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Posted 06 June 2008 - 06:20 AM

I bought A Safia 12 for $150.
So $420-$150=$270

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 10:27 AM Edited by Flesh-n-Bone, 06 June 2008 - 10:34 AM.

$outhside Hoodz: Chapter II

"I gotta go and kill some rivals around here" was the first thing I said when it was 12 PM o'clock.

I decided to go to D-Ice's and talk a bit about what's up in Shoreside.
"We should expand some turf outside Gardens." was his first words.
After a talk we decided to that I'm gonna clean-up our turf before we try to move out of here. The Cartel live fifty blocks away from here. It's just 1 street away, hell, we can even see them if we lean out of the window. I said it will be cool to head down to Newport and kick some Yardies asses.
"These dumb f*cks don't have any friends man."- I said.
D-Ice responded with "You need a few of our cars with you as well as having a couple of our Hoodz in your own car. We might drive-by on them like crazy man!"
Everything seemed cool and I was more than happy to spark a small war against some small-time new claimed gang that got their turf with the help of big time Leone's.
"Come on, let's pop."

When I headed outside a few of our Rumpo's were already there waiting for me to get into the free seat one. Some of our guys were driving my car while I sat in the passenger seat besides to do some crazy drive-by's. While we headed down there. Some random Yardies started to shot but we responded with some crazy drive-by's and after a while everyone got out expect the drivers and a gang war started.
"You motherf*ckers, what the hell are y'all doing down here?"- Yardie #1
"You'll have it coming to y'all, we are here to pop some of your crazy ass faces."- Hood #1
I responded with "Well, y'all never had any friends anyways so we want to expand ourselves around Liberty and you are the first one's we're kicking."
Around two Yardies were left at the war and they almost ran away. Both just before we were about to lose them I popped them both off.
Now cops will be all around so we better get in the car and drive away.
Everyone got safely back and I went back home to lay low.

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 04:18 PM

Chapter 6: The Cholo Connection

Things in the streets were starting to get intense, Most gangs in the state wanted a piece of Los Santo's for there own due to the large amounts of money that you can accumilate in a short space of time. After the events of yesterday from the failed driveby attempt by the Vago's, we were wondering what would happen next because the shooter was a high ranking member in the Vago's that took over El Corona. I told Diego and Gal to lay low for a little while until i could figure out what to do next.

Me and Cesar didn't sleep last night just incase the Vago's tried to kill us while we slept even though we have started to make a stand, El Corona is still under there control until we find a way to remove there presence. There was a white and tourqoise coloured oceanic that had been parked across the street since last night there was one man parked inside. I didn't tell Cesar because it would of made it obvious we had seen the car, I told Cesar to stay in the house and lock the doors and windows until i came back because i decided it was the best time to go check what the man in the vehicle wanted. I walked out the frontdoor as soon as i start to walk to the sidewalk, the man in the vehicle gets out of the car and starts to approach me i start to reach for my colt.

The man starts to address me "Hey your Jose?? my boss needs to talk to you"

I ask "Why would i go talk with your boss when he sent a hit squad to kill OG's from my gang"

The man replies "Well if you step into the car i'll take you to a place where you can get the answers you want".

I reply "I think i'll take my chances."

The man walks closer and whispers "Well i wouldn't look on the roof of the house across the street to your left".

I look up at the rooftop and there is a man with a sniper rifle.

The man starts whispering again "That guy will shoot you without hestiation if you don't co-operate".

I nod at the man in agreement.

"Ok looks like i'm coming to see your boss" I reply.

I enter the Oceanic with the man and he starts driving.

5 minutes later we arrive at the south of El Corona at the location of the old sex shop.

There are 2 bouncers on the door which probably ment it could of been turned into a casino or nightclud of some sort.

We both enter the interior is in the process of been painted red, the carpets are red and there are workmen installing the new bar equipment.

We go down a wide hallway which had alot of doors we then turned left to the final door on the left which was where this man's boss.

I enter the room which had wooden floor and the walls had a wood finish. There was a mexican man sat down, he was having a phone conversation with somebody. He see's me enter and then tells the person he is on the phone to that he will call them back and that his employee is here.

The man in a calm voice says "You must be Jose, the leader of the Aztecas sit down my friend".

I reply "So i understand you wanted to talk to me about somthing".

"Thats correct, you see the gang member you killed who was in that hit sqaud was a high ranking member of the Vago's, as you probably realised. Well the thing is he was starting to be a pain in the ass and you've done me a favour". The man replied.

The man continues.

"So i want to do you a favour, by putting some jobs your way."

"And what jobs would they be???". I ask

"I need to move alot Weed for the Vago's, i'm in debt to them due to joining the Latin Kings movement. Which is basically all the mexican gangs from here to SF have united in order to do business." The man responds.

"I see, well what does this have to do with me??". I inquired

"Well Me and alot of other people in this city don't want it to continue. Its causing problems in neighbourhoods like this and there in a drug war with the Ballas over the streets, but behind closed doors ironically its a ploy for Smoke and Martinez to make themselves alot of money".

I respond in a shocked way "Did you say Martinez??? as in Jerry Martinez??!".

I continued "He must of been the bastard who sold us out because I haven't heard anything of him on the streets these days".

The man replied in lower tone of voice "Well Martinez like Smoke are hiding in there Crack Fortresses around town, I've even heard the Russians are involved with Smoke".

I Respond "Damn, Ok what do you need me to do??".

The man smiles "Well You could start by shifting this Weed, I know Aztecas don't agree with the drug trade but you'll be selling to the Ballas and other gangs, it won't even get back to this neighbourhood."

The man continues "Look take this ounce of weed and head to the portacabin located East of the train tracks from El Corona, I'll give you a cut of the money and also help you get your gang a bigger span of control in the city but we'll discuss it later the buyer will be waiting".

I walk out of the office and head for the parking lot.

The man who brought me tells me to get in the car. I ask him "why is there a rifleman already to shoot??" the man laughs and tells me he'll take me to the drop.

I enter the Oceanic. 20 minutes later where at the drop. There are 4 Ballas waiting outside with a local drug dealer, I tell the man i won't be long.

I approach the dealer he asks me "Who the hell are you??".

I reply sarcastically "Well i'm here to buy some crack, Why the hell do you think i'm holding an Ounce of weed your gonna purchase."

The Dealer pulls out a roll of dollar bills and takes $240 from the roll.

"Here you go Homie, tell your boss thanks again".

The Dealer hands me the money and i give him the Ounce of Weed.

As we both start to head our seperate ways a group of 6 Vago's with 9mm pistols start shooting the place up.

I run for cover behind the car. The associate of the club owner gets out a tec 9 and starts firing back at the party of Vago's, he shoots at one and hits him in the torso.
I start to assist by shooting at the Vago's with my colt 45, One of my bullets grazes one of the members arms. I start shouting to the man with the tec "We need to get out of here before LSPD sends in the S.W.A.T. team to deal with these vato's!!!".
He nods in agreeement and I provide cover fire for him while he get the car started, the Ballas and the Drug Dealer are evenly matched with the Vago's hit squad. The man starts the car and wheelspins the car and starts heading back to the club.

"That was close i say to him". I yell

He reply's "Yeah tell me about it, this is becoming an everyday thing for me!".

"Whats your name by the way???". I inquire

"The names Big Cease, I was an OG of The Cholo's gang when it exsisted back in the 80's, its the same with the boss he was one too." He replies.

