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How does your CJ look?

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Carl Johnson: part time gangbanger, part time lesbian biker chick.


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Posted A week ago Edited by atheoang3l0, A week ago.

where did you get those hoodies.


My apologies for this late reply. I'm currently using a different (much older) account.

The hoods are actually "hat" mods. They're a modified version of Dan4Master's "Hoods for Cj" mod (see here). I made some parts of the hood's texture transparent so they're invisible in-game, and then recolored the whole texture to match the hoodies. I can provide you a "template" of the modified version if you like.

As for the green hoodie, it's the beige Hooded Jacket from Victim recolored green.

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Posted A week ago


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Posted 3 days ago

Hey all! just wondering what everyones CJ's look like? if u can send a pic please do! thanks

one the beta verison cj was wearing black tanker insted white tanker

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