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Posted 02 June 2008 - 07:00 PM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 02 June 2008 - 07:05 PM.

Wow, a lot of stories to rate here...


12th story
Nice, action-packed story.
$2070 + $38 = $2108


3rd story
$200 from cocaine deal
Cool story, well set up for the deal.
$50 + $234 = $284


Vercetti Gang
1st story
Good story, the length was okay for me. I dont think you have the AK-47 though, if you want to use any weapons in the future youll have to buy it first.
2nd story
Again, you dont have a Deluxo so try and use only vehicles that you do own. Also, try putting speech inside quotation marks rather than dashes. This was another action-packed story though, keep it up.
$79 + $72 = $151


1st story
Youve missed out some words in some places and also spell a few words wrong, try using Microsoft Words spellchecker. For instance, its Yakuza rather than Yakusa as well as other mistakes.
2nd story
Good story again, just check the spelling. Example: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY rather than NECCARY.
3rd story
I noticed you use he said/I said a lot, try mix it up a bit I know you sort of do this already but try it a bit more.
$62 + $92 = $154
$60 worth (10.5 grams) of marijuana bought
$154 - $60 = $94


Road Kill Caf
1st story
A nice intro, it gives a good sense of leading somewhere.
$125 + 42 = $167


11th story
Good ending, I'm hoping you find the time to continue with BUYG.
$719 + $43 = $762


Cool, that's that done. Any corrections, please notify me - so much Maths and I haven't had to do any in over a year! tounge2.gif

Keep the stories coming icon14.gif

rated and updated by mark-2007

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 07:24 PM

CHAPTER 1: Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City - 2000

Getting off the bed, it's now 7 AM and just got to the phone. I called D-Ice to see if there's anything the Hoods need done. I'm always down.

Just calling D-Ice:

"Hey D"
"Hello, it's great you just phoned, some grease ball Cartels are trying to make us sell drugs in the streets.
They coming with a few guys trying to whack us.
You gotta get there and make these f*ckers pay. WE HAVE NO PLAN OF SELLING DRUGS ON THE STREETS."- D Ice.
"Great, I'm gonna shut 'em up for good and let them sleep in their f*cking houses to never ever come and try to get us into this sh*t."
"Well, just drop by the house near the mountains and collect the weapons I've hidden there."- D Ice.

I just get to the place D told me and get the Desert eagle he's put.

The Cartel seem to come from both holes with their cars.
After a while the Cartel are dead. I just call D-Ice.

"Hey D, I just killed the dealers trying to play around here."
"Nice job, I think you need to lay low for some time."- D Ice.

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 09:25 PM

It's ok if my story is in Italian, not all of it just this one part.

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 10:22 PM

I have a mac so I'll have to use AppleWorks and thanks for the tip. biggrin.gif

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 11:43 PM

hey man.. you forgot to remove '2 grams of cocaine' from the Bikers profile..

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 01:14 AM

Chapter4:$outh$ide Hoods Club:My name is...

After walking into the office and thinking about making alliances with The Leones I wondered how many O.G.’s we had left, because with their experience and stability they could help, so I asked D-Ice

“How many O.G.’s do we have left?” I asked quite curiously
“Well there’s Me, you ($outh$ide Skimask or just skimask), 8 ball, our recruiter ‘Crazy J’, one of his brother’s ‘Crazy P’, and his other brother ‘Crazy B’” He responded quite slowly
“Which ones can we get here, to help plan?” I asked him while counting the money
“Well 8 ball has his own shop that he cant leave but don’t worry he’s our connection in portland, the “3 Crazies” can help us though” D told me with great positivity
“Cool, now why do they call them the ‘3 Crazies’?” I asked D
“Man when they get here you’ll see” D responded while laughing

So while we waited, I talked to D-Ice about making alliances, he thought it wasn't a bad idea and that we should make an alliance with the Leones.

“It ain’t a bad to make an alliance with them, we could be there backup if they ever come to Shore side Vale plus together we could take down the Colombian Cartel!” D responded in excitement
“We just have to talk to hem maybe sell them the drugs, actually only if they offer a better price than the street, but other than that we could rule everything!”I said with great emotion
“Calm down fool!” D yelled to me
“Ok, I’m calming down” I said while shaking
“We’ll plan the meet when the crazies get here” D told me

When the “3 Crazies” got here, they looked normal, acted normal and when we got in the office they introduced themselves saying

“My name is ‘Crazy J’ and im good with persuading people and that's why I’m the recruiter” J told me while smiling
“My name is ‘Crazy P’ and I am a good intimidator, which is why I think I should be this gang’s extortion leader” P told me with out making any expression
“My name is ‘Crazy B’ and I have the best aim for any gun you’ll give me” B told me
“Hmm, I feel like they’re trying to tell me something D” I told D-Ice
“Yea, but we should listen to them so, ‘Crazy P’ you will be in charge of extortion and ‘Crazy B’ I’ll put you in charge of target practice, sound good?” D told them sounding serious
“Oh yea crazies we need to organize a deal with the Leones Ok” I told them
“So who gonna set it up us or them?” J,P,B asked simultaneously
“It’s there choice” I said very strangely

And for the most part it was there choice because we don't want to mess this deal up.