"Nice, well if we have anything in common by blood is that both our gangs were good at gun running". I replied

Big Cease starts laughing "Very true, friend". We had arrived at the club.

I get out of the car and thank Cease for the ride. I enter the club the Owner approaches me looking angry. "What the f*ck happened!?, I thought the cops had arrested you." he yells.

"Hey Calm the f*ck down!, heres the money luckily i made a decision to get out of there".

The man counts the money and looks pleased with the amount.

"Good work i'm impressed heres your cut, sorry i haven't got round to introducing myself. My name is Big Chase". He replies

"Its good doing business with you Chase, I'm Jose". I reply

"Nice to meet you Jose, Look drop by tommorow the next job will be more complex".

I nod and start to leave the club and head home. As i think to myself with more money making oportunities like these occuring we will soon be able to take back El Corona and Lil Mexico. Including any other turfs we have lost over the past 7 or 8 months.

*****The End*****

Please may i purchase 2 Ounce of weed this time with my whole sale???

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 11:49 PM Edited by johnson., 07 June 2008 - 12:04 AM.

Dead Presidents Pt.2 ‘Gettin’ Money’

It was late in the morning when Adam and I finally left D’s crib. He had sent us on an errand to rebatch a street dealer named Patrick over in Portland. I tucked the zip lock full of pills into my hoodie pocket. We jumped into the Rumpo and made the trip over to Portland.

Music bumped in the car as we cruised through Liberty City, it took about a half hour to make the full trip. The street dealer was hanging out in Hepburn Heights, we park the Rumpo outside the large public apartment buildings. It somewhat reminded me of Wichita Gardens, The street dealer spotted the painted van out and approached. He wore a red do-rag over his head along with a blue hoodie and black jeans.

He climbed into the back of the van, this hadn’t been the first time we met this street dealer. D had us drop goods off to this kid for about a year now, Patrick had been hired by D to help raise the influence of $outh$ideHoodz over in Portland.
“What’s good Pat” I greeted, slapping hands with him as he sat back in his seat and Adam began driving away.
“Nunn much, tonight was busy as f*ck” He said, Patrick looked exhausted
“You were doing a lot of running around here?” I asked
“Yeahh, everyone loves the hooks up give” He explained, I reached into my hoodie pocket and handed him the drugs.
“Thanks man” He said, handing back a brown paper bag full of cash.

“We got a problem” Adam said, glaring into his rearview, I looked into the side mirror. An old muscle car was picking up speed and quickly gaining on us.
”Ohh f*ck…” Patrick mumbled, quickly followed by gun shots filling the air.
“What?” I shouted through the gun fire.
“It’s El Burros crew!” He shouted back, I reached under the passenger seat and grabbed the Uzi that lay there. I rolled down the window and began firing blindly behind us.
“Here, Patrick take this!” Adam shouted handing Patrick his gun. Patrick crawled deep into the back of the van and opened one of the doors. Patrick and I began firing our cannons back at the tricked out Stallion. Adam remained concentrated on the road, pushing the piece of sh*t Rumpo to its limits through Portland.
We had entered China Town when Patrick finally managed to gain the upper hand of things by popping one of the Stallions tires. Adam swerved the van around the corner, the Stallion losing control and crashing into the wall.
“Take me to my crib up in St.Marks” Patrick said, Adam nodded and as we continued to drive off down the road.

Adam brought the Rumpo to a stop in front of Patrick’s place. We both slapped hands with Patrick again.
“Take it easy” I said, closing the door and walking over to the passenger side door.
“If you get any trouble call us up” I assured Pat, he nodded and walked into his crib.
Adam put the van in gear and we slowly rolled away from the parking spot. I picked up the brown paper bag that was on the floor. I counted all the money inside, $1000. I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket and called ‘D’ up.
“Yo” He answered
“D, some Diablo motherf*ckers tried to hit us” I explained, “its good though, we got away.”
“Hmm... they will start causing trouble with Patrick” D said, pausing “Put their sh*t in check, let them know what f*cking time it is!” D ordered
“Got it” I said, closing the phone.
“What’s the deal?” Adam asked
“We gotta head back to Hepburn… D wants us to put some of their boys in check” I explained. Adam didn’t contest; he just did what was requested. He turned left at the next light, we began are return back to Hepburn.

I reloaded the Uzi 9mm that I had with me, we cruised through Hepburn Heights slowly. Looking for a few targets, I reached into the back seat grabbing a black duffle bag. The duffle bag was filled with ammunition. Adam had a pistol on his lap, just incase anyone would try to sneak up on his side. I spotted two Hispanic men walking down the street wearing blue jean jackets that had large crowns on the back of them. I rolled the window down and took aim at the Diablo’s, with marksmen like shooting. I pulled the trigger on the Uzi, bullets rattled through the air making there way into the Diablos. One slumped to the ground as the other tried to limp away; I emptied the rest of the clip into the last Diablo before Adam sped up down the street. Music played in the background of the Rumpo, but out on the street was sheer terror. People started making a run for it, I noticed other Diablos starting to gather up. More gunfire filled the air as bullets grazed the Rumpo, Adam stepped on the gas and turned the corner bringing us into Heights parking lot. He spun the car around making a U-turn, heading back out the way we just came in. I spotted a Diablo running up beside the van. I leaned out the window aiming back at him. A bet clenched in his fists, I opened fire filling him up with bullets.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance.
“We gotta get the f*ck outta here!” I told Adam.
“Hold up, We got f*cking company” He shouted back, I leaned my body back outside the window. A black Stallion just like the one that had chased us before was on our tail. I opened up the Uzi on him. Hitting his hood and front grill, Adam managed to get out of Hepburn. But still had the tail on him, I reloaded the Uzi and continued firing at the Diablo Stallion. Adam stopped the car short and the Stallion crashed into the back end of the Rumpo. Smoke began to fill the air; I climbed out of the Rumpo Uzi in one hand. My head was in incredible pain. I regained focus and caught one of the Diablos trying to get out of the burning Stallion. I aimed the Uzi at him and shot a burst of 9mm bullets into him. He fell over a pool of blood starting to form around him. The driver of the Stallion had died from the impact; his body leaned against the steering wheel making the horn sound. Adam stumbled out of the smoking wreck, be both started running.

We jumped a cement wall, and into what seemed to be a used car lot. I crouched on the ground as Adam came crashing down from the other side of the wall. No one seemed to be around. Besides it was 3:46 in the morning.
We ran through the parking lot looking for a get away vehicle; I spotted an unlocked Sentinel XS. I opened the door and climbed in, I searched through the glove compartment then finally the visor where a pair of car keys fell down on my lap. Adam hopped into the passenger seat.
“Our lucky break” I smiled at Adam
“Just get us the f*ck outta here” He said.

The XS roared to life, I put the car into gear and peeled away from the car lot. I checked to make sure I still had the cash on me. I too a right turn and headed over an overpass and into the Porter Tunnel.
100 MDMA Pills Sold! For $1000

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 12:45 AM


Vinnie Leone - Ball fo cocaine purchased for $400
johnson - $40, $47 - really liked the second story
flesh-n-bone - $18 - sorry, they're still too short and undescriptive
Gantons Most Wanted - $34, ounce of weed sold ($240 made), 2 further ounces purchased ($240 spent)

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 06:53 AM Edited by Skimask101, 07 June 2008 - 06:55 AM.

