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Alpha problem with kam's dff io

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Posted 14 April 2007 - 08:24 PM

Hi there,
I tried to import the maps of gta3 and vc into 3ds max, but the importer doesn't work perfectly...I have some issues with alpha problems...
So...When I import a dff that has an alpha channel the same textures gets loaded for the normal texture AND the alpha channel. So it looks not right. Everything that needs to be done is adding an 'a' at the end of the alpha channel's texture. Unfortunately I don't understand how max scipts work (basic), so I can't solve the problem myself. Would be glad If somebody solved this (very annoying) problem (either edit the max script or tell me how I can automate the prosess of changing the alpha channel's texture).

But I have a second problem: For the gta3 files everything (exept the alphas) works fine but when I try to import Vice city dffs I have a weird problem with trees:
Every tree consists of 2 parts: The leaves and the stem. Both have their own texture. Now the strange thing: The leaves have the correct texture on one side but on the other they have the texture of the stem...this really confuses me. I have no idea why this happens. I think it might be a problem of the gta material.

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