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File number limit in player.img?

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 06:00 PM

I'm working on a project (replacing CJ completely - clothes, tattoos, et al) and I discovered what seems to be an engine limit... please correct me if I am wrong...

the original player.img has 541 files
When my replacement files left the IMG with 542 files total, it worked fine.
Then I installed 22 more files (new file names), I started getting a lot of bugs (DFFs not loading, TXDs being applied under the alpha channels of things unrelated, like a bandana texture on the necklace, crashing on loading certain DFFs).

I tested the DFFs after renaming and reinstalling to keep the file number near the original, and they worked, so the problem lies in the number of files in the IMG...

So does anyone know what the exact limit is? Its hard to find it by trial and error, but it'll be a limiting factor in my mod, and I'd really like to have more files than the original IMG so that I can have more clothing items than were originally available.

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