ATTENTION: That was sign for BUYG and the Leone family members to agree on if we set up a deal or not Okay, please respond!

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:02 AM

BUYG, you're missing some cars on the car list like:Gang Rancher, Securiar, Forelli Excess, Sindacco Argentino, Barracks and the Tank (Tiger).

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:26 AM

i dont get it biggrin.gif whatsthat.gif yawn.gif

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 06:14 AM Edited by Protonkid, 03 June 2008 - 06:37 AM.

QUOTE (Build Up Your Gang @ Jun 2 2008, 22:00)
Vercetti Gang
1st story
Good story, the length was okay for me. I dont think you have the AK-47 though, if you want to use any weapons in the future youll have to buy it first.
2nd story
Again, you dont have a Deluxo so try and use only vehicles that you do own. Also, try putting speech inside quotation marks rather than dashes. This was another action-packed story though, keep it up.
$79 + $72 = $151

Still learnin' biggrin.gif

EDIT: Can we buy a Python?

Build Up Your Gang
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Posted 03 June 2008 - 11:51 AM Edited by Build Up Your Gang, 03 June 2008 - 12:12 PM.

QUOTE (thegameinformer @ Jun 3 2008, 04:26)
i dont get it biggrin.gif  whatsthat.gif yawn.gif

Hmm, how intelligent of you. Seriously, read the the info on the first page and ask an intelligent question if you don't understand.

Okay, on to ratings...


Southside Hoods
1st story
$94 + $19 = $113

Really, there's no description at all and the dialogue was basic. You should put a description about the gun fight rather than saying "after a while the cartel are dead.", also try putting "D-Ice yelled." or "I told him." rather than just "- D-Ice".


Southside Hoods
4th story
$113 + $26 = $139

I'm not sure about other people but I couldn't read it really. Maybe it's some Mexican characters in it which don't show up on the forums properly, but it looked like this...

“My name is ‘Crazy J’

I think this will just be a problem with the Mexican-English programme thing, but in case you're not using them it's the " button that are quotation marks to put speech in.

Also, you'll have to perhaps PM VinnieLeone or Shootin_spree, as they seem to be the two active Leones, about the deal you want to make.

Oh, and thanks for pointing them out. I'll ask someone to add them as I don't know the coding well enough to do that. Securicar, Forelli Excess, Sindacco Argento, OL Barracks and Tank will be added - but what's the Gang Rancher, who drove that?


Done, I forgot that - thanks for pointing it out.


I'd prefer if it was in English otherwise I won't be able to rate it...


Purchased a Python for you...
$151 - $100 = $51


Again, any problems and just ask. Also, we're open to suggestions about anything else that needs adding.

Keep up the chapters icon14.gif

rated and updated by mark-2007

EDIT: Also, I was wondering if somebody could help me. I noticed a few writers have the Mexican flag under their member names - I'm writing stories for the Vagos so I was wondering if any Mexicans could suggest some names for me? Both first name and last names will be good, as well as cities to feature. Just PM me (mark-2007) and tell me some, thanks smile.gif

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 12:47 PM

Gang Rancher was driven by the sharks.

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 12:55 PM

radicell here.

Added Securicar, Forelli Excess, Sindacco Argentino, Rhino, and Barracks OL to the Vehicles List.
I believe the Sharks car was Gang Burrito, not Gang Rancher, no?

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 01:08 PM

The gang rancher is in Vice city stories, it's the car the sharks drive and it is also as big as the tank in VCS. Perrty big huh?

Gantons Most Wanted
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Posted 03 June 2008 - 01:16 PM

also your missing the Andromada and Armadillo (helicopter from VCS).

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 01:22 PM

I'm going to have to write more for this, I'm behind and right in the middle of an important segment of the story. Expect a chapter from me very soon, perhaps this week. icon14.gif Now that summer's just around the corner, I have a lot of free time I can spend writing.

Gantons Most Wanted
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Posted 03 June 2008 - 03:18 PM

Chapter 5: Fast Food

The Saints were on a winning streak during this point in the season. If there is anything the Gangs in Los Santos can agree on is that the Saints kick ass at basketball, The next morning i woke up around 11am. I was awakened by the sound of the SAPD choppers that constantly fly over the entire South Central area, I got dressed and walked out to the garage where Cesar was fixing up his Savanna.

"Cesar, is the car ready yet??" I asked.

Cesar replied "Nearly, give it 5 minutes and i should be done"


I walked into the yard to get some money out of the compartment of my Blue Remington. I open the door and get in the car, as i open the compartment i notice 2 Aztecas members walking up the driveway. It was Gal and Diego, Diego had just been released from prison for throwing molotovs into the LSPD impound yard, luckily he didn't kill any police officers. But he did destroy over $10,000 in police property that day, Diego was wearing a dark green plaid shirt, with grey khakis and Some white low tops. He was also wearing a gold chain and black sunglasses.

