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Super Jump

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Posted 09 March 2007 - 06:13 AM

Does any1 know of a download for a super jump mod?? i want just to be able to jump high in Vice City like vipers mod!!! i like his mod except that it as infinite health inless there is a way to get rid of infinite health can sum1 maybe get me a mod that has super fast run and high jump just like vipers without infinite health!!! Thanks cool.gif

  • Justin

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Posted 09 March 2007 - 06:27 AM

Not a mod, but a method. Try Spuds' guide.

If your heart is set on finding a modification, check the Mod Showroom and GTAGarage.

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 07:18 AM

When you say superjump, do you mean what Fuzzy posted, or do you mean you want Tommy to be able to jump really high?

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 05:53 PM

As fuzzy said, check out the hosted mods... never heard of a superjump mod.

Only the packer superjump is available to PC players-- I've never tried it on PC.

If you can figure out the taxi boost feature (boosting off a wall) you can get great jumps..

CHeck out the vid... these were not done with mods.. http://files.filefro...;/fileinfo.html

Not dialup friendly.

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 06:42 PM

The PC super jump

Thanks to yOman69, in posts at the message board at Gamefaqs, Sept., 2004, for
the PC super jump, something that had been given up on as something you could
only do for PS2. As his messages and videos demonstrated, his new method can be
done with a Packer (ramp truck). You can use any bike, although a PCJ 600
brought greater results than a Pizza Boy. You have the option of having Tommy
morphed or not, although morphing brought me greater results.

I used Tommy morphed to a PCJ 600 and the Packer at the airport, as in a video
by yOman69, and my greatest score for revolutions so far has been 34,057 degrees
(unfortunately, Tommy ended up bouncing off the tarmac and into the ocean, so
I didn't save it). At the most spectacular, I've seen Tommy flying higher than
anything else in the city--in some replay shots, he was a dot in the sky. It's
like he was stuck up there like a ceiling fan for awhile. In less fantastic
successes, he still twirled around like crazy.

Drive a PCJ 600 into the back of the rear wheel housing of the right side of
the Packer--not at a 90 degree angle, but with a slight turn from 90 degrees in
the direction of the truck, and giving the bike a right turn.

(See my illustrations of it in section I.9.C Motorcycles of my walk-through
at Gamefaqs.)

As the bike is pushed down along the truck to a 90 degree angle, change to a
left turn to keep the bike pushing against the truck. The bike keeps pushing
with success, and you see the back of the truck raise higher as the front of the
bike slides down toward the back end of the ramp and pushes it up. I usually
back out just before reaching the back end of the ramp. You can then see that
the truck holds that position with the front wheels embedded a bit into the

Sometimes pushing till the bike reaches the back of the ramp makes the truck
fall. Sometimes you can pull the bike out and push it back in to nudge the back
of the truck higher, but often it makes the truck fall.

Then position the bike to drive at the middle, or just left of middle, of the
right side of the segment of the ramp that extends back from the rear wheel
housing--the middle of the segment before you. A line on the ramp shows the
middle. Tommy's head and shoulders will pass right through it.

Just past the far side of the ramp, begin doing some careful little forward
left and backward right turns, careful not to bump the truck and make it fall
prematurely, till Tommy is within the middle of the back segment of the ramp and
pointed in the direction of the truck. I think it helps to get the "camera"
swerved back behind Tommy. Then go straight forward and bump some solid part of
the truck--it's somewhere in between the backs of the back wheel housings--to
make the truck fall.

With success, Tommy flies and twirls like nothing else in the game, or at
least flies a bit and twirls a lot, and sometimes the truck flips in the air and
blows up. If the bike falls sideways under the truck, which is more often, and
which makes the truck constantly slowly reverse into the bike for some reason,
just drive it out and you can try again.

A few of the other bad things that can happen--fortunately, not as often-in-
clude: the jump works but Tommy ends up in the ocean and drowns; the jump works
but you realize the bike is burning and you don't type "aspirine" fast enough;
the jump works in that Tommy ends up credited with a lot of revolutions but all
you see is him fall through gray hell; or Tommy ends up on his back on the ramp
and his armor then health drop to zero. You can also get the bike stuck under
the truck, and hit F to make Tommy appear standing on the ramp. So you drive
the Packer off it to see the bike is irremovably embedded nose up halfway into
the ground, at which time you might blow it up to get it out of the memory of
the game. One time when the bike was stuck under the truck and I pressed F,
Tommy ended up in the Gate 1--8 hallway of the 2nd floor of the main terminal,
for some reason.

