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VC IMG Ped & Character List

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Posted 10 May 2007 - 12:45 PM

This is a list of the Pedestrian textures, In Game characters (IG) and Cutscreen characters (CS) of Vice City!

Beginners should have a look at this before changing Ped textures!

The .dff file= The Model of the Character.

The .txd file= The texture of that model.

You can change the txd files by using TXDViewer and IMG Tool.

Just Extract, Replace and Rebuild Archive and ALWAYS BACKUP!


PEDS: The Pedestrians that walk Vice City.

wmybe.txd - White Male Young Beach

BFOBE.txd - Black Female Old Bikini

bfori.txd - Black Female Old Red Suit

bfost.txd - Black Female Old Street

bfotr.txd - Black Female Old Street Trash

bfybe.txd - Black Female Young Bikini

BFYPR.txd - Black Female Young Prostitute

bfyri.txd - Black Female Young Rich (B&W dress)

BFYST.txd - Black Female Young Sporty Type

bga.txd - Bodyguard 1

bgb.txd - Bodyguard 2

bka.txd - Biker 1

bkb.txd - Biker 2 (Cougar ped)

BMOBE.txd - Black Male Old Beach with vest

bmodk.txd - Black Male Old Dock Worker

bmost.txd - Black Male Old Street

bmotr.txd - Homeless Wobbly Black Male Old Drunk

bmybb.txd - Black Male Young Tracksuit

bmybe.txd - Black Male Young Beach in Shorts

bmybu.txd - Black Male Young Checkered Jacket

bmycr.txd - Black Male Young Leather Jacket

bmypi.txd - Pimp with Maroon jumper

bmyri.txd - Black Male Young with Pink Suit

bmyst.txd - Black Male Young with Sporty Attire

buddy.txd - Lance Vance

burger.txd - Well Stacked Pizza Employee

C_worker.txd - Diaz Henchman

Cba.txd - Cuban 1 (with red circle top)

Cbb.txd - Cuban 2 (with beige top / black hat)

chef.txd - Chef

Cla.txd - Columbian 1 (Diaz Guy 1)

Clb.txd - Columbian 2 (Diaz Guy 2)

Colonel.txd - Juan Garcia Cortez skin

cop.txd - Cop

courier.txd - Courier in Mall Shootout Mission

diaz.txd - Ricardo Diaz skin

fbi.txd - FBI

fireman.txd - Fireman

FSfa.txd - French Swat in Mall "Shootout" Mission

Gda.txd - PIG guy 1

Gdb.txd - PIG guy 2 (same txd as gda!)

hfobe.txd - White Female Old Beach Green Bikini

hfori.txd - White Female White Suit

HFOST.txd - White Female Old Street Trash

HFOTR.txd - White Female Old Street Trash (as above)

hfybe.txd - White Female Young Beach Aqua Bikini

HFYBU.txd - White Female Young Purple Striped Suit

HFYCG.txd - White Female Vender on Ocean Beach (street)

HFYMD.txd - White Female vender with Black dress

HFYPR.txd - White Female Young Prostitute Red Top

HFYPR.txd - White Female with Blue Suit

HFYST.txd - White Female with a Green Vest/White T-Shirt

hmobe.txd - White Male Old Beach (w hairy chest!)

hmoca.txd - Taxi Driver with Red Shirt

hmori.txd - White Male Old Black Suit (w Grey Hair & Beard)

hmost.txd - White Male Old Navy Suit No Beard

hmotr.txd - Homeless Wobbly White Male Old Drunk

hmyap.txd - White Male Young Light Brown Jumpsuit

hmybe.txd - White Male Young Beach with dark blue Shorts

hmyri.txd - White Male with Beige T-shirt

hmyst.txd - White Male with Leather Jacket Red T-shirt

Hna.txd - Haitian 1 with Dragon T-shirt

Hnb.txd - Haitian 2 with Relax T-shirt

IGalscb.txd - In Game Alex Shrub in Lingerie

IGbuddy.txd - In Game Lance Vance

IGBudy2.txd - In Game Lance Vance Cop Uniform

IGBudy3.txd - In Game Lance Vance Beaten Up

IGCandy.txd - In Game Candy Suxxx

IGColon.txd - In Game Colonel Cortez

IGDiaz.txd - In Game Ricardo Diaz

IGDick.txd - In Game Dick (Lovefist)