As i close the compartment and get out of my car. I greeted them both and asked how they were doing, Diego came by to ask us if we wanted to go to the Taco joint by the traintracks. The Taco joint was very popular with most citizens in Los Santos, but business was down due to the amount of crackheads and Vago's in the area. But it didn't stop us going for those Taco's.

Cesar walks over.

"Okay the cars ready".

"Lets go then". I replied

"Go where Jose?" Cesar looked confused.

"Oh yeah, Gal & Diego came by to ask us if we wanted to go for Taco's. I'm going Cesar what about you??".

"Yeah sure, we'll take the Savanna".

We all got into Cesar's and headed East until we got to the edge of El Corona and then headed North to the tracks where the restaurant was located. On the way there we started to notice the decline of Vago's gang members present within the neighbourhood, there were definitely less drug dealers on our streets which made a change. We arrived at the Taco joint, it was very run down even for somthing in the ghetto. Cesar went inside to go buy the food Me, Diego & Gal waited outside by the car to make sure the car wouldn't get stolen.

5 minutes later Cesar came out with the food, My phone began to ring i answered it.

"Who's the f*ck is this!?" I yelled down the phone.

the caller replies "Where the ese's who will put a bullet in you if you don't start paying protection money"

"If you think a phonecall will change anything your mistaken my friend!" I replied.

"Okay you asked for it!" the caller hangs up the phone.

A grey coloured Tornado slows down as it goes past a Vago's gunman starts shooting at us with a Mac 10, we all take cover from the on coming fire.

I get in the car and tell the group to get in the car. Cesar, Diego & Gal load there Tec 9's. They are about to turn right but i pull up and they lose control and start heading toward the docklands, Cesar and the rest start opening fire on the Tornado.
The Tornado starts returning fire and pops our tire this made controlling the car alot more difficult, the traffic was getting bad as we got closer to the Docks. The Tornado gets stuck behind a packer filled with cars this gives us a little bit of an advantage as we can get closer in order to land a few more shots. Cesar opens fire but starts aiming at the fuel tank of a Tampa at the back of the Packer it explodes and drops infront of the Tornado, the Tornado swerves into a shack across the street from the Grey Imports warhouse. The 2 Vago's try to run but Diego and Gal open fire on the 2 gunmen, the driver takes a bullet to the leg and falls to the floor and the shooter is dead.

The Driver starts yelling at us in pain "You guys are major sh*t now!"

Diego Responds aggresively "And how do you work that out asshole!"

the Driver shouts "My boss will kill you himself, you Aztecas are way in over your head now. You don't know who your dealing with!"

Gal asks "Oh yeah and who would that be Vato!"

The Driver yells "The Latin Kings, thats who your not just f*cking with Vago's your f*cking with SF Rifa and any other gang with mexican connections from here to Bayside Marina!"

I respond "If you knew your sh*t I was one of those Latin Kings before you and the Rifa decided to both go solo. We made our choice!"

The Driver shouts "f*ck Los Aztecas.."

Before he can finish his sentence i shoot him execution style.

"We better get out of here before C.R.A.S.H. show up" Cesar shouts.

We all enter the car and drive to Pay N Spray to get the tire fixed, The messege we will have sent will be clear enough to show them we will fight to protect what is ours.
As we headed to Pay N Spray everyone was ready and once word gets out on the street there will be alot of people in this city watching us after today.

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 06:14 PM



Gantons Most Wanted
Varrio Los Aztecas
5th story
Also $100 for a multiple of five story.
$236 + $137 = $373

Good story there, you're still switching tenses a bit but the stories are improving a lot.


Cool, keep it up everyone icon14.gif

rated and updated by mark-2007

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Posted 03 June 2008 - 11:06 PM Edited by mark-2007, 04 June 2008 - 02:44 PM.

Okay, here goes. This is my very first story for the Vagos. It takes place in the mid-90s, say 1996 shall we? I don't think date will end up being very important though.


Los Santos Vagos
Crossing the Line

The cool sand brushed against my feet as I made my way up the rolling dunes of desert. Under the clear, dark night sky I made my way north. The area was void of any border patrol, as expected. Felix walked beside me, calm as anything. His dark hair fluttered in the warm breeze and his thick moustache bristled beneath his bulbous nose. He was the one who Id approached. Id paid him 10,000 hard-earned pesos, most of which was used to bribe the local jeep patrol who would turn a blind eye to us. He pocketed the rest. Id gotten the money over a few years by doing all sorts of jobs; cleaning, waiting tables, running errands for locals. To the right of me walked my brother Jorge, he was a bulking guy. A friendly giant really, who was the nicest guy imaginable but was someone you wouldnt want to make enemies with. He was tough. My momma always said I was the brains and he was the brawn, not that I couldnt fight for myself when called for, but Jorge usually did that for me.

Id always wanted to move to America and be rich, even more so after hearing from my cousin who had found his feet with ease in his new country. In fact, I wanted it so bad that I'd been learning English for years now, I was getting good at it. Id stay at his house for a while before making enough money for my own place. Jorge would live with me, we decided.