Again, if the bike burns, you can type "aspirine." If Tommy gets wasted or
you lose the bike to the ground or fire, you can reload the game. You might
keep a PCJ 600, and even a Packer, in the garage of the mansion. The mansion
office also has a street outfit icon (and a Frankie outfit after "Keep Your
Friends Close") to use for morphing on PC. The back of the Packer sticks out of
a garage, but disappears while the door is down (an old "GTA III" gimmick).

The Cabbie Climb

As explained in a tutorial by Kaneda, the boost jump for Taxis and Cabs can
also be used to shoot them up the side of a wall. If you use it to jump from a
ramp or steps toward the side of a building, then jump some more once it meets
the wall, the jump will continue to send it vertical instead of away from the
building. Taxis are good for distance, but the various Cabs are the best for
the Cabbie Climb, especially the light Cabbie and Kaufman Cab. Among spots he
recommends for it (the screen shots with instructional markings in this section
are all by Ghostchild for your dining and dancing pleasure):

The big hotel with a curved front and awning on the block that looks like a
cartoon nose pointed W in the NW area of the east island. Get a long diagonal
run at it, avoiding the awning, from across the street to the SW of it.

The big beige hotel (?) with an orange tile roof E of the police station
that's E of El Swanko Casa. Start a run from across the street to the SW of it.

The Links View Apt. building. Make a run NE to SW and jump at the slope of
the driveway for a recessed wall that faces forward.

A few jumping spots he recommends for it:

From the NW corner of the block S of El Swanko Casa, go S across the street
and driveway and jump at the edge of the lawn onto a garage roof with orange
tiles, and jump from there onto the roof of the pink building beyond that.

Make a diagonal run SW across the steps of the Little Havana medical center,
where you jump to the roof S of that.

One of the triangular markers on the S tarmac of the airport.

Thanks to Brad Ward/ThaShoka89/Southern Finest, who helped me in the section
on the BSM, I.9.C, for the tip to check out Ghostchild's presentation of Kane-
da's tutorial.

For Kaneda's two videos that feature the Cabbie Climb, "Off Duty" and "Off Du-
ty 2," see:

I'll just add that the boost jump and a cab can be used on Unique Jumps and
similar ramps better than you might think. For example, you can use it on the
concrete ramp S of Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium to jump over the bike shop and
land on the roof N of that. It adds new life to some jumps I might otherwise
pass on at the airport and elsewhere around town, helps you get over fences (see
the 1st "Cabmageddon" mission method), and might occasionally lead to some roof
jumping, too, like I managed to do W of the S tarmac of the airport.

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 08:39 PM

Thanks alot for all that Glenster-- very detailed instructions.

A few superjump position pics or a vid would be nice.

If you would like, please copy and post that guide to the Pinned thread in gameplay-- http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=154188 -- this is a thread for various detailed guides.

If you would rather have your own thread for this-- feel free to start a new one and I will link to it from that guide (several of the guides are in their own thread)... if that guide is not your work, it is still ok to post it, but please link back to the source-- I would prefer you got permission from the author though (if they can be contacted)

Coincidently, Kaneda is the person who told me about the packer superjump (he didn't call it a superjump)-- I saw a stat of one of his jumps, and they were definitely superjump stats, yet he was at the airport which confused me... he gave me a basic description and I was able to figure out how to do that jump on PS2... although I never got a very good one compared to my Phils Place ones...

Rotation 40,000+ degrees
Height 493 meters
Distance 625 meters

I've never had one that credited me with any flips although I've seen stats of others who have had lots of flips... the best stats I've see were compiled at Rimjaws site--- which is linked to in my superjump thread (link in my sig)

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Posted 13 March 2007 - 08:04 PM

U could use the VC trainer at www.thegtaplace.com and enable the jet pak ceat! smile.gif

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