IGGonz.txd - In Game Gonzalez

IGHlary.txd - In Game Hilary

IGHlry2.txd - In Game Hilary (Bank Mission)

IGJezz.txd - In Game Jezz Torrent

IGKen.txd - In Game Ken Rosenberg

IGMerc.txd - In Game Mercedes

IGMerc2.txd - In Game Mercedes (w purple dress)

IGmike.txd - In Game Cam Jones

IGMike2.txd - In Game Cam Jones (Bank Mission)

IGPercy.txd - In Game Percy (Lovefist)

IGPhil.txd - In Game Phil Cassidy

IGphil2.txd - In Game Injured Phil

IGPhil3.txd - In Game Phil (Bank Mission)

IGSonny.txd - In Game Sonny Forelli

jfoto.txd - Japanese Female Tourist

jmoto.txd - Japanese Male Tourist

jzgirla.txd - Black Female with Aqua Dress

jzgirlb.txd - same as above

Kentpaul.txd - Kent Paul

lawyer.txd - Ken Rosenberg

male01.txd - White Male with White T-shirt (gets off bus)

Mba.txd - Mafia Guy 1 Light Blue Shirt

Mba.txd - Mafia Guy 2 Hawaiian shirt

medic.txd - Ambulance Driver/ Medic

Pga.txd - Vercetti Guy 1:

1) White Male with Blue Shirt Blonde Hair

2) Navy Suit with Aqua Shirt & Cigarette

Pgb.txd - Vercetti Guy 2:

1) White Male Red Hair Hawaiian Shirt Sunglasses

2) White Male Black Hair White Suit Blue Shirt

psycho.txd - Psycho in Lovefist Missions

S_keep.txd - Shopkeeper in every shop in Vice City

sam.txd - Ammunation guy

Sga.txd - Sharks Guy 1 White Male Red Shirt

Sgb.txd - Sharks Guy 2 Black Male w Shark Symbol on Jacket

Sgc.txd - Sharks Guy 3 Hispanic Male with Bandana

spandxa.txd - Spandex Employee 1

spandxb.txd - Spandex Employee 2

Stripa.txd - Stripper 1 Cowgirl

stripb.txd - Stripper 2 Black Female Pink Lingerie

stripc.txd - Stripper 3 White Female Black Lace

swat.txd - SWAT ped

taxi_d.txd - Taxi Driver Red Shirt

vice1.txd - Undercover Cop1 Beige Jumper

vice2.txd - Undercover Cop2 Grey Suit

vice3.txd - Undercover Cop3 Sport Attire with Beard

vice4.txd - Undercover Cop4 Tracksuit

vice5.txd - Undercover Cop5 Bald Striped Blue

vice6.txd - Undercover Cop6 Brown Suit Red Hair

Vice7.txd - Undercover Cop7 (Same as Vice1.txd)

Vice8.txd - Undercover Cop8 (Same as Vice2.txd)

wfobe.txd - White Female Old Beach Striped Orange Bikini

wfogo.txd - White Female Old Golfer

wfori.txd - White Female Old Rich Ped

wfosh.txd - White Female Old Shopper(Gash Bags)

wfost.txd - White Female Old with Green Cardigan

wfotr.txd - White Female Old Trailer Trash Ped

wfybe.txd - White Female Young Beach with Maroon Bikini

wfybu.txd - White Female Young with Purple Suit

wfycst.txd - White Female Young Vendor (same as HFYCG.txd)

wfyg1.txd - White Female Girl with Skull Tattoo

wfyg2.txd - Vietnamese Female Girl

wfyjg.txd - Female Jogger

WFYLG.txd - Female Lifeguard

wfypr.txd - White Female Prostitute (Black Top)

wfyri.txd - White Female Rich Pink Suit Blonde Hair

wfysh.txd - White Female Young Shopper with Bags

wfysk.txd - White Female Rollerskater

wfyst.txd - White Female Young with Checkered Top

wmobe.txd - White Male Old Beach with Floral Shorts

wmobu.txd - White Male Old Businessman with Green Suit

wmoca.txd - White Male Old Cab Driver Blue Shirt

wmogo.txd - Male Old Golfer

wmori.txd - White Male Old with Dark Blue Suit Grey Hair

wmost.txd - White Male Old with Checkered Grey Suit

wmotr.txd - White Male Old Trailer Trash

army.txd - Army Soldier

wmybu.txd - White Male Young with White Shirt Red Braces

wmycr.txd - White Male Young Brown Leather Jacket

wmycw.txd - Construction Worker with hard hat

wmygo.txd - White Male Young Golfer

wmyjg.txd - Male Jogger

WMYLG.txd - Male Lifeguard

wmypi.txd - White Male with Red Suit & Hat (Candy's Pimp)