How far now is it, Felix? I asked. My legs ached as we paid our way up another hill. My feet were beginning to sting from being caught on jagged rocks and shrubs.
Ah, not long now, Alejandro, he reassured me, hed been saying this for the last half hour. I was beginning to think we were lost and would never make it by sunrise.

Jorge took a long gulp of water from the bottle wed brought, and then passed it to me to do the same. The water refreshed me; I made sure not to splash it on my face. Its evaporation would only heat me up further.

Look, there! he said to me. On the horizon.

I squinted into the darkness. Under the moonlit skies I could make out the silhouette of a tall fence running the length of my view. My spirits lifted and we quickened our pace. Approaching the fence, I could make out that the meshed wire had holes cut into it and patches peeled back. This was obviously a common place to get through. Jorge and I turned to Felix.

I cant thank you enough, I said and hugged the man whod assisted in my migration. Jorge followed suit.
Remember, youre not safe yet, he said with concern. There are vigilante groups who patrol the area who will stop you and bring you to the attention of Border Patrol.
Right, Ill keep an eye out, I said, hoping that I wouldnt run into any of these guys.
Some of them carry weapons, so take this, he said and handed us each a blade.

We said our final goodbye and he lifted a flap in the wiry mesh open long enough for me and Jorge to crawl through. Looking back, he disappeared into the darkness. Me and Jorge, dressed in only jeans and dirty white vests, shivered despite the warm breeze. We trudged through the rocky deserts, shrubs and rocks cutting at our feet and shins persistently. Jorge was playing with his knife, flicking the blade back and forth in his hands as we walked.

Stop right there, a voice yelled from the left of us. I turned around. A sweat-ridden, bearded man was holding a rifle at us and grinning. Looks like we got ourselves some spics. Come have a look Mikey!
Another, shorter and rounder man came through the bushes, rifle in hand, and sni**ered as he saw us.
Alright, you two, he said and clasped his hand on my raised arm. This way.

He frogmarched us for a while through the rocky landscape until we came to a small cabin, besides which was parked a weathered jeep. These were the vigilantes that Felix had warned us about, this was the end. I knew I had a knife, but they had guns, surely Id be shot dead before I could even get a jab in. The short, fat guy, whose name was Mikey, stopped, swept his brow of sweat, and looked at the tall one.

Hey Jay, mind if I have a quick piss? he asked.
Make it quick, Jay grunted back.

Mikey walked round the side of the cabin, leaving his rifle proper up against the back tire of the jeep. Jay was left by himself; he dove into his pocket for a cigarette. Getting the box out, he took one from it, held it to his lips, and struck a match. This was my chance. I gripped the knife and quickly flicked it open and brought it forwards to meet his chest. He stumbled back and let out a gurgling noise. I drew the blade up again and brought it down into his abdomen, Jorge followed suit, raining punches down upon his body. Jay collapsed onto the ground in a heap.

Jay, you alright there? asked Mikey, a clear note of panic struck in his voice.

He edged nervously around the side of the cabin to see if his friend was okay. Jorge picked up the rifle and pointed it at his face, causing him to raise his hands.

Please, dont shoot, he pleaded, arms aloft.
Only if you promise not to tell the authorities about this, I warned him, trying to hide my panic. Id possibly just killed a man. Id get your friend here some medical attention, Im sorry it had to happen.
O-o-okay, he said, puzzled at my politeness. I wont tell anyone about this, please just leave. Im sorry.

We decided to leave him the truck so that his friend could be helped quicker. Me and Jorge set off across the barren desert again, each of us with a stolen rifle in our hands in case any more vigilantes wanted to try their luck.

Do we even know where we are heading? asked Jorge, exhausted from countless hours of walking.
Dont worry, well find a place to rest sooner or later, I assured him.

Just as I said that, up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light. As we walked towards it, it grew more defined. A huge hub of artificial light stood out against the backdrop of dark sky.

Welcome to America, Jorge, I said in disbelief. After years of planning, here we were in the United States.

Upon stumbling into a tourist help centre, it turned out to be the border city of El Salto and whilst it had a huge Mexican population, it wasnt our destination. I phoned up my cousin and he got arranged for us to travel to San Dimas via bus. From there we would board the Dimas-Andreas ferry. The ferry, when we got aboard, was a huge ship with a car hangar and crowded decks. After about an hours journey the captain came over the speakers.

Ladies and gentleman, he announced proudly. If you look in front of us you will see the city of Los Santos on the horizon, we expect to dock in ten minutes.


Well, I hope you enjoyed it - I'm not too keen on the ending as it was rushed, but I didn't want to spend to long on an uninteresting part of the story so I just decided to give a brief description from border cross to Los Santos arrival.

Thanks for reading.

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 12:52 AM Edited by Skimask101, 07 June 2008 - 04:59 AM.

Chapter5:$outh$ide Hoods Club:Theres something about Toni...

We sent a messenger to Salvatore's mansion and the message read.


