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I think a lot of us are underestimating the size

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Posted 02 December 2007 - 08:08 AM Edited by voteneg, 02 December 2007 - 08:13 AM.

I suspect the map will be in similar size to Driver Parallel Lines. I've always loved the Driver series for its more accurate recreation of driving physics and police chases, but I thought they did an excellent job creating the map for the last installment. It was a New York setting and it was packed full of roads to cruise on, i mean it was really dense, like so dense it took 15 or so minutes to get from the southwest corner of the map to the northeast. It was really big and full.

I suspect that GTA IV will be about 3/4 the size of San Andreas. And densely filled as we all seem to agree.

Has anyone noticed that past GTA games have had goofy size issues, it seems to me that the land mass is too small for the size of the structures and items on it, and in addition the speed at which you go is much to fast (albeit incredibly satisfying.) Like compare GTA maps to Driver Parallel Lines, Test Drive Unlimited, or Just Cause and you'll see that the areas that portray are in reality smaller areas in real life, but cover more space in the game. In DPL the NYC map seemed larger than SA's entire state, or Hawaii in Test Drive is much smaller than a normal sized continental U.S. state, or a group of Caribbean/South American Islands in Just Cause compared to the entire STATE of San Andreas. I'm just trying to calculate each games respective scale, and figure out how the above games can portray a smaller area than GTA SA but still have larger maps... it would indicate to me that GTA has some really horrible proportioning.

I think this comes from not including alleys or realistic sized parking lots or having most of the roads being pretty narrow like one lane mostly etc etc. The major streets they put in the games are really much wider than the narrow one/two lane streets in the GTA series.

Granted GTA has been the best sandbox game series I've played, but the map sizes always seemed a little off to me.

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Posted 02 December 2007 - 08:43 AM

The city will be big, but including interiors, the places we can go to would be amazing.

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