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VC IMG List of Important Textures

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Posted 16 May 2007 - 12:27 PM

I decided to do another list of building textures in Vice City. This list is essential for anyone who want to change a certain texture on a building. I didnt get every single building just the important ones!


It also took me a long time to compile this and my eyes nearly bled! rolleyes.gif

There are two parts to a texture in buildings:

1) LOD - Overall texture of Model

2) TXD - The Texture of the Model

Vice City's TXDs are split up into zones:

nbeach_______.txd = Vice Point

gf__________.txd = Leaf Links

wash_______.txd = Washington Beach

swash________.txd = South Washington

star_______.txd = Star Island

ci_______.txd = Prawn Island

ap_________.txd = Airport

lh_hai.txd = Little Haiti

lh________.txd = Little Havana

lit________.txd = Little Havana

man________.txd = Star Island Mansion

dts__________.txd = Downtown South ( ~ Biker Bar)

dt__________.txd = Downtown ( ~ Hyman Condo)

dk__________.txd = Dock

dock___________.txd = Dock

ml_________.txd = Mall

mall_______.txd = Mall


Police Stations:

hav_police.txd = Little Havana Police Station

nb_police.txd = Vice Point Police Station

dts_copshop.txd = Downtown Police Station

copdoorstuff.txd = Washington Beach Police Station Interior

cop_oceandrv.txd = Washington Beach Police Station Exterior


dt_hospital.txd = Downtown Hospital (Schuman)

hahospital.txd = West Haven Hospital

nbhospital.txd = Shady Palms Hospital

wash_hosp.txd = Ocean View Hospital


mallammu.txd = Ammunation (Mall) (contains TXD's for Bunch-Of-Tools)

dt_ammu.txd = Ammunation (Downtown)

wash_ammu.txd = Ammunation (Washington)

Pay N Spray:

nbeachpayns.txd = Pay N Spray (Vice Point)

haiwash.txd = Pay N Spray (Little Haiti)

docks.txd = Pay N Spray (Docks)

wshsprayshp.txd = Pay N Spray (Washington)

West Island Textures:

deliint.txd = Verdi Deli Little Havana Interior

deliext.txd = Verdi Deli Little Havana Exterior

drycleaners.txd = Launderette

mcompounda1.txd = Fort Baxter

hai_carshowint.txd = Sunshine Autos Interior

air_carshow.txd = Sunshine Autos Exterior

lhgangshop.txd = Little Havana Streetwear

lh_taxi.txd = Cherry Popper textures

cof___________.txd = Alberto Robina's Cafe

recstudio#.txd = Recording Studio

dt_VCnews.txd = VC News Building

dt_topshops1.txd = Bills Bowls

dt_stadium.txd = Hyman Memorial Stadium

dt_shops14.txd = Electronic Stores

dt_modern2.txd = V-Rock Station

dk_houses.txd = Houses near Docks (Bayshore Avenue)

dk_safecrack.txd = Cam Jones's Place

dk_cargoship.txd = Cargo Ship @ Docks

philss.txd = Phils Place

philinter.txd = Phils Trailer

bb_________.txd = The Greasy Chopper Bar

dt_firestation.txd = Fire Station & Church before it

dt_sheraton.txd = Moist Palms Hotel

hi_cutsafehoos.txd = Shumole Shack

tit_wank.txd = Candy's Mammary Glands Light! (Tsk Tsk Rockstar!)

funhiati.txd = Romero's Funeral Parlour & Butchers

gangshop.txd = Rough n Ready Streetwear Little Haiti

haitcont.txd = Aunt Poulet's Shack (Interior)

haitcontext.txd = Aunt Poulet's Shack (Exterior)

drugfactint.txd = Haitian Drug Factory Interior

lhcabby.txd = Kaufman Cabs Interior

lhcabbyext.txd = Kaufman Cabs Exterior

LH_PW_______.txd = Print Works

ap_terminal1.txd = Escobar Intl Building

hi_cutbnk______.txd = Bank

East Island Textures:

hi_cutlaw#.txd = Ken's Office Interior

northbuild.txd = Ken's Office Exterior

yacht.txd = Colonel's Yacht

washmarina.txd = Washington Beach Marina

ci_industrial.txd = Buildings across from Interglobal Studios

ci_island1.txd = Interglobal Studios

ci_mansion#.txd = Mansion on Prawn Island / Mendez House

ml_coffee.txd = Tarbrush Cafe in Mall

foodcourt.txd = Food Court in Mall

wshsthbuild1.txd = Collars N Cuffs

golf_clubhouse#.txd = Golf Clubhouse

seveneleven.txd = 7-11 in Vice Point

Hotelroomint#.txd = Hotel Room Interior Textures

Stripinter.txd = Pole Position Interior

cl_ext#.txd = Malibu Exterior

hi_cutcl_______.txd = Malibu Interior

mainclub2.txd = Malibu textures

nbtshops.txd = Well Stacked Pizza (Vice Point)

buildingsite2.txd = Building Site

buildsite.txd = Star View Heights (Demolition Man)

nbt_mansion1.txd = El Swanko Casa

nbt_mansionbase01.txd = El Swanko Casa Exteriors

star#.txd = Star Island Houses

od_lighthouse.txd = Lighthouse Exterior

od_lighthousein.txd = Lighthouse Interior

washmallnew.txd = Washington Mall


jwlr.txd = Jeweller's

dt_blimp.txd = Blimp

chem#.txd = Pharmacy

Hot_mobint.txd = Marcos Bistro Interior

Generic.txd = Plants,Road & Pavement in Vice City

Pin this topic as it's an essential list for any modder interested in Texturing!

Have fun!


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Posted 26 May 2007 - 06:18 AM

Great tutorial, this is need to your mod.

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