To Mr. Leone & Mr. Cipriani,

We wanted to organize a meeting so we could talk about alliances, mutual protection; trade embargos and double teaming the city. We could rule the underground while you rule above us in the hard world, if we work together we could take this city in one blow, so no one will be able to settle here, and we mean no one! If we take all the assets, businesses, and turf in liberty no one will be able to stand up to us which means no one will be able to stand up to us which means we could grow stronger everyday.

Yes we did send that message, but first I want to tell you what happened when Slavatore died...

When Sal died every Leone made man, capo regime, consiglieri's and capo brad vas organized a meeting of who will take power and was decided that no one should be don and just create a council until they saw Sal’s death will video, in it sal stated

If your watching this Im dead, a lot of you are sad and most are happy, but I don't care because Im dead. First thing first, Toni you were like a brother to me, more than a brother, Like a son, Best friend and brother; because you were the most loyal, respectful, and trustworthy brother Ive ever know. So I want you to be one of the two dons I chose. Now Joey you can deny this position if you want to but I know youll take it, you were always a very good son, you never lied and never got in trouble with me or your mother, so I want you to be the other don with Toni. Now the mansion is going to go to Toni and Joey, Toni you get my room, Joey you get your old bedroom, now I might be old and dead but Im not stupid which is why I know that whore of a wife I had was part of death so can you guys put a hit on her. Now I also can take guess about who killed me, if its Mickey hamfisfts Ive got one thing to say to you I always new you could do it, now if it was Claude, I want you guys to capture him, torture him and kill him; because he was supposed to die the first time I tried to kill him, and uh I guess that's it.

So Joey accepted the position and moved to the mansion, same with Toni. After that, Toni spent so much money commemorating Sal, the Leone's had to spend a whole years income. They invited every mafia family to the funeral and us the $outh$ide hoods as guards, because Toni liked us and he knew the other families would think lower of the Leone's if he invited some Hoods, so he hired us as armed guards.

After that, with Toni in charge they bought a asset and some turf in the badlands, San Andreas. As a matter of fact this is the best they have been doing for a while. Oh yeah Cluade did get captured and tortured to death.

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 01:02 AM

I have one question, Ho do you get assets?

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 02:25 AM Edited by VinnieLeone, 04 June 2008 - 02:29 AM.

Chapter 9: No Father of Mine.
I woke up in a white room. I can here crying of women and kids. I jolted my head forward and I saw Tommy, Jimmy, Angie, Pete, Marco and another women.

What-What happened? I asked. I tried to lift my arm and I felt sharp pain in my arm. Sally, someone tried to kill with a BB gun. Jimmy said. Well it only knocked you out, for 2 hours. He said. I looked at everyone in a dazed way. I got up off the floor. I wiped table debris from my jogging suit. When we exited the Ristorante Liberty Tree news was waiting outside.

Mr. Ambrosio, do you know who tried to kill you? One man asked. I simply replied, What the f*ck are you looking at? and left for my house.

The next day I bought a black Huntley, I took the family to Upstate Liberty. But on a side plan we went to Guernsey City. I took my son Daniel and my daughter Heather fishing. Heather has big beautiful brown eyes, a beautiful simile. She has long dark hair just like here mother. Daniel has his hair slicked back like Carlo Gambino had it back in the 30s, he has a strong Liberty accent and his nose is prominently hooked like mines.

(Back in Liberty City, Francis Adkins High School.)

Danny, Danny I heard a voice yell.

It was Julie Bennett she has long blonde hair. She was the most popular in school. I was wondering why she would even talk to me.

Danny I heard your father got shot by a BB gun. She said. Now I see that she was trying to piss me off.

Oh, Danny gonna cry? I heard a bigger voice say. It was Michael The Butch Roth. Despite is last name this is actually Irish.

Well Danny what you gonna do about it He taunted me. He continued to push me, be honest I would have whipped his ass but I didnt want to get ISS. So I continued my day. (7 period bell rings.) I saw Butch enter the bathroom. I followed him. I pulled a metal pole from my book bag. Hey Bitch. I said. What do you want Ambr- I whacked him in face. Oh god. He yelled

Every f*cking day from now I want 70 dollars from you, you got that? I said as a continued to beat his arms and legs with the pole. Ok man! he cried out.

(2 weeks later.)

Drusilla Ristorante

News is on and it says: As of January 9 Alcohol and Drugs have been completely removed from the country. This will put drug cartels out of business.

Mobsters all over Liberty escaped the round up of Mafia members. I called Jimmy and the Leone family and we relocated to Cuba and Italy.

Paulie C was pushing to go to Cuba so the main family went to Cuba. Meanwhile Jimmys family and my crew headed to Sicily. We met Diego Leone (Joeys brother) and Vincenzo Guglielmetti who worked for Uncle Leone. To my surprise I found Salvatore Leone in Corleone. My mother was from Corleone and my father was from Gela. Jimmys Family comes from Tronia. We sat with Vincenzo and Salvatore; we talked about the past and what happened.

So hows my Joey? Salvatore asked.

