime, or capo, and staffed by soldiers. The soldiers would often be assisted by associates not yet members (or as they became known later, "wise guys"). Associates might also include non-Italians who worked with the family.

Death of Forelli
Unfortunately for Forelli, his reign as capo di tutti capi was short-lived. On September 10, 2007 Forelli was shot and stabbed to death in his Algonqiun office by a team of Jewish triggermen recruited by Hyman Lansky, a team which included Samuel "Red" Sindacco and Bo Weinberg.

In the end, both of the traditional factions in the LibertyCity Mafia lost the war. The real winners were the younger and more ruthless generation of mobsters, headed by JoeyLeone(who nerver really died in the first place . With their ascension to power, organized crime was poised to expand into a truly national and multi-ethnic combination.

(Maranzano is the leader of the Sicilian Mafia i Forgot to mention that.)

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 08:55 PM

I'd like to buy a crack lab for the Triads, please. Does the money from the assets just get updated every day and put into the gang account?

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 09:16 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 07 April 2008 - 09:24 PM.

VinnieLeone: I recommend that you write larger, better set out chapters and combining the more shorter elements to make more money for your gang. You seem to be posting snippets, which is fine for the moment, but it's soon going to get complicated for us and for yourself. smile.gif
$12 for your 7th story

D Storted: I'll add it to your assets and yes, as long as you're active, the daily income is added to your account. If your whole gang is inactive for a week, income will cease until you become active again. smile.gif

EDIT: The Da Nang Boys get $10 today from their Distillery, updated that.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 10:11 PM


CHAPTER 2: Preparing the Deed

Monday 1st April 1993

"Hey, Tony, it's me. Look, um...it's about, eh...Mark. He's, uh...how can I put it...dead." The words could barely leave my mouth. I was trembling with fear, a fear for the Orange Grove Families which I have never experienced. Am I allowed to switch sides? Then again, what if they decide to leave...I won't be able to do that! So, what do I do? My friend, Mark, is another friend from my childhood. We go way back, way back. I think my father even told me that we're 4th cousins, but I'm not really sure.

If it didn't get any worse, I had work in an hour. You know, the same old crammy job I do every day for 5 days a week? But, I guess it's fun. A lot of the Balla OG's from around the area come down here for a quick bite, then again, so do the OGF OG's. Speaking of the OGF, was it then that commited the shooting? It might be, that's their style; whimpering cowards. They can't even kill someone like a man! It's a shame, really, what they've come down to, especially to kill someone who wasn't even in the Ballas.

I had to get them back, I knew that I had to. This was getting out of control, and I needed to get them back. Also, I could do with a little extra money...

Monday 1st April

I got home from work. Same old boring day, same old $60 paycheck straight into my bank account. I quickly got out of my Well Stacked clothes and put on a black hoody, grey Adidas track pants, some white basketball runners, and a Los Santos Saints baseball cap, coloured purple. I couldn't find my gat (Mark said he needed to use it after the party) so my first destination was Ammunation.

I walked outside, the still cool air connecting with my face. The same subtle breeze that I experienced this morning was still there, and the temperature was around the same. My Majestic, currently coloured purple, was parked around the back of my apartment building, next to the dumpster, where my brother's body still lays. I started the rusty ignition and I set off.

As I pulled up infront of the Ammunation, I saw 3 OGFs in the distance, walking past the local Cluckin' Bell. They were walking towards me, but I hope they wouldn't recognise me as a Balla. I took my hat off and chucked it in my glove-box just to be safe.

The smoke-filled air of the Ammunation store in Willowfield surprised me. The shop-owner, Mickie Nicklasson, was the uncle of a guy I went to school with. I've always been friends with him, and both the OGF and the Ballas consider him as important allies. Little do each of us know that he is, in fact, right in the middle.

"Hey, Steven. How's life going for you?"

"Um, it's...um, going fine...yeah. Fine." I didn't want to start a conversation now; I wasn't in the mood.