Chapter7:$outh$ide Hoods Club:What about the Diablo’s?

The meeting 1:37 a.m., D-Ice, Crazy J, Crazy P, Crazy B and me. Oh yeah and four vans filled with Hoods packing combat shotguns, Uzi 9mms, Safia 12’s and Desert Eagles going to the big meet. When we were all ready to go we took off, when we were driving there I was hoping it would go good so I asked Ice

“How do you think this will go?” I asked D
“Man I don't know what to think when it comes to something as big as this” He told me while chuckling
“Well I think it'll go okay” I responded
“Whatever you say man” D said while rolling his eyes

The meeting was in the lot on East Shoreside Vale, to the right of Cedar Grove. All along the pathway to the lot there were Leone's behind there cars packing M4’s and MP5’s. When we got in the lot, there were snipers along the rock’s above, and there they were Toni and Joey standing there waiting for us. I came out and said

“Toni, Joey how you doin!!?” I asked them with great emotion
“Great until you came along” Joey declared
“Why is that so?” I asked confusingly
“Because, all of a sudden my men have been talking sh*t behind my back” Toni stated angrily
“What are they saying about you huh!?” I asked with great annoyance
“Well there saying He’s becoming a n*gg*r like you guys!” Joey Yelled
“Hey respect them A*sh*le!” Toni shouted to Joey
“So what the F*ck was the point of this meeting?” I asked while twitching in anger
“To tell you to never contact us again, there will be nothing between us, got it?Get it?Good” Toni told us
“Nothing, you know what, you’ll regret this!” I shouted to them

They all left in there cars, I was sooo pissed that I wanted to go to war but we could’nt win, not now at least. So I did something better I thought of all of their enemies and I thought we could have an alliance with them. So we got in the cars and drove back to the club and I asked D and the Crazies

“How do you guy’s like the diablos?” I asked them
“They a’ight but they Puerto Ricans and they don’t Black’s” D responded
“We could use them, there right by the Leone's main turf’s, so if we make enough money to supply them we could take over as a Street gang run city” Crazy J said
“Yeah they could rule portland, we could rule Shoreside vale and Staunton Island could be ruled by a gang there, but who?” I asked
“The Yardies” D said
“Oh no, no them they don’t like anybody and nobody likes them” I said negatively
“C’mon then it could be a Pure Street gang run city” D said
“Maybe I’ll think about it” I said
“So what about the Diablo’s?” Crazy J said


I also want 200 pills of Ex for $900 so $955-$900=$55

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 07:13 AM

Chapter 10: Pegorino’s Pride Part one.

(This Part is mainly around only Tony Corrado Jr.)

(Alderney City Fruit Market.) Jackie Guglielmetti, John Barbosa, Frank Gallo and I got on a fancy new yatch that Jimmy owned. I had a Mega Million Lottery ticket, I look at the girls passing by me and I didn’t notice that I had won 67.3million dollars. Jimmy looked at the card when he saw me with it. “What do you have there boy?” Jimmy said. He eyes open and he screamed, “Holy sh*t this kid one 67million dollars.” Jimmy announced to everyone. “ Tony let’s go to my office.” Jimmy said as he put his arm around my shoulder. Ray Boccino, Luca Silvestri and Johnny boy Barsosa were seated in easy chairs talking and drinking Champaign from Naples. “Tony you need to share that money with the family, we will only take out 9 million.” Ray said. “ I thought for a second money brings the family power. I mean Jimmy could get a seat on the commission if I gave a little more than 9. “ I will give the family 18 million.” I said. Ray, Luca and Johnny spitted out their Champaign. Jimmy simply smiled and kissed me on both cheeks. Jackie and I went to Algonquin to have our money put in a secret bank in Liberty bank of America. A bank within that bank is Jimmy ‘s bank, which can be robbed. On our way out Ray called my phone, “ Hey Tony I need you and Jackie to go to dukes and find Julies Bianchi.” He said. “Why do we need him?” I asked. “Because Julies knows the Sindacco’s whereabouts and can help us be allies with them.” Ray said. (Ray hanged up.)

(Francis International Airport, Where Julies was picking up the payment from the Airport racket that he shared with us.)

“Julies!” I yelled. “Come over here dude!” I said waving. “Ya man what’s up?” Julies said. “Hey man where is the Sindacco Family at man?” I asked. “Over by the docks at Staunton Island.” He said.

“Oh come on that was all the way west man.” I complained. (Liberty City Five Boroughs Broker, Bohan, Dukes, Algonquin, Alderney. Staunton Island is located between Algonquin and Alderney. Shoreside Vale is connected to New Guernsey. As for Portland is to far from Liberty City and is considered Part of the Upstate.)

“Hey man, don’t blame me.” Julies said. So we drove to Algonquin and took the Adkin Bridge to get to Staunton Island.

(Newport, Staunton Island.) We saw like 2 Sindacco men near the gate, “We are here to see Don Sindacco.” I said. “Ok, let them in.” We entered a room were the Sindacco Hitmen put guns to the back of are heads and escorted us to the don’s office.

“Welcome gentlemen and how can I help you?” said Don Sindacco. Giorgio Lanza is the Don of the Sindacco Family.

“We will offer your family 6 million dollars to get out off this place and set you in New Guernsey.” Jackie said.

“I will do this, I’m tired of being in this rat hole.” Giorgio said. “On one condition, you help out with my family’s war with Pavano Family.” I said. “Fine.” Giorgio said. He ordered his guards to put their guns off our heads, I turned my head and they are still pointing their guns at us. So we went back to Alderney via helicopter. (2 days later) The Sindacco Family moved to New Guernsey, we gave them the 6 million. I bought a nice mansion in Alderney City, 12 bedroom, 9 bathrooms, Island kitchen, with deck and patio, 3 stories. I also fell in love with Mary Corrola (Ancelotti captain Joe Corrola’s Sister.) she has two kids, Robert Corrola and Grace Corrola. One day a drug deal went bad and Jimmy was shot. Jimmy said that the Pavano had step on his pride. Then the worst happened when Jimmy fell into a coma after being supposedly shot dead by Niko Bellic. Jimmy’s brother Phillip Pegorino then became acting boss, Jimmy woke up from the coma like 2 weeks later, but he couldn’t leave for about 6 months. So anyway Phil made Mario Parisi captain of the old Pegorino, and Vito DeAngels became a captain in Guernsey. The War with Pavano Family sparked up when they attacked a prostitution ring led by Joey DeMeo (Soldier in the Pegorino Crew.)


“Phil I ‘m just saying maybe we should hit the Pavanos back.” I said. “No, we will have to wait for Salvatore Ambrosia’s crew to take out Mark Venturalla.” Phil said. “ Now my brother is depending on me, we won’t hit the Pavanos until Jimmy gets out.” He said. (Phone ringing its Phil’s) “Ya who is it?” Phil said. Jimmy ordered Mary Valvona to be killed. She was in Cipriani’s Ristorante.

(Cipriani’s Ristorante) Larry Gatto, Joey DeMeo, Alexander Genovese, Alberto Colombo and I were assigned to the job. We all had shotguns and MP5’s. We just paid off the FIB and local cops about the hit so we won’t get arrested. “You guys ready.” Joey said. “Let’s kick some Neapolitan ass!” Joey yelled running out of the car and handed towards the Ristorante.

