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Posted 6 days ago Edited by jukebox, 5 days ago.

Yeah not sure what they are doing with ziggler, but he's been coming out with others gimmicks and then being like is this what you want instead of real talent? He then walks off after doing 3 other superstars gimmicks. Wonder if his contract is up soon and he isn't going to resign


2k18 my career mode looks like it might be real good this year. Walk around backstage, and be a fan favorite or a corporate sell out. Excited for that.

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Posted 3 days ago

Kairi Sane's elbow drop is insane

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Posted 23 hours ago



Gutted... Legend.


And for all you Ham and Eggers who didn't think he was the best, then you're just a bunch of small minded humanoids.

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Posted 6 hours ago

Nowadays Roman's gimmick is to break the 4th wall and say bitch in the end of every sentence, bitch, believe that, this is my yard now, THE BIG DOG, wof wof wof wof, A WORTHY WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT MATCH.

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