"You don't really look fine, but if you say so, OK. What would you like?"

"One Colt 45. please."

"One Colt 45. coming right up," he scrambled around in a draw which I could not see, and came back up with a Colt 45. in his hand. "That'll be $120."

"OK, here you go," I handed him the money, "See ya."

"Bye, and enjoy the gun! Remember to be careful!" Come on, Mickie, I've been playing with guns since I was 14. Now, I had to do the deed.


May I please buy one Colt. 45 for the Ballas?

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 10:55 PM

I request that you don't rate this please, consider the daily revenue my rating. It's far too short to be a real installment and it merely explains how the distillery comes into the Da Nang's hands.

Da Nang Boys - Easter Basin Docks

Chapter VII: In High Spirits

Lee’s talks overseas had paid off, and had rewarded the Da Nang Boys well. For his last efforts, he was given the deed to a disused warehouse right in his home city of San Fierro. It sat cosily in Hashbury, with the roof offering splendid landscape views of Doherty and even as far as Missionary Hill. Though not too large, it had massive potential though it wasn’t as close to Easter Basin as Lee had hoped. Still, it was better than a Triad Fish Van and as soon as Triet, Lee’s right hand man returned from Liberty City, they both went to have a look at what the warehouse had to offer the Da Nang Boys.

The ware crept slowly into view as Lee and Triet turned the corner onto the market area of Hashbury. As they passed early morning shoppers eager to find deals, Triet sniffed in disgust.
“I can smell it from here! It’s either that or it’s these goddamn hemp lovin’ bastards.”
Lee had to look up to him to reply, as Triet stood a good few inches taller than him.
“Okay, so it’s little more… er… crusty than we thought but it’ll look fine when we decide on what we can do with it. Something that could make us money on the side, you know, independent business!”
“I guess” Triet shrugged, “I’m just rackin’ my brains trying to think of what we could do, legitimately. Don’t want to attract too much attention, that’s the last thing we want.”
Lee nodded slowly in agreement and entered the warehouse through a door which looked like it had been ravaged by wood worm. Triet looked around the frame in disgust as he had to duck to fit through the door, and followed Lee up the stairs to the first floor. It was only when he reached the top where he saw just what they could do with the rustic palace.
“Beer barrels!” Triet said in awe, “Bath tubs, fermenters… sprit measurers!”
Lee approached each piece of equipment as Triet said them, examining them.
“These are in working condition! We could make a distillery!”
Triet’s eyes seemed to widen and glisten at the concept of Da Nang home brew, but Lee went on.
“A bit of a clean, and this place’ll be up and running this week if we push it.”
Triet did nothing to reply to this other than grin broadly and grasp Lee’s hand with his own large palm. The Da Nang Boys were now home brewers… and they had the San Fierro market to conquer.

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Posted 07 April 2008 - 11:48 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 08 April 2008 - 02:44 AM.

Hi again,


Stefan. - 3rd story
$287 + $41 = $328
Colt .45 purchased
$328 - $30 = $298


Masterkraft - 7th story
Da Nang Boys
No rating, whatever floats ya boat tounge.gif


All updated.

Keep those stories coming everyone!

rated and updated by mark-2007

EDIT: I'm going on the assumption that the daily income for everyone's assets has not been added since they were pruchased (other than the Da Nang Boys' distillery yesterday). If this is not the case then please re-edit this and take away the money I'm giving here...

Grove Street Families have had a $10 income a day from their Alcohol Distillery since March 31st. It's not early into the 8th April.

That's eight days, so $80 to them.

The Colombian Cartel purchased an Alcohol Distillery on the 3rd of April, five days ago. They get $50.

The Da Nang Boys get their $10 for today, having already recieved $10 yesterday.

The Triads purchased a Crack Lab with an income of $30 a day yesterday. Today they get $30 then. Check post below.

So that's...