(Gunfire), I ran around the back because I saw one of the Pavano bodyguards run away. As I’m chasing him he turns the corner I hear a gunshot and a man in Khaki pants and a black leather jacket stepped away from the body. I sat there watching him as he crawls away, I can hear Crazy Joe’s war cry, so I shot the man and ran back to the car. As we escaped I noticed the bomb that Joe had was gone. Cipriani’s is an old Leone front Salvatore Ambrosio will be pissed when he hears.

Part II: Pegorino’s Pride.
(This will is now back to Salvatore A’s story)

I was sitting in the Pink Pen with Silvio (Soldier of the old Ambrosio Crew) watching the news.

News Reporter Tom Burner at the courthouse. “Today, alleged mob boss Paul Costello has been put under house arrest, he will not be allowed to leave the house.” Tom Said. “Also James Pegorino was released from the hospital today after being in a coma.” In other news today Cipriani’s Ristorante was shot up just 2 hours ago, 6000 Rounds were fired with only 18 deaths, The alleged mob matriarch who died at the age of 60.” I was stunned at what I heard. Silvio looked up at me, “What are we gonna do about them?” He said. “I will talk to Jimmy, I know he wouldn’t have done that.” I said. (Phone Ringing.) It’s Marlon Bridges (Southside hood member). (Now the Southside hoods rep either Red Jack or Purple Nine, North Holland Hustlers Rep the Red Jack and M.O.B Rep Nines.) “Yo money I need some help over in Holland, them f*cking MoneyOverBitches are breaking the SSH code.” He said. “Now calm down, we will be down there in a few.” I said and hung up.

“Silvio get the car, your driving.” I said. “Where we going?” He asked me. “We’re going to see Luigi, his out of prison.” I said.

(Alderney State Penitentiary) “Sally, how you been doin?” Luigi greeted me. “Hey Luigi I’m doin good, we need to start building a loan shark racket, what do ya say?” I asked. “Sure where?” Luigi asked. “Nothing bad, just North Holland.” I said. Luigi looked at me like I was insane and he ran back to the prison, I chased him. “Luigi what the hell is wrong with you?” I said. “North Holland of all places!!!” Luigi said. “Look trust me Luigi, I’ll make sure that nothing happens to you.” So Luigi and I went back to the car. We drove to North Holland; there was a big penthouse. “Yo what’s up money?” Marlon said.
“Nothing, Yo this my man Luigi I was telling you about.” I said. Luigi and Silvio looked at me in a puzzled way. “What the hell are you looking at?” I said. “You talk just like them.” Luigi said. “Watch it, I grew in North Holland with my father.” I said. “I thought you lived with your ma.” Silvio said. “Nah, after my pop lost his house in Westdyke we moved here.” I said.
“Yo money come over here!” Marlon said. I saw D-Ice’s little brother Chris, and more NHH members. “We about to go to war with them M.O.B’s.” He said. “Ok as long as the war is on their turf, Firefly Projects is a f*cking death trap anyway.” I said.

So the war between North Holland and the Firefly Project gangs rein hell on my business in Broker. Since that North Holland is in Algonquin and Firefly Projects are in Broker, they would have skirmishes all over the town. (2 days later in Alderney City.) The Family discuses our activities, since Joey’s imprisonment much of our business became just loan sharking. But now we started to Blue collar and White-collar crimes. Paul Costello would still be boss but only a figurehead; there were also several rats in the family that needed to be killed. Mike Leonardo, Phillip Latravese and Joe Bostichio all soldiers from the Mangano crew. My brother Tommy has a son who he fears may be dealing with the Russian Brava. He said that he was going to retire to Vice City. This meant I had to choose a new Consigliere. Upon leaving the hotel that we were at Phil Pegorino called me for a city down. I wonder, who the hell is Phil Pegorino?

Also if anybody wants to know Southside hoods consist of North Holland and the Firefly Project Gangs. North Holland is based on Harlem and Firefly is based on the Coney Island.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:04 AM

ALso shouldn't thier be the set's of GSF? I mean you said we can use any timeline prior to 1930's to Present day meaning we can make it between the time that the Mendez Cartel was there, when diaz gang was there and even when Cholos.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:07 AM

Yeah, and when are you going to add the gangs from GTA IV in here?

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:20 AM

Don't listen to Flesh-n-Bone we dont want a cheetah we want 200 pills of Ex.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:29 AM

Either 200Pill or the Chetah will your gang very poor. Make more money. Flesh use word and make your stories Longer.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:32 AM

After the Hoods buy the 200 pills We'll sell them to make even more money.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:33 AM

who's the buyer? also why do the SSH have break ties with the Leones?

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 08:35 AM

Vinnie be quiet about the SSH Leone thing somthing interesting happens in my next story and no one gets hurt.

Also the $outh$ide hoodz are the buyers of the 200 pills, not the cheetah!

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 09:31 AM

QUOTE (Skimask101 @ Jun 7 2008, 08:35)
Vinnie be quiet about the SSH Leone thing somthing interesting happens in my next story and no one gets hurt.

Also the $outh$ide hoodz are the buyers of the 200 pills, not the cheetah!

I already scratched my post.

And by the way nice sig, you put something I created. I mean that line dissing anyone talking sh*t about rap.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 05:10 PM

could i also purchase 1 more ounce of weed please??? its for my next story thanks in advance.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 07:09 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 08 June 2008 - 08:02 PM.

Hello all,


Southside Hoods
7th story
$955 + $27 = $982
200 pills purchased ($900)
$982 - $900 = $82

Your calculations are wrong as well, since you didn't take into account the amount you earned with the story so next time just wait for us to rate them and we'll tell you how much you have left.


The Leones
25th story
$100 for a multiple of five story
$1748 + $133 = $1881

Your stories are really muddled. They suffer from two many characters, you seem to name everybody, even very minor characters. You should also describe more as it reads almost like a script with all the dialogue and very little to break it up. Your dialogue should also be kept to a different line from each other when different characters speak. Also, your mixing of GTA III and IV canon just doesn't work as you keep needing to explain yourself for it all to make sense.


Gantons Most Wanted
Varrio Los Aztecas
1 ounce of weed purchased ($120)
$142 - $120 = $22

Yikes, better get selling some drugs!


Also, could everyone keep the bickering to the PMs, just post request and stories in here preferably.

Keep the stories coming everyone icon14.gif

rated and updated by mark-2007

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 10:54 PM

Chapter8:$outh$ide Hoods Club:# 1 in da Hood Pt.2 of 4

When w got to the club there was 200 pills of Ex on the table and me eyes widened greatly, the first thing I thought was

“How are going to sell all of this stuff?” I thought to myself
“How did we get this?” I asked D
“Oh we bought it a during meeting, I told Crazy B to buy them” D responded
“What are going to do with this stuff?” I asked D sounding annoyed
“Since we bought it to the streets we can sell it at whole sale price, so we can make $2,000” D told me while smiling
“Holy Sh*t! we’ve never handled that kind of money before!” I shouted to D
“Don't worry We’ll put it to good use” D stated

So we thought what to do and we thought of selling it on the streets so I asked D

“Are there any dealers here who would sell our stuff?”I asked D
“Nope, were going to have to do it our selves” He responded
“Fine, were gonna have to bring Crazy P to intimidate people on this one” I told D
“You now what we could sell the stuff from we just have to get Crazy P to spread the word” D said
“You are Genius!” I shouted to D in excitement

So we sent Crazy P to spread the word at our other bases and streets that we have Ex. So sure enough people came to pay whatever they had to get some, and we sold it all at whole sale price, by the end of the day we had $2,000. so I told D.