He is in prison. Jimmy said.

Well, I would like to meet Giovanni Guglielmetti, he wants to work in America. Salvatore said.

Nice to meet you. I said.

Thank you very much. He said.

But please call me Gio. He said

Your welcome I replied.

How long are you staying in Sicily? Gio asked.

Four Weeks. Jimmy replied.

We walked around Sicily for hours. I even met Uncle Leone.
(3 weeks later)

We packed up and left for Naples, Italy. Giovanni and Jimmy became good friends on the way.

(Naples International Airport)

Giovannis brother Nicholas Jackie Guglielmetti has agreed to come to America with us.

Jackie and Jimmy decided that Jackie will join Jimmys family and Gio will join mine.

(Francis International Airport)

Now I want you to do this thing for me, extort Brendan Harris he owes me $200,000. I told him.

Ok Salvatore, I can do this. He said

No, No speak in English. I demanded.

Ok Sal, Im sorry. He said.

So we went to The Pink Panther Strip Club, Gio busted down the door and pulled out a baseball bat.
He hit Brendan in the face with the bat and broke his arm with the bat.

You owe Sal some money, give it to me. Gio said.

Look I dont have it, I only have $20,000. He pleaded.

Gio then got a gun to Brendans head, Whats in the f*cking safe!? Gio demanded.

About $167,032, but I need that for my new club. Brendan said.

Whats the club worth if your dead, pay your debt! Gio said.

So Brendan paid up, we left after Gio gave me the money.

(Next day) Danny was walking to his new job at Ciprianis Construction Company when 4 Irish men came up to him.

Hey Danny, whos the bitch now! a voice said.

Three of the four pull out Glocks and shot Danny in the Arms, Legs Stomach and Lung. Danny collapsed in the street. "Hey Danny here's your 70 dollars." He said as he stuffed the money in Danny's mouth.

(Francis Adkins Hospital)

I saw my son in the hospital bed, I was sad yet angry. When I heard that Irish thugs shot him, I was furious.

Jimmy came in with Phil Bell, Jackie, Mickey Hamfist, Carmine and Giovanni came in to visit Danny.

I want those Irish sons of bitches responsible for this dead. I said.

Whoa, The McNeals have nothing to do with this. Jimmy said.

It was the Roth Family. Phil said.

Roth, he is Jewish? I said.

No, its just his last name. He said.

Put out a search for this guy ok? I said.

A nurse came in the room, Is there a Salvatore Ambrosio in here? She said. Ya Im here. I said.
You have a phone call, its a Paul Costello. She said. I walked over to the phone booth. Ya, its Sal. I said.
We got some f*cking problems, Tommy and I have to go to court for racketeering. He said. Tommy is in the clear of his charges, Im not so lucky. I want you become acting boss, if I get out I will continue leading the family. He said.
Ok Paulie, I have to go my son is in the hospital. I said. I hanged up the phone. As I turned around my wife Angela was walking towards me, Baby what are you doing here I thought you went to Los Santos. I said. She slapped me and said, How could you let our son get shot? She slapped me again. You are a f*cking disgrace Sal! I heard a voice say. It was Ray Machowski, You know Luigi Goterelli is going to be released next week, wait till he hears what happened to his godson. He said. He started to laugh at my son; I pulled my berretta out and put it to his head. Oh youre going to shoot me Sal? He said. He continued to taunt me, You can nerver be killer like your friend Toni was. He said. I pulled the trigger. (Gunshot).

(Giovanni and Mickey track Roth in Upstate Liberty on a farm.)

Mickey, look he is in a harvester, whats he doing? Gio asked.

I dont know, stay here Gio. Mickey said as he left the car.

Roth hopped out of the harvester (Its still running) He ran about 10 yards to pick up a shovel that was laying on the ground.
Mickey steps up to him. Salvatore Ambrosio sends his regards Roth. Mickey said. Mickey shoots in both legs and chest. Mickey pulled out cigar; he lit it and watches Roth crawl away from the harvester as it moving closer and closer. The harvester engulfs Roth and sheared him to pieces. Mickey then gets a bag and puts the body parts in the bag. (Liberty City-Irish Pub)

Here yous f*cking mics! Mickey yelled. Mickey throws the bag into the Pub.

Then Toni Cipriani yet again is out of hiding. He is wanted for Racketeering, Murder, and Drug Dealing.

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 06:54 PM

I would like purchase an ounce of weed along with a Colt 45 and a Hunting Rifle which should leave me with 108 left in the account.

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 06:58 PM

Well i like your story mark, but it stil doesn't fill Latino, does Jorge or Aljeandro have a girlfriend?

Sorry if i got Al's name wrong

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 07:02 PM

Just a side note, and not to stray off the beaten track but your signature is waaaay too big VinnieLeone. I'd change it pronto, before it gets disabled.

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Posted 04 June 2008 - 10:30 PM

are you guys still doing that sh*t where you reset the scores every once in a while?