Grove Street Families - $80
Colombian Cartel - $50
Da Nang Boys - $10
Triads - $30

Again, any staff who know otherwise: please take this money off if this is done already.

edited and updated by mark-2007

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 01:25 AM

I said NO purchases of drug assets.
The Distillary i was fine with, but I must fix the prices on all these assets.

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 02:06 AM

Russian Mafia: Grey Imports: Firebomb.

My mobile rang, I asked Aaron to take the wheel while I answered it. He leant over the passenger seat and started steering. I flipped open the black piece of crap, I didn't want to get into specifics at the phone shop so just grabbed the cheapest thing I could find.

"Derek speaking." I talked into the handpiece,
"Derek, its Kris, were under some heavy fire here and need a distraction. When you pull up theres a gunfight on the basketball courts, there should be a white Sentinel parked across the street, theres molotov cocktails in the back of the boot. Get them out, you'll know what to do from there. sh*t! SNIP--" the phone line cut out, we had to get there quickly.

"Ok, hold on guys." I flawed it, skidding around corners. It was 12 am on a Tuesday, I should be asleep, but I wasn't. We reached the lockup, 3 Greenwoods were parked across the basketball court as barricades, as our boys used 2 Sentinels. I got out,

"Aaron, Tom, I'm gonna clear a way for you to get to our boys." I adjusted my M4, took aim at the Greenwoods and let out some suppressing fire at the GSF, "Run now!" I screamed, they ran letting off shots from their pistols. A large crack went off, like a sniper rifle and I saw Tom drop and start limping. Aaron turned around and started dragging him towards the two cars, another man ran out and helped as the seven other men let off fire from their MP-5's.

I looked around for the white Sentinel, I was parked across the street from this action and no-one had taken notice of me, just then two more Greenwoods came charging up the street, I dived into the bushes. They had flanked the mafia and it didn't look so good, the burst of semi-automatic fire filled my ears. I glanced up, and saw the Sentinel, right next to the Greenwoods. I had one choice, l charged at the Greenwoods, they only had two people in each car and they had an awful surprise when they saw me charging, brains flew everywhere. But this was bad, the other GSF who were shooting at my friends heard the noise, and turned their attention to me! I jumped over the Sentinel and shot the lock on the back. Another large crack was heard and a bullet went through the trunk, luckily it missed me. I grabbed a lighter and then lit the first rag on fire. I threw it with all my might and with a "Boom" the three Greenwoods were engulfed in flames. I threw two more and that gave our boys the chance to strike back, they came charging up releasing rounds on the flailing GSF as they screamed. But they had forgotten about the sniper,

"Get back into cover!" I tried to yell over the noise, but too no avail no one heard me.

The large crack was heard and one man bit the dust, I noticed the noise came from behind me. I looked up at an apartment complex and saw a gun barrel glistening in the night. I let off my round of M4 at it, and the sniper rifle dropped on the path as a man in green, bloody rags fell over the balcony, with a "SPLAT" onto the footpath, right next to his gun. Everything went well, we only lost one man and had a few casualties. I walked up to the group waving my gun in the air,

"Derek, you saved us back there." Kris shook my hand, "Our job isn't finished yet, we have to firebomb this place." he turned to everyone, "Grab a molotov cocktail from my car, then get back with your groups, we have to be quick before more backup arrives."

But he spoke too soon, three more Greenwoods came gliding down the streets, "sh*t, everyone just throw the molotov cocktails at lock up then get away, in foot or car, meet back at the warehouse!" Everyone lit them on fire and threw them at the lockup as more Grove Street came pouring into the streets. Some of the mafia got into the Greenwood and the white Sentinel. They all left without me, the group of Grove Street members were closing in on me, I let off a few shots, then ran into the apartment complex, jumping fences and letting off shots from behind. When I got too the end there was a road overlooking a stadium, but the members in the car had cut me off, I started shooting my M4 as the windshield cracked and the drivers blood rushed out over the passenger. The people in the back were disgusted, I took this opportunity and shot them. I pulled the bleeding, headless driver out of the car and flawed it. Everyone in the car was dead except for me so it was very bloody.