“Were Rich D, we could buy whatever we want now or at least some of it!” I shouted to D
“I know man we are number 1 in the hood!” D shouted

We jumped in the air in excitement, we were so happy then

“Ring, ring, ring” the phone rang

I picked up the phone and some one said

“That meeting was just a test, the real one is coming, meet us at 8 balls bomb shop in two hours” The voice said

I hung up the phone turned around and said

“D it was a test” I said solumly
“What are you talking about?” D asked
“That was the Leone's who just called right now” I whispered
“Oh sh*t, it was a test, but why?” He asked
“I guess that meeting was a test to see how it went and that’s why they had all of the security!” I told D
“Okay when is the meeting?” D asked
“One hour at 8 Balls” I said
“Oh f*ck we need to hurry” He stuttered

So we took off in the vans, heading towards 8 Balls when we going here I was thinking if this goes well everything I said about us and the Leone's ruling the city will come true. Then we were there it was just Toni and Joey and it was D-Ice and me. When I got out I asked

“So is this for real?” I asked
“Yup everything said in the last meeting was just a test to see how you'd react” Toni said
“So we might be able to become big allies?” I asked
“No we will become big allies because we could use you guys, if we are ever on Shoreside we could use your help” Joey said
“So is this official?” I asked Toni
“From now on it is” Toni said while smiling
“That’s right we are gonna rule this city” Me and D shouted
“Yes we are, yes we are...” Toni said

So we all left for home, then I asked D

“Lets get a better gun, like an M16” I asked D
“Man that costs $800!” D Stuttered
“But we have over $2,000” I responded
“Fine we can get one at the Ammu-nation” D said

So we drove to the Ammu-nation doing the regular thing asking him about the M16 and we took it enough for our whole gang (it only cost $800). Now I’ve gotta say we are rising to the top.

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 11:21 PM

Chapter 7: I'ma HouseBreaker

Things were starting to unfold and The Aztecas are starting to make major moves, we got the gang back together, we have weapons, we have some turf at the edge of El Corona and made some unlikely allies. We now had somthing the streets weren't expecting the element of suprise, and I will bring down the Latin Kings no matter what it takes. Since my time on the Freighter alot of new gangs are present the Russians had settled into the LS docklands, The Sindacco & Forelli families were trying to take on the Leones, SF Rifa transporting Crack from an unkown location in SF. Clearly C.R.A.S.H. are way over there heads, Most of these gangs were heavily involved with either trafficing drugs in and out of the city.

It was time for me to go see Big Chase and Big Cease of the remaining Cholo's in the state. Chase had informed me about the next job may possibly becoming alot more complex due to the circumstances, I phoned Phil to give me a hunting rifle and some ammo for my 45. Soon as Phil had hooked me up with the weapons i headed to the club East of Cesars house, I would of drove there in my car but i had Cesar drop me off so it wouldn't raise the Vago's suspitions. Cesar drove off and headed to Ganton to go help Grove Street with some current problems, the parking lot outside the Club was empty for a Friday night. I see Cease by his Oceanic and walk over.

"Cease, what you doing you look like your getting geared up for a job".

"Well Jose with the place where headed to you wouldn;t be suprised" he replied.

"So what is this complex job Chase has planned??" I inquired.

"Well the Russians are divided, the ones at the docklands want us to get one of there men back" He replied.

"Which Russians??? the only heavyweights in this city i know of are Rocky & Vlad the butcher". I said.

"Well you got straight to the point there Jose, because where gonna be hitting Rocky's mansion up in Richman Rocky's crew stay up in there mansions and do business from there while Vlad works from Grey Imports" He explained.

"So what do we need for this job???" I asked.

"Well Jose you've got a Rifle, Colt 45 i'd say your set. All we need to do now is meet up with 2 of Chase's men at the airport" he replied.

"Lets go! then."

We both got in the car and headed to LSX airport, which was only a 23 minute drive from Chase's Club. We arrived at the parking lot at the north east of the airport, A black Boxville with 2 Mexicans in ski masks and dark clothing were waiting for us. My phone rang i picked up.

"Hey Jose its Chase, this job will help us offload alot of the drugs the Vago's want me to sell" Chase continued

"The dude who where picking up for Vlad is very important as he can ID who stole those 3 ounces from the Clubs safe, Plus the Russians want to purchase the goods so its win win" He explained.

"Ok understood, is there anything we need to know??" I asked.

"Yes its important you get in and out within 30 minutes because Rocky's schedule is very random, all we know is he's meeting Big Smoke so its vital this gets sorted tonight while we have this opportunity" He replied.

"Right i'll call you when we get the guy" I replied.

We all got into the Boxville, we all started to put on our ski masks and started to load our weapons. Cease had an Mp5 the other 2 had Tec 9's, lucky for us Chase had some people scope the house out for the past 2 weeks to see what the security is like and how much man power Rocky keeps at the house when he's present. An hour and a half later we had arrived at his mansion in Richman, security wasn;t high which ment Rocky and his entourage must of headed to Smokes place. The man driving started to head up the Mansion driveway and then parked it on the back lawn by the pool, so if Rocky's guys did come back they wouldn't see us until it was time for us to leave. We all cock our guns and head for the back door, We all crouched during our entry to create less noise and be able to take them by suprise. As we open the door we see 4 Russians in the living room watching the LV Bandits baseball game, Cease say's lets rush them I disagree due to there could be more of them in the house. There were 2 enterances to the living room, the one in the position we were currently at or the one located down the left turn and then straight down the hallway. I tell Cease and one of the other men to stay here and keep watch of this enterance while me and the other man enter through the other enterance in order to create confusion, We start to head down the hallway to the enterance.

"Ok, on 3 we rush them" I whispered.

"Lets do it" the man replied.

I run in and aim my Rifle at the Russians.

"Freeze!!! Don't move put your guns down and get into the middle of the room" I shouted at the group.

"Jose we'll tie these guys up, You go search upstairs for the packages" Cease whispered.

I start leave the Living room, to the main area where we came through the back door and start to walk up the stairs. I check the corridor upstairs and after searching all the unlocked room's to no luck I didn't find the Weed or Vlads man. There was on locked door remaining To save time i shot the lock on the door as time was short, As i kicked the door open there was a man tied to a chair and a table with the 3 ounce's we needed to get. I untie the man and tell him Vlad sent us and where here to bust him out, I grab the 3 ounces and run downstairs and shout to my group.

"Okay! Lets go we've got what we need"

All of us run towards the back door, We head outside on the warm summers night. The moonlight was shinning onto the pool, which created a calm feeling even though we had just robbed the biggest Russian drug dealer in town. We all jumped in the Boxville the driver set off but we weren't in the clear yet, there were 8 other Russians in the garage and they were in there cars ready to give chase on the moment of us leaving the Mansion.

I look out of the back of the Boxville door and see 2 grey Sultans filled with Russians with mac 10's opening fire on our vehicle. I tell Vlads man to go upfront with the drvier where its safe Me, Cease and one of the men started opening fire on the cars. As the Boxville continued to gain great speed as we flew down the steep hills of Richman, the Russians didn't give up the chase.