wmyri.txd - White Male with Green Suit & Sunglasses

wmysk.txd - White Male Rollerskater

wmyst.txd - White Male with Black Leather Jacket

Apoulet.txd - Aunt Poulet

bounca.txd - Bouncer

cdrivra.txd - Cab Driver with Red Shirt

cdrivrb.txd - Cab Driver with Blue Shirt

cgona.txd - Colonel Cortez Man 1 White Male

cgonb.txd - Colonel Cortez Man 2 Black Male

cgonc.txd - Colonel Cortez Man 3 Hispanic Male

cgoona.txd - Kent Paul

cgoonb.txd - Ken Rosenberg

chef.txd - Leo Teal (Chef at start of game)

cmraman.txd - Cameraman in Film Studio Missions

crewa.txd - White Male Dock Worker

crewb.txd - Black Male Dock Worker

dgoona.txd - Diaz Goon 1 in "The Party" Cutscreen

dgoonb.txd - Diaz Goon 2 in "The Party" Cutscreen

dgoonc.txd - Diaz Goon 2

floozya.txd - White Female in some Cutscreen

floozyb.txd - Black Female in some Cutscreen

floozyc.txd - White Female 2 in some Cutscreen

guesta.txd & guestb.txd - Cortez ?

guestc.txd & guestd.txd - Rosenberg ?

KgoonA.txd - Kent Paul ?

KgoonB.txd - Cortez ?

mgoona.txd - White Male Leather Jacket Black Skull T-shirt

mporna.txd - Porn Actor in Film Studio Missions

mserver.txd - same as mgoona.txd

printra.txd - Print Works employee 1 Hispanic male

printrb.txd - Print Works employee 2 Black male

printrc.txd - Print Works employee 3 White male

sfrenda.txd - Sonnys Friend Marcos Bistro Blonde Hair

sfrendb.txd - Sonnys Friend Marcos Bistro Blue Shirt

sgoona.txd - Harry (Friend killed at deal)

sgoonb.txd - Lee (Friend killed at deal)

shootra.txd - Shooter at shooting Range

shootrb.txd - Shooter in The Shootist Cutscreen

Tommy Vercetti:

player.txd - Steet Outfit

player2.txd - Raphael's Outfit

player3.txd - Spandex Outfit

player4.txd - Golf Outfit

player5.txd - Cuban Outfit

player6.txd - Cop Uniform

player7.txd - "The Job" Outfit

player8.txd - Casual Outfit

player9.txd - Collars & Cuffs Outfit

play10.txd - Black Tracksuit

play11.txd - Wine Red Tracksuit

play12.txd - Frankie T-shirt


Cutscreen Characters:

These are the textures that are shown in the Cutscreens of Missions.

CSAlsb2.txd - Alex Shrub Suit

CSAlscb.txd - Alex Shrub Lingerie

CSAlscb2.txd - Alex Shrub Suit

CSassA.txd - Assassin 1 at deal

CSassB.txd - Assassin 2 at deal

CSassC.txd - Assassin 3 at deal

CSavery.txd - Avery Carrington

CSbigm.txd - Mitch Baker

CSBJ.txd - BJ Smith

CSBuddy.txd - Lance Vance

CScamj.txd - Cam Jones

CSCandy.txd - Candy Suxxx

CScgona.txd - Kent Paul ?

CScgonb.txd - Ken Rosenberg ?

CScgonc.txd - Rosenberg again ?

CScolo.txd - Cortez ?

CScougr.txd - Cortez again ?

CSdeal.txd - Victor Vance

CSdiaz.txd - Ricardo Diaz

CSDick.txd - Dick Lovefist

CSdirec.txd - Steve Scott

CSdisp.txd - same as jzgirla.txd ?