I got back to the warehouse, where people gathered around to see me. I jumped out, my suit covered in all different types of blood, Aaron came up to me,

"Holy crap..." is all he could stomach before he puked, I laughed, stripped down to my boxers and shook hands with the rest of our celebrating group and grabbed a beer from the esky,

"Well done today boys, Andreas would be proud!" Kris yelled, holding his beer up to the sky. And somehow, I knew he would be.

Its pretty bad but I just woke up.

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 02:46 AM Edited by johnson., 08 April 2008 - 03:18 AM.

Rep Yo Set Homie Pt.1 'Revenge'

I folded the red bandana evenly, I had to look sharp. My black Dickie pants hung low, held up by a silver LC belt buckle. I wore a white wife beater under a red hoodie sweater. I placed the bandana in my back pocket and strapped up my beige Tim boots. I checked the time on my cell phone, '7:27'. I walked down out of my Wichita Gardens appartment and headed down the hallway slapping hands with the homies I knew. Around this part of town I was treated like royalty, since the early 90's my family had there hands in all the crime that went around the neighborhood. But even still with the times changed, niggas don't give a f*ck about where you came from. It's all about who the f*ck you are and you're rep. When I was 16 I stole my first car, sh*t was never handed to you around here. You always had to go out and get it you're self. By 17 my friends and I had became so known through out the neighborhood for the sh*t we did, beating kids up, stealing cars, breaking into houses. They called us 'The Red Jacks' A year later we were givin the decision that would change everything.

The names Lucas Scott other wise know as "Big L", iv lived in the Gardens my whole life. It was all I ever knew, my father was a gangbanger from a clique that used to run things over the upper westside. When I was 13 my father was shot and killed in a gang shoot out in Portland, my older brother began heading into the same direction as my dad he did it to help out the family. Three years later, on my 16th Birthday I watched my older brother get killed in a drive by shooting. Apparently my brother owed money to a high ranked soldier of the Purple Nines. With no one to look out for me anymore in this dark neighborhood. I started hanging out with a group of guys who I knew would always have my back, a group of guys I had the utmost respect for. We started pulling small time robberies, broke into houses, stole cars anything we could do to get money.

Ever since I was very little, I swore to myself id never go a day in my life without having money. That i'd never be poor. I waited out in the front parking lot. Walking up from down the street, a familiar swagger was making way towards me. Walking like he had a gun in his pants and constantly looking over his shoulder. My bestfriend Tyrel Gibson, we had been friends since we was little. He walked over towards me, we slapped hands.

"Whats good homie" Tyrel asked
"Not much yo, waitin on Adam to getting his lazy f*ckin ass over here"
"word, you ready"
"damn nigga you know im ready, those Purple Nines aint gonna know what hit em" I laughed

The Purple Nines had made the mistake of jacking one of my boys down by the river. Ever since the Nines found out we were taking the block, they've been beefing with us. But now it was time to hit them back, revenge for killing my brother. Me and Tyrel had saved up enough cash to buy a couple of Uzi 9MM's. Adam had just gone into town to pick up the guns he was on his way to pick us up. Just then a beat up old Clover swerved around the corner nearly hitting a on coming car. It was Adam, he slammed on the brakes bringing the car to a screeching stop.

"Hop in" Adam greeted.

Me and Tyrel climbed into the car, the interior wasn't as bad as the outside. It was all leather, the sound system wasn't bad either. The inside of the car vibed to a 90's east coast hip-hop beat. I sat in the front seat, Adam peered into the rearview mirror. Checking to see if it was clear to peel out. Tyrel looked into a duffle bag that sat on the seat beside him.

"Holyy sh*tt!" He said, pulling a Uzi from the bag.
"f*ckin A" I exclaimed, reaching for Tyrel to pass me it.