After 25 minutes of driving through Richman we were nearly in the Rodeo area of Los Santo's, By this point the Sultan that was right behind us the windscreen was cracked by gunfire, its whole bonnet was filled with bullets and had a burst tire. At this point I realised we needed to start improvising, I asked the men what was in the boxes kept in the back of the Boxville. The men both reply and say its just some old boomshine stills the boss needed us to get rid of, I asked if anybody had a lighter the Russian man we busted from the Mansion had one and gave me his. I told Cease to continue shooting while the man in the back with us made boomshine molotovs, he passed me one and I told Cease to stop firing for a moment. I threw the molotov at the car, it burst into flames on impact and created a bigger explosion than the Verona Beach 4th of July fireworks display. We were even now it was one vehicle against one, after the damage we did to the first car they kept swerving and keeping at a certain distance from the Boxville to prevent a repeat of the events before.

After 20 minutes we had arrived at the Marina district of LS, we needed to finish this as quickly as possible before they called for back up. We had one big box of boomshine left I told the man to light it and then him to help me throw the box out of the back, We through the box out of the back the whole from left to right went up in flames the Sultan came to a hault. Me and Cease pulled the back door shut. I gave the Russian man his lighter back, We were heading to a lock up Cease had located under the intersection near Pershing Square. We arrived and stashed the Boxville and changed our clothes, Vlads associates had left a Landstalker for us to take to the Grey Imports building at the dockllands in South Willowfield. After 50 minutes we had arrived at the Grey Imports building the gates opened and let us drive through, Vlad was waiting for us in the yard.

"I would like to thank you my friend for returning my comrade from Rocky" The Russian replied.

"I also have those 3 ounces from Rocky you would like to purchase" I replied.

"Good work my friend. Tell Chase I will be definietly putting more work his way with results like this" He replied.

I give him the 3 ounce's and he hands over the cash.

"Oh yes friend, If you ever need anything importing such as vehicles come see me"

I nod.

"Thank you Vlad I might see you soon enough"

Both parties walk in seperate directions, both knowing they both got the outcome they wanted. But both also knew Rocky and other high ranking drug dealers in the city would feel uneasy about this develpoment, But with every power move you make in these streets theres always new Aliances but also Enemies.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 04:21 AM Edited by VinnieLeone, 08 June 2008 - 07:00 AM.

I need 200PIls of EX, also here's my story i'm sellin the Ex in the Story too. and the ball of coke

Chapter 11: Blood Money.

Chapter 11: Blood Money.

sh*t, Liberty City’s motto is true Worst city at least it’s not like that sh*t whole Carcer City I’m glad they blew that place up.
Anyway Phil called me and to meet him on the Statue of Happiness. Ralph Neri one of my bodyguards and trained pilots took me to Happiness Island. “Who the f*ck is you?” I asked. “I’m Phil Pegorino Jimmy’s younger brother.” He said. “I heard that you are backing the North Holland Hustlers.” He said. “Yeah so, I back a lot of gangs.” I said. “Well Jimmy wants to start a Prostitution racket over in the Firefly Projects, we need to stop this war.” He said. “We will have to sell guns to the Jacks before they start.” He said. “ Maybe we should supply grenades while you’re at it.” Ralph said. “You know the Russian Mafia is growing in east Liberty.” I said. “It’s gonna be tough getting them out.” I said. “One of my Captains Richie Massimo said that the Sicilians are trying to make a move again.” Phil said. (Phone Ringing) “It’s Ray Boccino.” I said. “Ya Ray what do you want.” I said. “At the Majestic Hotel the Commission is calling a meeting.” He said. “What time?” I asked. “11:23” He said.
“Ok I’ll see you there, peace.” I said.

(Commission Meeting)

Atlantis City Family, The Chicago Mob, Vice City Drug Ring, Five Families of Liberty City and the Venturalla Mafia of New France. Jon Gravelli called the meeting to put the Pegorino Family in the commission to replace the Pavanos. Now the Five Families were Gambetti, Messina, Pegorino, Leone and Lupisella Families. I was also recognized as boss during the meeting.
“Joseph DiLeo is now the head of the Vercetti Crime Ring, Salvatore Ambrosio wants to open up Drug Trafficking in Vice.” Jon Gravelli said. While Jon was talking I was bored out of my f*cking head; I’m 28 years old I’m listening to this bullsh*t? I could be at honkers with my buds. I can be having sex with Angie… “Oh f*ck, I forgot about Angie!!!” I said aloud. Everyone looked at me… “What I was supposed to meet my wife at the Diamanos.” I jumped in my Huntley and drove 67Mph all the way to the Diamanos.
I made it just in time.

“Sal where were you?” Angie said angrily.

“I was in North Holland with Jayvon.” I lied.

“Did you hear hat happened to Jimmy?” She said.

“Those damn Russians shot him.” She said.

“How’s Danny doin?” I asked.

“The Doctor said that Danny would have to be on a breathing machine for 5 weeks.” She said. The waiter came up to me.

“What would the couple like for the evening?” He asked.

“I would like French blue wine.” Angie said.

“I would like to have one bottle of vodka and some Del Golfo.” I said.

“Sally it’s a little to earlier to be hitting the juice don’t you think?” Angie said.

“No, No I just need it right now.” I said.

“Look Sal, I talked to my mom and she thinks that we should invest in Las Venturas.” She said.

“Venturas, I can’t even hang my at in Broker and you want me to go to Venturas?” I said angrily.

“Sal what the f*ck is in your ass, all I said is Venturas!” She said.

She looked at me for a couple of seconds and said, “Oh my god Sally I’m sorry, I forgot.” She said.

“Look Angie, it’s ok.” I said. “You can go to Venturas, I’ll will stay here.” I said.

(Ralph then walked in)

“Well Sal, I will see you in 3 weeks.” Angie said. She left the table and left the restaurant.

“Ralphie come over here!” I said.

“Sally why don’t you wanna go to Venturas?” He asked me.

I had drunk half of the bottle of wine. “Because someone shot my father there, today is the day he got shot.” I said sadly.

“Damn, I’m sorry.” He said.

“Well Sal I got news from North Holland.” He said.

“NHH and M.O.B. agreed a sit-down in Playboy’s club.” He said.

“Great now Luigi won’t piss him self to death.” I said.

We laughed and had a drink. Ralph and I were gonna go to Honkers in Tudor, Alderney. I was driving fast, when we hit the intersection of Riker St and Bullhorn Ave a large patriot pulled up. I tried hitting the break, my car swinged from side to side. Ralph and I just sat there and watched until a big bang. While I was knocked out I was dreaming that I was back with my mother. I was walking towards the kitchen; I can hear a woman humming a tune. It was from an Italian Opera.

Blood Money Part II.
I was assigned to help the North Holland Hustlers out in the war; I arranged the meeting in the Rep Center at East Holland.
(Reparation Center)
Jayvon Simmons and Marlon Bridges both looked at each other dead eyed, Jayvon became the boss of M.O.B after the last guy died.
“Yo I ain’r gonna be in hear with these f*cking bitches ya see.” Jayvon yelled. “I say we settle this like we supposed to by Blood money.” Jayvon said. “What the f*ck is blood money?” I asked.
2 Leone men came in; it was John Traverse and Julies Bianchi. “D-Breezy, come here!” Julies said.
“Here is the ball coke you wanted now end the war.” Julies said.
“Dawg this guy ain’t trying to stop, he is threatening blood money!”
“What the f*ck is Blood Money?” Julies said.
“It’s a challenge were the too set’s fight with fist.” He told me.
“f*ck I’m out of here.” I said and left.

