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Official "What are you playing now?" thread

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  • A8ul99

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Far Cry 2 at the moment. At this time, I've cleared the northern part of the UAC. And after some time playing the southern mission strand, things are definitely a lot weirder. Especially when dealing with a mortar-armed mercs.

  • KilnerLUFC

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Posted 2 weeks ago

^^I plan to finish Rime first before jumping into Knack. Heard good things about both but Knack got some mediocre reviews.





Rime is also scheduled to be started. I wouldn't normally play a game like it, but it was free and sometimes I just wanna play a chill game, so it seems perfect for that.



Got Rime on day one of release for my Switch, but the well-known issues it had meant I sheleved it, still intact and sealed, which was a massive shame as I was hyped for this game since it first got announced. Well, last week it finally got a patch that addressed many issues, so decided to finally load it up. Only got like 20 minutes in due to not having real time to play, but it's definitely looking like one I'm going to enjoy, despite the bugs and whatnot. Seems pretty simplistic in areas, but I don't mind, a puzzle game is a puzzle game to me.


Been mainly hunting Power Moons in Mario Odyssey and having a blast on Doom lately. Can't believe I'm already becoming backlogged with games on the Switch.

  • Begoo


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Still finnishing AC Origins. Im level 39 so far, soon to reach 40. I have more stuff to explore and more side quests to do, what i have already discovered and visited is all clean. I have Scorpion and other guy to take care off. Last mission i did was meeting Cleopatra where she gave me those two names of last guys to finnish.

  • ryannata


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Posted 2 weeks ago

These days most of the time i play Project Cars 2, with some little time switching back to GTAO, It's a great new experience for me this project cars 2 (minus the graphic)

  • Mukkus


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Posted A week ago

I'm just starting Witcher 3, mostly exploring the lush scenery and gathering herbs. I'll start questing tonight. Almost killed a lvl 7 ghoul as a lvl 1...
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  • fashion


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Posted A week ago Edited by fashion, A week ago.

I've got the Bloodborne DLC from the EU sale and started playing last night. You need to beat a few bosses before you can access the DLC. I decided to actually use the online features this time around and after solo'ing the entire game, I think I will use coop a bit more.

I only play Dragon Ball FighterZ occassionally now but it's a good game to just hop in for a few rounds of fighting.

Oh and I also started playing Ratchet and Clank from PS+ a few days ago. What a sweet game.

  • Rykjeklut


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Posted A week ago

I went back to Rome Total War 2 again, not knowing there had been a patch that completely f*cked all my mods. God damn it CA, it's 5 years old, stop updating it!

  • KilnerLUFC

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Posted 5 days ago

So to keep in nature of me starting as many games as possible at a time and never getting more than an hour through them at a time, I decided to start Saints Row 3 the other day, after deciding to skip 1&2 till another time (SR1 has aged pretty badly)...SR3 is simply a great game to have a blast on. After the serious nature that GTAV went, SR3 is a breath of fresh air to play through. 

  • LiangHuBBB

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Posted A day ago

135 + sth hours in xenoblade 2 and Im just now @ chapter 8
like wow this game keeps going
I hope I will beat this game in like 3 days before ni no kuni 2 comes out lol

Richard Power Colt
  • Richard Power Colt

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Posted A day ago Edited by Richard Power Colt, A day ago.

Played this game called Virginia a few days ago. It's basically a Twin Peaks inspired walking simulator. It has mixed reviews on Steam, mostly I think because of how limited it is in terms of gameplay, but I really enjoyed it. Personally I've never really had a problem with walking simulators as long as they have an engaging story which this one did.


The game is a lot more like movie than a game. The gameplay is pretty much just walking and clicking and there's barely any choice or challenge to it(tho I think there are some secrets you can find as there were a bunch of achievements I didn't get). The individual gameplay sections are also very short, you're pretty much constantly being transported into new places as it tells you a story. It very much is paced like a film or TV show in that sense.


Another movie-like thing is that there are black bars on the top and bottom of the screen literally all the time. This makes the FOV really small which understandably can piss some people off, but it wasn't something that bothered me personally. On top of that the game is locked at 30fps by default. You can go into the settings and change it to 60, but the game will actually warn you that the game was designed with 30 in mind. The whole "cinematic 30 fps" thing is something people like to laugh at, but in this case since there barely is any gameplay I was willing to go along with the devs' recommendation and I played it at 30.


The story is basically that you play as this FBI agent who goes into a small town to investigate the disappearance of a kid(a lot like Twin Peaks). She's also tasked by her boss to snoop info about her suspicious partner. I won't spoil anything beyond that except that it also has a lot of surreal metaphorical dream-like sequences(which again is a lot like Twin Peaks) that left me confused as hell, but I always love that kind of stuff even when I don't understand it. The mystery of it is intriguing to me.


The story is pretty much just told through visuals alone, there's literally no dialogue in this game. There's a couple of moments where you can read a text, but no one ever says anything out loud. A couple of plot points I was a bit confused about, but for the most part I think they did a good job of telling the story this way. The soundtrack played a pretty big role in conveying the right emotions, it's quite loud at times actually. Though they also knew when to have no music at all.


Kind of a long-ish post I felt like making. As far as walking simulators go, this might actually be among my favorites despite its lack of actual gameplay. Because of how snappily the story and gameplay was paced it never really felt a slog to get through. I could see myself replaying it some time, because of that. It was also like 2 hours long.

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