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Posted 01 March 2007 - 12:06 AM Edited by SteaVor, 14 August 2012 - 09:53 PM.

Beta2 v7test5

Please upgrade your installation to the latest version of GTA:LC unless you have good reason to use this specific, outdated, unsupported version of LC.

This is what you need to get your LC files up-to-date. For detailed instructions of how to install everything, read the readme included tounge.gif .

Beta2 v7test5 (Updated August 15, 2007)

SFX (Updated July 5, 2007)

Thanks to Samutz for hosting the files.

Scroll down to the last post of this topic to get the latest update pack for LC Beta2 v7test5.

The Complete GTA: Liberty City Collection™

Alrighty then, the much anticipated re-release of the old classics! That's right - you can now get each version of GTA:LC to muck around with (see the notes for the specifics of each version). Enjoy - thanks heaps to [DRuG]Smallo for hosting these smile.gif .

62.57 MB
  • Map and some vehicles converted
  • Marty Chonks missions available
  • Replay function available
Beta2 v1
79.15 MB
  • Little help please!
Beta2 v2
5.58 MB
  • Main.scm update - new missions available
Beta2 v3
87.93 MB
  • Little help please!
Beta2 v4
89.41 MB
  • Little help please!
Beta2 v5b
102 MB
  • Little help please!
Beta2 v6
103.34 MB
  • Replay function available
  • All models renamed to their correct GTA3 names
  • Little help please!

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Posted 15 August 2007 - 07:58 PM Edited by SteaVor, 26 August 2008 - 06:36 PM.

v7test5 is now online, with the contents of test4, but easier installation.

test4 featured the interior of Marco's Bistro as well as a shaking car crusher and an optimized EVC Export routine.

You should now be able to play through all storyline missions as intended again. The faulty code sections in 'Chaperone' and 'Gone Fishing' have been commented out, that means it shouldn't crash there anymore.
To activate the storyline mode you'll need to use the Show Config utility. Click Advanced, switch to the Debug tab and untick the box besides 'Use Debug SCM' , apply the changes, close the Launcher interface (DON'T click the 'Launch' button) and then start LC as usual.

You should do a complete reinstall of LC onto a clean (that is, unmodded) install of VC - DON'T just install this over your current LC setup. Consult the readme included (or the first post of the Help & Questions topic (http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=268355)) for detailed instructions.
In case you're experiencing crashes when clicking 'Start new game' or if you can't configure your audio settings ("No Audio Hardware detected" appears at the bottom of the screen when you try to open the Audio options), check out the Help & Questions topic too. If it still doesn't work, only install the base LC mod package, no SFX, no GTA3 radio. If it still doesn't work, post there and we'll try to find out what's wrong.

There is still some minor issues with PED and vehicle spawning and despawning ranges, but these are very minor and most people probably won't notice them. We are working on getting the settings for these correct anyway, so please don't report on this issue.
All other problems can be reported as normal in the Bugs, Glitches and Incompletes (http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=267790) topic. Please consult the Checklist (http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=244323) first though, to make sure your issue hasn't already been reported.

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Posted 04 November 2007 - 05:50 PM Edited by SteaVor, 07 January 2011 - 03:40 PM.

Latest Beta2 v7test5 update pack: September 08, 2009

NOTE: For use with GTA:LC Beta2 v7test5 ONLY - DO NOT USE them for Beta3 or later versions! Please upgrade your installation to the latest version of LC unless you have good reason to use this specific, outdated, unsupported version of LC.
Download this file, extract it and overwrite the original files with the ones from the update. The readme tells you where to put the files.

What gets fixed?
- all instances of text_pager have been replaced with text_box AND the faulty ASI file has been reverted to a very early version to reduce the number of crashes. Ideally, you shouldn't get any at all now. If you still experience random crashes, try removing IIItoVC.asi entirely before posting in the H&Q topic.

- the bistro icon will now be disabled during 'Give Me Liberty' and 'Mike Lips' Last Lunch'.
- the bistro will have music playing in the background (taken from San Andreas)

- RTB was reverted; you'll notice that the garage door in St. Marks won't close. However, the mission is playable and passable this way.

- you'll now get proper fog in Liberty City.

- missing collision data added to a skyscraper in southeast Staunton by Flat Face (Sep 06,2009)

- The amount of money you receive for delivering a car to the crusher now depends on condition and model of the vehicle (Sep 08, 2009)

You need to start a new game!

Questions regarding the update pack should be posted in the Help & Questions topic.

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