(5:47 AM)
I saw laying in bed when my phone started to ring… (Theme Song from The Godfather)
“Hello?” I said.
“Hey, Tony meet me at Honkers.” Parisi asked.
“P you know what it is?” I said angrily.
“That’s a order now get your ass down here!” He said.
“I will get Jackie Guglielmetti to pick you up.” He said. Then he hanged up the phone.
I had 200Pil of Ex in my truck and I had to sell it first.
(3 miles from Honkers Gentlemen Club)
Julies Bianchi and I met
“You got the money Bianchi?” I asked.
“Ya 2k right here, what about the pills?” He asked.
“Pure, right here in the case.” I said.
“We have a deal my Friend.” Julies said. We traded and left.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 10:32 AM Edited by Gantons Most Wanted, 08 June 2008 - 04:46 PM.

I would like to purchase 3 ounces with a Coastguard please. Which should leave me with $180 because mark-2007 took an extra $20 dollars off when i purchased 1 ounce. They will be sold in my next story.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 10:56 AM

Chapter III: $outhside Hoodz - Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City

It is Friday and none of the Hoods friends pickup their phone, neither does D-Ice. I guess I'll have to use some mask to protect my face from others around the block recognizing me. Then I'll get out and go on a rampage just in case I'm too weak to protect myself from the cops if I'm wanted. I put all the weapons inside home and only a Desert Eagle to be well armed. I just change my clothes and go out. I find a Yardie Lobo just driving away, I pack my Deagle and shot him in the head through the cars window. Oh sh*t, a cop just saw me there. I'm already wanted by these dumb cops. I shot the police after me and get on the nearest car I find. Just go out into a rampage and cops still come after me, they crash to my car badly so I lose control and get to drive on the pedestrian walk-side and around 6 peds are ran over by me. Now the cops want me so badly that I have to find some way back home without nothing strong happening. My face is unknown so sure they wont try to kill me. My car is pushed to water and I'm forced bail out before drowning. A cop car drives to the water and dies but there are still others after me. I just raise my hands and give up.

I yell "My weapon, noooooo, my desert eagle, where do I get it back now I don't have any hidden home."
The cops take it away from me and push me into their car to arrest me. But I tell them the whole story of why they are after me and a short talk inside the police station they take some of my money and I'm free again. The first thing in my mind is to get to the nearest ammu-nation and buy some Desert eagle. I buy it, put it in my pocket and get a taxi home. When I'm back home, D-Ice seems to have called. I call him back and the things he says are:
"Sorry for not answering your phone, but when I phoned back nobody picked up either."
I answered with: "Sorry boss, I was just a bit pissed with some stuff and the cops went all day after me because I shot some of these Yardie bustas driving a car around our turf."
D-Ice: "Alright I got some jobs that need to be done in some time around. Make sure you call me on Sunday because I have a plan."
I closed the phone call and it was 23:15, so I decided to get some sleep.


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Posted 08 June 2008 - 02:08 PM

Chapter 8: Sink Or Swim

The last bust we did on Rocky was a daring one for many reasons one being the fact Rocky's gang and ours were on different levels and secondly it could of all gone wrong with one wrong move. It was clear LS needed some gangs wiping out in order to thin things out or at least cripple them enough financially to make them head to other cities around the state, but the case was clear to make it in the streets it wasn't just a case of rebuilding what we had. We will have to either create a new trend or invest in other assets to help fund things and keep it organised.

I was back at Cesar’s after the bust the night before, Cesar still wasn't home which probably meant he was with Kendl somewhere. I was watching SAN News and the events of what we did were on the news, it said some unknown assailants were chased by Russian gang members through the Marina district where a large fire ignited and they escaped to an unknown location. An undercover C.R.A.S.H. member who was in charge of the drug busts Vic Mackey was giving a statement on the situation.

He starts to read his statement. "Look i know the entire city has its eyes on LSPD's crash team due to several allegations of corruption against Officers Tenpenny & Pulaski, but these are isolated case and do not effect every member of the crash team. I will tell the city this though I will sort this problem out by any means necessary and bring down the kingpins in this city"

I recognised Mackey he wasn't as good as he made out to the city, but he did get things done and will nail any bastard in the streets who get on the wrong side of him. One of the Vago's OG's pissed him off and didn't take him seriously next day he was pulled over by Police for a bust headlight and they opened the trunk it was filled with large amounts of Weed. Lets just say that gang member still has 5 years till he gets out, my phone starts to ring.

I pick up the phone its BC (Big Cease). He tells me to meet him at the dock by the East Beach pier and tells me to bring 2 good shooters with me for the next job. As I try to think on who to bring along on the next job theres a knock at the back door, I go and answer it.

Phil starts to shout "Hey! I know what you did to them Ruskies last night, and I have a question for you".

While trying to figure out how he knew what we did I responded "Go On"

Phil Quietly speaks "Why didn't you bring me along, For a guy with one arm I'm still the best shooter from VC"

I smile and reply to his question "Well its your lucky day Phil, Where about to go do another job I need 2 good shooters. Which its safe to say your coming along but i'm gonna need you to hook us up with some good guns"

Phil starts yelling in excitment "Ok lets go get these bastards, I know where you can get another good gunman"

We start to head to Phils Clover, it was a complete bucket. But suprisingly it still got you from A to B in a reasonable amount of time. We both enter the car and he starts to explain where we are going.

"Ok, Jose where going to Playa Del Seville. Which as you might know is Seville Families territory, But this kid Wayne he's good with an AK and can do some real damage"

"Weren't they with Grove Street??" I asked.

"Yes alongtime ago, they are on better terms with them now but they aren't under Grove Street umbrella there keeping there independence" Phil explained.

"Ok lets go get this guy, we need to go meet BC" I replied.

40 minutes later we were at Playa Del Seville it was a very laid back place it was one of the more nicer neighbourhoods in the ghetto. Phil got out of the car and walked over to a group of 3 Seville gang members on the Basketball courts, They pointed him over to an African American man who looked in his 20's he was wearing a black hat tilted, A white shirt and Black Khakis. He and Phil were in conversation, they both kept looking at me in the car and the man looked a lil uneasy at first but nodded at Phil and then both start to walk over to the Clover, He starts to address me.

"Yo I'm Wayne, I understand your looking for a good gunman and this is the first place you came to find one?" He asks.

"Well Phil recommended you but I can't really agree with his judgement until we get to that situation where you can start demonstrating your skills" I replied.

"You've got a reasonable point there Homie, so where You headed?" He asked.

"To East Beach where we'll be getting a boat to the place where we need to be, but from my judgements on what to expect its not gonna be safe so I need the best people I can get. So do you want in or not?" I asked him.

"Well My gang isn't doing too well in the streets, We need allies and from what I understand so does your gang so if you want some allies in the streets I'd be willing to discuss it. Which is an added bonus for both of us" He replied.

"You'd better get in the car then Wayne, we need to be there soon" I replied.

He and Phil enter the car. We set off for the East Beach pier which is only 15 minutes away from this neighbourhood.

