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The Most Underrated GTA Ever

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  • RaMMy

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Posted A day ago

Yeah this game is very underrated and not well known even amongst hardcore gta fans.
I myself never heard about this game until few years ago.

When i watched the walkthrough on youtube i was simply amazed by the game. It felt like San Andreas set in Vice City.
There is so many interesting sidemissions,great characters and awesome music.

I was so excited about finally playing this game on phone but :r*: never bothered to release it. :(
Atleast they could have made pc version of this and LCS.
Now after 11 years it is unlikely we will ever get pc or mobile version. Such a shame.

You guys should take a quick look at Take-Two Interactive, I bet those are the one's pulling the strings now. (Take2I=EA) 

  • anthony

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Posted A day ago

You guys can easily play it on PC with the PSP emulator, PPSSPP. You map the control of your controller in the emulator settings and that's it. I play it on my sh*tty laptop and it's all good.

B Dawg
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Posted A day ago

PS2 emulator would be better, since the PS2 version doesn't have the garage bug.

  • Mr_Rager

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Posted A day ago

The PS2 version is surprisingly sh*t. Doesn't run that great and looks color drained. Maybe less glitches and some new sh*t to do, but the patrician choses the PSP version.

  • eestlane


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Posted 10 hours ago Edited by eestlane, 10 hours ago.

I also run it on PPSSPP on windows. After playing with some settings it plays well. Best part is saving state anytime. You should do it actually as PPSSPP crashes once in a while (after some hours not minutes, so not an issue). Controller is a must though.

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