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Your Favorite Movie Lines...

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 01:54 PM

QUOTE (MMFF @ Jun 21 2007, 03:42)
Almost every line from the movie Tombstone.

How did I forget Tombstone, that movie is just pure genius. The acting in it is just excellent, especially Val Killmer playing Doc Holiday, he has the best lines too.

Tombstone would be in my top 3 movies of all time.

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 07:24 PM

Escape from New York...

Snake-When I get back.. I'm gonna kill you.
Hauk-You gonna kill me now, Snake?
Snake-Nah, I'm too tired
Reservoir Dogs

White-sh*t... You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize.
Blonde-Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?
The Obligitory Snakes on a Plane.....

Flynn-Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane!
Back to the Future

Marty-Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?
Doc-The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?
Apollo 13(and about a million other places)
Houston, we have a problem.

theres probably loads more...but i'm too lazy

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 09:59 PM

I can't believe I forgot this quote from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The man with no name/Blondie: You see my friend there are two types of people. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig....You dig.

No Escape?
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Posted 21 June 2007 - 10:45 PM

QUOTE (papanesta @ Jun 21 2007, 13:26)
QUOTE (TDP992 @ Jun 21 2007, 03:55)
David - "Know how I know you're gay?"
Cal - "How am I gay?"
David - "You've seen Rent three times."

David: You know how I know you're gay?
Cal: How?
David: You like Coldplay.

Cal: The problem most men have is they don't know how to talk to women...
Andy Stitzer: You know what my problem is? I am not interesting. What am I supposed to say I went to magic camp? That I'm an accomplished ventriloquist? Oh, I am the 7th degree imperial yo-yo master.
[yelling as he impersonates a woman]
Andy Stitzer: Ooooh, do me yo-yo master I want you to do me cuz you're the yo-yo guy...

The Forty Year Old Virgin is a cornucopia of fantastic quotes. The entire scene of Jay and the black customer had me choking for air.

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Posted 21 June 2007 - 11:12 PM Edited by Vanilla Shake, 22 June 2007 - 12:35 AM.

"Y'know there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of 'em just cheat on you."

-Silent Bob, 'Clerks.'

Customer: "Cute cat. What's his name?"
Randal: "Annoying customer."
Customer: "f*cking dickhead!"


Dante: "37! My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!"
Customer: "In a row?"

Later in the scene...

Dante: "Everytime I kiss you I'm gonna taste 36 other guys!"


Customer holding a baby: "Excuse me, do you sell videos?"
Randal: "Yeah, what're you looking for?"
Customer: "Happy Scrappy Hero Pup."
Randal: "Okay, hang on, I'm on the phone with the distribution house now, let me make sure we got it. What was it called again?"
Customer: "Happy Scrappy Hero Pup."
Baby: "Happy Scrappy!"
Customer: "She loves it."
Randal: "Obviously.  Yeah, hello, this is RST Video, customer number 4352, I need to place an order. Okay, I need one each of the following tapes: 'Whispers in the Wind', 'To Each His Own', 'Put It Where It Doesn't Belong', 'My Pipes Need Cleaning', 'All Tit-f*cking Volume 8', 'I Need Your Cock', 'Ass-Worshipping Rim-Jobbers', 'My c*nt Needs Shafts', 'Cum Clean', 'Cum-Gargling Naked Sluts', 'Cum Buns III', 'Cumming in Socks', 'Cum On Eileen', 'Huge Black Cocks and Pearly White Cum', 'Girls Who Crave Cock', 'Girls Who Crave c*nt', 'Men Alone II: the KY Connection', 'Pink Pussy Lips', and uh, oh yeah, 'All Holes Filled with Hard Cock'. Uh-huh... yeah... Oh, wait, (to customer) what was that called again?"


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Posted 22 June 2007 - 02:26 AM

Yeah, Clerks is another one of those movies that is quote city.

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 10:40 AM

QUOTE (Trainspotting)
Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a f*cking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed- interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose a three piece suite on hire purchase in a range of f*cking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing sprit- crushing game shows, stuffing f*cking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, f*cked-up brats you have spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that?

How could I forget that one.

