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Post your desktop/PC

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Posted 2 days ago

Is this what you want?



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Posted 2 days ago

I haven't found the darkness to be any more distracting than usual.

and I guess everybody's just different.

if I were focused on a bright screen against dark surroundings for too long, it would start to hurt a little, but I've also got pussy eyes lol. I wear sunglasses everywhere all the time so I feel like my eyes are always sensitive to light. when I'm working for hours in Premier (for instance) I need the area around me to be light or the strain in my eyes will force me to stop. I noticed a tangible difference and relief when I went from working explicitly in the dark to lightening up the area. that being said I still enjoy playing games in the dark. helps immerse me in the game world. but then I don't sit and game for as long as I'll sit and do video editing.


forgive me for taking these with the cell phone when my Nikon is sitting right there...



light and fluffy! and surrounded by toys. because I'm only 29 years young :pp

decided to take this opportunity to clean up the rig itself. air-dusted and de-gunked from top to bottom.





Core i7 7700k @ 3.6

GTX 1060 6gigs

32gigs RAM



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Posted A day ago

i was going to say you were to old to have toys on your desk, then i remember im 33yo and i have a 28" sideshow darth vader on mine lol

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