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100% Completion.

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  • oipolloi

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Posted 05 May 2007 - 10:01 AM

Will 100% even be possible? with the branching storyline you could either work for one gang or piss them off and not do thier missions, meaning doing ALL the storyline missions would be impossible. Maybe simply getting to the end of the storyline would add your stats on, but then you won't have "done everything"...

  • Slamman

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Posted 05 May 2007 - 10:42 AM

I don't think missions will be exclusive to gangs and given the new use of calling on cellphone, it may be a very long game covering all the bases. I never bothered with everything and still enjoy it (them)!

Mister Pink
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Posted 07 May 2007 - 02:17 AM

QUOTE (Slamman @ May 5 2007, 11:42)
I don't think missions will be exclusive to gangs and given the new use of calling on cellphone, it may be a very long game covering all the bases. I never bothered with everything and still enjoy it (them)!

I agree. I think with the Cellphone you will be able to tie up loose ends. I'm sure Rockstar might come up with a new method of clocking progress.

  • roofy85

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Posted 09 January 2008 - 09:25 PM

this is why i love my 360.

achievement points remove the need for a 100% finished game and it helps you organize all the challenges and secrets left in the game that you have to finish or find.

  • gtathebest4ever

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 04:44 PM

hmm... i would love to see some new clothes for niko after 100 % completion. of course, not only that, i want new areas and cars, but just another idea are clothes. like in vice city: "i completed gta vice city and all i got was this lousy t-shirt."

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 04:49 PM

icon14.gif great topic, im follwing you all the way dude

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 05:38 PM

QUOTE (ThePinkFloydSound @ May 2 2007, 13:37)
<!--SF-->100% Completion
I know there's been topics on this subject before but it's inpossible to find one. Lock it if you need to.

Charachter Customisation

For 100% completion I am hoping for big rewards. There has been alot of chat regarding charachter customisation. I would not like this if it ruins the storyline. (You can change him so much he doesn't look like Niko anymore).  What I would llike would be charachter customisation after 100% completion.

Therefore when I've finished the game and I want to role play as different types of people (ie. creepy nightstalker, hitman, respectable psycho citizen, army dude)
I can lurk around Liberty as whomever I want. Why? Well I liked Tommy Vercetti and I think i'll like Niko. I didn't like CJ but I could customise him to
somebody I preferred.

The reason I want it inlocked after 100% is because I want to play the charachter Rockstar intended me to play right to the end. When I'm a little bored of playing this charachter after hours of effort gone into getting 100% I will be happy in the knowledge I'll be able to change him aroind after. I'm talking physical features as well as clothes.


I'd like to see a whole new set of cars to be unlocked after 100%. I'd love if you can unlock some classic cars or muscle cars. Also if Rockstar advance on car customisation I think you should see stuff from the start that you want but when you go to apply it, it will say unlocked after 100% completion. This will be very encouraging to those that don't normally seek 100% and to those who do.

Secret Places

There has been some times in games where you've thought you can go there, but, upon further inspection you realise you can't. Imagine places like these did unlock. For example. You are in a dark alleyway in Liberty. You see a shore with the lid half open. You decide to see if you can look down it. You do and you realise Rockstar have put a decent enough effort into the graphics down there. You can only see a bit down but you know it's solid. 100% completed and you notice it again. This time you can blast it way or it's open completely. What's down there? That's up to your imagination. That's one thing but there can be a few things around the place.


New, never before seen weapons and accessories. Flash-Bang grenades, silencers for most of your weapons, scopes for all the weapons you couldn't normally get. Crossbows etc. You get my drift.

These things may take up alot of memory but I was thinking that you could get exclusive suff online. Somehow when you log on, their system can read that you go 100% or you get a unique code, and all this stuff or similar stuff is unlocked and available for you to download.

Anyone else think the 100% rewards are not that great? I like the satisfaction of getting 100% but I don't think that's enough. I played GTA for so long before I ever got 100% in any of the games and I always had this curiosity to as to what it's like. I was a bit of a let down. I've never met anyone in real life who got 100% and it would be a treat to show some of my mates GTAIV 100% unlockables.

-Will you be going fo 100%?

-What would you guys like after 100% Completion?

-What can Rockstar do to improve things in the future? 

Here's Mine


Well given the large number of cars in San Andreas they should have a bunch more in IV. I think they'll mix it up the same way they did with the pedestrians like they might have the same model but the color & style will be very different.

Personally I would love more oldschool cars...It would be nice to see one or two 50s or 60s cars(Like you occasionally see in real life) I would also like to see some insanely customized street racers. And the rest I dont really care about,I like driving everything in GTA.


That would be cool but what im really hoping for is some sort of unlockable areas on PS-Network & Xbox live...sort of a long shot but it would be incredible.


I would like to see more weapons we dont usually see in games(Like the confirmed boxcutter) I think it would feel more real & I mean its not like guns & knives are the only thing people get murdered with.

Examples:Strangle Ropes,Injection needles(Manhunt I know, But I would like it),& maybe even some sort of poison or pills.


Yea I think we all will be.

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