The steel felt cold in my hands, I gripped the handle. Starring down the barrel of the gun, it was jagged. A clip of ammo was dropped into my lap. Adam looked at me and laughed. I had done alot of bad sh*t, but this was a first for me. I grappled the clip of ammo and slammed it into the bottom of the gun.

"Time to roll" I ordered.

The Purple Nines would hang out in a park just away from the Gardens, we used to hang around there until the Nines found out thats where we would post up. They are always in the park now looking for a fight. Adam pulled into the dirt road that led into the park. I reached for the red bandana that hung out of my back pocket, unfolded it and placed it to my face and wrapped it around my head tying a knot in the back. I rolled the window down, smoke poured out of the window. Tyrel tapped my shoulder, pushing his hand out inbetween me and Adam. A spliff grasped between his fingers. I grabbed it from his hands putting it to my mouth. The Uzi layed on my lap, I took a long puff from the joint. With my other hand I reached into my front pocket pulling out a picture. I exhaled all the marijuana smoke out into the summer air, I passed the joint off to Adam. I stared at the picture for a moment, a rush of adrenalin coursed through my veins. The picture was of my brother, his eyes pearced through mine like daggers. When i was younger I had always looked up to my brother, he was one of the only people in the world that would look out for me. I starred up down the pathway, I could see the park up ahead. I put the picture back in my pocket.

Adam brought the car into the lot, three other cars were parked on the other end of the lot. I could make out figures in the dimly lit park. Adam backed the car up so that we would face the set of parked cars on the other end. The joint came around my way, I puffed on the spliff one of two times before i tossed the roach out the window. Adam turned the headlights off, I peered down towards the other end of the lot. The lights in the lot gave off a erie feeling. Five guys stood down at the other end, sipping on forties and rolling dice. The Clover gave off a low rumble, Tyrel handed Adam a Uzi and a banana clip. I handed over a bandana wich he wrapped around his face. I pulled my hood over my head and pulled the bandana over my nose. I reached for the gat that sat in my lap.

"Lets do this..."I said, opening the car door.
Adam exited out of his side slowely followed by Tyrel. I looked down towards the group of guys. None of them seemed to notice us.
"We'll creep up beside them, through the bushes over down there." I pointed out.
We began walking into the park. Moving slowly up the side of the parking lot. I gripped the Uzi tightly, trying to stay low to the ground. I crouched down, both Tyrel and Adam behind me. Tyrel pulled his hood up over his head. Adam pulling his cap down tightly. We all pulled the red bandanas over our face. I nodded the three of us blasted off sprinting towards the small group of thugs.

I brought the Uzi up infront of me. One of the niggas playing dice looked up at me, I spit in his face and squeezed the trigger. Gun fire light up the parking lot, uzi rounds taring through the Purple Nines bodies. None of them had a chance to pull out there own weapons. One of the niggas was still breathing, I pulled the picture out. Grabbed him by the head and thrusted the photo in his face.
"Remember him mothaf*cka!" I screamed, before squeezing the Uzi trigger once more. Bullets rattled his already broken body, he slumped down and remained motionless. We grabbed the stacks of cash that was on the floor from there dice game. We quickly went through there pockets, undid there watches and emptied there wallets. I pulled a 9mm from one of the dead guys waist line.

"Lets bounce" Adam shouted.
We took off down the parking lot heading straight for the Clover, Tyrel ducked into the back seat. I jumped into the front with Adam. He left the car running, he through the car into gear and drove off down the dirt road.

The Clover dashed through the streets of Wichita Gardens, Adam pulled the car into the parking lot of my building. Me and Tyrel jumped out.
"I'm gonna go dump the car" Adam said.
"Alright homie, meet us back at my cribs when you're done." I replied.
Tyrel was carrying two duffle bags, one full of Uzi's. The other full of the sh*t we just juxed off those punk ass Nines. We made our way into my appartment. Me and Tyrel quickly got through my front door and headed straight for the living room. He dropped the bags onto the couch. He quickly dumped the cash onto the table and began counting up what was stolen.

A new thought had just crossed my mind, 'what the f*ck was going to happen now'.