CSdlove.txd - Donald Love

CSDoris.txd - Kaufman Cabs Woman

CSdwayn.txd - Dwayne (Guy 1 at Boathouse)

cservra.txd - Cortez's waitress A

cservrb.txd - Cortez's waitress B (same as A)

CSFiller.txd - French Secret Service ?

CSganga.txd - Rosenberg ?

CSgangb.txd - Cortez ?

CSgangc.txd - Kent Paul ?

CSgona.txd - Kent Paul again

CSgonb.txd - Rosenberg ?

CSgonc.txd - Rosenberg again?

CSGonz.txd - Gonzalez

CShlary.txd - 1) Avery ? 2) Hilary

CSJetro.txd - Jethro (Guy 2 at Boathouse)

CSJezz.txd - Jezz Torrent

CSJuggz.txd - Porn Actress in "Recruitment Drive" Cutscreen

CSKelly.txd - Earnest Kelly (Printworks Old Guy)

CSken.txd - Ken Rosenberg

CSkent.txd - Kent Paul

CSLance.txd - Lance Vance

CSMaude.txd - Cherry Popper lady

CSMerc.txd - Mercedes

CSmerc2.txd - Mercedes 2

CSmike.txd - Cam Jones

CSmitch.txd - Cortez ?

CSpablo.txd - Guy 1 sitting in Cafe in Cuban Missions

CSPapa.txd - Alberto Robina Umberto's "Papi"

CSPepe.txd - Guy 2 sitting in Cafe in Cuban Missions

CSPercy.txd - Percy Lovefist

CSphil.txd - Phil Cassidy Normal

CSrich.txd - Pastor Richards

CSsonny.txd - Sonny Forelli

CSumbto.txd - Umberto Robina

CSzepp.txd - Rosenberg ?

CSplay.txd - Tommy with Street Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay2.txd - Tommy with Raphael Suit in Cutscreen

CSplay3.txd - Tommy with Spandex Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay4.txd - Tommy with Golf Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay5.txd - Tommy with Cuban Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay6.txd - Tommy with Cop Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay7.txd - Tommy with "The Job" Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay8.txd - Tommy with Casual Outfit in Cutscreen

CSplay9.txd - Tommy with Collars & Cuffs Outfit in Cutscreen

There you have it.

The one's I marked with a ? are the one's that i'm not sure about.

Make sure to Pin this because a lot of beginners have trouble with textures!

Any problems PM me!
Cheers! biggrin.gif

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Posted 10 May 2007 - 07:03 PM

good job that's very useful icon14.gif

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Posted 10 May 2007 - 11:51 PM

Wow, thanks a lot. I can see this being very helpful to me in matching up PED models to PED dialogue in VC wink.gif. Great work.

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 05:57 PM

I can't seem to find the models or textures of the guys that are talking to Sonny in the intro cutscene. (I'm guessing that is Salvatore and Paulie Sindacco) Anyone know how those are named?

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 06:06 PM

QUOTE (simkas @ May 19 2007, 17:57)
I can't seem to find the models or textures of the guys that are talking to Sonny in the intro cutscene. (I'm guessing that is Salvatore and Paulie Sindacco) Anyone know how those are named?

No they're Sonny's friends! Not Sal r Paulie! The models are called sfrenda and sfrendb!

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 06:43 PM

QUOTE (Sicologikal @ May 19 2007, 18:06)
QUOTE (simkas @ May 19 2007, 17:57)
I can't seem to find the models or textures of the guys that are talking to Sonny in the intro cutscene. (I'm guessing that is Salvatore and Paulie Sindacco) Anyone know how those are named?

No they're Sonny's friends! Not Sal r Paulie! The models are called sfrenda and sfrendb!

Well, the guy with blonde hair has the same voice as Salvatore. So, I thought...

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 09:37 AM

QUOTE (simkas @ May 19 2007, 18:43)
Well, the guy with blonde hair has the same voice as Salvatore. So, I thought...

He's a stereotypical Italian Mafiosi! biggrin.gif

Im telling you if I was Don I wouldnt gather my enemies around a table and tell them im expanding "down south"! Think of it that way!

No im afraid they are just 2 friends of his! Anyways he appears in the final mission....Keep Your Friends....when Sonny comes in! Watch it on Youtube if you don't believe me! biggrin.gif

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Posted 04 August 2009 - 03:10 PM

one question..sorry if it is offtop..but how do i open gta3.img ?biggrin.gif

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