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Multiple radio stations.

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Posted 26 November 2007 - 02:51 AM

In GTA III the radio stations are actually single audio files that loop over and over. When you tune into a station it begins playing the .wav file at a random place. To put music into those stations you need two programs. Audacity, and merge mp3. Both are completely free.

Audacity - http://audacity.sour...e.net/download/

Merge mp3 - http://www.download....4-10455400.html

First open Merge mp3 and click "File" then "Add files". Navigate to where your audio files of choice are and select them. (Noob tip: Hold down control "Ctrl" while clicking to select multiple files.) Once you have selected your files hit "Open". Your files will appear in Merge mp3. You may want to rearrange them by selecting a file and using the up and down arrows at the top to move it up and down the list. That way the order they play back in will be random and you won't hear songs by the same artist in a row. Finally click "File" and then "Merge" and specify where you want the file to be saved. I'd save it to the desktop for easy deletion later. Now open Audacity and click "File" then "Open". Find the file you made using Merge mp3 and open it. It will take some time to import it. Once it's finished importing click "File" then "Export as wav".

You must name the file one of the following.

CHAT.wav, CLASS.wav, FLASH.wav, GAME.wav, HEAD.wav, KJAH.wav, LIPS.wav, MSX.wav, or RISE.wav.

Common sense should tell you that they correspond to the radio stations in GTA3. Once you have renamed the file go to your GTA3 directory. Move the file into the "Audio" folder. When it asks if you want to replace it click yes. Now start the game, enter a car, and tune into the station you named the file as. Your music will begin playing.

To add different music you will have to either make a brand new file or go to your GTA3/ Audio folder and select the radio station file and merge the new audio file in with it AFTER you convert the new file into a .wav file using Audacity. Keep in mind that it will be at the end of the file, and you may never hear it play.

Merge mp3 would hang on certain songs for some reason. Songs with a "(1)" at the end of the file name seemed to cause it to freeze up. If it freezes just Ctrl, alt, delete, and kill Mergemp3.exe, and then start adding files again. REMEMBER TO OMIT
THE FILE IT FROZE ON!!! You will never get it to merge the file. It's not a glitch. It just can't read the file or something.

***If this is in the wrong forum or has already been covered then please move or delete. I couldn't find anything on the subject though.***


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Posted 26 November 2007 - 02:55 AM

QUOTE (destructo_low @ Nov 26 2007, 13:51)
***If this is in the wrong forum or has already been covered then please move or delete. I couldn't find anything on the subject though.***

Aye, I'll just move it over to the modding forums for you.

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