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 01:05 AM

Chapter6:$outh$ide Hoods club:Say hello to my little friend

Now the day before the meeting, we tried to sell the drugs and buy a new gun because we wanted to impress the Leone's on how well weve done. So I asked D-Ice if we had any pushers or dealers to sell the M.J. and he said

Yeah theres some at West Wichita Gardens, they sell Weed only so we good D said oddly
Lets go cmon I told D confidently
K He replied

So we got into a Hood Rumpo with Crazy P (Since he is a good intimidator) and took off. As we were driving there I wondered how much we could sell it for, I thought Ill sell it for its whole sale price $40 every 3.5 ounces so we could get $120 that should help us a lot. So when we got there, we got out of the Runpo and the dealers looked cool they were and I asked them

Are you Down with the Hoods? I asked the dealers with great curiosity
Always, we try to sell natural drugs only one of the dealers said confidently
So do you think we could sell $20 every 3.5 ounces? I asked them
Yeah easily just wait here a little so we could sell some He responded with confidence
Okay When we make the $120, Well give $20 and you guys can spit it up evenly I told them in a serious tone
Cool, now we wait the dealer said in a sigh of relief

Now these guys were acting very suspiciously, so we waited the whole day, by the end of the day we made the money we needed and I told the dealers

Now heres your cut and thatll be our deal today, thanks I told the happily
No thank you because your gonna give us the rest of the money too He said while chuckling
What the f*ck did you say? Crazy P shouted angrily
Yeah who the F*ck do think you are? D-Ice Yelled to them
Take cover! I yelled to D and J
Kill those muthaf*ckas fools! The main drug dealer yelled to the rest

We took cover behind a dumpster while they took cover behind a small garage and shot at each other, they only had Colt 45.s while I had Desert Eagle D-Ice had a Uzi 9mm, and Crazy J had a Combat shotgun. So I told D to

Blind fire towards them so they will be forced to take cover while me and J will go around back and take them out okay? I whispered to D
J follow me around the garage! I told J

So he followed me around and we saw them, there were four of them, so we took aim, I walked up to one then POP his brains spattered all over the other dealer, then J shot another ones guts all over the wall, the other two surrendered they said

Please don't kill us we all have mouths to feed and we cant get job because we dropped out of school! the two dealers shouted while crying
Well you should ve thought of that before you stopped caring about school I told team without any emotion
So D, J and me rounded them up then I pulled out the Desert Eagle then POP, POP there Brains were all over the pavement. We took the $120, we got in the van, no one said anything there was no expression on any of our faces and we just sat there we didnt turn on the car, we just sat there. So I finally I asked D

Is there any good gun shops around? I asked D
Yeah there's an Ammu-Nation here that sells good guns He said while finally starting the car
Lets go I wanna see if there any good guns we can buy I told him

So we took of while recovering from the situation, I just couldnt get it out of my that they had kids so I just ignored it. When we got there Walked inside and I saw a gun I instantly fell in love so I asked the cashier

What is that called and how much is it? He asked
That's a Safia 12, it costs $150, you know what that thing is as good as the Ak and sometimes better and it very very underpriced for that gun, as a matter of fact its a lot better than the MP5 but costs a lot less, by the way if you have a gang you can buy that one you don't have to worry about ammo or restocking the gun ever again, well do all of that for free He told me with great emotion
Cool Ill take it then I told him in a very happy tone

So we got called the base to pick up the new batch of guns we got, and we drove home to get ready for the meet.

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Posted 05 June 2008 - 06:17 AM

Sorry that I haven't dropped by in awhile. Exams are now over, so I hope to have a story soon.

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 04:15 AM

Los Santos Vagos
@mark-2007: Nice introduction, really like the whole idea of the illegal immigrant thing. Keep it up. $42

@Skimask101: $33 & $28

The Leone Family
@VinnieLeone: Keep it coming chief, $40

Varrio Los Aztecas
@Gantons Most Wanted: Weapons & Drugs purchased.


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Posted 06 June 2008 - 04:17 AM

can i get a ball of cocaine?

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 04:23 AM Edited by johnson., 06 June 2008 - 10:11 PM.

Dead Presidents Pt.1 Introduction

I pulled my hoodie over my head and onto my white LC hat. My black pants sagged bellow my ass. Grey clouds began to form over Wichita Gardens, tiny drops of water slowly falling from the sky too hit the ground. I reached into my pockets and pulled out my silver cell phone. I flipped it open and looked at the time, 4:21 lit up on the small screen. Just then a black Rumpo pulled up too the curb, It was Adam. I jumped into the front seat and slapped hands with him.
Whats good homie I greeted.
Chillin, whats going down? He asked
We heading over to Pike Creek, some jam is going down at this warehouse I paused, taking a breath before continuing. Some Red Jacks are going to be there tonight, D wants us to cap a few niggas I said, Adam nodded didnt even seem to be dazed by the request. He understood what it was, business. If it was for the right price, Adam and I would take care of what ever needed to be taken care of.