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 11:12 AM

From This is Spinal Tap:

[Nigel is playing a soft piece on the piano]
Marty DiBergi: It's very pretty.
Nigel Tufnel: Yeah, I've been fooling around with it for a few months.
Marty DiBergi: It's a bit of a departure from what you normally play.
Nigel Tufnel: It's part of a trilogy, a musical trilogy I'm working on in D minor which is the saddest of all keys, I find. People weep instantly when they hear it, and I don't know why.
Marty DiBergi: It's very nice.
Nigel Tufnel: You know, just simple lines intertwining, you know, very much like - I'm really influenced by Mozart and Bach, and it's sort of in between those, really. It's like a Mach piece, really. It's sort of...
Marty DiBergi: What do you call this?
Nigel Tufnel: Well, this piece is called "Lick My Love Pump".

David St. Hubbins: I do not, for one, think that the problem was that the band was down. I think that the problem *may* have been, that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being *crushed* by a *dwarf*. Alright? That tended to understate the hugeness of the object.
Ian Faith: I really think you're just making much too big a thing out of it.
Derek Smalls: Making a big thing out of it would have been a good idea.

[When asked what happened to their first drummer]
David St. Hubbins: He died in a bizarre gardening accident...
Nigel Tufnel: Authorities said... best leave it... unsolved.

[discussing Nigel's Guitar collection]
Nigel Tufnel: Look... still has the old tag on, never even played it.
Marty DiBergi: [points his finger] You've never played...?
Nigel Tufnel: Don't touch it!
Marty DiBergi: We'll I wasn't going to touch it, I was just pointing at it.
Nigel Tufnel: Well... don't point! It can't be played.
Marty DiBergi: Don't point, okay. Can I look at it?
Nigel Tufnel: No. no. That's it, you've seen enough of that one.

Full Metal Jacket:

* Eightball: Personally, I think, uh...they don't really want to be involved in this war. I mean ...they sort of took away our freedom and gave it to the, to the gookers, you know. But they don't want it. They'd rather be alive than free, I guess. Poor dumb bastards.
* Animal Mother: What do I think about America's involvement in the war? Well, I think we should win.
* Joker: I wanted to see exotic Vietnam, the jewel of Southeast Asia. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture and...kill them. I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Minstrel: [singing] Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot. He was not afraid to die, oh brave Sir Robin. He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways, brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin. He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp, or to have his eyes gouged out, and his elbows broken. To have his kneecaps split, and his body burned away, and his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin. His head smashed in and heart cut out, and his liver removed, and his bowels unplugged, and his nostrils ripped and his bottom burned off and his penis...
Sir Robin: That's, uh, that's enough singing for now, lads... looks like there's dirty work afoot.

Minstrel: [singing] Brave Sir Robin ran away...
Sir Robin: *No!*
Minstrel: [singing] bravely ran away away...
Sir Robin: *I didn't!*
Minstrel: [singing] When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled. Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about, and valiantly, he chickened out. Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat. A brave retreat by brave Sir Robin.

more in my profile

Also pretty much everything from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but I still prefer the book though.

That episode of The Sopranos where Ralph Cifaretto makes a prank call to Paulie's mother, f*cking priceless. I wish I had a transcription of that call, it's the funniest moment of the whole show IMO.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 05:15 AM Edited by Glycerine, 23 June 2007 - 08:21 PM.

Pink Floyd The Wall
Pink: Are there any queers in the theatre tonight?
Get 'em up against the wall
There's one in the spotlight
He don't look right to me
Get him up against the wall
That one looks Jewish
and that one's a coon
Who let all this riff raff into the room
There's one smoking a joint
and another with spots
If I had my way
I'd have all of you shot

Star Wars: Empior Strikes Back
C-3PO: The odds of making it through an astroid feild ar 556,783,000 to 1.
Han Solo: Never tell me the odds.

Pirates of the Carribean: At worlds End
Imaginary Jack Sparrow: Nobody move! Drop me brain.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Sir Robin: I soiled me armor I was so scared.
Tim: Look at the the bones and the fangs. The rabbit is a born killer!
Narrorater: Just when Authur and his men seemed hopelessly doomed. The animater died of a sudden heartattack.
The Freak: But father I don't want any of that.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 10:37 AM

Leia: I love you.