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 02:54 AM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 08 April 2008 - 09:26 AM.

Hi again,


~PhusioN~ - 10th Story
The Russian Mafia
$180 + $43 = $223
and a weapon of your choice under $300 - leave a post on this topic stating which


johnson. - 1st story
Southside Hoods
$30 + $61 = $91
great opener, keep it coming.



Notice: No drug assets other than Alcohol Distilerries are allowed to be purchased at this time. This is to stop unfairness between gangs early on and so one gang doesn't get a load more money than the other too quickly. The aim is to get more people here and then to begin the drug assets.

As a result of this the Triads have been deducted $30 and refunded $300 for their Crack Lab.

$93 - $30 (for one day's worth of income) = $63

$63 + $300 (for the price of the crack lab back) = $363

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the stories, keep them coming icon14.gif

Rated and updated by mark-2007

EDIT: Phusion, bought for free. And yes, the $100 bonus has now been added. Russians now have $323.

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 04:17 AM

I'll get the PSG-1 thanks.

Does the multiple of 5 rule count for this? Because that would mean I would have another $100 for 10 stories, unless you added it already,


D Storted
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Posted 08 April 2008 - 11:26 AM

I'd like to buy a distillery instead, then, please, unless it is possible to buy the other types of business like the protection rings, whore houses, etc. If we can buy those, I'll save my money, but if we can't buy those, I'll take the distillery.

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 06:15 PM

i would like a Uzi

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 11:30 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 08 April 2008 - 11:37 PM.

Okay, D Storted - you have a Distillery now...

$363 - $100 = $263

It'll now earn $10 a day from yesterday.

@ Vinnie Leone:

The Leones already have an Uzi... please check before you make requests.

Distilerry incomes:

$10 for the Triads, Grove Street Families, Da Nang Boys and Colombian Cartel.

This is for the $10 from the Distillery for today (9th of April)

posted by mark-2007 (it's my 2 year GTAforums birthday!!!) tounge2.gif

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Posted 09 April 2008 - 05:09 AM

Chapter 4: Cipriani's Demise And Joey's Revenge


Vito"Lucky 7's" Cipriani became filled with envy about Joey's decision to make his son Don. Vito calls a hit on Joey.

Dec 23rd, 2006
Caligula palace

Joey is playing Blackjack with family Capo
Luigi Goterelli. Luigi gives Joey a tip about the hit..

Luigi: Yo Joe that Vito is trying some sh*t.

Joey: What do you mean?

Luigi:I'm he whats to take over man,He sent a hit out for you.

Joey is stuck in shock, not even listening to Luigi. Joey was shot by Claudio"The Mute" Romano with a silent pistol. Mickey Hamfist in turn grab the assasin and tried to retain him. 5 other men joined in. Joey then turns around and as a good look at the assasin.(Flashback outside Sex Club 7)
(4 to 5 Gunshots are heard)Joey was around the corner when Sal was shot.Joey got a good look at the killers face.
Joey now remebers who killed his father and shoots the assasin in his chest twice with a shotgun hidden in his coat. Joey then puts the bloody shotgun into Claudio's mouth and fires another shot. Joey then passes out from loss of blood.
(St Jones Hospital) Mickey and Alphonso meet their Godfather in the hospital. Joey finds out that Vito is in a Mansion in Bellville,Algonquin(State next to San Andreas,Based on Aspen,Colorado). Joey assigns his own son Alphonso and Mickey to kill Vito.

Dec 31,2006

A Black Savanna parks in Vito's drive way, Mickey and Al walk out the car. Al armed with a M16/A1 and Mickey armed with a Ruger. Al then fires 3 shots into Vito's back and Mickey Fires 17 shots,But only 3 hit Vito in the face. The first bullet hit Vito in the back of the head and exits out his right eye,The second bullet crushes Vito's nose. The last bullet went into Vito's throat. When the police came by some 10 mins later. Found Vito's left eye 15 feet away.

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