We both met back in high school, we decided we needed to make some cash. Both of us started off hustling to some of the kids in school soon it became a full-time thing. We wouldnt even go to school to learn, we would just show up to sell kids weed. When we turned 18 we both rented out an apartment in Wichita Gardens. Where weve made connections, and continued to hustle on the street.

Adam stopped the car at the warehouse in Pike Creek, a large security guard stood in front of a small red door, a light over the door lit up the area. Few people stood waiting to enter. We both sat inside the Rumpo, watching the front door. It became evident to us that we would have to find the back door. Adam climbed into the back of the Rumpo and grabbed a black duffle bag, inside the bag was guns and ammunition. We loaded up the Uzis and grabbed extra clips just incase.

Adam started the car and drove around back of the warehouse to check for a possible entrance way. A flight of stairs led to a lone door with a light over it. A man stood at the top of the stairs smoking a cigarette, the door wide open. As Adam and I climbed out, we placed the Uzis at the back of our waste line. We walked up the back stairs; the man smoking a cigarette didnt seem to notice the two of us coming up. We made it to the plat form he finally made eye contact with Adam.
Hey your not suppose to be back here! He shouted
I was just going to ask if you have an extra smoke. Adam said, pulling a quick move on the guy and slamming his shoulder into the man chest sending the man toppling over. Adam then gave a swift kick to his head, knocking the man out cold.

We starred down the hallway; the lights gave off a red glow. Some sort of fast paced beat played in the background.
Its a f*cking rave I said out loud, Adam began walking down the hallway entirely ignoring what I said. We roamed through the ware house, looking for the dance floor. After searching the ware house we finally found an access door that led too the actual rave. Strobe lights lit up the ware house. A techno beat had people shouting and dancing, a DJ stood up on a podium. Behind him was smoke from smoke machines, purple lights lit up the canopy behind him. Everyone was moving and jumping around. It was complete and total chaos.
How the f*ck we gonna find them? Adam yelled out, I stuck close beside Adam not wanting to lose him in the huge crowed of people. I glanced up at the ceiling, there seemed to be another floor.
The bar must be up there I pointed out to Adam, he gave me a nod. We both began pushing our way through the crowed. We finally reached a set of stairs that led up to the second floor. On the second floor I looked back at the huge crowed of people dancing. It was almost hypnotic all the people rubbing their bodies together trying to keep pace with the music. I looked around the second floor, small booths surrounded a bar. I made out a group of people at the far end of the rave. Three men sat down in the booth covered by guards.
Thats them over there I motioned to Adam, who concentrated himself on everything that was happening. Where the guards were, who was strapped. He had always been well aware of his surroundings. Adam gave me a look, as if he knew something was about to happen. I saw him reach around behind him. He pulled out a black bandana from his back pocket. I reached for mine. Through all the movement and distractions that was in the environment. It was as if we were invisible.

Adam walked around one side of the bar, I took the flank. It was a struggle trying to push through all the people. I could see Adam nearing the small booth; I pulled the Uzi 9mm from my waist line. Keeping the cannon low and out of site, I finally got close enough too the booth.
Before I could even make another move, Adam had already started spraying bullets at the booth of thugs. As the guards moved to take cover to try and get a shot off at Adam. I had already started shooting my gun catching both men of guard. They dropped to the floor and Adam and I continued to blast our guns at our enemies. When I had ran out of ammo, the sound of screams began to fill the rave. The music continued to play, everyone was moving for an exit. I had finally reloaded the Uzi when I noticed more movement inside the booth. I emptied the rest of my clip, Adam reloaded.
I looked around and caught site of an emergency exit.
"Over there!" I shouted to Adam, the area around us began to clear. We made a dash for the door; Adam hit the door sending it open. There was a small back hallway before we pushed through another door that led out to the back.
Adam spotted his Rumpo, we both ran towards the van jumped in and peeled away from the scene.

We darted back to Wichita Gardens; I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and held it in my hands. I took a second to clear my mind. And began dialing a phone number. The dial tone began to ring.
"Hello?" A voice said
"D... it's Nick... Me and Adam took care of that thing for you" I replied
"Excellent... come see me up at my crib" He replied, just then the line went dead. As Adam turned around a bank of road, the city skyline could be seen clearly. A lone search light rotated lighting up the dark grey clouds that hovered over the city.
"Where to now man?" Adam asked
"We got to go see D" I replied, rolling the passenger window down and taking in a breath of fresh air.

We stepped out of the elevator on the 14th floor. We pushed a door open that led to a hallway of apartments; I knocked on door number #42. The door opened the air smelt of marijuana. 'D' was in a pair of boxer shorts, Adam and I slapped hands with him before moving into the living room. A large TV was in one corner and a few old couches around it. I slumped down into one of the sofas. Adam crashed down in a large leather arm chair, 'D' grabbed a blunt that he had rolled from the coffee table and put it to his lips. He sparked up the rolled marijuana and took a huge toke. The blunt went around between the three of us. But didn't even speak of the events that had just happened.

"Here take this" 'D' announced, handing Adam and I both rolls of cash. "I just need both of you to do one more thing for me..."

100 MDMA Pills purchased

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