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Midnight Club: Los Angeles Debut

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 08:21 AM

wow that news is more sad than the servers being down. 
what about through save editing or something?
also: any tips for a newb?
i read that i should stay away from spending so i can make a million dollar deal or some shee... but does that mean all spending?
just downloaded a game save that is supposed to have it. i'll try that out if i'm desperate to give it a whirl  :D  :D
also: back in the day i used to play this game on dreamcast called Tokyo Xtreme Racer. veeeery similar, and i think it might have been before the midnight club series. not sure tho. great game.

Nah, you don't have to stay away from all spending. Customising the occasional car is fine, but try and balance it out and do some delivery missions every now and again. Once you've reached the deal, you can sell all of your cars and that should get you up to 1 million, if not, do some more delivery missions, they're good money.

It'll come to the point you've done so many delivery missions you know each car and where you're supposed to take it off by heart lol.

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