Han: I know.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 08:34 PM

The whole Pulp Fiction can be quoted, that's what I say!:D

Hmm... Ok that

QUOTE (Butch)
Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead...

QUOTE (Marcellus)
Oh, that "what now." I tell you "what now" between me and you. There IS no "me and you". Not no more. Two things: One, don't ever tell no one about this. This thing here is between me, you, and Mr. Soon-To-Be-Living-The-Rest-Of-His-Short-Ass-Life-In-Agonizing-Pain rapist here.Two, you leave town tonight, right now, and when you're gone, you STAY gone or you'll BE gone. You lost all your L.A. privileges.

QUOTE (Jules replies to Vincent)
...It ain't no f*ckin' ballpark either. Now look, maybe your method of massage differs from mine, but you know, touchin' his wife's feet, and stickin' your tongue in her holiest of holies, ain't the same ballpark, it ain't the same league, it ain't even the same f*ckin' sport. Foot massages don't mean sh*t.

and Mel Brooks' History Of The World

QUOTE (At the Last Supper)
Judas: No. No. Leave us alone!
Comicus: All right, all right! Jesus!
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: What?
Jesus: What?
Comicus: What?
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: Jesus!
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: What?
Jesus: What?
Comicus: You said what.
Jesus: Yes.
Comicus: Nothing.

QUOTE (King Louis)
It's good to be the king.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 09:24 PM

Three goodies. See if you can call 'em without googling. If you can't, you've got three new movies to add your "must see" lists.

"We've gone on holiday by mistake!"

"You're ALL out of order!"

[takes a whiff, after stepping from the spaceship] Good! There's oxygen on this planet.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 09:47 PM

Dead Heat, anyone?

Lady Character-type: You're hurt! *points to guy's wrist*
Undead Lead Character-type: Lady, I'm f*cking dead.

Bartleby, Master of Context.


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Posted 24 June 2007 - 04:08 AM

QUOTE (Otter @ Jun 23 2007, 21:24)
Three goodies. See if you can call 'em without googling.  If you can't, you've got three new movies to add your "must see" lists.

"We've gone on holiday by mistake!"

"You're ALL out of order!"

[takes a whiff, after stepping from the spaceship] Good! There's oxygen on this planet.

Don't know the first one, but the second one is the one that deals with a court case. Al Pacino plays in it. Can't remember the title of it though.

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Posted 24 June 2007 - 05:09 AM

The whole Pulp Fiction can be quoted, that's what I say!:D

And I basically agree with that one.

So, without reading the rest of the pages i'm just going to say one thats always had a place in my heart, and that is ....
"Aw man, I just shot Marvin in the face."

Solid gold.

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 02:59 AM

The Wire S-4 Bodie - I don't give a f*ck !

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 04:40 AM

samuel jackson-
as jules
Jules: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
Brett: What?
Jules: What country you from?
Brett: What?
Jules: What ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak English in What?
Brett: What?
Brett: Yes!
Jules: Then you know what I'm saying!
Brett: Yes!
Jules: Describe what Marcellus Wallace looks like!
Brett: What, I-?
Jules: [pointing his gun] Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherf*cker. Say what one more goddamn time.
Brett: He's b-b-black...
Jules: Go on.
Brett: He's bald...
Jules: Does he look like a bitch?
Brett: What?
[Jules shoots Brett in shoulder]
Brett: No!
Jules: Then why you try to f*ck him like a bitch, Brett?
Brett: I didn't.
Jules: Yes you did. Yes you did, Brett. You tried to f*ck him. And Marcellus Wallace don't like to be f*cked by anybody, except Mrs. Wallace.

samuel jackson in jackie brown
AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherf*cker in the room, accept no substitutes.

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 04:58 AM

QUOTE (Gareth Croke @ Jun 20 2007, 19:43)
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit taking amphetamines

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

-Jonny what do you make of it
-You can make Hat, a broach or a pteradactyl

-From the Begining
-First the Earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, then they died and they created oil, then the arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benz's

-The Fog is getting thicker
-And Leons getting Laaaaarrrger

All from Airplane (and Airplane 2) inlove.gif

"The tower, the tower! Rapunzel, Rapunzel!"

"Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?"

Roger Murdock: Flight 2-0-9'er, you are cleared for take-off.
Captain Oveur: Roger!
Roger Murdock: Huh?
Tower voice: L.A. departure frequency, 123 point 9'er.
Captain Oveur: Roger!
Roger Murdock: Huh?
Victor Basta: Request vector, over.
Captain Oveur: What?
Tower voice: Flight 2-0-9'er cleared for vector 324.
Roger Murdock: We have clearance, Clarence.
Captain Oveur: Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
Tower voice: Tower's radio clearance, over!
Captain Oveur: That's Clarence Oveur. Over.
Tower voice: Over.
Captain Oveur: Roger.
Roger Murdock: Huh?
Tower voice: Roger, over!
Roger Murdock: What?
Captain Oveur: Huh?
Victor Basta: Who?

inlove.gif Airplane.

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 06:06 PM

Major Payne
QUOTE (Major Payne to Fat Cadet)
Major Payne: Bdee...bdee...bdee...What are you laughing at, pig boy?!  You find a piece of candy in yo pocket?!

Steve Summers
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Posted 29 June 2007 - 09:05 PM

I have a movie question. I am looking for famous movie lines about pr, publicity, etc.

Also, old fashion looking films with groups of reporters, the old flash bulbs poping, etc.

Especially if they are photographing a star type of person.


You can email directly to me if you prefer. Steve@pitchpublicity.com

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Posted 29 June 2007 - 09:14 PM

"Motherf*cker. You hit me in the ear!"

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Posted 29 June 2007 - 09:30 PM

QUOTE (Venom @ Jun 29 2007, 21:14)
"Motherf*cker. You hit me in the ear!"

"Well Jesus, I'm sorry!"

Norton's delivery of that line was srsly the funniest thing in the film.

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Posted 29 June 2007 - 09:50 PM

"There are two things i don't break, my word and my balls."

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Posted 30 June 2007 - 01:26 AM

*After watching the film's bad guy go in to hospital after being beaten up*

Harry: Well its obvious that I didnt do that to him..
Mayor: And whys that?
Harry: Because he looks too damn good

name it =p

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Posted 30 June 2007 - 02:41 AM

QUOTE (bigbilly123 @ Jun 30 2007, 01:26)
*After watching the film's bad guy go in to hospital after being beaten up*

Harry: Well its obvious that I didnt do that to him..
Mayor: And whys that?
Harry: Because he looks too damn good

name it =p

Dirty Harry. f*cking awesome movie.

Well when an adult male is chasing a female with an intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard thats my policy.

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Posted 03 July 2007 - 06:33 AM

Just finished watching Rocky. It's got me thinking about a line from the sequel. Goes something like...

Gazzo " Hey Rock, you should really think about investing some of your money in condominiums."
Rocky " I never use them."

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Posted 23 July 2007 - 06:53 AM

Shaun Of the Dead

Ed:You didnt tell me Barbra had a Jag.
Shaun:She doesnt thats Phillips.
Ed:Can we take that?
Shaun:No we have a perfectly fine car.
Ed:Fine, ill stay here to, uhh, guard the car.
(Later, Shaun, Barbra and Phillip come out of the house, and the car is crashed into a pole)
Ed:I lost control.
Shaun: We were parked!

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Posted 23 July 2007 - 08:21 AM

I want what's coming to me....


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Posted 23 July 2007 - 01:51 PM

Private Cowboy: Don't sh*t me, man!
Private Joker: I wouldn't sh*t you. You're my favorite turd!

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: How tall are you, private?
Private Cowboy: Sir, five-foot-nine, sir.
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Five-foot-nine, I didn't know they stacked sh*t that high.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Holy dog sh*t. Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don't look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down. Do you suck dicks?

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: I'll bet you're the kind of guy that would f*ck a person in the ass and not even have the goddam common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I'll be watching you.

Vive La France
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Posted 23 July 2007 - 04:55 PM

Yippie Kay Yay, Motherf*cker. tounge.gif

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