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National Hockey League

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Posted 2 weeks ago

it's amazing how unpopular the NHL has become lately.


literally no one I talk to or interact with on a regular basis has said anything about it.

I forgot the Cup was even happening lol.

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Posted A week ago

That's what happens when you have the worst commissioner in NA sports history at the helm.  Bad enough he sold a franchise to a con artist with a fax machine, but when you ignore cities that would make great franchises like Quebec city, Seattle and instead force hockey in Florida(2teams), Carolina, and Arizona you get a league where 6-10 teams subsidize the rest of the league. 


On top of that the NHL has the worst officiating in sports.  Just look at the last game this year, Nashville's goal being called off is just bush league(and no I am not a preds fan) it makes you wonder if their Cinderella run is moot after their fans got to witness first hand the audacious officiating. 

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