We had entered East Beach, BC was stood by his Boxville which now had a new paintjob which made it look less suspicious. Phil pulled up next to them, I ask Cease what weapons we were gonna use his guys had Rugers and he was using his MP5. Phil popped the trunk of the Clover, He handed Me and Wayne Ak's. He gets himself an Uzi 9MM and brings out a rocket launcher, Cease's guys start loading the Coastguard with the guns and ammo we needed. Cease took us to the back of the van which had maps he had plotted of where we were going.

"Okay everybody now this is what we are going to do the Vago's are bringing in a very large shipment of Weed for Martinez at Palamino Creek, They will have 2 Flatbeds waiting for the boats coming from San Fierro to drop them at the small beach located by the small town. Lucky for us though we can head north from here and then head in from the north and ambush the boat before it can dock, then once we take the stuff from there boat our boat will head West from the direction there boat will approach from and head to a small bank by the Flint Intersection. Does anybody have any questions??" Cease asked.

Everyone shook there heads and started to head for the boat. There were 6 of us on board the Coastguard, 3 men to cover each side of the boat from whatever trouble could arise. The trip there was very calm it was like the calm before a thunderstorm quite eerie, 20 minutes later we were East of Palamino Creek. And approaching our location with great speed.
We were now heading south to the fishers lagoon, there were 2 large flatbeds on the beach with 10 Vago's getting the trucks ready to load the shipment. We swung by and headed West we saw the drug boat which was a Tropic, Phil was looking through some binoculars to see what we could be up against he said he saw 2 guards on the top deck and roughly 4 on the bottom decks. We began to speed up everyone began to take aim at the boat, We started to open fire the Tropic began to take damage and already 3 of the men were dead on the impact of the 1st spray of gunfire from our vessel. The Tropic came to a halt, I shouted to everyone to cover me and Cease while we went aboard to get the ships cargo. We were getting pinned down by gunfire from one of the Rifa up on the top deck he was using a Shotgun, We hid behind the boxes on the lower deck. I realised we needed to do something, so I started shooting random shots at the upper deck to give us some time to get a good shot, Cease started offering me covering fire from behind the boxes. I started to run up the stairs and i shot the Rifa gang member in the chest several times, the top upper deck was now clear it was now time for Me and Cease to start moving the big box of Weed over to our boat. After 3 minutes we had finally strapped it in and were ready to head out to the intersection in Flint County, but I spoke too soon before we could start to celebrate 2 SAPD choppers started to roll in like thunder. Which ment we had crashed a drug deal that the Police were going to bust, I told the others to start covering the boat from Police Mavericks & Predators while I start the boat back up. We started to speed up the boat was going at its fastest but the choppers still managed to keep at a close range, the atmosphere on the boat was tense but I was amazed how well Phil was shooting with only one arm and the rest were keeping the choppers pinned down. Phil was clearly getting pissed off with this situation so he put his Uzi down and started to prep the rocket launcher to shoot the choppers down, Phil shouted "Everyone take cover this is gonna be a big explosion"

Phil fire the rocket and its a direct hit at the tail of the chopper it begins to start spinning rapidly, an on coming predator tries to avoid the flaming inferno but the chopper crashes into it and creates a large explosion on the water. We still had one chopper to deal with this one got in close and all its gunmen started to open fire on the boat, everyone was just shooting at random spots on the chopper. Phil starts shouting at everyone to start aiming for either the cockpit or the tail of the chopper as they are the most vulnerable parts, everybody starts to concentrate there gunfire on each of the different targets. The boat was also taking its fair share of damage, the chopper started to pull back a little at enough distance for Phil to load another rocket and take aim at the chopper. He fires the rocker and hits it right at the centre of the chopper, the S.W.A.T. team members aboard fly out of the chopper from the shockwave and then the chopper crashes into the side of a rock face.

Phil starts yelling "Wow-eeee that was one big explosion, My Boom shine stills don't explode as bad as that did"

Wayne starts to agree "Your Damn right it is Phil, I think we lost those fools"

Cease starts to laugh with relief "Thank the Lord that went as well as it did, we could of gone down for 20 years plus if we had been caught"

"Ok Cease where you want this thing??" I shouted.

"Just keep heading South the beach will just be on our right" He replied.

We had arrived at the Beach 3 Sentinels and 3 drug dealers were waiting, they looked Italian. I dock the boat and we all get off the boat, the 3 men start to talk to me and one wishes to purchase 3 Ounces. He gives me the roll of cash and i give him the 3 ounces he asked for, Cease takes over and discusses the conditions of us bringing the rest. After 5 minutes they reach an agreement and Cease walks over with 2 rolls of cash for Phil and Wayne’s participations as without there help we wouldn't of got out of that situation without either being dead or arrested. Cease tells me him and his boys will deal with the rest and that we can take the boat to head home. Me, Wayne & Phil get on the boat, Phil tells me to head for the docks because we can moor the boat at a jetty on the Westside of the docks. It was a 60 minute journey from the drop off point to the docks, All 3 of us parted way's and headed back to our homes.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 02:49 PM

I've changed my mind I dont want an M16.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 08:25 PM

BUYG was just here why did didn't rate it?!

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 08:36 PM

Who knows dude all i know is i have quite a bit of money coming my way hopefully anyway.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 09:23 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 08 June 2008 - 09:35 PM.

Hello everybody...


Southside Hoods
8th story
200 pills of MDMA sold
$82 + $2026 = $2108


Gantons Most Wanted
Varrio Los Aztecas
7th story
3 ounces of Weed sold
$22 + $658 = $680
3 ounces of Weed bought + Coatguard boat bought
$680 - $560 = $120
8th story
3 ounces of Weed sold
$120 + $660 = $780

By the way, and I think everyone should read this, you can't use weapons or vehicles that you haven't already purchased. You use, in these two stories alone: Rugers, MP5s, AK-47s, Uzi 9mms and a rocket launcher! You can't use any of these as you haven't purchased them.

Also, Vic Mackey? Nice Sheild reference tounge.gif


The Leones
26th story
200 pills of MDMA purchased
Ball of cocaine and 200 pills of MDMA sold
$1881 + $1883 = $3764

I'd like you to put a bit more effort into describing things as well as the actual drug deals themselves. Your bits about drug deals seem half-arsed and tacked on at the end just to make money.


Southside Hoods
3rd story
$2108 + $2126

Again, your stories are too short and lack description.


And also, a tip to you all:

A lot of people seem to cram dialogue into one line. For example:

"Hey, how are you doing? When are we going to whack this guy?" Jackie said.

I think it should be split up to make it easier to read. It breaks it up and allows you to put in description of the character between dialogue. For example:

"Hey, how are you doing?" Jackie said, wiping his brow of sweat. "When are we going to whack this guy?"


QUOTE (VinnieLeone @ June 8 2008, 21:25)
BUYG was just here why did didn't rate it?!

Good God! Gimme a bit of a time! It takes quite a while to read through everything, rate it, give advice, and then check all the calculations biggrin.gif

Keep the chapters coming chaps icon14.gif

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 09:28 PM

Hey, I just have run out of ideas, so I want to change to Grove Street families at The Johnson House. There you'll see much more original stuff of me as I'm more familiar to SA.

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Posted 08 June 2008 - 09:38 PM

QUOTE (Flesh-n-Bone @ Jun 8 2008, 22:28)
Hey, I just have run out of ideas, so I want to change to Grove Street families at The Johnson House. There you'll see much more original stuff of me as I'm more familiar to SA.

Done boyo! Hope to see some good stories from you icon14.gif

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